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The Third Time Was A Charm

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Even though my wife had now been fucked twice already by my best friend, we were both really horny for it to happen again. Tim had been staying with us while getting some business straightened out from his recent divorce and some financial problems, but now he had rented a room up in town and was staying there most of the time. Since we had not seen him for several days, my wife decided to call him and ask him to come down. She rang the number and when he picked up, she said, "Hey, why don't you come on down?"

I'm not sure what Tim said, but maybe something like, "Well, what's going on?"

"Nothing much," my wife told him, "It's just that I feel like I might need a hug."

They chatted on for a moment and she hung up. "He's coming," she said excitedly.

She quickly went to the bathroom and took a shower. When she finally walked in, she was wearing tight jeans and a tight white underwear top with no bra. Her handful titties were clearly defined and the nipples were hard and clearly visible. There was no doubt what she had in mind. As she eased up to me with a beautiful naughty looking little smile, she gave me a wet tongue kiss and I knew what would happen that night. My cock sprang to attention. I breathed the heady smell of her expensive perfume and decided to myself, "Yep, she's ready for sex."

In a short time, Tim came in the back door. She ran to meet him, reaching her arms up and around his shoulders as he held her tightly and they began kissing. Wow. What a sexy sight it was to see them making out like that, and right in front of me this time. I loved it!

They continued to kiss and rub each other. I was sure he wouldn't be able to resist her titties and I was right. He soon had his hands all over her and they were ready to be alone again. She took his hand and led him into the kitchen where I had been standing and watching. As she passed me, she said, "Watch the baby. We're going into our bedroom this time. I was glad to do whatever she wanted in order to help them be together on our big king size bed.

The only problem for me was that I was hoping to get to watch or listen , or both, this time, but Tim closed the door as they went in. Then I remembered the baby monitor. There was one in our bedroom. Had we left it on? I found the receiver in the living room, and sure enough, I began receiving a signal from the bedroom. Wow! How exciting. I could hear their sloppy kissing and their whispering, and I would soon probably be able to listen to them fuck.

I listened closely. They whispered very little about very insignificant things. I mostly heard the kissing and some movement on the bed. When I heard some rustling sounds, I knew that their clothes were coming off. After that, it got pretty quiet except for some moaning from my wife, and I had visions of him probably fingering her pussy and sucking those beautiful pink nipples. My hard on was beginning to ache. "Fuck her! Fuck her." I said to myself, and of course I knew he would.

There was more rustling and I thought he was probably ready to put it in, but as I waited and the sounds changed slightly, I knew that he was not fucking her yet because I could not hear any rhythmic movement, just louder moans and "Oh yes!" from my wife, along with some wet sounds. I knew then that he was eating that magnificent pussy and thrilling her clit with his tongue. Of course they couldn't hear me, but I found myself thanking him for that and for otherwise giving my baby doll so much pleasure.

This went on for a few minutes and then more rustling and more sounds of sloppy kisses, then more moving around and I suddenly heard, "OOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" I knew then that he had sunk that big cock of his all the way to the hilt in my pretty little wife's sweet pussy. Then I heard the regular rhythm of his powerful thrusts as he plunged in and out and she moaned and squealed with so much delight. It was great, I only wished I could see what was going on, but I was guessing, probably correctly that he was taking her mission style, and my wife told me later that he had a slight alteration to this. He would get on his knees as she raised and spread her legs, bent at her knees. Then Tim would cup her knees in his hands and ride her. She also described his hip movements as being rotational as he rammed in and out, like he was trying his best to hit every possible spot inside her. And he must have, because she started cumming and didn't stop until he finished inside her with a big blast of cum deep in her womb. He groaned as his seed poured out of him and into my wife.

Tim was such a considerate lover for my wife. Even though he was obviously seeking his own pleasure, he wanted to make sure she was getting hers. And was she ever!

The movements slowed as they wound down and he finished draining his balls into her. Now they were kissing again and whispering. "Did you cum?" he asked.

"Are you kidding?" she said. "I didn't know if I was going to stop cumming."

"I love you," he said, and everything got very quiet.

They laid together for a time and then got dressed. They came out of the bedroom and she walked him to the door and kissed him goodbye without speaking to me. When she came back in I asked her why he left so suddenly. She told me, "He said that he was in a rush to get some business taken care of and to tell you that he would see us later." I took her in my arms and kissed her. It was incredible to know that she had just been making passionate love to someone else and now here she was kissing me and wanting to be with me. I put my hand down inside her pants. She was wetting her panties and the cum was leaking through to the front of her jeans. I licked my fingers after fully inserting four of them into her wetness. "Can we go to the bedroom?"

These days when Tim was with us a lot were almost unbelievably erotic. It was like we were all in love for the first time. The excitement built and wanned and built again over the next seven years. As for me, I would love for it to all happen again!

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