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The Sliding Glass Door

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It began rather innocently enough. There wasn't really a lot that came before to serve as any kind of a warning. Dutch was early tonight. He normally wouldn't have been home for at least another hour normally. But the store had closed early, and here he was. He came up the walk as normal. And as usual he looked at the outside of his apartment as he walked up. The bedroom shades were closed, as were the guest bedrooms. But the vertical slats on the sliding glass door were half open. It was early dusk, and in this time of year there was still a fair amount of light. But he saw that the lights were on in the living room. The room into which the sliding glass door opened. As he looked in innocently enough, he stopped. He stared, and then he looked around to see if there was anyone else around. Nope, he was alone on the sidewalk. He stood stock still for what seemed like hours, but was really maybe only a minute. He didn't know what to do. Should he leave, or rush in. He couldn't believe his eyes. There in the living room was Kit, his wife of only a few months, and his friend, Spike. His friend was seated in the recliner, pants down around his ankles, shirt unbuttoned and open. Kit was on her knees, her head bobbing up and down over his friend's crotch. She wasn't dressed at all......not a stitch. In fact he could see her clothes, piled up on the couch and floor, discarded matter of factly, and by the look, in a hurry. Her wide hips, smooth round ass, and clean shaven labia proudly displayed, pointing right at him. He stood staring, and then found himself moving slowly forward, quietly, onto the little concrete patio, just close enough to see in, without being seen easily. The more he watched the more he realized how stimulated he had become. He was angrier, and hurt then he'd ever been in his whole life, but at the same moment, he couldn't remember ever having been this turned on, not ever.

From where he stood, he was covered by several tall bushes on either side of the patio. Behind him, except for a small space through which he had entered, there was a tall wooden wall on the front of the patio. Over his head was the deck for the apartment on the second floor. He stared into the living room without wavering. Spike looked to be enjoying his wife's oral talents. Dutch knew from experience that his wife was a good cock sucker, from the few times she'd graced him with the favor. As he watched, his wife moved her head sideways, and he could see his friends cock. It was half again longer and a bit thicker then his cock, and was very hard. It was slick with his wife's saliva, and red from the friction of her mouth. She sucked the head while she jerked his long shaft. She was smiling and looking up at Spike. Spike was looking back at her, deep into her eyes; his mouth was open slightly in a low deep exhalation. Kit went back to work on his cock then, redoubling her efforts. Spike threw his head back, and gripped the chairs arm rests. Then he relaxed, and Dutch saw him smile broadly, and heard him let out a loud moan. Kit's head was still, her throat working only, as she held the head and an inch or so of his cock in her mouth. Her lips sealed tightly around his thick cock, sucking steadily. Her one hand held it by the hairy base, and the other moved up and down, twisting and stroking, milking his shaft. Dutch figured that Spike was cuming, and Kit was swallowing his sperm like a pro. After about half a minute, Kit lifted her head off of Spike's lap, his still hard, and very saliva slickened cock popping out of her mouth. She licked at the underside, running her hands up and down and all over it. She kissed it tenderly, and then kissed his hairy balls, and his thighs. Finally, she sat back on her heels, her large breasts thrust out in front of her, rising and falling heavily as she took deep, even breaths. His cock flopped over onto his thigh, and sat there only slightly softened, but pulsing noticeably. Kit ran her hands up and down his thighs. She smiled up at him.

"You like that baby?" She asked softly. Spike nodded slightly.

"Oh yeah, that was great. Every time you do that for me, it's like it's the first time all over again." He replied.

Dutch was stunned again. Apparently this had been going on longer then he'd thought. Probably even before he and Kit had gotten married. Dutch crouched quietly next to the bush, in the shadows. And looked back in through the parted blinds.

Kit was still sitting on her heels, only now she was running her hands up and down over her large pendulous breasts. She tugged gently and suggestively on her large nipples. Spike was looking at her, watching her hands, smiling.

"So.....what is it that you have on your mind.....hmmmm?" Spike asked knowingly. His cock still lay on his thigh, only it hadn't softened any that Dutch could see. Apparently Spike's recovery time was very short. Dutch always took ten to twenty minutes to recover his hard-on after he came.

"You know exactly what I want." Kit replied in a sexy husky tone. Her hands cupped her big tits, and held them out together at him. Then without a word, she turned, and moved up onto the couch next to her. She kneeled there, her ass sticking high into the air. She reached down between her parted thighs and ran a hand over her slick shaved labia. Her middle finger dipping into the tight hole, then ran up over her stiff clit. "Come ere..." She cooed. Then split her labia open again with her fingers. Spike smiled coolly, kicked off the jeans and underwear that were gathered at his feet, and then moved off the recliner, his shirt coming off to join his pants and underwear. Spike was very, very lean, and with one of those whip sharp muscular bodies. He moved up close behind her, and bent his knees slightly. He held his long semi-rigid cock in one hand stroking it slowly. With his other hand he slid two fingers up over Kit's slick and ready pussy opening.

"OOOOHHHH......." Kit moaned. Her hand holding her pussy lips open still. Dutch say her shudder. Spike kneeled down slowly, moving his face in close to Kit's pussy. Spike reached up, and with his own thumbs, and fingers, and neatly spread Kit's pussy open. Then his tongue started to dart in and out, and all around Kit's pussy. " my pussy.....oohhhh..." She moaned again. Spike buried his face in her then, his nose against her asshole, his tongue deep in her pussy. Then he started to lick her and suck her like it was the last meal of a dying man. Kit humped his face, and thrashed against him, moaning and groaning and grunting the entire time. Spike never broke stride, or let up the lavishing tongue bath he was giving her from clit to ass hole. Spending most of his oral efforts driving his tongue deep into her pussy.

As Dutch watched he reflected on how Kit had always stopped him when he started to go down on her, saying that she didn't like that, and that she thought it was gross. And although he had always loved to please a woman that way, he stopped trying with Kit, obeying her wishes. Now she was on her knees, begging and screaming for Spike not to ever stop licking her pussy. Which it appeared that Spike had no intention of ever doing. Kit had always been a screamer in bed, even with Dutch. And now was no exception. She was moaning in a semi-high pitched guttural sounding voice from deep in her throat. Grunting and groaning, her hips bucking and gyrating. Her long blondish-brown hair hanging down over her pleasure contorted face. Spike continued to lick her in long strokes, tonguing her deeply, then moving to fast flicking strokes over her clit. Kit threw her head down and back and forth, her heavy tits swaying beneath her. It was plainly obvious that she had cum several times while Spike tongued her. This went on and on minute after minute until Dutch thought for sure that Kit would pass out any second. His knees hurt from squatting for so long unmoving, but he didn't care. His own cock was like steel in his pants. All he could do was continue to stare, transfixed on the action before him, the pain and betrayal all but forgotten by the sexual excitement. After a few more licks, Spike pulled his face out of her pussy, and stood back up. His long cock, was fully hard again, and sticking out from his lean abdomen. Kit, looked over her shoulder, and held her ass up higher in the air. Spike held her hip with one hand, while he took hold of his cock with the other. He then moved his hips forward until the head of his cock poked into Kit's labia. She moaned loudly, then he let go of his cock, and pushed his hips forward more. His cock slipped into her pussy easily, then he withdrew it slightly, then pushed it in again, more deeply this time. Within a couple strokes, Spike had his whole cock buried to the root in Kit's tight pussy. Kit hung her head again, as Spike started sawing his cock in and out of her cunt. He held her hips, and closed his eyes. He plunged in and out at a steady unhurried pace. Kit began to moan and grunt at his every thrust, as she began to push back against him, bouncing her hips slightly in time to his thrusts. Her large breasts started to sway in counter point to their rhythm.

Dutch looked around again, the coast was still clear, and he moved himself down out of his crouching position, and onto his knees. He then slowly undid his belt buckle, then the button on his pants, and finally he pulled down the zipper. His Dockers opened widely in the front, and he easily pulled his white briefs down to his mid-thigh. His cock was rock solid, and leaped out of his underwear as he pulled the elastic over it. Dutch unbutton the bottom couple of buttons on his shirt, then reached down and started stroking his hard cock. At it's hardest, Dutch was maybe 5" long, and no more then an inch and a half or so in diameter. He stroked it fully and slowly, as he watched. Spike had built up some speed now, and was plunging in and out of Kit at a more furious pace. Kit was moaning louder now, and had dropped her head down into the couch cushion. Her ass stuck way up in the air as Spike pounded into her. He had begun to sweat a bit, and it ran down his face, and dripped onto her smooth ass and back. Spike's eyes were held tightly shut, and he had a grimace of pleasured agony on his face. Dutch stroked his cock faster to the rhythm of their fucking. He felt his orgasm building fast. Just then he saw Spike stop, and pull his juice covered cock out of Kit. Kit pulled her head up, as Spike moved into the center of the room, grabbed a cushion from the couch, and dropped down onto the floor. He lay there, placed the pillow under his head, and motioned for Kit to get over him. Kit smiled, her face flushed with pleasure, and stood shakily on her feet. She then moved over Spike, straddled his hips, and dropped down onto her knees. Lifting one leg, Kit grabbed Spike's slippery hard cock, held it up, and pushed the head into her sopping wet pussy. As the head slid in, she lowered her one leg, and slid him all into her. Her eyes closed tightly, then she adjusted her hips. Her ass rested on his thighs, and she held herself over him on her arms. Spike moved slightly, and Kit started to raise herself up and down slowly on his cock. Spike reached up and began to play with Kit's large hanging breasts, and their hard nipples. Kit just closed her eyes, and humped him. Up and down, then back and forth. Her slippery wet pussy sucked at his long hard cock, and she worked herself to another string of orgasms. It was too much for Dutch to take, and he felt himself go over the edge into orgasm. As he continued to watch, and stroke his cock, he sent stream after stream of thick white goo out and onto the cement patio. After he came, Dutch put his cock away, and redressed. Spike and Kit were still at it, but now Kit was sitting up and back, one breast in each hand, holding them from bouncing to much he guessed. Spike was just holding onto her thighs, and thrusting up into her. Kit came again just then, crying out loudly, and humping on Spike harder. Then she collapsed forward onto Spike. They kissed softly. They were talking, but Dutch couldn't hear what was being said. Then he saw Kit sit up, and gently slide Spike's still hard cock out of her dripping pussy. She stroked it, and started kissing his chest. Dutch watched in total amazement, as his wife kissed her was down Spike's body to his cock. A cock that was glistening with her our pussy juices. She kissed the tip, then took it into her mouth. Her tongue lashed all around the head, then she slowly slid inch after inch into her mouth and down her throat. Spike tensed, as Kit started bobbing up and down on his cock, sucking and slurping, and wringing the shaft with her hand as she sucked him. Spike started making low moaning sounds, then after a couple more minutes, tensed again, and let out a hoarse grunt. Kit stopped her head bobbing, and just sucked him, as he came. She swallowed it all, then licked him clean. Dutch stared in shocked disbelief. He had just watched his friend fuck his wife like he'd never seen anyone fucked before, and his wife not only loving it, but she also sucking down two loads of his friend's semen. He didn't know if he should be hurt, angry or proud.

Slowly Dutch slipped away, as Spike and Kit started gathering up their clothes, and getting dressed. He went to his car, and drove away. He figured he'd give it a half hour, then call home and say he was coming home. As he turned the corner, he noticed that his cock was hard as a rock again.


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