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The Seduction……

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She struck a seductive pose at the foot of the steps while she waited for him. Her long shapely legs revealed in between the slits of her black velvet skirt. Her hands between her legs, touching the softness of her skirt, waiting, anticipating his return.

He strolled toward the house smiling, it had been a wonderful evening and he knew it was only about to get better. What he didn?t know is what she had in mind. She is predictably and delightfully unpredictable.

He opened the door, she's waiting for him. She?s perfectly posed, so relaxed and confident in her beauty and sensuality. She takes his breath away as she stands, the softness of her skirt falling back down around her. She turns and smiles at him, her eyes say it all, they say?follow me to paradise.

As he follows her, he catches a glimpse of her calf, muscular and shapely and oh so feminine. His eyes travel and take in the shape of her legs and ass encased in the soft black fabric. Entranced by her beauty, it was all he could do to just follow.

They reached the bedroom, both moving slowly and in anticipation, not wanting to rush the moment. She laid down on the bed and looked up at him with her bedroom eyes, her feet playfully in the air, sparkly sandals dangling off of her toes. Slowly she turned on her back and began to reveal her body.

He stood mesmerized as she rolled back and bent her knees, her skirt sliding down her thighs, fully revealing her legs, her breasts beautifully outlined but still hidden beneath a camisole. She?s such a tease. As she rises to remove the cami, finally revealing her breasts to him. Every time he sees them, it?s as though it is the very first time, he is always taken in by the beauty of her. Taken in by the perfection of her nipples and how well her breasts fit her body, he simply watched, getting more aroused with every move she made.

Smiling, she watches the enjoyment on his face and lies back down on the bed. Slowly her hips rise as she begins to remove her skirt. Her long slender fingers slide the skirt down first revealing the firm roundness of her cheeks, inch by inch she reveals every bit of her gorgeous legs. She playfully dr*pes the skirt on her foot, her leg extended, her hand resting on her delicately on her left thigh. With a mischievous look she flips the skirt off of her foot and onto the floor in one smooth motion.

As he watches, she rolls onto her stomach and crosses her legs at the ankles, giving him a perfect view, her ass framed perfectly between the curves of her calves. After allowing him a nice long look, she positions herself on her back once again and begins to remove the bright pink thong, the last piece of clothing left before her beauty is revealed entirely to him. He notices that her panties are already damp with excitement and desire, which makes him even harder, his desire for her increasing with each moment, with each seductive movement of her body.

She performs a fascinating strip tease, with just one article of clothing to remove and a very small one at that, it?s amazing how sensual she makes removing her panties. First she rolls the panties down over her thighs and around her ankles, then displays them while lying on her stomach, panties around her ankles in a sexy and teasing pose. The strip tease is over as she slips the panties off, the position she is in provides an inviting view of her luscious pussy and beautiful bare ass. Shoes drop to the floor, she?s ready for more.

Her legs are spread, her fingers finding their way to her pussy. He moves to the bed, and positions himself between her thighs, wanting to watch her finger play up close. He loves to watch her, always learning something new, the slightest nuances in how she touches herself and how she responds, always wanting to find ways to provide her more pleasure. Her middle finger is slightly curled, just beginning to touch her clit, a sigh of pleasure escapes her lips as she feels the heat and wetness between the folds of her pussy lips.

Smiling, he puts her toy in her unoccupied hand, wanting her to feel the length and thickness it would provide her, knowing how much she enjoys it. Without a second thought, she begins to slide it in, first teasing her pussy with the toy, her finger stimulating her clit at the same time. He can see her getting wetter and wetter, as the toy goes deeper and deeper. A groan of pleasure as she takes the final inch inside her, he continues to watch as she begins to writhe and moan as she moves the dildo within her, the other hand occupied with stimulating her clit. It never ceases to amaze him that she can take it all inside her with such ease. His hand touches his rock hard cock, he can?t take his eyes of her. Her arousal reaches its peek as she climaxes, her body quivering as she relaxes back onto the bed.

Slowly she pulls it out, as she pulls it out he puts his fingers on her pussy, catching the wetness of her cum on his fingers. He then inserts his finger inside her, enjoying the feeling of her hot, wet pussy. He puts his fingers in her mouth so she can taste the sweetness of her cum and he then uses his mouth and tongue to lick and taste her juicy climax.

She looks at him, knows what he wants and what she wants, which is to feel his dick in her mouth and to taste his cum as he has tasted hers. They change positions, she is now between his legs, reaching to touch his hardness. She takes his dick in her hand, and puts her mouth on him, first covering his head with her lips and then teasing around his ridge with her tongue. She tastes his precum taking pleasure in the taste and feel of him, she takes her time licking and touching and sucking, knowing he is enjoying the pleasure of having her mouth on him.

She rolls onto her back and opens her mouth wide to receive him. He is nearly ready to explode as he begins to enter her mouth. He lowers himself onto her, she takes him in her mouth and puts her hands on his ass as he begins to thrust into the wetness. His excitement mounts with each stroke, until he can?t hold back any longer. He shoots a load of hot cum into her mouth, filling her with his release. He pulls out and looks down at her, she gazes up at him, opens her mouth to show him what he has given her, and then closes her eyes and swallows. The look on her face reflects her satisfaction and happiness as she savors the taste of him.

Satisfied and now sleepy, they curl up together and drift off to sleep.

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