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The River

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It?s a beautiful day, warm but not too hot, sunny, just the perfect day to be outside. We decide to go hiking and pack our backpacks with supplies for a day out in the mountains. A selection of fruit, cheese, crackers, our favorite wine, a big old quilt and a couple of towels.

We put the top down on the jeep and head out of town, winding our way up in these beautiful mountains we call home. The greens, purples, yellows, blues...the colors are amazing. No matter how long we've lived here, its always like seeing it for the first time. We head for our favorite spot, park the jeep, put our backpacks on and walk out into the forest. It?s so breathtaking here. The lush green vegetation, the canopies of trees making it just cool enough to be enjoyed. We hike for about 2 hours and decide to break for lunch beside this wonderful natural lake.

We set down the quilt and I lay out our lunch as you take the wine down and put it into the cool running water. After a leisurely lunch of feeding each other and sharing the perfectly chilled wine, we curl up together for a nap. I don't know how much time has passed when I wake up, and stretch languidly. I turn my head and watch you sleeping. The sun glinting off of the lake draws my attention. I take off my hiking boots and socks and cross over to the edge of the lake and dip in a toe. It?s surprisingly warm. I look back, see you're still sleeping, and decide to do some skinny-dipping. I slowly remove my clothes and wade into the wonderfully clear, warm water.

After wading in a few feet I sink into the water and swim out towards the middle of the lake. I paddle around feeling the delicious warm water sliding over my breasts and swishing between my legs.

All of a sudden I feel large hands grip my waist and turn me around into strong arms. I gasp in shock. "You?re awake!" You smile and pull me closer, eliminating the distance between us. You gently press my breasts to you, I lift my legs and wrap them around your hips, locking my ankles behind your back. Your body is warm and supple and slippery under my hands and I can?t halt the movements of my palms as I stroke them over your biceps and across the slick muscles of your chest.

Then you?re kissing me with bold strokes of your hot tongue, telling me with your mouth what you want to do to my body. You run your big hands up and down my slick, silky body, rubbing repeated circles over my nipples until they're hard points in your palms, then you lift me out of the water with one arm under my bottom until my nipples surface the water. Bending your head, you cover a beaded nipple with your mouth and I cry out as you suck strongly, sending wave after wave of heated arousal to center between my legs. I tighten my legs, clasping them on either side of your strong hips. The cool water is an erotic stimulant as it flows over and around my most sensitive flesh.

I can feel your fully engorged cock pressed between us, pulsing... pulsing. Lifting my hips slightly I try to draw you into my hot wetness. You grab my hips and slid your rock-hard cock deep into my waiting warmth. Beneath the rippling water I can see the snug fit of our joined bodies, my legs linked at the small of your back holding me flush against you. As I watch I feel you begin to withdraw. The slow slide of your cock withdrawing out of my clenching pussy sends shivers through my body. With both of us watching, you back out in slow torturous increments until just the tip is still inside. Then looking deep into each others eyes. you reverse the process, filling me inch by rigid inch. You repeat the maneuver over and over again, using the opportunity to rub my nipples back and forth against the hardness of your chest. Urging me on with graphic words amd hot, deep kisses until I?m lost in the magic of your body and deep voice. "Please... please..." my voice cries out in husky need.

"Please what?" you ask as your big hands, clenching my butt checks and squeezing them, you pull me roughly against you. Beginning a driving motion that stimulates my sensitive clit with your jarring, pounding rhythm. The water is boiling and it heaves around us and only the grip you have on my ass keeps me in position to receive your thrusts. I throw my head back, my wet hair cascading down my back and look up through the canopy of trees. Your thrusting hips increase in tempo. Our climax is swiftly approaching.

Feeling my climax gathering between my legs, I clench my ankles tightly at the back of your waist. My body convulses around your hard cock and as I arch in the throes of my climax, and I can feel you climaxing with me.

I drop my head onto your shoulder, pressing open-mouthed kisses to the firm silky flesh before relaxing against you. How long we stand in the buoyant water I don?t know. I slowly let my legs drift into the water, your hands still clenching my ass. We share gentle kisses in the aftermath. We gather our breath and play in the water for a while. We swim back to shore and, hand in hand, we walk back to collapse on the blanket and, curling into each other, we nap again.

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