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The Store

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The grocery store

I stop by the grocery store on the way home from work to grab a few things for dinner along with a bottle of wine. As I wheel the cart down the first aisle I notice you in front of me. I can?t help but notice your sexy legs as my eyes take you in, noting that you too must be just leaving work. You?re dressed in a nicely tailored skirt and blouse that accents your body curves. The skirt has a side slit that reveals even more of your thigh as you walk.

I continue with my shopping but keep in eye contact with you as much as possible as I do. At one point you notice my looking, but rather than look away I maintain my appreciative gaze and smile at you letting you know I like what I see. Also visible is the big rock on your finger but that doesn?t keep from taking in your beauty. At one point you squat to get something from a lower shelf and as you do the slit in your skirt opens even more revealing the tops of what can only be thigh high stockings. Again you look up to find me just a few feet away, now blatantly looking at you, this time you smile back and when you go to stand you make sure I get shot of your legs that sets my heart to racing and blood flowing to my manhood.

This innocent cat and mouse game continues through the entire store, each of us taking the opportunity to visualize the possibilities. When you bend over to retrieve the frozen shrimp from the open top cooler your top falls open enough to reveal the creamy tops of your breasts, held in place by a sheer lace bra. The cold air from the cooler along with the sexual tension has your dark nipples hard and protruding against the material. You pretend to rummage through the packages as I stand on the opposite side of the cooler taking the view in that you are offering, no longer remotely thinking that you are accidentally showing off your body, but rather enjoying the attention.

As we move into the next aisle which is shorter and set at a different angle from the rest I move my cart beside yours, and let the back of my hand brush over your ass. When you don?t move away I feel myself stiffen in my slacks as I let my hand turn and caress your firm cheeks through your skirt, reaching down to cup your ass, squeezing it as I hear a soft moan escape your lips. Turning the carts slightly to block our view from people passing by I continue to explore your body with my hand, neither of us ever saying a word except for the occasional moan and sigh. As you bend over the handle of your cart slightly I move behind yet to the side of you, pressing my now rock hard cock against your thigh. Grinding it against your thigh as my hand unbuttons two more buttons of your blouse, slipping inside to brush my finger tips over your hard nipples. Lightly at first but hearing your reaction I begin to lightly pinch your hard nipples thru the lace of your bra. As I tease your nipples with one hand I let the other slide over the gentle swell of your hips to pull you tighter against me, knowing you can feel my hard cock pressed against you. Then let it slide down over your ass to the slit in your skirt, fingers rising up your thigh to the tops of your stockings, pausing momentarily as I feel the heat of your bare thigh before lifting the hem higher and letting my fingers slide between your legs, feeling the heat of your passion against my fingers as they seek and find your freshly trimmed pussy. Not stopping now I tease your lips? with my fingers, easing them forward I feel the swollen bud of your clit, already wet with your juices. I feel your body quiver as my finger teases your clit..brushing it softly at first, but with more and more pressure as I work it. Occasionally letting my fingers slip inside your pussy to bring more of your juices to your clit. The aisle is empty with just an occasional passerby on the end, completely oblivious to your state of lust at the moment. As I finger your clit and toy with your nipples I look up and notice the unmistakable half moon bulb over head knowing it contains a security camera. I don?t let that stop me from taking you higher and higher, figuring if a guard happens to be watching it will be the highlight of his day and he will not do anything to us. I feel your juices coating my fingers and feel your body trembling against mine, knowing you are getting closer and closer to going over the edge. The thought of having a total stranger playing with your most private parts right in the store has triggered an animalistic like passion in you. I see the small beads of sweat on your brow as your face is flush, your fingers gripping the handle of the cart tightly as the first wave of pleasure rushes thru your body. Every nerve seems to be on fire from your mind..thru your sensitive nipples down to your swollen clit. As you tense up..and your knees weaken I hold you up with my fingers deeply buried inside your hot wet pussy. As the waves of pleasure begin to subside I brush my thumb over your clit again, which results in an audible gasp from your lips.

I lean down and talk for the first time, whispering in your ear. ?I am going to follow you through the check out and then on to your car, we will continue this there? I remove my hands from under your skirt and inside your blouse but not before giving your hard nipple one last pinch. You straighten up..brushing your hair from your face..and straightening your clothes. As you walk rather shakily to the check out line I follow??.

As I make my way to the check out counter behind you I need to keep the cart directly in front of me to block the bulge in my slacks from view. I lift my fingers to my face, drinking in the scent of your juices from my fingers, discreetly licking them to taste your sweet nectar.

You begin unloading your cart onto the belt as I move in directly behind you. Your top remains unbuttoned as I had left it, which offers the young man behind the check out counter numerous views of your lacy bra and hard nipples pressed to the lace. He is working hard on concentrating on his task while taking every opportunity to look down your top. When you reach down to remove the case of water from the bottom rack of your cart I take the opportunity to caress your ass. You flinch but don?t pull away as you feel my fingers slide down over cheeks, tracing a line along the crack of your ass, the check out boy nearly dropping your food as he sees me openly fondling you before giving you a light slap on your ass as you straighten up.

You finish your transaction and slowly move towards the door as I quickly run thru my few purchases. Grabbing my bag of groceries I begin to follow you to your car. There is a dark sky outside and a light rain is falling so you walk briskly to your SUV, I reach it the same time as you and help you load your stuff in the back as the rain falls. Then throwing my bag in as well I shut the back, grab your hand and pull you between the cars. Pressing your body to your car I look into your eyes before lowering my lips to yours, not even starting with a soft kiss the action in the store has raised both our desires beyond foreplay. Locking my lips on yours hot, deep passionate kisses are exchanged, our lips part and our tongue?s dance into each others mouth. Oblivious to the rain our kiss continues as I press my body into yours, feeling your breasts against my chest as I run my fingers thru your hair and hold it as we kiss. I take one of your hands and guide it to my crotch, pressing the palm of your hand against my raging hard on as I feel you wrap your fingers around it. After a few moments of intense kissing and fondling I break apart, open the back door to your SUV and help you slip into the back seat.

I move up beside you, again very little is said between us as I close the door. The dark rain filled sky makes for scarce traffic in lot and the few people there rush by. A heavy rain starts to fall pounding on the metal roof as I reach out and pull you to me again, this time the kiss a little softer at first as my fingers begin to remove your damp blouse. Pushing the blouse off your shoulders revealing those full breasts with their hard pebble nipples, I brush my fingers over them as I look into your eyes. Then unhooking the front clasp of your bra, I free them and cup them in my hands. The cool rain glistens on the tops of your breasts as my thumb lightly grazes over the tip of your nipples causing you to moan and shudder. I take your hand and move it to my hard cock. Letting you feel it thru my slacks before your trembling fingers begin to open my pants. I whisper to you to go ahead, take out my cock and feel the pent up passion it contains. As you open my slacks I lift myself up so you can push them to my ankles, I feel the intense pleasure of your long nails as they rake lightly up my legs, closer and closer to my cock. Now it is my turn to moan as I feel your soft fingers wrap around my hard shaft as you stroke and fondle my cock. I lean back against the seat of your car and can?t help but put my fingers thru your hair and guide your face to my lap.

You go willingly, letting me guide your face down as I feel your warm breath hit my skin. My body tense in anticipation as I feel you?re warm, wet tongue reach out and flick over the head of my cock. Your hand holding the base as your tongue dances over the head. You shift positions to get better access as you kneel on the seat, your hair cascading down around my thighs and balls making the feeling even more pleasurable. My own hands go back to exploring your body as you begin to take me into your mouth. Lifting your skirt up around your hips, revealing your luscious ass scantily clad in thong panties and the thigh high stockings adding to the allure of your legs. I feel my cock pulsing and know I am leaking into your mouth as I continue to play with your nipples and let my finger slip under your panties to find your soaked pussy. With my fingers now sliding over your clit your lips on my cock tighten as you suck me. Your fingers are fondling my hairy cum filled balls as your head moves up and down my rock hard cock.

Wanting a fuller taste of your sweet juices I slide down the seat and slip my head between your legs. Looking up I see the very damp crotch of your panties pressed to your mound. Hooking my fingers in your panties I pull them down and slide them off your legs which leaves me gazing up at your neatly trimmed pussy. The lips full and pouting from the sexual pleasures, the lips pink and glistening of your juices as I raise my head up to run my tongue lightly along your slit, lightly teasing along your opening but not touching your sensitive clit. My hands reach up to hold your ass so I can pull myself up to your sweetness, my own moans mixed with yours as you continue to suck my cock. Un-able to resist I begin to flex my hips thrusting up into your mouth as my tongue slips into your wetness, tasting your hot pussy juices as they coat my face. My tongue flicking along your mound, probing, teasing until finally it slides over your clit causing you to jump. I smile inside and continue to lick and suck your clit as you suck my cock, each of us rising higher and higher as I try to hold back my orgasm until I feel the flood of your juices on my face. It isn?t long before I hear the sounds I love, the sounds of a woman beginning to lose control and let herself go with the feelings of pleasure rushing thru her senses. As you scream out around my cock it vibrates down my shaft to the very base of my cock my teeth ever so lightly raking over your clit as you shudder above me, your entire body lost in the orgasm as it flows over you.

The desire to fuck you has risen to incredible heights, so I sit back up, my face coated with your juices. I pull you onto my lap as I slide down slightly in the seat. As you straddle my hips your skirt is bunched around your waist, your wet mound pressed to the hardness of my cock as I pull your face to mine kissing you deeply, sharing the flavor of your juices. Both of us work to catch our breath as I caress your breasts and tell you to ride my cock, I want to watch you put it into your wet hot pussy. As my fingers toy with your nipples I watch as your reach between us to grab my cock and rub it along your wet pussy lips. The mushroom head wet from your mouth now glistens with your juices as your rub the head over your clit. You moan as you move it back and forth along your wet lips, using the head to tease your clit before settling down on my hard cock, feeling it penetrate your pussy,. You rotate your sexy hips as my cock disappears inside your hot pussy, deeper and deeper until it is buried inside of you.

As we sit still for a moment I pull your breasts to my face and begin to suck those hard nipples. Feeling them react to my lips, tongue and teeth as you being to ride my cock. Long deliberate strokes as you flex your hips and slide up and down my shaft, my mouth never leaving your nipples. Each time you hit the bottom of my shaft you grind your clit against the base of my cock sending chills up your spine. The rain pounds heavily on the roof as we clutch, fondle kiss and literally drive our bodies together. My sucking lips leaving little red marks on the creamy flesh of your breasts as I feel your juices flowing down my shaft and over my balls. Building and building our passion suddenly explodes in an eruption inside of you, my hands on your hips holding you to me as I quiver and pulse, not wanting the feeling to end as we hold onto each other. You collapse against me as we kiss softly, our breath hot on each others face. As we slowly come down from the high the world seems to come back to us. I realize I don?t even know your name yet I just had an explosive orgasm as I erupted inside of you. I look into your eyes and ask, ?What is your name, baby??

Before you can answer there is a sharp rap on the window making us both jump, looking out the window we see a bright yellow rain coat with ?Security? written boldly on the front. We freeze, unable to move, unsure of what to do?..

Shall it continue??

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