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The Telephone Call

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The Telephone Call

Irene was talking on the telephone when I came out of the shower and sitting on the bed with her back against the headboard. She was wearing a terry-cloth robe similar to mine. Her legs were spread out in front of her and she was doing her nails as she talked on the speaker phone to her close friend Linda back home. I am always surprised how women manage to have a friend or friends to whom they can tell anything they want to tell. Not like most men at all. Although we had never met, Linda knew all about me and where and why Irene was here.

We had been internet lovers at first and then we had met and become real time lovers. We lived in different cities but managed to meet fairly often during my business travels. We were both married and had similar situations, affection for our mates, but virtually no sex life at home. We simply wanted to satisfy the erotic impulses we both still enjoyed. We loved to fuck, and more importantly, we loved to fuck each other. We were meeting in one of our favorite cities, Reno, Nevada. It was a place I often came on business and it was reasonably close to Irene's home.

I had picked Irene up at the airport earlier that evening and we had almost fucked in the cab coming to the hotel. I soon discovered that Irene had not worn panties which I am sure the cab driver could confirm. By the time we got inside our hotel room, we could not hold back and I fucked her up against the door of the room with her skirt around her waist. Damn I have never met a woman that made me need to fuck her as intensely as Irene does.

Irene looked and dressed like the Executive Secretary to a CEO of a big corporation, which of course she had been. Always neatly dressed and elegant, hair and makeup perfectly coordinated to her clothes, she had a sort of severe "don't fuck with me" attitude about her. Everything about her can best be described as "trim" including her body. But when she decided that it was play time, there were no rules and she could turn sweaty and sultry and slutty in a flash.

I sat in a chair across from her and started to read a newspaper as she nattered away about clothes and actors and all the things that ladies who are friends chat about. I peeked over occasionally and then more often as her robe began to open as if by accident and Irene's naked body began appearing. Did I mention her mound? I am a lover of women's mounds or mons or whatever, the more prominent the more they arouse me, and Irene had the most prominent one I have ever viewed. It stuck up like half an apple from between the V formed by the confluence of her legs and belly. She kept it trimmed in a sort of half moon rising above the water shape. God I loved to fuck it. It was showing nicely now and was focusing my mind on doing just that. And her eyes told me she had similar thoughts, but she was still talking. Irene said, "Oh yes, he is right here, looking at me now as we speak. He was glad to see me and almost fucked me in the cab coming from the airport." A laugh from Linda on the other end, "I guess he is still horny for you then, lucky lady."

I got up and moved over to the bed, sitting at her feet. I slipped my hand up the inside of her calf and eased it up her legs; she spread for me but kept chatting, her fingers now playing with her nipples. I moved between her legs from below and began to kiss my way up the inner part of her legs, finally breathing on her pussy. She let a little moan in anticipation of my next move, arching her back up a little. I kissed the lips, rubbed my nose along the slit, rubbed my cheek in her trimmed bush. As I worked away at it, her legs began to spread wider, opening her cunt, the lips swelling up and her hips grinding and moving waiting for it, she was on fire. I heard Linda asking if she was alright. Ah yes, just fine says Irene.

She had drawn her legs up and spread them wider inviting me to suck her off. I ran my lower lip up along the slit and ended by licking her clit which was swelling up in excitement. Irene let a little cry "oh, oh" and Linda enquired again. Irene responded that she was fine in a strained voice. I quickly licked her from bottom to top of her slit, four or five times, then rolling my tongue and sticking it in her. She almost yelped out loud and grabbed my head and pulled it to her. This time she answered Linda's query by saying "I have a tongue in my pussy". It was quiet on the other end, then Linda saying "no way, you are having me on." In response Irene lifted the telephone and moved the mouthpiece close to her pussy as I dutifully licked and sucked her loudly enough for Linda to hear. I heard her gasp "oh fuck Irene, you bitch." But Irene was lost on my tongue, arching her back up and pressing my head down, finally "ah Linda, he has such a talented tongue, too bad you could not be here to enjoy it with me, sometimes he makes me cum on his mouth." And then there was a groan from her.

I had a major hard-on, the kind that Irene always got out of me and I stood up and dropped my robe, moved up to the bed and sat facing her, my legs stretched out in front of me. I slid forward on my butt working my legs under Irene's, stopping only for a few minutes as she used her feet to rub my cock. Hmm, that was new. The phone was back on speaker and she asked Linda, "Have you ever had your feet fucked?" The only response was the sounds of Linda playing with herself and then, "I am naked Irene, I am so fucking horny. What is he doing now?" At that time my legs were up under Irene's and the cheeks of our asses were almost touching, my cock brushing her open slit. "Ah God, the knob of his cock is touching my slit, but he is just teasing me with it, he is not putting it in. I will have to move down on it, ahhh damn, oh fuck, it's in my lips, I will have to slide down further, and he won't put it in." I was aching to put it in but I wanted her to want it so bad she would have to come and get it, and I was determined to hold still and force her to swallow it on her own. I leaned back on my hands to outwait Irene, what a delicious denial. "Ohhh god, he has such a big purple knob Linda, and it is wet with pussy juice, I am going to suck the knob in." A cry from Irene, a loud groan from myself and from Linda "Jim, fuck her for God's sake, I am going crazy waiting for it."

Irene slid down a little further, engulfing about half my cock, it was fascinating watching her pussy eat it, her lips spreading wider as she pushed down and I continued to hold it still and firm. Irene was almost to her back now; our butts were grinding together as she slid back and forth and finally in one thrust at me took all of my cock in her. That was it for me, no more teasing as I pulled her under me rising to my knees and began stroking. I grunted "you wanted to be fucked, you are going to get it", and we lost ourselves in each other, forgetting the phone call which had served to arouse us, just the whack whack whack of our bellies slapping and Irene whimpering "fuck it, fuck my pussy, fuck me hard". We both got off, several jerky squirts of cum from me, bodies twisting and her pussy pulsed and quivered automatically and then there was only heavy breathing from the two of us. There was the buzz of a vibrator from the speaker phone and the and the soft crying of Linda cumming on her own.

Then from Linda, "can you bring him home with you Irene? I would love to play with him to."

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