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The Shopping Trip

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It's a slow afternoon at the upscale clothing store where you work. You knew I was going to stop by this afternoon so you decided to wear something a little more provocative than you would normally wear, but still professional. You've got a nice sleek just above the knee black skirt on, a cute little colorful button up top on. You knew it would kill your feet but you went with the knee high boots and thigh highs. Underneath there is a very sexy red thong and matching red bra waiting to be discovered should something happen.

When I enter the store I see that you are in a sort of hidden corner of the store folding some things and putting them a way with your back to me. I take the opportunity to walk up behind you slowly and silently. While I'm doing it I look at the view, and I can already feel the need to have you growing in my mind . As I slide up behind you I wrap my arms around you as my head goes over your shoulder and I whisper in your ear “ Hi baby, did you miss me?”

You jump a little from being startled but it only forces you closer to me and now your whole body is pressing against me and I can feel the warmth of you and smell your light perfume. We sepperate and I look into your eyes and now you know why I'm here. The good thing is, you want the same thing. I ask you if there is someplace we can go and you wink and say you've got an idea. We walk around the store and we make like you are helping me shop for a few new outfits. I can tell you are making sure everybody sees that you are helping me and that I'm probably going to make a large purchase. This way there will be no surprises when you take me to the dressing room. With a handful of pants, shirts, and a sweater or two we head to the dressing room. Thankfully we have it all to ourselves and we set the clothes down in the furthest room and you join me inside.

Once inside I grab your wrists and press you against the wall with all my weight, pressing as much of myself against you as possible. I kiss you hard and our tounges are playing all sorts of games as we writhe against each other and out lust grows to the breaking point. Your hands are still pinned by me and my moth now starts to travel from your lips to your neck where I kiss and nibble gently on your neck listening to your moans as I know this drives you wild. I keep kissing and moving and find your ear lobe which I suck into my mouth and play with it with my tongue. I whisper in your ear, “ You want it?”

“Yes!” breathlessly you reply “I've been thinking about you all day, and once I saw you I knew I couldn't wait any longer.”

“Me too, just wait till you see what I wore for you” you say with a smile “Oh really? I think I should open my present now” as my hand finds it's way between us and works each button open and slowly reveals your soft skin that I know from previous experience is as soft as any fine silk I could ever find. Once your shirt is gone and I see that sexy red bra and your beautiful breasts I dive right down and begin kissing and sucking every inch of exposed flesh.

I can take no more, and my intention of taking my time and teasing you goes ight out the window. I grab the hem of your skirt and pull it up, exposing the second half of your present. I am still pressed against you but now my hands are working fast. My belt comes loose and my pants fall to the floor and I force you to your knees in front of me. You don't need any more encouragement and you take my whole cock into your mouth, your pace quickens as you go up and down on the shaft, your hand wrapped around below your lips and your other hand on my ass prodding me to thrust with my hips. I automatically find a rhythm with your lips and soon we are like well oiled machine. I can feel myself getting close to the point of no return so will all my will I pull you up from your knees and kiss you hard as I slide your delicate red lace panties to the side and rub your clit. I'm kissing and fingering you now and you grab my cock now all slick from your mouth and stroke faster and faster as my fingers slide in and out of you and your moans are getting louder. I can feel your pussy clenching tighter on my 2 fingers as they hit your g-spot with every stroke. I know you are close to cumming and I try to keep the pace as steady as I can but the grip you have on my cock is making it harder to concentrate. Then suddenly I feel you go a little weak in the knees and and you let go of my cock and grab my ass and pull me closer. Your breathing ragged and fast, I can tell by how wet my hand is that you just came.

I pull your panties past your hips and lift your legs up around my hips. Then slide you down on my now rock hard cock. I know I won't last too long after all the work you've already put in but I have to feel that pussy wrapped around my cock now. You hold on tight with your strong thighs and arms around my neck, and I drive into you deeply and hard. Each thrust brings us together and apart as I pull back. I quickly pull out and turn you around and press you against the wall and slide into you from behind, and my hand wraps around your front and I pinch your nipples and I fuck you harder now. You can tell by my breathing that it won't be long now. I pull your hair back and kiss your neck. I moan into your ear that I'm going to cum soon. I'm going to shoot my whole load inside your tight pussy. You can feel my rythym change and my thrusts become slower but deeper and harder. And with a gasp I cum. You tell me not to stop and I try to keep the pace as best I can as my legs are now starting to get weak, just as I can't imagine I can go any longer I feel your pussy clamp down on me and you cum again.

As I pull out of you we collapse on the floor. I kiss you passionately and start to put our clothes back on. You straighten out your skirt and your hair, I try to wipe the big ass grin off my face. As we get ready to leave the changing area your coworker comes back saying she was afraid something happened cause she heard noises and we were back here so long. I tell her that I'm clumsy and I fell over while trying on a pair of pants. We both exit quickly and walk to a far side of the store. I give you a kiss and say that I'll be back to shop here again soon.

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