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The Stranger

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The Stranger

Her steps hastened as she fled indoors to get out of the rain. A quiet little café seemed the perfect place to wait it out, until the summer storm calmed down. Her high heels clicked on the black and white tile floor as she walked over to a table to have a seat. Her lacy black bra discreetly shone through her white blouse, wet from the rain. Catching her breath she glanced around the room for a waiter, but saw him instead. Sitting alone, at a table near the window, silently watching the people outside scurry about. Perhaps he’s waiting for someone, she thought, as she ordered a latte. She sat there, for some time, watching him watch out the window. She couldn’t help but notice his broad shoulders, and the bulge of his arms under his gray t-shirt every time he picked up his soda to take a drink. And those lips! They looked so full and kissable. His sun-tanned skin, and those dark eyes were absolutely driving her crazy. She felt so naughty, but couldn’t help it. She had to talk to him, and now!

Suddenly the rain started falling bigger drops on the ground. Thunder crashed in the distance. She stood up and walked over to the window next to him, to have a look at the storm. “The forecast called for sunny skies and 95 today.” She said in a sarcastic voice. A little startled he turned around and saw her standing behind him, glancing out the window. “Well hello.” He said, smiling. He had noticed her long before she had even entered the café, sprinting in that black mini dress to get out of the rain. “Care to join me?” He said, pointing to the empty seat across from him. “I’d love to.” She said as she called for the waitress to refill her cup.

As soon as she sat down they made eye contact for the first time. God, his eyes were amazing. She could see such passion in them. But before they could even start a conversation, a huge crack of thunder broke the silence of that little café, and all the electricity in the room came to a screeching hault. “Wow!” She said, startled from the boom. Employees scurried about, trying to figure out why the emergency generator failed to kick on, while the few patrons in the café began chatting amongst themselves once more. “The breaker box just needs to be reset.” He said, very sure of himself. “ I deal with things like this all the time, it’s my job.” “Really?” She said, unable to take her eyes off him. Those lips were looking more and more kissable with every word he spoke.

After about 20 minutes of darkness, the employees were in complete chaos. Finally he could take it no more, and offered to go to the back and take a look at the problem. “Are you sure you should go playing with wires in the middle of a rain storm?” She said, in a nervous voice. “Like I said, this is what I do, it’s my job.” He said with a confident smile on his face. “Care to help me? I will need someone to hold the flashlight while I climb up into the attic.” “Uh, sure.” She said, as he was already following the waiter to the back to grab a ladder and flashlight.

The breaker box was located in a tiny room, off the back of the building. The waiter showed them through the back door when another crack of thunder hovered overhead. Looking up at the sky he pointed to the little back room, before heading back down the dark hallway to the front of the café. “Looks like it’s just you and me.” Her tall, dark and handsome stranger said, before stepping out into the rain. ‘Looks like it’ she thought to herself, as she took off her shoes before following behind him through the mud, flashlight in hand.

Dust that seemed about 5 years old puffed out of the door, as he opened it. Cobwebs and old tools were scattered about. Nothing else occupied the room, except an old wash sink and a broken chair. “Well this is nice and cozy.” She said in a sarcastic voice, as he was raising the ladder below the entrance to the ceiling door. “Hope you don’t mind getting dirty.” He said with a half-cocked smile. She just smiled back at him, with an innocent smirk.

“Ok, we’re gonna have to share this ladder, because I’m gonna need both hands to reset this thing once I get up there, and I’ll need you to hold the flashlight steady so I don’t clip the wrong wire.” “Well, what will happen if you clip the wrong wire?” She said, very concerned. “Well,” He said with a long pause afterward. “We’ll all blow up.” She stared up at him in shock, before he could take it no more, and busted out with laughter. Feeling like an idiot, she playfully shoved him over, so she could climb up the ladder to join him.

There was barely enough room for the two of them to stand on the uneven ladder, so she stayed a few steps below him, so to stay out of his way. Feeling for the step below her, she slipped, but he grabbed her arm just in time. His muscles bulged under his shirt as he used all his strength to support the two of them without falling. She wrapped her arm around his, as he pulled her back up, onto the ladder. “Are you ok?” He said, very concerned. Taking one finger, he brushed her hair out of her face, and looked into her eyes. Those piercing blue eyes of hers looked back at him with a fiery passion. They were almost within kissing range when another boom of thunder cracked above them, startling them back to the task at hand. “Yea, I think so.” She said, a little shaken. “I’m so sorry. Maybe I should go back inside so I’m not in your way.” “Nonsense, he said. I couldn’t do this without your help. Please stay with me.” Hearing the plea in his voice, she smiled up at him and shone the flashlight up into the ceiling door to help.

It was only a matter of minutes, before the dynamic duo saw the dim yellow light flicker on inside the little storage room they had occupied. He smiled down at her, with delight as she clicked the flashlight off. “See, he said. It was really quite simple. Carefully now, but climb up here next to me, and I’ll show you what I did.” Grabbing his shoulder for support, she did as she was told, and climbed the extra steps of the ladder to his level. “See, he said, all I had to do was clip this wire here, and connect it straight to the box over there,” Pointing with the flashlight. She could really care less about wires, but she loved to hear him talk. With every word he spoke she moved closer and closer to his face. She could smell his cologne, or what was left of it from a hard day’s work. His face was a little rough, and looked like he hadn’t shaved in a few days, but it was making her want him that much more.

“Now, do you think you could do this by yourself if you had to?” He said, turning his face towards hers. “Why don’t I just call you if I do?” She said, almost in a whisper, pressing her finger to his lips before she stole a kiss from them. Butterflies went all over his body as they kissed for what seemed like an eternity. He slipped his tongue gently between her lips as she softly nibbled on his. Her nipples got hard as he ran his soft, big hands across her breasts. She groaned slightly, with delight before she began to lose her balance once more. “Perhaps we should get off this ladder before we both fall?” He said, smiling, and took her hand to lead her off onto solid ground.

They began kissing again, a little more intense, and he slipped his hand into her blouse. She rubbed all over his broad shoulders and arms, before she could take it no more, and pulled off his shirt. His hard, tan body was everything she had fantasized and more. His pecks were perfectly defined, and his arms looked so big and strong. She looked up at him innocently, before she began kissing on his chest and neck. He quivered with each kiss, still in shock that this was happening. She ran her hand along his thigh, until she found the rock, hard bulge inside his jeans. “I-I’ve never done this before, you know, with a stranger.” He said in a shaky voice. “ Me either, she said, that’s what makes it so exciting.” She smiled and pulled out his hard, already throbbing cock, and began stroking it gently with her hand. He groaned with pleasure while she jerked him off. It was all he could do, to keep from blowing his wad in her hand. She looked up, and kissed him again, harder, and so passionately. God, he thought, this girl was amazing! He ran his hands through her long blonde hair, and cupped her face as he looked into her eyes once more. There was something about her, something so magical it sent pulses straight through his body.

She rubbed his dick faster now, and she noticed the little beads of sweat forming on his brow. She smiled up at him, before gently wiping them away with her hand. “Getting hot?” she said. “No, only for you.” He said with a smirk. Pushing him against the wall, she began un-buttoning her blouse, to reveal her tits, perfectly hidden beneath her bra. She reached behind her, to unclip it, when he pulled her into him, skin on skin, and began kissing her neck. It felt so wonderful, her milk white body against his sun-kissed chest. Nothing had ever felt so good, or so she thought. He slowly pushed her away from him, so he could pull up her skirt. Gently, he swirled his tongue around her perky, hard nipples. She smiled and ran her hands through his hair as he made his way to her belly, kissing all the way. Finding the snap to her skirt, he took it off, and rubbed his hands along her inner thigh. Every touch was sending little shocks throughout her whole body, and she smiled with delight. Moving her little red thong aside, he touched her hot pussy for the first time. She groaned in anticipation as his warm tongue licked her warm, wet pussy, one slow stroke after another. She tasted so good! He licked and sucked her nice pink clit while she squirmed with delight. She was trying so hard to be quiet, but his tongue felt so good, wrapped around her pussy lips, she wanted to just scream while she fucked his face with pleasure.

Finally, she could take it no more, and she stood him up on his feet. “I’m gonna sit up on this sink, and you’re gonna fuck the shit outta me.” She said, in a hasty voice. “Yes maam.” He said smiling. She hopped up on the sink and pulled him towards her. Her long blonde hair looked so hot and messy, falling about her face. She looked him in the eyes as she grabbed his dick, and found her wet, sticky pussy. She grabbed ahold of his shoulders as he stuck his rod into her nice tight pussy. She thrusted herself into him and he felt her warm pussy wrap around his long, hard dick. He fucked her, slow at first, but hard and gentle at the same time. It was amazing! He thrusted himself, deeper and deeper into her, until he could feel her belly against his own. His arm muscles were so tense, as she clung to him for support. Faster and faster, he fucked that dirty little pussy, while she leaned her head back and groaned with delight. Those perfect tits of hers were bouncing right in his face. Sweat was dripping off both of them, as he fucked her harder and harder, but he still leaned into her and began sucking on her bottom lip. She squealed with pleasure as he ran his tongue along her lips, nibbling as he went. Her groans were getting louder and louder, but it was making him so horny. She sounded like one of those anime girls on tv, getting r*ped, but secretly liked it. It was really turning him on, but he knew they would get caught for sure with that noise, so he gently placed his hand over her mouth. “Shhhhh” He said smiling. “Don’t stop,” She said. “You’re gonna make me cum all over your dick!” That made him so hot for her, he took his hand away from her mouth and started playing with her clit. “Oh god!” She said. “Just like that. You’re really gonna make me cum doing that!” Faster he fucked her hot, wet pussy, and rubbed her pulsing pink clit at the same time. He knew as soon as she came, it was gonna make him bust his load all over her. “Yea, that’s it! Don’t stop!” She was squirming all over his dick while he played with her clit, faster and faster. She groaned so loud when suddenly he felt it. Her pussy clenched down all around his hard throbbing dick, as she came all over it. She twitched with pleasure as her pussy juices flowed all over his cock. ‘Oh my god’ he thought, as her pussy tightened. It made him so horny he couldn’t take it anymore, and biting his lip, he pulled out right in time to shoot his creamy wad all over her pussy lips, groaning under his breath. He stood there for a moment, catching his breath and watching his cum drip down to her ass crack. It was so hot! She sat there for a bit, looking him in the eyes and playing with her nipples in between her fingertips, smiling innocently.

“That was so amazing.” She said, slowly climbing down off the sink. He was still standing there, wanker hanging out, bewildered by the events that had just taken place. She picked her shirt up from off the floor as she walked over to him, and gave him the most passionate, sincere kiss he had ever received. “You were amazing.” She whispered into his ear before she turned around to finish getting dressed. He was so struck by her beauty, he felt like he was frozen in time, staring at her. That long blonde hair, a bit messy from the workout, still looked perfect flowing down her shoulders.

Finally, he managed to get himself dressed as well. “So,” he said hesitantly. “Will I ever see you again?” He almost dared not to ask, because of fear of rejection. She turned and looked at him, smiling confidently. “ Well the weather’s calling for sunny skies with a high of 95,” She said in a sarcastic voice. “Would you like to meet here tomarrow for lunch?” He smiled and nodded. “I’d like that.” He said grabbing the ladder and flashlight. As they stepped out into the crisp air, the rain had stopped, and the sun peeked through the clouds. She walked with him to the backdoor of the café to slip on her heels. “Tomarrow it is then,” as she leaned into him, and stole one last kiss. “I’m Lindsey by the way.” She said as she turned to walk away, down the alley behind them. “Don’t you want to know my name?” He said a bit confused. “ No,” She said smiling back at him, “It can wait until tomarrow.” He just smiled and shook his head as he disappeared through the door, ladder and flashlight in hand.

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