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The Seminar

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The Seminar by Jan Drew

?Bye sweetheart, have a great time in San Francisco? I stopped, turned and blew Eric a kiss then turned back and headed to the ticket counter. Eric had just dropped me off at the United Airlines Terminal at John Wayne Airport for my flight to San Francisco where I would be attending a real estate seminar.

The ?Referral? seminar was being held at the Marriott Hotel just south of San Francisco airport and was due to start at 1:00. My flight up was scheduled to depart at 9:30 and get me to SFO by 11:00 which was plenty of time to take the short ride to the hotel.

After getting my boarding pass from the kiosk I worked my way through security and headed toward my departure gate. I still had an hour to go so I decided to stop off at the pub opposite gate 4 and have a Blood Mary while waiting.

Sitting a few tables away was a nice looking man, perhaps in his mid 40?s, who was also nursing a Bloody Mary. We made eye contact and smiled at each other and shared some comments about the drink we were both nursing. We bantered back and forth until it was time to head to the gate for boarding. I was surprised to see that he was on my flight and we chatted while standing in line waiting for our row to be called. We introduced ourselves and he told me he was going to San Francisco for a business meeting and would be there until Saturday.

When our row was called we made our way down the aisle and located our seats. He was seated two rows in front of me and on the opposite side of the plane. Shortly after takeoff the crew turned off the seat belt sign and he got up and made his way to my row and took the empty seat next to me. When the flight attendant came around he bought us each another Mary. Our conversation was mostly small talk, jobs, families, hobbies and the like. ?What takes you to San Francisco?? Jim asked about mid way through the flight.

I explained that I was in real estate and was on my way to attend a seminar at the Marriott just south of the Airport. Jim was very familiar with the hotel and had apparently stayed there a number of times over the years.

?Would you be open to having dinner with me there tonight? My meetings are over at 5 and I could drive out and meet you?? he asked glancing at the wedding ring on my finger. ?I see you are married but I sure would like to have dinner with you if you think that would be ok!?

Jim was really nice and I sort of liked his slow and easy manner so I agreed to meet him in the hotel lobby at 6:30. Besides, it was just dinner!

After deplaning at SFO and retrieving my luggage, I hailed a cab rather than wait for the hotel shuttle and arrived at the Marriott around 11:30. My husband Eric being a frequent traveler had several points with the hotel and as a result had arranged a nice suite for me on the concierge level along with early check in privileges. I unpacked and changed clothes for the afternoon session and then made my way to Allie?s American Grill for a quick lunch.

The afternoon session was very interesting and went overtime by several minutes. It was after five when the session was finally over. After chatting with some of my new found friends, I made my way to my room to get ready for my dinner date. Before getting in the shower I called Eric and told him about my day and the diner invitation.

?Sounds like you might have a little fun tonight!? he quipped suggestively. In our more than 12 years of marriage, Eric and I have participated in some lifestyle activists including 3-somes, 4-somes and moresomes so having sex with another partner was not a major issue between us. Even though we have had our share of sexual adventures I had only slept with another man once without Eric being present and that had been a few years earlier when I spent two glorious and sexy nights with a man I had met while traveling to Sacramento. That adventure had turned Eric on and had provided some food for great fantasies. Until Eric?s quip I hadn?t even thought about the dinner leading to sex.

After my call to Eric I jumped in the shower and began fantasizing about Jim. I caressed my breasts with my soapy hand and fantasized about him being in the shower with me running his wet soapy hands over my body. After several minutes of caressing my body and enjoying my fantasy, I climbed out of the shower and dried off with one of the luxurious towels. There was a full length mirror on the door and I stopped and check myself out. For a woman of 40+ years, I didn?t look to dam bad. My breasts are very firm and my body is trim and tight thanks to my constant aerobic exercising. I had already decided to dress on the sexy side and after applying my makeup I selected a charcoal skirt and white silk blouse. I decided to forego nylons and panties but selected a sheer lace bra that would show my ample breasts to their best advantage. Standing in front of the mirror I gave myself one final inspection. Satisfied I picked up my purse and left the room.

Jim was in the lobby waiting for me. He is wearing tan slacks, a nice sport jacket, blue shirt and a yellow and blue tie. As I walk toward him I feel my nipples rub the soft lace of my bra and begin to harden. Jim suggested that we start with a drink in the view lounge on the top floor. We enjoyed a glass of wine and ordered some food from the bar menu and had our ?dinner? there. Ever so often I would catch Jim looking at my breasts or my legs and it made me feel very desirable. At 9 o?clock we were still picking at our food and sipping our third glass of wine. I can usually handle two glasses ok but after that I get a little tipsy. Being with Jim and enjoying his closeness, I also found myself getting turned on. A little after nine the entertainment consisting of piano music started and Jim asked me to dance.

On the dance floor he took me in his arms and held me close to him. My breasts were pressed against his chest and my head was restring on his shoulder. He was a really good dancer and we glided around the floor. We danced two consecutive dances and after a few minutes I could feel him beginning to get hard as he pressed his manhood against my pelvis. As the dance continued his hands moved over my back with one pressing the side of my breast and the other softly caressing my ass making me feel like a teenager on my first date.

Another drink and two more dances and I was ready to call it a night. ?I really need to go to bed!? I tell him as I start to stand up. Before I could get to my feet the drinks hit me and I became a little woozy. Jim immediately stood up and kept me from falling.

?I think I better help you to your room!? he said as he took my hand and guided me to the elevator. As soon as we were in the elevator he punched in the button for my floor then took me in his arms and kissed me. My room was on the fourth floor and when the elevator door opened, he took my hand and guided me to the room.

?Thanks for dinner and the great dances!? I murmur as I start searching my purse for the key to my room. Before I could get the key and open the door Jim wrapped his arms around me again and kissed me. One hand found my breast and squeezed them through my blouse. His other hand slid down and grasped my skirt and pulled it upward. Without realizing it, I spread my legs slightly and his fingers slid along my naked thigh to my tingling pussy.

?Oh wow!? he gasped when he discovered I wasn?t wearing panties. He pulled back and looked at me then kissed me again as he slowly inserted a finger inside.

?I think we better go inside!? he murmured around my tongue as it played tag with his. ?Sounds like you might have a little fun tonight!? Erick?s words echoed through my mind and I knew that he would encourage me to have sex with this man if he were there. I meekly fumbled for the key to my room and handed it to him. Once inside the room Jim took me in his arms and kissed me as he slowly guided me toward the bed. On the way he had unbuttoned my blouse and was working on the zipper on my skirt. I unbuttoned his shirt was attempting to undo his pants when we fell to the bed, our hands groping and probing. He unsnapped my bra and freed my breasts, playing with each protruding nipple before bending forward to take them in his mouth and runs his tongue in circules around the hard nipples.

"Oohh yessss!" I moaned as his tongue circled each nipple. I pushed his pants down and slid my hand inside his shorts and found his throbbing cock. My fingers curled around it and drew it out of his cloth prison.

His hand rubs my thighs and then caresses my pussy lips parting them. His finger slides inside and then slowly moves in and out as his thumb searches for my clit. My own hand is busy caressing his cock as I slide it up and down the length of his shaft. I want to take it in my mouth and suck it and shift my body so my head moves closer to it. I kiss the head lightly and move my mouth down the shaft kissing and licking the sides and my head moves up and down. My lips circle the bulbous head and his cock slowly inches inside. I take as much of him as I can in my mouth and continue moving my head back and forth sucking enthusiastically.

Jim grasped my hips and pulled me to him. His tongue licked its way up my thigh then finds the crack between my wet pussy lips. His arms spread my legs to give him easier access as his hot tongue finds my clit and teaks it. He sucked my clit in his mouth causing me to thrust my pussy forward.

?Ooohhh that feels so goooooodddd!" I murmur as he continues his assault on my swollen clit.

Jim moved over me and with his cock pointing straight down. I take his magnificent cock in my mouth and suck the head once again as my fingers play with his balls. Turning from out 69 position, Jim moved over my body and kissed his way upward, pausing to suck on my nipples before moving up to passionately kiss me.

"I want you to fuck me!? I urged, pulling him to me. I spread my legs wide as he lowered himself to me. I reached down between us and took his cock and guided it to my waiting pussy. Slowly he eased his huge cock inside me and began a slow pumping up and down filing me. Within seconds I experience my first climax. ?Fuck me, yes fuck me!? I moan as he continues to slide his cock in and out.

Jim paused, pulled out and turned me on my knees. Kneeling behind me, he slowly moved forward and slid his cock back inside. One hand reaches around and caresses my breasts while he caresses my clit with the other. I rarely come more than once when making love but tonight was to be different. I climaxed for the second time that night in a mind shattering orgasm. Jim?s hands move to my hips. He stops moving and uses his hands to pull and push my body over his cock. The feeling is exquisite as my own body movements force his cock in and out of me.

"I get......on top." I murmur as I move away and guide Jim to the bed. He lies on his back and I straddle him and guide his cock back into my hot pussy. Jim reached up and played with my breasts, pulling me down so he was able to lick and suck them as I continued to pump back and forth. Jim began to tremble and I knew he was ready to come. I pumped back and forth faster and faster until I felt his cock throb and his juices shoot forth. With the first spurt, I pressed my body over him as far as possible and held myself there feeling his cock throb as his ejaculation spraying my insides. My own climax surged through my body and we clung together as the trembling of our bodies slowly began to subside.

After our trembling subsided I slowly caressed his body and kissed him from his head, down his chest, stopping to kiss and suck his nipples before working my way to his now placid cock. I gently began to stroke it feeling the wetness from our juices. Slowly I lowered my head and licked the glistening head with my tongue tasting the remnants of our love making. Slowly his cock began to respond as I curled my lips around him and took him as deep as possible. After several minutes he was rock solid and I could tell he was getting close to cumming. His moans became increasingly louder and he cupped my head in his hands and started to fuck my mouton in earnest. ?Cum in my mouth!? I moaned, the words sending him over the edge. His cock stiffened and I felt the first spurt of his juices hit the back of my throat. Spurt after spurt of emptied into my mouth and I eagerly swallow as much as I could as I continued to stroke and suck his cock milking every drop from his balls. .

He then pulled me up to him and we kissed, sharing the lingering taste of his cum. We curled our bodies together and went to sleep. Somewhere in the darkness I kept hearing the ringing of a telephone. Finally opening my eyes and realized it was the phone in my room. Picking it up I heard ?Good Morning, its 6:00 and this is you wake up call!?

Jim was gone but on my dresser was his card with a note. Dinner tonight? Call me!

I did, and we did!

And when I got home on Saturday, Eric and I did!

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