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The Resturant

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He finally asked her. This evening he sent her an email and asked if she wanted to meet him for dinner. Of course she was excited and he mentioned a resturant she had never been to? La Bistro which was nesteled between tall pine trees in a somber and subdued back woods part of the region. ?La Bistro? sounds like Italian or French cuisine, and since she really wanted to impress him, she wanted to dress the part. Getting ready for this even was going to be her first major priority!

What to wear?? A short ?french maid?s? dress would be way over the top? exciting to say the least, but over the top. Too much color, typical Italian, would be too much as well. Ok, so she had to start with thigh stockings and a garter? a frilly lace garter would be so sexy if things even went that far. If things didn?t go that far, that lace garter would still help her feel sexy! Panties? No! But a skirt? Yes! Not to short and not to long. So she picked out a black skirt that hit her right above the knee. Perfect! (Black ALWAYS works!) As she was looking through her closet, she found a bright yellow blouse with black accents that had mid length fluffy sleeves with eyelet lace around the arms. What was expecially exciting was the low cut scoop neck. Not only would her cleavage show but quite a bit of breast as well. Yum! She could only imagine what dessert was going to taste like! She picked up her clutch and keys and headed to her car.

According to her GPS, the drive to La Bistro would take about 25 minutes and since she wasn?t supposed to meet him for another hour, she knew she would be early. Maybe she would have a drink or two while waiting? She flipped on the radio and sang to herself as she followed the winding roads through the woods to her destination.

Once there, she pulled into the parking lot and found a nice secluded place to park close to a cluster of shade trees. Behind the shade trees that seemed to be out of place and purposely planted were thick tall pines. She looked around and there were only about 6 or 7 vehicles in the smaller than normal parking lot. She felt a bit embarrassed to go into this place alone so she decided to sit in her car a while. The radio was still playing her favorite 80?s love ballads so she thought she would just listen to the music for a while. But after one of her favorite songs played, she was thinking about sex and really horny. She lifted her skirt and found her clit with her finger and began to massage and stimulate. It felt good. She continued to masturbate and reached under her blouse and tweaked her nipple with one hand as she tickled her clit with the other hand. There? that? oh yea? her body was spasming with orgasm and she sat there feeling freedom.

When she looked at her watch she realized she was going to be late meeting him. She quickly composed herself, grabbed her clutch and headed for the resturant. Once in the front door she realized this was a very different kind of establishment! It was very dark, lighting was candles only. She told the hostess she was meeting someone and the hostess took her right to their table.

The resturant was composed of tall cubicles housing wrap around bench tables and each cubicle had curtains dangling and tied off. The table seemed to be restored wood and the benches were soft and covered in eclectic vinyl. He was there and invited her to sit next to him. She did willingly!

?Wow! This place is exquisit!? she murmored. He laughed and told her that it was a ?special? place he visited rarely but only with the right person. They looked at the menu and right away she wanted something with speghetti? long stringy noodles.

?How are you?? he asked, as he poured a glass of wine.

She was fine but wanted more. She told him she was good but she got closer to him just the same. She wanted to feel him. So she pushed herself closer to him. When the waiter arrived he asked if they wanted an easy red wine or a coctail.

He responded, ?We will have something white? a bottle of chardonnay.? He never left out the ?thank you?.

As they cuddled, she asked him about the booth and the curtains. He told her they could let down the curtains at any point and the waiters would not bother them and they could do what they wanted. Wow. She couldn?t wait to be served the meal. This was going to be a real experience!

After the bread and olive oil was served they received their dishes. She had ordered eggplant parmesan and he ordered veal parmesan and both dishes were served with speghetti and maranara sauce. She began to cut into her eggplant and after tasting was exquisit! It melted in her mouth. But after he bit into his veal, he turned to her her and asked if he could bite into her. At first she wasn?t sure how to reply and then she just turned her head towards him and kissed him. He still had the taste of veal in his mouth and it was very sexy to her. Their kiss lingered until the waiter asked if they wanted to be served more wine.

?Just leave the bottle on the table!?, he replied. It was time to close the curtains. He moved to the other side of the table and cut the lines, so-to-speak, so the curtains fell loftly. They were now truly alone and no one would bother them.

He returned to her side and softly kissed her cheek. He told her he wanted to make this the best evening of her life. She was giggly and excited. She picked up a speghetti noodle and after putting one end into her mouth she put the other end in his mouth and as they sucked the noodle their mouth?s eventually touched and they kissed again.

After both taking a sip of their wine, she turned to him and asked him if he wanted more. He spoke no words, just reached over to her and pulled her to him. He kissed her with a ferver that stimulated every inch of her body. She wasn?t thinking about food at all now. She loved speghetti but she loved the sexual excitement she was feeling even more. He reached up and began fondling her hair. He pulled her mouth down onto his for a much deeper kiss. She responded by sliding her hands behind his back and pulling him closer. He put his hand on her thigh and slid her skirt up to her waist. He wanted to see if she was ready for him and he slid one finger into her vagina. She was very wet and he knew. He unbuttoned his pants and pushed them down. His penis was already at attention. They were still kissing when he pulled her onto his lap and as she settled herself onto him his penis slid gleefully into her. He could hear her moans in the back ground but they were soft and quiet. Perfect. He didn?t want such a big scene. She was going to be a quiet one. Perfect. As he was kissing her, he trailed down her neck and to her breasts. They were so exposed with the yellow blouse he had no problem removing them from her bra and he circled that breast with his tongue before nibbling on her nipple. She was still quietly moaning as she girated her groin to have him inside her. She was extatic and horny as hell?. Wanting every inch of him?. As he continued to give her the pleasure she wanted and what he needed. Speghetti in the background, they had found an amazing and satisfying place to share their desire.

He suckled her nipples and pumped his penis deep into her by holding her hips and pushing her down onto him. She was obviously heavily into him. She reached for his neck with her mouth but even higher... she went for his ears. She sucked on his earlobes and then down his neck again. She was getting close to orgasm. He could tell with her soft moans. He reached behind her and slid his forefinger slightly into her anus. He was penetrating both of her eroginous spots. He felt her vibrations as she began to orgasm. He kept going, pumping into her cervix for maximal stimulation. When her girating stopped, he let himself go and filled her with his juices. He knew what women liked so her held her for a few moments afterwards.

She looked up at him and told him she was VERY satisfied. He was excited by that because he knew he had other things in store for the evening. They ate a few more bites but she seemed eager for the rest of the evening. He asked her if she would like to come home with him. He gave her the choice to follow him home or she could ride with him and he would bring her back for her car the next morning. She decided she would rather ride with him... more time alone with him. That answer was just what he was hoping for.

He opened the curtains and asked the waiter for the bill. After leaving a generous tip, they walked for the door. The hostess asked them if they had a pleasurable evening and she smiled as she said the experience was rememorable. She really didn't know how rememorable it would be... at least for him.

They walked outside into the cool night air toward his truck... double cab and long bed. She glanced at the long bed and really hoped he had a nice long bed at home as well.

She jumped in his truck and rode home with him. They got to his home and she folllowed him into his home. He took her to the bedroom and cuddled her before he picked up the knife and stabed her in the heart.

More to come...

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