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The Transfer Student - Part 2

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Things at school got seriously out of hand during the next week, when a big game was about to take place. The team had their strategy meeting the night before. As was tradition the whole team had a dinner, they kicked around strategies, and discussed the weaknesses of the opposing players. At ten o'clock, they all went home for a good night's sleep.

But apparently someone had added a laxative to some of the food or drink, no one was quite sure. Almost the whole team came down with the runs that night, and the game was lost to forfeit the next day.

Max, Jerry, and several other boys from their group were pulled into the principal's office the next morn-

ing. Mrs. Lucas gave them a rather intensive interro-

gation, but couldn't break their alibi. Robyn was their alibi! She told Mrs. Lucas that both Jerry and Max had been at her house during the entire time the food for the meeting was being handled. She was lying of course, the first serious lie she'd ever told, but she couldn't stand by and see Max and Jerry get into trouble.

The next afternoon, they were all at the Phoenix, when Taylor came in with several of his friends. He walked directly over to Max and Robyn, and leaned on the table between the couple.

"You little shit,." he said to Max. "I'm gonna get even with you for that little prank."

Then he looked over at Robynand said, "And you! I thought you were all right, but you're on the 'get even' list too. Any slut that hangs out with these assholes deserves what she gets."

Robyn couldn't be sure of what happened next... it all happened so fast. It looked like Max hadn't moved, but Taylor was laying on the floor, spurting bright red blood from his nose, before Robyn registered the move-

ment. Max jumped up and stood over the football team captain.

With a grim look in his eyes, he said, "You can say anything you want about me Butt-head, but you leave Robyn out of this, you got it? She's been nothing but nice to you, and you know it!" With that Max grabbed the frightened, white-faced girl, and they left the cafe.

As Max walked her home, Robyn told him that he shouldn't aggravate the other boys so much, that this type of behavior just bread hate and violence. But Max had heard this kind of thing from her before and wasn't really listening. Then Jerry who was right behind them with his arm around Kelly, started in on how they could really get the football team going some more.

"How about we do Taylor's car. I mean we could get some paint and rollers ... I think pink would be a nice color for him, kinda match his little rat eyes don't ya think?"

Max started to laugh at that, and said he thought that would be perfect. Robyn remained silent as Kelly and Jerry headed home, and Max dropped her off in front of her house.

Robyn had grave misgivings about her friends new plan.

She was deep in thought as she walked into her house.

She heard her mother calling from the kitchen, "Robyn!

Oh Robyn dear!"

Reluctantly she put on her happy face and when in to her mother. "Hi mom, what's up?"

Her mother turned away from the dinner preparations and asked her daughter in a quiet voice, "I saw your space and science test grade. As a matter of fact, your father was very surprised that you didn't get an A! You always get A's. Is there something the matter dear?"

Robyn was irritated by her Mother's question. She said, "Look Mom, it's only one test. Maybe I didn't study enough for it, but it's not going to effect my overall grade, and I'll make sure it doesn't happen again."

Her mother said, "Dear, you know I worry about you. I hope those friends of yours aren't getting you mixed up in a bad crowd. You'll tell me if there's any problem won't you?"

Robyn turned, and headed up the stairs to her room, throwing over her shoulder a careless reply, "Sure Mom, don't worry."

She was already thinking about her immediate problems and not about what had just been said.


The next day as Robyn walked to school with Max, she knew that something was wrong. He seemed nervous, and just wasn't his happy, smiley self.

"Max, what did you do?"

Robyn stopped and stood in front of him, hands on hips, determined to find out what had happened.

Max looked down at the ground, and slowly said, "Well beautiful, I guess I messed up a little. We went over to Taylor's house last night with the intention of painting his car, and, well... there was an accident, I mean we made a mistake."

He just stood there, looking at his feet. Robyn's heart went out to her handsome boyfriend, she knew that he was sweet and gentle, and he looked so unhappy.

She wanted to take him in her arms and hug him tight, but she knew where that would lead, and she still need-

ed to be on the pill for another week, to be sure that it was safe. The thought of having uninhibited sex with Max made her face hot, and caused that lovely feeling to stir deep inside.

Robyn brought her thoughts back to the conversation at hand. "Max, tell me what happened," she quietly asked.

"Baby I didn't mean for it to happen, but when we were starting to roll that pink paint onto Taylor's nice shiny car, his Dad must have heard us, and he came run-

ning out in his bathrobe, and he must'a slipped or something, 'cause he fell and hit his head."

Robyn was frightened now, "Is he all right? ... Max answer me! Is he all right?"

Max slowly brought his dark brown eyes to gaze into his beautiful girlfriend's bright blue ones, saying, "No baby, he isn't. I heard that he had some kind of seizure, or a heart attack or something. I don't know what exactly, but he's in the hospital now."

"Oh Max, I was hoping something like this wasn't going to happen. I've been scared stiff that someone was go-

ing to get hurt."

Robyn wrapped her arms around her dejected boyfriend and hugged him tightly to her chest. "I better go over there and see if I can explain," she said.

"NO WAY! I don't want you going anywhere close to Taylor's house. He knows who was responsible for what happened. And he'll take it out on anyone he thinks had anything to do with it."

Robyn said, "Max, we have to face up to this, and Taylor is basically a decent guy. I'm the one to talk to him, he'll listen to reason. And you're right about one thing. YOU definitely shouldn't go over there;

Jerry either. He'd go ballistic if he saw you."

They were late for class that morning. It had taken Robyn all of her considerable powers of persuasion to convince Max that she should be the emissary of peace in this situation. The plan was for her to go over to Taylor's that evening and try to explain what had happened. Max was willing to take responsibility, and suffer any consequences that might be coming. Robyn was hoping to run into Taylor at school, but he didn't come in that day.

The day wore on for Robyn, who couldn't stop thinking about Taylor's father, and the trouble the Max and Jerry had caused.


Max watched as Robyn walked down the street. Confusion and self-loathing were written all over his face. He knew deep down that Robyn didn't have a chance of suc-

ceeding in her mission, but he didn't know what else to do.

Robyn walked quietly up to the Carry's front door, took a deep breath, and pressed the door bell. After a minute the door opened and there stood Taylor. He was silent, and just stared at her.

Robyn screwed up her courage and said, "Taylor, I know what happened, and I came her to try and make things right between you and Max."

He smiled at her and opened the door wide, gesturing for her to enter.

Closing the door behind her, Taylor watched as the pretty blonde girl walked ahead of him into the living room. 'Boy,' he thought to himself, 'She is a knock-

out! That asshole Max has too much luck with women.'

As Robyn sat on the couch, primly, back straight, look-

ing at him with her serious big blue eyes, Taylor thought, 'Man, I'd sure like a piece of that!'

"Taylor, we both know that Max and Jerry were respon-

sible for what happened last night, and I came over here to see what can be done. I don't know why you haven't gone to the police, but I'm here to tell you that Max is ready to take what's coming to him. I just don't want this revenge thing to keep going," she said quietly.

As she finished speaking, she looked at Taylor, and noticed that he was smiling.

"Robyn, you're absolutely right. I think we should come to an agreement and finish up with this vendetta thing. That's one of the reasons I haven't called the police."

As he looked at this pretty woman, he thought, 'The other reason is I hate the hell out of my old man, and good old Max did me a favor.'

Then Taylor spoke, "But Robyn, I've been hurt here, and I'm owed. I'm owed big time. I want compensation, and if I get it, I'll drop the whole thing, and that's a promise."

Robyn smiled, "Taylor, that's really big of you. I told Max that you were a decent guy. I hope he learns something from the way you're acting."

Taylor held up his hand and said, "Whoa there sweet-

heart. I said I wanted compensation, I'm not willing to drop this whole thing out of the kindness of my heart."

"What is it you want Taylor?" Robyn asked, eyes shin-

ing, still sitting primly of the couch.

"I think a quick fuck with Max's girlfriend would do it."

At that Robyn jumped up, and rushed to the front door.

She began to cry, tears trailing down her lovely cheeks, "Taylor, you're such a jerk. How can you be this mean? I was just trying to stop you guys from fighting; it'd be good for all of us."

As Robyn reached for the door knob, Taylor said in a loud, commanding voice, "Robyn! If you leave, I'll call the police, and have Max, and his asshole buddy, arrested within the hour!"

Robyn stood there, hand on door knob, trying to think of what to say to this terrible boy. She looked at him, all kinds of cutting words coming to mind, when he said, "If you stay, just for an hour, I'll make sure that nothing is reported, and I'll leave Max and Jerry alone."

He slowly walked over to stand beside her and said, "I'm not saying that we'll be friends, but if you have sex with me, I promise that I'll avoid them, and if they do the same, then things'll be okay. What'dya say?"

Robyn wanted to slap him. She wanted to kick him in the balls. She was so mad, she could barely see straight. Then to her amazement, Taylor reached out and grasped her right breast. "Robyn, you really are quite attractive. We could be friends, and all I'm asking is for you to be nice to me, just once." He kept massaging her breast through the material. "Well honey, what's it gonna be?"

For the first time, Robyn actually gave it some thought. She knew that what Taylor was doing was very wrong, and that she didn't want to have sex with him.

But she also knew that Max and Jerry would go to jail, and it might ruin their lives.

Making a flash decision, Robyn said, "You're talking about have sex with me, just once? And you'll promise not to tell on Max and Jerry?"

Taylor couldn't believe his ears, was she saying she would?

He offered her a leering smile, and said, "Yes Robyn, that's exactly what I'm saying. And ya'know, the sex won't be that bad, cause I know my way around a female's body pretty good."

Taylor Carry was telling the truth about that. He did know his way around the female body. As a matter of fact, he'd had sex with over 40 women so far, and he had the last 17 of them on video tape to prove it.

That's what he did ... he fucked them, then he shared the tapes with his buddies.

Robyn, of course, knew nothing about Taylor's sexual practices, and she wasn't repulsed by his appearance, she thought he looked pretty handsome in a jock sort of way. So that wasn't the problem.

"Well Robyn, decide now, because if you decide not to I have to make some calls."

Robyn hesitated for a moment longer, brushed his hand away from her breast, then said, "Okay Taylor, I'll make love to you, but you have to wear a condom, be-

cause I don't want to get pregnant."

"Are you trying to tell me that you don't screw Max?

C'mon, I don't believe that for a minute," He laughed and started to pull Robyn toward the stairs.

"Wait, Taylor, we can't do it here, your mother might come home."

Taylor chuckled, "Baby, wouldn't that surprise her!

Don't worry, she's at the hospital with the ol'man and I'm sure she won't be home tonight. Now c'mon baby, put out for me."

Robyn insisted, "Taylor, I really mean it, we need a condom!"

The big high school football hero growled, "Listen, I don't use those, I don't like 'em, you either do it my way, or you go on outta here and I phone the police.

Your choice." He stood smiling at the small beauty standing next to him. He could see in her face - first fear, then anger, and then slowly resignation.

Taylor's spirits soared as he saw that he was going to get his way, he was gonna plow another female ..., and what a female she was!

Robyn was having second thoughts now... as she was pulled along, actually she was scared stiff. If Max wasn't in such trouble, she'd probably kick Taylor in the crotch and run.

They entered his bedroom, and Robyn saw a strange sight. His bed was covered with a plastic sheet, and the lights were a funny orange color. As he pulled her into the room he said, "This is my special little nest baby, you'll like it when you get used to it."

Robyn said, "Taylor, I have no intention of getting used to it. You better keep in mind that this is a one time thing. I'm only doing this to keep my friends out of jail."

Taylor looked at his beautiful little conquest and said, "Sure baby, anything you say. Now how about stripping for some action?"

Robyn's face went pink with shame and embarrassment.

How could he talk like that? She wondered how she was going to get through this. "Listen Taylor, I don't know what you want, but I'm not going to undress in front of you."

She started for the bathroom to take her clothes off, when the boy's gruff voice stopped her in her tracks.

"Hey, I want to undress you, and I'm making this part of the deal!" Robyn turn to face him with a protest on her lips, but said nothing as Taylor walked over to her and started to unbuttoned her blouse.

Taylor was enjoying the sight before him. The buttons came loose at the touch of his trembling fingers, her shirt opened to reveal a white lacy bra. He noticed that she wore a front fastening bra, and quickly popped the clip, it flew open revealing her perfect breasts.

Robyn stood proudly in front of the boy, staring into his eyes defiantly.

Next, Taylor reached for her jeans fly, unbuttoning then unzipping, and quickly pushing her pants and underwear to her knees. He stepped back a few inches to admire her beautiful body.

"Oh baby, you are so fine! I don't think I've seen better, and you know I've seen a lot." With that, he stepped up to Robyn and leaned down to kiss her breasts.

Robyn almost jumped at the contact of his lips on her sensitive nipples. She stood as passively as possible, hoping that he would hurry up with whatever he was going to do. Taylor pulled reluctantly away from Robyn's breasts and finished pushing her jeans down her legs, then directed her to step out of them. Taking her over to the bed, he took her arms and pulled her down onto her hands and knees. "Stay right there baby, I have to turn on the alarm system. Just in case someone comes home, I wantta know about it."

Taylor smiled to himself as he went over to his closet and flicked the switch to the video equipment that he always had ready. He chuckled to himself, mumbling under his breath as he walked back to his little captive, "A good boy scout is always prepared."

Robyn was frightened, her body shivered in the air-

conditioned room. On her hands and knees, she thought about her boyfriend, and what she was about to do.

This whole thing terrified her, she'd only had one man in her life, and that was just a week ago. Robyn had no idea what to expect. She just wanted to get it over with.

With a start she felt Taylor kneel down behind her. He said, "Baby, we're gonna do it doggy style."

Robyn was in shock, what'd he mean 'doggy style?' She reared up onto her knees and yelled at him, "Taylor, you're not going to do me in the ass. I won't let you, I don't care what you say. The deals off you nasty little ... mpppffff."

Taylor put his hand over her mouth, and putting his face very close to hers, he hissed, "Listen to me cunt, I can do anything I want to you at this stage. You're at my mercy, in case you hadn't figured that out yet!"

He reached around to one of Robyn's breasts and pinched her nipple, hard.

"Ouch, stop that!!"

"Listen you little bitch, I had no intention of fuck-

ing your tight little ass, although now that I think about it, it does sound like it might be fun. I was just gonna fuck you doggy style, you know ... I can take your cunt from behind. Don't you know anything about sex?"

Tears of humiliation were flowing down her cheeks, fear of the unknown and the unwanted were surging through her tense body. Taylor climbed up behind her, and began to position his big erection against the petite girl's sex.

Robyn could feel his movements, she knew what he was doing, but couldn't think what to do herself. She just held her position on her hands and knees and closed her bright blue eyes, wishing everything away.

Then she felt him enter her. He thrust into her all the way. It hurt.

Robyn screwed up her pretty face at the pain of his entry. Then he was pulling out and thrusting in again.

Taylor enjoyed the feeling of fucking his rival's girlfriend. She was dry at first, but he didn't mind the discomfort, because he knew it was hurting her more than him. He kept thrusting into the girl's tight little cunt.

Pretty soon, Robyn's body adjusted to the new situa-

tion. Being a healthy teenage girl, her young body reacted instinctively to the sex it was experiencing.

In no time, she was completely lubricated, and Taylor was happily banging away at her from behind.

Thoughts of Max kept roaming through Robyn's mind. As the boy fucked her, she closed her mind to what was happening to her, and began to imagine that it was Max making love to her.

The thought of Max's handsome body against hers made her moist. Taylor's cock thrusting in and out of her, and her thoughts of Max's body were having an unexpect-

ed effect on her. Robyn rested her head on her arms and looked back under her body to see what was happening.

She could she the male legs behind her female ones, she could see his large testicles swinging behind and below his entry of her. She could feel his thrusts deep inside, and to her amazement, it was beginning to feel good.

Taylor kept thrusting, wanting to make his little victim sore. He wanted Robyn to pay for all the hassles Max had caused him over the years. He felt triumphant now that he had his cock firmly embedded in Max's prize possession. Yes, he was truly enjoying himself. And would he have fun tomorrow, oh yes he would!

He reached over to the side of the bed, not missing a beat and grabbed his waiting bottle of Wesson oil, opened it and upended it on Robyn's smooth back.

"What!?!" Robyn yelled, "What the hell are you doing, Taylor?"

Robyn stopped the rhythm they had built up, and tried to get up, but Taylor, without saying a word, pressed his body against her. His weight was just too much for the girl to move from her hands and knees position.

Taylor began to smooth the oil from Robyn's back to her sides, then under her, to her breasts, and firm sto-

mach. Pretty soon, they were both covered from head to toes with oil.

After the initial shock, Robyn rather liked the feel, and the massaging of Taylor's big hands on her body.

Everything was slick now. Their bodies were slick on the outside now as well as the inside. It was different from anything Robyn had ever imagined.

Taylor pulled out of her and rolled her over onto the plastic sheet, and entered her again, now resting on top of her. He quickly began thrusting in and out of her again, but this time with only one thing in mind...

his own pleasure. He wanted to get off, he wanted to leave his seed between this little beauty's legs.

Robyn's firm body jiggled from the athlete's sexual rhythm, as he fucked her harder and harder. It was no longer fun for Robyn, as she lay there conscious of the fact that this boy was just using her body, and didn't care anything about her.

But as he kept up his thrusts in a machine-like rhythm, Robyn began to feel something. After all, she was a teenage girl, 'and she wasn't dead,' she thought to herself. The feeling building inside of her was a betrayal to Max, and she knew it. But she couldn't help it. This mean, nasty guy, a guy she didn't even like at all, was bringing her off.

Then Robyn felt the rush of Taylor's sperm pulse deep-

ly into her, and that was all it took to bring her orgasm on. As the intense feeling rushed through her young body, she bucked up at the boy, mindlessly, craving bodily satisfaction, their oily bodies entwined.

Then it was over, and they both lay there heaving, drawing deep, shaky breaths, as if they'd just run a marathon. Slowly they caught their breath, and ever so slowly Taylor pulled out of Robyn. Finally he stood up and said, "Hey baby, you are one fantastic fuck. You say you haven't had it before? I find that real hard to believe after that little performance!"

As Taylor reached the door, he turned briefly and said, "You'll need a bath. Feel free to use the bath-

room down the hall. I'll use the one in the basement."

Then he was gone.

Robyn jumped up and rushed into the bathroom and took a quick shower, dressed and fled the house before Taylor was done. She didn't want to see him again. What could she say to him? What was there to say?


Robby Benson hated his name. All the freshmen made fun of it. There apparently had been some child actor in the dark ages that had that name. It seemed like no one would ever let him forget that. He picked up his step as he looked at his watch. Only 10 minutes until school starts, he thought.

Robby ways happy to be going to school that day. It was a really big day for him. Yeah, man, he was gonna get some tutoring from the "Angel of the Junior Class!"

For once, he almost liked his name again. Robyn ...

Robby ... they sounded a lot alike. He, and just about all the other boys in his class had a crush on Robyn Berry, she was such a fox. His reputation had gained serious credit when it had become known that he was gonna get tutored by Robyn.

Just lucky he guessed. Yes, luck of the draw, because she'd volunteered to be a student tutor, and he'd drawn her name ... yessir what a deal!

Robby Benson heard the first bell ring, and jogged onto school grounds, and quickly headed for his home room. As he arrived, he heard the announcement over the loud speaker that they were going to watch the Mars landing. It seemed that the school was on some kind of closed network and that they'd all get to goof off for an hour or so watching Mars. Well, that was just fine with him. He'd just do a little more dreaming about his angel.

The final bell rang, and the teacher announced that in about five minutes the Mars landing was goning to be televised, and that they were to stay quiet, and remain in their seats.

After a few minutes, the TV in Robby's room automati-

cally came on. Everyone sat expectantly, figuring that the Mars thing would be worth at least a few minutes of attention.

Then to Robby's shock and delight, the boy almost jumped out of his seat as an image of a beautiful girl and a handsome guy flashed on the screen. She was on hands and knees and he was fucking her doggy style.

Robby couldn't believe what he was seeing. "Wow ..."

was all he could croak. He'd never imagined anything like this even in his wildest mastibitory dreams. It was just too much.

All the kids in the freshman home room gasped and sat silent watching the erotic sex show on the screen. As Robby's numb mind began to work again, he realized that he recognized the girl. It was Robyn Berry, and the guy was that football star.

"OH MY GOD!" Robby screeched.

The teacher busy at her desk hadn't noticed anything amiss, until Robby's outburst. She looked up and saw all the shocked and excited faces staring at the television screen, and she was alarmed. What could possibly be going on!?

She stood up from her desk and walked around to the front of the screen and stood stock still, white-faced as her eyes brought the picture in all its implication to her brain.

In a flash she turned the set off to a tumultuous AAAWWW... from the all the students.

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