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The Stranger

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It was a very hot and sweaty day as I sit on the rocks with the waves crashing around me. What a beautiful site to add to my art collection. The waves, the blue water, and the miles of rocks that I can see from where I set. It seemed like hours had passed since I started my drawing, and I needed a break. As I stood up to stretch and have a look around, in the distance I notice a figure of a person walking my way. I didn't pay much attention and continued with my work. As the person got closer, I noticed it was a very handsome gentleman. Tall, dark tanned skin. He noticed me and stopped and waved hello. I said a hello to him and looked back down to my drawing pad. Curiosity got the best of him, so he climbed the rocks to where I was sitting. He stood there and watched me in silence for awhile. Speaking and breaking the silence between us, he said my drawing looked beautiful. As I looked up at him, I noticed the most beautiful eyes I have ever seen. The lightest blue imaginable. Remembering the only remark I made was " You have the most beautiful eyes". Blushing he mutter a "Thank you". Then I got the most brilliant idea. I have always wanted to draw a person. So, I got my nerve up and him if he would mind being my model for me. He was flattered I ask him, and accepted without any questions. I had him take a seat on the rocks with the ocean wave splashing around him. As I settled down in my position to begin, we talked alittle about my work. He was wearing a pair of Khaki shorts and a button up sport shirt. I ask him if he minded unbuttoning the shirt a little more. When he did, I almost fainted, the chest he was sporting was out of this world...WOW. We sat without saying a word for what seemed like an eternity. As I was almost finishing the drawing, the wind started blowing gently. He reached over and brushed the hair from my face. I melted at his touch, and he noticed that, I'm sure. "OK, done now" is all I said as I stood to move toward him to show him the finished product. I couldn't help but notice his eyes on me like glue. I sat beside him to let him see what I had done, "Beautiful" is all he said, but he wasn't looking my work, instead he was staring at me. I felt myself blush a little. Since it was so hot out, I decided to take my t-shirt off, with my bathing suit on under it, and go for a quick dip in the ocean. I ask him to join me, he said he would enjoy the sight as I took my swim.

I was all wet and kinda chilly after getting out of the water, so he stood up and took his shirt off and drapped it over my shoulders, letting his hands linger on my shoulders for sometime before sliding them down my arms. "Getting warm now?" he asked. I nodded a yes and sat back down on the rocks where he once again joined me, closer this time. Our eyes met, and what seemed like magnets, we were drawn closer to each other, our lips met. A soft gentle kiss which turned into a passionate hard kiss by the time we were done.

While looking me in the eyes, his hands slipped around and untied my top, letting it fall beneath his shirt which was still on my shoulders. By now, my nipples were as hard as a rock and my heart was pounding faster then ever. I wanted so bad to make love to this stranger on these rocks along the ocean. Somehow I think he knew this was what I was thinking. His hands carressed my breast, while kissing my lips again.

Letting out slightly light moans of pleasure, he kissed down my neck, over my ears, and to my breasts.

WOW was all I could think at that moment. I felt his hands find their way to my very wet, hot, shaven pussy.

I couldn't stand it any longer, so I slowly unbuttoned his shorts to find him wearing no underwear. His very hard and luscious lovetool stood at attention, wanting to be touched. I slide my hand around his cock and gently started rubbing it up and down. By now, he had my suitbottoms nearly off and was kissing my bellybutton, making me quiver with excitment. I almost melted when I felt his tongue slid over my clit. I let out a very loud moan of pleasure. He stood up and took off his shorts and using them as my pillow, gently layed me back on the rocks, and opened my legs and with a smile on his face, he began to excite me with his tongue again. Using a few fingers as well to enter deep inside my pussy, his tongue was licking my clit like it was has never had before. Sucking gently, as I raised my hips into his face, and moaning even louder, he stopped to tell me he wanted me to cum in his mouth.

As he continued to lick me, my motion got even faster, and faster. All at once I couldn't hold it anymore, I screamed out, "Oh baby, I'm cumming". As I cummed in his mouth, he sucked on me like a baby with it's bottle, he was moaning as he licked my pussy dry from it's juices. He looked up at me with yet another smile and said,"Damn, you taste like heaven baby". I smiled back at him and raised up to kiss his lips still wet with my cum. We embrassed with a kiss for ahwile as I turned him on his back. Leaving his lips, I trailed my

tongue over his neck and down to his nipples. Teasing them awhile, bitting them gently. Listening to his soft moans was exciting me again, and I felt strange things happening to my body My tongue continued down his body till I got to his hard cock. I took it in my hands and started kissing it all over.

Running my tongue over just the tip of it. Making him moan even louder now. "I love to tease" I told him.

With my tongue, I glided down one side and back up the other, just crossing the top again lightly to make him even more excited. Holding his hardness in my hand, I slowly lower my mouth on him, taking it in inch by wonderful inch. Sucking and licking very gently, moving my mouth up and down on his cock, watching his face beg for more. A little faster and harder now. I suck on him till he almost explodes in my mouth, then I stop! I crawl on top of him and whisper in his ear that I want to feel his hard cock inside me. Holding his hardness in my hand, I slowly lower myself onto him. Letting him enter me only an inch at a time. When his cock is inside me, we move together at a slow pace, picking up speed as we go. His hands are caressing my breasts once again. Faster and harder we go, until neither one of us can hold back any longer.

Moaning so loud that if anyone was near, they would think we were dying. We both explode together, me on his cock and him inside me, filling me with his cum.

We press our bodies together until there is no more juices to escape from us. I lay down beside him, his arms around me. We both fall asleep in pleasure.

Waking hours later, I find I am once all alone.

Thinking it was just a dream, I felt disappointed.

Then as I was gathering my stuff to leave, I found a note saying, "Thanks for the wonderful afternoon, it was the best day of my whole life. Hope we shall meet again........Just a stranger" Nope, I never did get his name, and I never saw him again. But his memory and his face will last forever in my mind. I now have the drawing hanging in my art room, it is named, The Stranger!


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