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The Transfer Student - Part 3

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The alarm blared in Robyn's ear, bringing her slowly awake. Moaning softly, rolling over on her stomach, she reluctantly opened her eyes. 'Oh God, this is the day,'

she thought.

Life had been hell for Robyn since that day when the video was shown to the whole school. As she dragged herself from bed, the whole incident ran through her head for the thousandth time. She remembered looking up expectantly, excited to see the Mars landing on the television, but as it dawned on her that she was watching a video of two people having sex, her face had gone white as a sheet.

It was her! It was her and Taylor! But how could that be?

She hadn't even told Max what she had done with Taylor.

Then with mind-numbing fear, she slowly turned to Max who was sitting beside her in class. Their eyes locked for a moment, and she could see terrible the anguish in his eyes.

Robyn opened her mouth to tell him... Tell him... What could she say? Max, with one more long look at the TV screen stood - trembling, knocking his chair over, then he turned and ran from the class room.

In that instant, Mr. Stephens had noticed that some-

thing was amiss. He quickly walked to the TV set, and looking at the screen in front of him, stopped for a moment to take in what was happening. As he watched the young lovers performing, he realized that he knew them.

He said out loud,. "My God!" and reached for the off switch. As the television turned black, he swung around to look at Robyn. She was frozen in her chair. She looked like a young deer in the headlights of an oncom-

ing truck.

Mr. Stephens said, "Robyn, I think you had better come with me." And with that he took her arm and lifted her out of her seat and quickly walked her out of the room.

As they stood facing each other just outside the class room, he said, "What the hell was that I just saw young lady?" His face was red, and he looked very upset.

Robyn's tears began to trail down her cheek, and all she could say was, "I'm sorry Mr. Stephens, I'm so sorry, I didn't mean..."

Robyn spent the rest of the morning in the principal's office in abject terror, waiting for her father and mother to come to school. Taylor was sitting across from her, and they had both been suspended from school for two weeks.

Finally her father showed up, having been called at work and told the story, he looked at his daughter as if she were a stranger. Robyn began to cry in despair.

There was nothing she could say, nothing at all. She couldn't explain what she had thought, or why she'd had sex with Taylor. She thought that her life was at an end, life would never be the same.


Now two weeks later, after a huge fight with her parents, she was going back to school. Her father had been all set to take her out of public school and place her in the local Catholic school - St. Bar-

tholomew's. She'd fought her parents long and hard to stay at Mountain View High. Her parents couldn't understand why she would want to stay after her humiliation.

Her father said, "Young lady, I just don't understand you any more! First you humiliate yourself, and shame our family. Then you want to brazen it out and go back to a school where you are a laughing stock." He was so frustrated with the situation he was almost in tears.

But Robyn persisted, and the time for her to go back had arrived. She left the house quietly, dressed in a long skirt and heavy sweater. She was going to be good from now on. 'Dress conservatively, think conservative-

ly, act conservatively,' she thought to herself.

Walking with her head down, eyes looking at the ground, she hurried to school. She was scared to death at what her classmates would say. She couldn't even let herself think about Max. He hadn't come over once while she was grounded. The last sight she'd had of him was the day of the video, and the look on his face was etched into her memory forever.

As the young high school girl entered her home room class, the other kids quieted down. Pretty soon there wasn't a sound to be heard, as Robyn crept to her old seat. She couldn't bring herself to look anyone in the face. She just slumped down in her seat, and looked straight forward, focusing on nothing.

Then she heard hushed whispers, and she looked up to see Max at the door. They looked into each other's eyes for a moment, then he swung into the room and sat a few chairs way from her. He didn't look her way again for the rest of the period.


Robyn thought that the day she'd just spent at school was maybe almost as bad as the day of the video show-

ing. Finally school was over, and she was walking home.

At least Jerry and Kelly had talked to her, even ate their lunch with her. But, no sight of Max since home room. Jerry had invited her to come with them to the Phoenix, but Robyn had declined. All she wanted to do was go home, climb into bed and cry.

She was walking through the playing field, eyes to the ground, thinking about how she had screwed up her life, and Max's, with her stupid actions. Suddenly, someone pushed her in the back.

Robyn flew to the ground hands first, scraping both palms. The young girl cried out in fright and pain as she hit the dirt. Shocked and confused, Robyn looked up at her assailant. Her jaw dropped as she recognized Taylor, and a couple of his football buddies.

"Taylor, you have a nerve. I thought you'd be in hid-

ing, not pushing girls around," she sneered.

Robyn was furious with Taylor. He had forced sex on her, then shown the video to the whole school. Right then, she would have liked nothing better than to strangle the life out of him. But she knew she couldn't do that, even if she had been strong enough to over-

power him.

Taylor laughed at her. Pointing, he said, "Little whore really liked riding my dick! You guys saw it ...

you think she'd like to suck it now?"

He stood over Robyn threateningly and scuffed a little dirt onto her skirt. Robyn's eyes started to water, not in fear, but anger.

How dare this bastard keep trying to humiliate her!

What had she ever done to him? All she had wanted to do was to keep the peace! She'd always treated everyone with respect. But here he was, hurting her again. She couldn't believe it.

Then Taylor grabbed her shirt sleeve and dragged her to her feet.

"Maybe the guys would like a piece of the action this time! Whaddya think Robyn? You up for a little orgy with a bunch'a horny jocks?"

He pulled the girl to him and pressed his mouth to her lips, giving her a sloppy, uncaring kiss.

"C'mon guys, let's take little Robyn slut back behind the bleachers and show her a good time!"

He clamped his big hand over Robyn's mouth, and bodily dragged the girl the 30 feet or so to the bleacher area. Taylor's two friends followed, a little unsure of themselves.

Once all the teens had reached the secluded space be-

hind the deserted bleachers, Taylor threw Robyn to the ground. She was breathing hard now. His hand over her mouth and nose had made her light-headed from lack of oxygen.

Fear was in her eyes now, as Taylor hovered over her menacingly. Without warning, he dropped onto Robyn and started to wrestle her sweater off. Robyn began to scream ... that was all she could do, and she screamed at the top of her lungs.

Taylor flat-handed her hard. The shock of the slap stunned her, it also silenced her for a moment.

"If you scream like that again bitch, I'll smash your cute little nose, got that? You just lie there and take it like the good little whore that we all know you are, okay baby?" He started pulling Robyn's sweater off, not caring about the damage he was causing. Buttons went flying and cloth ripped as he undressed her roughly.

Her sweater and bra lay a few feet away in a pile, and her skirt was ripped open to reveal her silky legs.

Taylor stopped for a moment, breathing raggedly from his efforts, mixed with his rising lust. He had to ad-

mit that this girl really was beautiful, and he stared at her revealed body for a few more moments before he called to his friends. "Hey! Was I lying when I told you she's a gorgeous piece of ass?"

Robyn looked at Taylor's friends for help, but she could tell that they would be ready for their turns when Taylor was finished.

Robyn begged him to stop, "Please Taylor, don't do this to me! I've suffered enough! You've already ruined my life! What are you trying to do ... kill me!"

Taylor just laughed and said, "Baby, all I want to do to you is fuck you. I don't give a shit if you wanna die, just don't do it until I'm done, okay?"

He forced the girl's long legs apart with his massive ones, and began to position his cock-head at her open-


Robyn was determined this time to fight and even die if necessary. She wasn't going to let Taylor rape her.

But as the teenagers wrestled in the dirt, Taylor be-

came frustrated with the squirming girl and hit her another glancing blow to the head. That knocked the remaining fight out of Robyn. She lay there stunned, tears pouring down her dust-covered face. Taylor quickly mounted the sobbing girl and thrust hard into her.

As Robyn numbly looked past the rutting boy on top of her, she saw the blue sky, and the birds flying over head. Her beautiful blue eyes seemed not quite as clear and brilliant as before, something was gone from her face too. The liveliness that had played across her features was disappearing with each thrust of the teenage rapist. Robyn knew that she couldn't go on any more. Her life was truly over now.

Taylor had won.

One of the other boys was dropping his pants in anticipation. He looked on as his buddy fucked the hot girl on the ground, 'It was so fucking perverted,' he thought. He had never ever been this hard before, and he was looking forward to banging this chick in the worst way.

Taylor was really enjoying himself. 'God she is tight,' he thought, then said,. "Yeah baby, I'm gonna come in you again, maybe this time we can make a baby!

With our looks we'd make a knock-out kid don't'cha think!" He increased his thrusts at the thought of making his hot little 'bitch' pregnant.

Robyn closed her eyes and wanted to die.

Then all of a sudden there was a loud noise ... a yell ... then all hell broke loose. After the yell, the next thing that registered in Robyn's mind was that Taylor had stopped thrusting into her ... then the blood.

Was she dying? Had they killed her?

Then the scene came into focus. MAX! OH MAX!

Max had found them, and he was smashing heads. He'd already downed the guy with his pants down, and appar-

ently he'd banged Taylor on the side of the head with a two by four. Taylor was standing in a crouch, naked, still with a partial erection, blood dripping down the side of his head. He was circling Max in a wrestler's stance. But Max didn't waste any time; he took the two by four and slammed it into Taylor's crotch. The big football player doubled over and crashed to the ground, face first.

Max rushed to Robyn, cursing over his shoulder at the remaining boy, who turned and ran as fast as he could.

He gently said, "Hi beautiful, How ya doin?"

Robyn, laying in the dirt, rested against Max's arms, stripped naked, dirty, and disheveled, and just gave him her fascinating smile, with her big blue eyes shining brightly... again.

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