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The Traveling salesman

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The Traveling Salesman

I never thought I would be writing to your fine magazine about any adventure in my quiet life. My husband has been an avid reader of Penthouse Letters for over 15 years. I’m not positive but the annual wife watching issue is his favorite. He keeps every issue and I’m sure he jerks off reading them when I turn him down. We are both 46 and have been married for over 25 years and have raised 3 kids and are now empty nesters. I always have maintained my figure for my husband and have even accented my breasts to give myself that younger looking body. When we got married my measurements were 34B 23 35 117lbs 5’ 7” Brown hair and sexy blue eyes. Today at 46 I am 34D 23 35 and weigh 123lbs. My husband has put on 50 lbs since we got married and he currently weighs 169lbs and is very good looking.

When we go dancing or to dinner he is always commenting on how many men are looking my ways. Early on in our marriage this upset him greatly, but the last few years he takes great pride in the fact I’m with him. He will always tease me about guys who dance with me and how while he is fucking me later that night the guys I dance with will have blue balls from my dance floor flirting ( I do like to flirt on the dance floor). I have never told him this but when he brings up these episodes while fucking me I really get off visualizing his story telling. He is a fantastic lover and I have never thought of straying from my marriage vows.

I work as a purchaser for a large department store and deal with lots of different sales people. They are always buying me lunch and sending free samples and tickets and just about anything to get the sell. I get offers for weekend getaways and invites to private showings and generally all the perks that come with the job. I tell my husband when I’m invited to lunch by a man selling his companies wares. He then teases me about what I wear and how I lead them on to get a better deal for my company (I am the buyer of the year 5 year running). While I do tend to dress professionally, I tend to accent my figure and use my assets to my advantage. Still I have never ever thought of cheating on my husband. The past month I have been dealing with a new western wear salesman who has taken over for my usual guy who is out on medical leave after bypass surgery. Troy is about 30 and very good looking about 6’3” very handsome and feels out a pair of jeans like no one I have ever seen. I hate to admit it but when my husband is teasing as he fucks me, thoughts of Troy fill my head and loins bringing me to explosive orgasms. I have never let Troy that his body drives me wild and he has never even looked at me twice as I’m at least 15 years older then him. I very sure he has no shortage of women wanting him. I have never seen a wedding ring though so I assume he is available.

This brings me to the heart of my story. Troy and I went to lunch on the Friday before Memorial Day and he asked me if I had plans for the holiday and I told him we were staying in town and relaxing by the pool. After our lunch meeting I felt guilty for thinking if him in any other context besides a professional one. He is always a perfect gentleman when meeting me.

Saturday morning my husband and I were working in our back yard when my cell phone rang, it was Troy who had a pair of suite tickets to that afternoons Diamondbacks game. I told him I did not think we wanted to go and thanked him and hung up. My husband asked who it was and when I told him it was tickets to the game he asked if he could take one of his customers who was a big fan of the visiting team. I pressed redial on my phone and Troy answered right away. I asked him if the tickets were still available and if so, would he mind if my husband used them with a friend. He says he did not care who went and that he would drop them by. I gave him our address and he said he was not that far away and would be there shortly. I had been working in the yard and did not want him to see me without a shower and quickly went to take a quick shower. I was out of the shower quickly and was blow drying my hair when my husband walked in with tickets in hand teasing me about taking a shower to see Troy. I blew him off saying if he was going to the baseball game I wasn’t doing yard work. He got in the shower and I put my bikini on and grabbed a book and was lying out by the pool with a pitcher of cold margaritas when he kissed me goodbye and told me he would be home by 7 or 8 tonight and if I wanted dinner to call him and let him know. I drank my first margarita quickly and was well into my romance novel when I heard a knock on the door. As I stood up I could feel the drink and was feeling good as I wrapped a towel around my waist leaving my bikini top exposed as I opened the door. I was shocked and embarrassed when Troy was at the door saying he left his cell phone when my husband gave him a bottle of water. Troy was beautiful in his jean shorts and tank top which really highlighted his very powerful arms. The margaritas were having an effect on me as I invited him in for a drink. He said he had to be at a friend’s house soon, but could have a quick drink. I grabbed a cup from my cabinet and as I stretched to reach I think he was checking out my breast as I lunged for a large glass. I added ice and told him the drinks were out by the pool. I showed him our back yard as we walked with our drinks my loins were getting wet as I had let my mind wander about this god like creature. I led him back to the pool area and as I unwrapped my towel and laid it on my lounger he told me he liked my bikini and told me he thought my husband was a lucky guy. I stood up and walked away with my ass giving him a nice show and grabbed another towel for him to set on another lounger. I lost a breath when he took his tank top off revealing the most beautiful chest I have ever seen on a man. He was perfect almost hairless, very hard and lean with rock hard nipples that would make any women proud. I told him he was beautiful and he said thanks and added if I was single he would ask me out. I kidded him that I was at least 15 years older than him and he could have any girl he wanted. He said being new to Arizona he had not met anyone yet and that his girlfriend in Texas did not want to relocate. He stood up to refill our drinks (my third margarita) and I saw his crotch which filled his shorts to bursting. I was having lustful thoughts about Troy while my sub conscious was telling me I’m a happily married woman. His chest was glistening with sweat when he handed me my drink. When he did he saw between my legs and asked about my tattoo that was partially hidden by my bikini. I was embarrassed as I told him about it; I have a butterfly landing on a rose just to the right of my pubic area. He asked to see it and I told him only my husband has seen the whole thing. He told me show me your and I’ll show you mine. I peeled my bikini down so he could see it and he liked what he saw and commented on my dark tan lines. I told him it was my turn to see his... He stood up and unbuttoned his shorts and lowered to show me his brief and then lowered his brief just below his belly button to show a smooth crotch with a Dallas Cowboys star just below his underwear line. He did this without showing any of his manhood which I so desperately wanted to see. I was so hot I needed to cool off in the pool. I got up and walked up to my breasts so they were floating above the water. I asked him to come in and cool off with me. He said he did not have a bathing suit and I told him my husband was a 33 waist and had a few he could wear. I got out and went to get him one and he walked behind our barbecue to put it on. My husband loves to show off his impressive manhood and only wears bathing suits without the mesh middle so his cock is free to roam as he put it. When troy came around I saw the outline of his cock and silently thanked my husband for his choice in swimwear. His cock looked to be semi hard and was snaking down his leg as he dove into the pool and swam up to me. He came bursting out of the water like a little kid would never have seen water before. His head came up right in front of my breasts and he asked me if I would consider having sex with him because he had been with out for over a month. I reminded him I was happily married and he apologized right away and told me he was sorry. I told him if I was not married I would be all over him and his hot body. I got out while he swam a little while longer and I went into my house and had two shots of tequila and went back out to wear he was standing toweling off telling me he had to go. I reached up and brought his head to my mouth and gave him a wet kiss and I brought his hand up to my bikini covered breast. He knew just what to do and my top was off in a second and as his mouth left my lips and descended down my neck with his hot breath stopping at my hardening nipples. He had my nipples on fire as his long tongue lashed at them going back and forth making me delirious with pleasure. I was so lost in his what his tongue was doing to my nipples that when he dropped to his knees and used his tongue to push aside my bikini bottoms and find his way to my hard clit it sent me to a powerful orgasm and I shuddered as his tongue be came best friends with my clit.. He kept a hand on my breast while his tongue worked magic on my clit his other hand removed my bikini bottoms. When I was completely naked he scooped me up and carried me to the lounge chair and laid me down and went back to work on my cunt. I was well on my way to another climax when I opened my eyes and saw his cock trying to burst thru my husband swimsuit. I reached for his cock thru the suit and was giddy as I tried to get my hand around it. It felt as thick as a one of my husband’s beer bottles only harder and much hotter. I got it free from the suit and pulled his cock up to my mouth and he picked me up and turned me over and he was on his back on the chair while my wet cunt was all over his face. I licked the thick head of his cock and was amazed at its girth, He was definitely bigger than my husband and I could not wait to wrap my wet lips around his fat cock. I played with the tip of his cock until he was started to move his hips back and forth. Then I opened my mouth as wide as I could to get the whole thing down my throat. I was amazed I could take the whole thing to his hairless balls. While I was choking on his monster cock he now had his long tongue diving into my loins making me in a constant state of climax. He pulled my body up so his tongue was buried as far as it could go in me and started to use his tongue to fuck my cunt darting in and out with rapid succession and quickly bring me to another orgasm. As his tongue darted into me I started to mouth fuck his cock and was bobbing my head back and forth until he came up and warned he was about to let loose if 30 days of cum. I will never swallow my husbands cum but I wanted his seed and was soon rewarded with more cum than I have ever seen even in my husband’s porno movies. He came and came and came. I swallowed every drop and when he was drained he told me that was the best blow job of his life and I gave the credit to his tongue and cock. His cock was semi hard when he withdrew from my mouth and he told me he always stays hard after head and was surprised that he wasn’t still. I told him it would take my husband over an hour to get hard again after he cums. He told me he would be ready to go in a few minutes and went back to my tits and had them aching and on fire in less than a minute once again he had his mouth on my tits and his finger going back and forth between my clit and my cunt. He would have three buried in me playing with my G spot and bringing me to numbing orgasm that I felt from my nipples to my loins. My hand was attached to his heavy cock and true to his word it was hard in less than ten minutes. After a few minutes in my mouth he pulled his cock out and asked if he could fuck me. I stood up and led him into the house to a guest bedroom and lay on top of the bedspread and opened my legs to invite him in. He was so thick that even though I had already had numerous orgasms I was still very tight as he gently pushed his man meat into my loins. After a few glorious minutes he was all the way in me we had become one and I had my first vaginal orgasm before he had even started to thrust into me. After I came back to earth I was begging him to fuck me slow and hard and he did not disappoint and brought me to more and more climaxes as his cock felt like it was growing and getting harder the longer he fucked me. Twenty minutes had gone by and three orgasms on my part and he asked me to turn over so he could fuck me doggie style this is my favorite position and He fucked me so hard I collapsed on the bed in a constant climax. As he fucked me he would yell out how good my body was and how much his cock liked fucking me and how he would fuck me until tomorrow. It hit me like a guilty ton of bricks my husband should be on his way home soon. I pulled myself off his monster cock to go and look at the clock and it was 6 pm the game was over at four. I grabbed my cell and called my husband and thank god he was at a titty bar with his customer. He told me he would be home at 7 and that he was horny so be ready. I went back to the bedroom as Troy was stuffing his still hard cock into his shorts. I asked him if he fucked all his women for ninety minutes with out coming. He told today was a recode for him. I told him he could not leave until he filled me with his seed. He wasted no time undressing and as his throbbing cock went right to my clit and I was soon begging him with at the top of my lungs to please fuck me!! He laid me on the bed so my legs were over the side and then pulled my legs to his neck and he fed his fat cock slowly into my waiting vagina. He started slowly at first and soon with my begging he really started to fuck me so hard the bed slammed back and forth against the wall. I did not care, this was the best fucking of my life and I never wanted it to end. I had two more mind numbing orgasms before he collapsed on top of my sweating panting body filling me with his cum. We lay there a few minute and when I got up I saw the cracks in the drywall that we had done. I went and grabbed two towels and led my lover to the shower. I soaped him and cleaned our juices from both bodies and then could not resist putting his fat cock in my mouth once more and as I sucked him I saw the clock was reading 6:45 I had to stop and get rid of him before my husband came home. I walked Troy to his car and gave him a wet kiss goodbye only for him to drive right back for his cell phone. He wasn’t gone 30 seconds before my husband came walking in the door. He had a few beers in him and was real horny so I sat him in the living room and gave him the best blow job he has ever gotten I even swallowed!! He told me I was fantastic and I smiled and told him I loved him. Who knows if I will be with Troy again, but I just might let my husband talk me into living out his fantasy of letting another man fuck his wife. He doesn’t have to know it wasn’t the first time. Does he?

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