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The Taste of Love 1

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You stand in front of me, your jeans stretch tightly between your legs and over your round, firm butt. I run my hands over your waist and down behind you, feeling that tight, shapely ass, then down the gentle curve to the back of your thighs and up again, moving slowly and enjoying the feel of every inch of your body. I am breathing rapidly; my hands trembling. You place your hands on my shoulders to steady yourself.

?Lesson number one. Touching the body is one of the greatest turn-ons there is. Take your time and enjoy the act of touching and being touched.?

I bring my hands around to the front of your jeans. Your legs are slightly apart and I slide my right hand along your inner thigh and up until I am touching your denim-covered pussy mound with my hand. Slowly I move the edge of my hand back and forth between your legs, pressing up and feeling the rounded contours of your pussy mound and the slight depression of your slit through the rough material of your jeans. The other hand I keep busy still gently caressing the contours of your sweet, luscious behind. I move my hand slowly, yet firmly, back and forth, pushing up into the cleft of your cunt. I can feel your warmth through your jeans and know you are starting to get wet. Your breathing becomes more rapid. My finger tips find the front of your pubes and press up against your clit.

?That feels good,? you say softly, your breathing becoming more rapid.

?I like doing it to you,? I answer, my finger tips finding the front of your pubes and pressing up against your clit. ?That?s lesson number two. It not only feels good to have someone do pleasurable things to your body but it also feels good to give pleasure to another person?s body.?

I get off the couch and down on my knees on the floor in front of you, my face even with your flat belly. I slide my hands behind you and over your shapely ass. After a moment, I bring my hands around to the front and pull open the snap on the waist band of your jeans, my hands trembling slightly. I figure if you are going to chicken out, now is when it will happen. You don?t say anything as I tug at the zipper and pull it down. As the front of your jeans peel away I can see you are wearing small, light blue bikini panties. I gently slide your jeans down your smooth, slender legs, lift each bare foot, and pull them off, dropping them on the floor next to me.

As I kneel in front of you, my face even with your flat, trim stomach, I can already smell the musky scent of your moistening pussy. Leaning forward, I bring my mouth to the front of your mound and begin to lightly lick and chew your dampness through your panties, my hands holding and fondling the globes of your round, firm little ass through the thin, filmy material of your panties from behind. You gasp sharply and let out a quiet moan.

?Oh God, that feels good,? you whisper above me, your voice a half-groan, your loins pressing against my hungry, searching mouth.

?Spread your legs a little more,? I say quietly, without looking up.

Putting your hands on my shoulders to steady yourself, you step a foot to one side, opening yourself to me. I bring one of my hands up, pull down and to the side the elastic leg of your panties with my finger, and push the tip of my middle finger up into your moistening slit. I can feel the wet tightness of your pussy opening grip my finger as it slides up inside you, past the outer lips and deep into your warm, wet girl hole. My mouth is still against the front of your mound chewing and licking the front of your cleft as my finger lays imbedded in your fuck hole. Slowly, I begin to move my finger in and out of your tight, little cunt. It moves easily; the oily feel of your pussy juice makes your cunt lips slippery. I pull my finger over the front of your slit, caressing the area of your clitoris before plunging it back inside.

?Oh, God ?? you whimper above me as I masturbate you.

Putting my other hand around you, I slip my hand underneath the leg band of your panties from behind, caressing the soft, smooth skin of your wonderful ass. Sliding my finger down inside the deep, narrow crack of your butt, I slip the tip of my finger into your oily slit from behind. Coating it with your wetness, I drag it up and down through the valley of your ass, enjoying the feel of the pressure of your ass mounds on my hand. Now, I can manipulate your sensitive areas from each end at the same time. My fingers in back caress your pussy and asshole from behind, spreading your juices up and down the smooth cleft of your ass, while my middle finger slips in and out of your pussy from the front as I chew at the front of your slit through your thin bikini panties. You spread your legs a little wider, inviting the wonderfully sexy double penetration.

I take my mouth away and look up at you, my fingers and hands still busy playing with your cunt.

?Mmmm ? feels really nice ? God, so nice ??

I hear the arousal in your voice and glance up at you. Your head is tilted back and your eyes are closed as you concentrate on the sensations between your legs being created by my hands. I want you to really enjoy this first part so you?d be a willing student for what is coming next.

You are incredibly wet now. Your juices soak the crotch of your panties and my hand, and my fingers slide easily in and out of your pussy, both front and back. I pull your panties more to the side so I can lick the front of your mound. Your pussy is lightly covered with soft, fuzzy brown hair that tickles my lips as my mouth presses against your girl pleasure place. Your breath hisses through your teeth as the tip of my tongue grazes over your sensitive clitoris, flicking the tiny bud several times. Tongue and fingers begin to move in and out together, setting up a pleasurable rhythm, arousing you even more.

After a few minutes of this erotic stimulation I know you are ready for more. Sitting back, my mouth and fingers wet and smelling of your sweet sex sauce, I reach up, hook my fingers under the waist band of your panties, and rolled them down your long, slender legs and off your feet. You now stand before me naked from the waist down, the soft, curly, pubic hair growing up from between your legs matted and wet with the wetness from your drooling cunt. Your flat stomach slopes down in a narrow ?V?, ending at the narrow rise of the twin folds of your pussy. You are breathing quickly and heavily, your hands still on my shoulders as you steady yourself.

?God, you look so sexy ?? I murmur quietly as I gaze at your slender, sexy body. I know I have to taste you more fully.

With my hands on your hips I turn your body and sit you down on the couch. As your behind settles on the cushions, I put my hands behind your knees and lift your legs up onto my shoulders so I can really eat this wonderful pussy. Instinctively, you pull your knees up and back, locking your ankles behind my head and exposing your entire crotch to me. I bend down and push aside the outer lips of your pussy with the tip of my tongue and begin to lick up and down your narrow cleft, scooping your juices.

With my fingers I pull apart your little slit, spreading apart the large outer lips of your pussy. I find your clitoris and begin to flutter my tongue in a quick motion over it, your increasing moans and cries of delight tell me I?ve found your pleasure button. Round and round I circle my tongue, my mouth; in and out I lick the soft, wet, pink hole. The intense pleasure makes you start to squirm your little ass back and forth on the couch, moaning softly.

The sweet, musky smell and taste of pussy is arousing me like never before. I can hardly believe I am licking the slit between your legs, making you want more.

I decide to try something new. Inserting my first finger into your cunt, I finger-fuck you a couple of times again, enjoying the tight, wet feel of your pussy on my hand. When my finger is wet enough I run it over the little puckered opening of your butt and slowly begin to push it into your asshole, hoping that you won?t object.

You love it! With increasing pressure, the tip of my finger pushes against your little anal opening. At first, the muscles of the entrance resist the entry. I screw my finger back and forth as I push it in, and the tip finally slips past the tight, elastic opening up to the first knuckle.

My tongue is probing deep into your cunt, my mouth chewing on the front of your pussy as my finger slowly moves deeper into your hot little asshole. I get about half my finger in and decide to let you get used to the feeling before trying any more.

I apply a little more pressure and my finger slides the rest of the way into your asshole up to my hand. Now, for more fun. I slowly start to slide the narrow shaft out until just the first knuckle is just inside the tightly puckered opening. Then, twisting and turning, I send it back up into you.

Back and forth my finger slowly moves, surrounded by the tight, smooth walls of your asshole. Pussy juice drips down from your drooling wet cunt and helps lubricate the shaft as it moves in and out of you. After a moment, I can feel your asshole begin to loosen up a bit, and I am able to move a little faster, setting up a slow, even, butt-fucking rhythm.

Your head moves slowly side to side, your breathing fast and labored as the sensations of sex grow quickly in your loins. As your arousal grows, you arch your back slightly and I can feel you beginning to push your ass down to meet my probing finger, almost butt-fucking yourself.

I gaze down at this incredibly erotic sight, your smooth, slender thighs spread wide apart and your pink, moist pussy glistening in the afternoon sunlight. With your legs on my shoulders, your ass is tilted up and I look down at my finger firmly wedged in the dark, puckered opening of your butt hole. God, it looks so sexy. I just can?t resist eating your pussy.

Continuing to fuck your ass with my finger, I cover your entire mound with my mouth, licking and sucking your pussy lips, slurping up the juice. I move my tongue constantly around?first, the outside lips of your pussy opening, feeling the soft fuzz of your pussy hair on my mouth. Then along your inner-thigh, where your skin is soft and smooth. I kiss the skin, dragging my lips up your inner thigh toward the knee, and then drawing my tongue back down to your crotch, slipping my tongue into your honeypot and giving it a few licks as I go by. Then, I move up the other thigh and back down again.

This teasing seems to arouse you even more, and I really want to get you off. Again, I insert my tongue deep into your cleft and lick around the soft inside of your cunt. My finger constantly moves in and out of your asshole. It enters your asshole easily, and I begin to wonder if you can take something bigger back there.

Your moans and sighs of pleasure become stronger, more constant, as your orgasm begins to grow. The sensations are powerful, and you begin to wriggle your tight little ass around, squeezing your thighs around my head and pulling my face insistently into your crotch with both of your hands. Again, I flutter my tongue quickly over your clit, driving you to the edge.

?Oh, God ? feelssssooooogooood ? sooooogood ?? you murmur above me, lost in a haze of heated sexual pleasure.

I increase the action of my mouth and tongue in your pussy. My finger moves quickly, fully, in and out of your butt as I lick over and over again, the sexual tensions in your body building up and begging for that wonderful sensation of release.

?Mmmm ? Oh God, eat my cunt. I love it. Ooh, something?s happening ? Ooh ? AHH ? GGGOOOOODDDDD ??

Your teeth clench and, with a sharp intake of breath, your whole body seems to tense up and quiver ever so slightly at the same time. Your silky smooth inner thighs suddenly tighten around my head as you let out a high, soft, whine. I can feel your asshole clench around my finger, and your entire body seems to be paralyzed from the intensity of your orgasm. A stream of cunt juice dribbles down your slit as your body seems frozen. I stop mouthing your pussy and let you enjoy the sensation of your orgasm, my finger still buried to the hilt up your butt.

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