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The Swing

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?Its? ready babe?, I call out to my wife. She comes out of the bedroom in her robe, and looks over my handiwork. I have just finished setting up a sex swing in the middle of our living room. It is our first time to use something like this. We have picked up many toys over the years, but never anything this involved. ?You?re a nut? she says grinning while she tugs on the steel legs of the stand and then on the straps as if she is not sure she trusts my assembly job. I walk around the corner into the kitchen to pour a well-deserved glass of wine. ?I am going to need some help getting into that thing?, she said as she peeked around the corner from the other room.

I walk over and pull her in to me, and nuzzle her neck just below the ear and say, ?Oh don?t you worry about that. I will get you into that swing. Tickled by my lips on her neck she squeals pushes away. Her robe has loosened up by the motion, and a hint of her breast shows through the opening. I reach my free hand into the robe and cup her breast, and roll the nipple between my thumb and finger. Both nipples begin to get hard. Setting my wine glass down I reach and untie the belt of her robe. I slide my hands up her chest, stopping briefly at her breasts. Then I continue on up and place a hand on each shoulder and brush the robe off. It slips down her arms and back revealing the curves of her body. She lowers her arms allowing it to fall away completely, leaving her completely nude.

?Let?s give our new toy a test drive? I said. I grab Cheryl?s hand and lead her to the swing. We adjust the strap that serves as the seat and then she lifts first one and then the other leg as I hold the leg straps open so she can step through them. She then leans back and directs me to adjust the back strap. Her feet are off the floor and she is swinging free, suspended about waist high.

I take a sip of wine and lower my lips to her left nipple and let the liquid run out of my mouth. Little streams of purple-red colored wine flow over her breast and onto her chest and abdomen. She reaches down to wipe it away and I grab her hand to prevent it. ?Just let things be. We will have a lot more drips than that before we?re done.? Then inspiration hits and I go to the bedroom, and return with a handful of neckties. I tied both her wrists to the back strap to keep her from making any more unwanted moves. Taking another sip, I repeated it on the other breast. Then grabbing her tits I began to lick up what I could. She rolls her head back and sighs as I run by hands and lips over her body, following the curve of her hips down to her thighs.

I step back and strip off my clothes, and then moving around behind her I push the back strap farther down her back to allow her to lean back horizontally. She tilts her head back and I grab the straps and pull her face into my crotch. She licks around my head and sucks into her mouth. Then her tongue traces the underside of my rising cock, then making it down to my balls. She gently sucks first one ball and then the other. By now my dick is rock hard and I put the head against her lips and begin to fuck her mouth. I have to pull out a short time later to prevent getting past the point of no return?it is way too early in this game to cum.

I slowly spin her around and kneel on the floor facing her pussy. I nibble and suck up her thighs slowly working towards her smooth bare mound. I lick the outer pussy lips and then close my lips over each one sucking gently. Then I guide the tip of my tongue up and down the edge of her lips and then down the slit between them. I push my tongue up and down over the lips and into the slit, slowly increasing the depth.

The tip of my tongue lightly glides over her clit, barely making contact. I move it in glancing strokes on her shaved labia. She tries to inch forward to get some solid contact, but I keep the distance constant, and continue my tease. She begins to squirm and tries to move in closer again. But suspended in the swing, she has nothing to push off from to get her there. As I keep her back I hear her give a frustrated whimper, begging for some more direct stimulation. Her lips are swollen enough now that they bow out slightly revealing the entry to her vagina. I can see the wetness just inside her, showing just how excited she has become.

I decide it is time to give in and really get her going. I place my hands on the bottom of her ass and pull her pussy lips farther apart with my thumbs. Then I use my tongue to trace around the pussy opening, then stretching it out I push my tongue deep inside her. I continue to swirl my tongue around in her hole and she lets out a long moan. I flatten my tongue out across the hole and slowly lick upwards, traveling over her pee hole and finally over her clit. Her pussy is covered in juices and she involuntarily pulls her legs together from the stimulation. I give my index and middle fingers a good coat of saliva, and place their tips against her opening. Then I slowly push them into her. After a few strokes I curl my fingertips to rub on her G-spot. Cheryl is now moaning loudly and breathing harder. ?Fuck me please? she grunts.

I continue licking her lips and clit while pumping my fingers in her pussy. I lube up my other fingers in her juices, and scrunch them together at her entrance. They slowly glide into her about halfway with ease. Rotating them back and forth I press them in the rest of the way, filling her. Her whole body tenses as I pump them into her while flicking my tongue rapidly on her clit. She cries out a few short ?Oh?s? and then suddenly I feel her pussy contracting as she cries out, ?I?m cominggggg.?. Her legs and body twitch with each flick of my tongue on her clit. We slow down and I draw my fingers out of her snatch. I rest my head on her thigh to catch my breath.

After a few minutes I stand and untie her wrists, then I walk around to the side where her head is still hanging back. She reaches up and grabs my cock and starts to pump it. I move in closer, and she takes it into her mouth. It responds immediately and gets hard inside her. She swirls her tongue around the head and trails it down the bottom of the shaft to my balls. I reach up and grab the frame of the swing as she takes control. Cheryl runs both hands around my sides to grab onto my ass, and pulls me in to her. She slowly runs my cock farther back into her mouth until the head is against the back of her throat. I pull back slightly and start to thrust in and out, fucking her mouth. She releases my cock from her mouth and grabs it with one hand and starts licking the fingers of her other hand. ?Spread your legs some? she commands. I spread my legs open and she reaches her hand between my legs. Her fingers trace across my ball sack and continue back until she comes to my anus. She rubs her finger around my ass hole and lubes it with her spit. Slowly she pushes the tip of her finger in my ass, and it clenches. She says, ?Relax, your gonna like this?.

I take a breath and try to loosen up, while she turns her face to apply more spit to her fingers. Reaching back again she quickly gets her index finger in me about half way, and my ass involuntarily clenches down again. I loosen up a bit again and she pushes her finger in all the way. With her finger in my ass, she then moves her mouth back up to my cock and starts sucking away. The feeling of her finger pushing in and out of my ass, while she sucks and licks my dick is unbelievable. The fullness in my ass from her finger is driving me crazy. It seems that it takes almost no time until I am getting to the point of no return. ?I?m gonna cum? I grunt. She pushes her finger in me all the way and holds it there, and continues to suck me. My body clenches up as the tension builds. Finally there is release and I squirt my cum down her throat while my asshole clenches on her finger in spasms. I pull my cock out of her mouth, and a stream of cum jets over her face and onto her right tit. The spasms begin to slow, and Cheryl pulls her finger out of my ass. I sink to my knees and we share a long kiss.

After a few minutes I recover, and get up to help her out of our now broken-in toy. I can?t wait until we can try it with a group.

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