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The RIver WIld

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“Well, that just about does it” I complained as the tour guide tried to explain the company’s problem with our craft.

My four friends had talked me into taking a white water rafting trip, even though I had refused their offers the first thirty or so times they tried to entice me to the rapids. “It’ll be fun” said one. “Riding them rapids is like nothing that you’ve ever done” chimed in a second ‘friend’. “A rush” added another.

So I had finally relented and decided to raft when the weatherman called for a real scorcher of a weekend. I figured that on this sizzling summer day, a cool ride in a raft would be a good way to be initiated into the white water rafting craze that seems to have hit the country.

But now that we had arrived for our trip, the company we had booked our river ride with had “run out of five man rafts” - their new shipment had been delayed and the state regulators wouldn’t let them use the old, worn rafts that they were now retiring. So we had a choice - use a four man raft (leaving one of us ‘high and dry’) or we could get a refund (after a four hour drive, that didn’t seem to be an option).

“I can try to fit you into another raft” apologized the sweet looking twenty something tour stewardess. “Many people make friends on our trips”.

“Just great!”, I thought. My buds will want to stay together, so they will try to bump me into a boat with some strangers, probably some weird Beaver Cleaver type family or a trio of burned out teens, or, worse yet, a couple of daring computer geeks trying to prove their manhood (they would probably kill all of us in the boat before our two day trip was up).

And I was right - my ‘friends’ formed a bloc against me, testifying on how being with someone who was more suited to ‘my level of paddling’ would be more enjoyable for all people concerned...... HA! Let them ride the wave with a trio of nerd boys!!!!!!!

But I could tell that I was fighting a losing battle. My friends were not going to go back to North Carolina without a whitewater adventure under their belt. I pondered going to the local seven - eleven store to purchase the latest Playboy and Penthouse (hell, I might even really get wild and buy a Hustler magazine) and book a room at one of the local wormholes that they called hotels. Worse case scenario was that I would just stay horny until I could get home to my wife - best case was I would get all hot and bothered and jerk off four or five times while checking out the magazines!!!!

But I didn’t want my friends to know my plan - “Sure, I will stick around here and see if I can hook up with another group” I said as I smiled to my group, thinking all the time that I would wait until they left, then enact my magazine and hotel plan. So my friends went merrily off, getting their gear and preparing for their safety class. I sighed heavily as I turned and moved to the corner of the office, finding a seat in an old chair that looked as abandoned as I felt. In thirty minutes, my fellow rafters had moved to the next building and I moved to the exit of the office, beginning to think about what Playboy was going to list Miss July’s favorite hobbies as....... ha

“What the hell kind of operation are you running here anyway” came a high pitched female voice as I reached for the handle of the door. “Teasing me along with promises until I get here, driving 5 hours from North Carolina, then kicking me out of my raft ride!”

She was visibly distraught about something, and I had a pretty damn good idea what it was.... no rafts again!! She was dressed in a pair of leotards and a windbreaker, but you could still make out her ample bosom and nice ass curves. And the anger in her voice was not an act like my scene with my buds. She was really angry about not rafting, and the anger flushing her face and bulging her eyes made her look almost mad. But she was pretty, no doubt about that. I figured that I would put on a good show and join in her chorus of displeasure. The least I could get out of it would be a short chat, commiserating with a pretty girl. This flirting would help brighten my mood anyway.

Well, her story was similar to mine - some of her girlfriends from the office had talked her into a “girl's night away” on the river. She was an accomplished rafter, having gone down the river many times before. Oh, and she was married. The last item sort of deflated me, as I had started to think that I might actually get to know Lisa a bit better (and since I had taken my wedding band off for this trip - so I wouldn’t lose it - I felt that I might be able to pull a fast one). Oh well, I figured it was time to cut and run and get down to some serious Penthouse Forum reading....

“Hawkins!!!” the tour girl hollered out as this thought passed before me. “We got a crew together for you!!”

“That’s me” my fine new friend said. She rushed back to the counter and started speaking with the attendant. I was just leaving the office when Mrs. Lisa Hawkins grabbed my arm and said chirpily “we’re mates”

“W-w-w-what?” I stammered.

“Mates” she said “You know, rafting partners. A married couple lost their reservations and got bumped from their trip. The only opening was in 4 man rafts, so they placed them with us to fill out a crew. Isn’t that great!!!”

“Yeah, great” I said, as thoughts of drowning in front of this pretty woman ran through my mind. “Just great”

Well, it turns out that we were being paired with a young married couple from Virginia who were whitewater rafting on their fifth anniversary. They had met while working at the beach, so they loved watersports of all kinds. So I was stuck with three able rafters in my crew. I never opened my mouth to mention my lack of talent, they would see that soon enough!!

We were quickly fitted in our rafting gear, and to my surprise, Lisa came out of the leotards and windbreaker, revealing her rafting outfit - a modest bikini bottom and what looked like a sports bra. Only then did I see that she was a truly voluptuous lady, with breasts that were probably 38 or 40 inches, D cup at least, a set of hips that was truly shaped like a heart, and enough curves in between to let you know she was an avid outdoors person (biking, whitewater, jogging, or something). Her dark hair was cut fairly short, showing off her fine cheekbones and warm smile and eyes. I was immediately infatuated with her.

We spent the day going down the river, and I must say that the skill of the other three boaters more than compensated for my ineptitude. I watched Lisa ever chance that I got, as she was in front of me (the stronger men were in the back of the raft for propulsion purposes) the whole day. I think she caught me staring a time or two, but she only gave me a sweet smile when that happened. I could almost swear that I caught a glimpse of her bikini tan lines around her crotch and hips, but I could not be positive of this. All I do know is that it was hard work, and there was little time to chat from the time we put in at 2:00 in the afternoon until we finished the ride at 6:00. The other couple didn’t talk much either, mostly grunts, nods, and waving replacing language in this case. The view of her ass and bouncing breasts made it a day with several breathtaking views.

When we got out of the raft, unpacked our gear, prepared and ate supper, then pitched the three tents, I was totally bushed. I could not have gone another 100 yards if a bear was on my ass!! Everyone else seemed tired, too, but I woke up to hear something different. The couple in the tent next to me were going at it pretty hot and heavy, obviously recreating all the passion from their days on the water. I would have not thought that she was a screamer, she seemed so petite and quiet in the raft, sort of like that quiet wallflower from science class that knew all the answers but was afraid to speak up. But she was doing her best Lassie imitation out there in the great out of doors. I wondered what Lisa thought about it.

“I know you are married” came Lisa’s soft voice as this thought passed through my mind. “Your missing wedding band still left a tan line on your finger. But I noticed you looking at my ass all day, so I figured that you must have liked what you saw. I liked looking at your body, too, and noticed your nice, broad chest and trim waist. All this visual pleasure, with the sounds from the next tent, the water running down the river, the smell of the forest...... it’s got me really horny, and I want to screw someone right now, before the moment passes.”

I was taken aback by this turn of events. I had already screwed this lady a hundred times in my mind that day, and now SHE was asking ME to help her do just that. I was completely unprepared for this turn of events, but inwardly jumped for joy and immediately started feeling a rise in my crotch.

“I-I-I-I” stammering, my brain tried to catch up with my already growing cock. Before I could form a real statement, she was on me like hair on a bear’s ass, kissing my face, licking my ears, nibbling my neck. I quickly responded, nuzzling the nape of her neck, pulling her close to me, feeling her large breasts press against my chest. As my hands found their way down her back, rubbing her shoulders and moving down to caress the small of her back. She let out a small moan as my hand continued its movement down to her nicely shaped ass, grabbing it quickly then releasing it.

We fell back onto my sleeping bag. “Was this really happening to me?” I asked, still dizzy with lustful feelings for Lisa. But all I could do was continue this act, wanting to continue this sexual fantasy with her more than anything else in the world. No thoughts of my four friends were in my mind now, only a powerful need for lust that this lady could fulfill. She was in flannel PJs (how sexy) and I could feel that her cunt was already damp, probably from the noises being made next door to us. That smell of a clean pussy added to my desire for her. I ripped the top from her body, and was amazed at how round and firm her titties were without the bra supporting them. Like two globes they sprang from her chest, each one topped with a hard nipple jutting out like a candle wick. Her large aereolas also pleased me for some strange reason.

“Slow down, Tiger” she moaned, and I immediately froze. Is she getting cold feet, not wanting to continue? “I want to help you, too” she purred this time. She dove to my nipples, licking each one with light, tickling tongue lashes. The sensations went right to my very soul, and my still growing member leaped to full attention. “Oh God” I moaned as her lips moved down my chest and stomach, circling my navel and going lower until the waistband of my boxers intervened.

“Ahem” she stammered. “I thought a tough guy like you would sleep in the nude!!” Before I could protest or explain, she had the waistband in her teeth, pulling it down over my now fully hardened tool. She brushed it ever so slightly with her chin as she did this, making it jump once again from the sensation. With my boxers now below my cock, she sat up and started talking about my body.

“What nice muscle tone you have in your chest” she offered. I had not thought too much about my body, but I guess that was true. I worked out three or four times a week and regularly ran with the guys at work. It was more from fear of heart conditions (my family had a history of heart conditions) than a desire to be a “stud”, but I now guessed the results would show on my body. “You must train really, really hard” she spouted. If she was trying to make me feel good, it was working. My head was swelling almost as much as my dick!!

“I have a 46 inch chest and 32 inch waist” I stated, embellishing the truth a little, but feeling that she wouldn’t care. “I bet you can probably hold me down so hard that I couldn’t get awa.......” her voice trailed off as I took the clue and, turning her on her back, forced her to the ground. She gasped when I performed this sudden move, but quickly reacted and tried to push me off of her with her arms. Of course, her upper body strength was no match for mine, and I quickly pinned her arms down to the ground.

“You’re hurting me!!!” she stated, being careful to say it soft enough so that it would not alert the couple next door. I loosened my grip, wary of a trick, and I was not surprised. She tried to wriggle free as soon as my grip loosened on her arms, but I was ready for that. I raised her arms up over her head, crossing them over her head and holding them down with a single hand. I moved my other hand down her arm, tracing a trail with my fingertips. I stopped momentarily at her armpit, pretended to give her a little tickle, then moved my hand down to the waistband of her pajama (where she new it was going).

When my hand began to tug down the waistband of her PJs, she renewed her wriggling, softly whispering “no, no, no”. She raised her knee up in a playful effort to stop my progress, and I tried to push it down with my hand. But her leg was too strong for me to push down with my arm (I told you she had the body of a bicycle rider). She laughed quietly at my futile efforts to control her leg and pull down her bottoms, asking “Are you having any trouble, mister?”. A little frustrated, I began to think of other ways to complete this mission. I didn’t have to think long when a plan formulated in my mind.

The ropes from the rafts were lying just outside the tent doorway, giving me the idea for restraining this hot little number. I reached out of the tent and brought a 5 foot length of the rope into the tent with us. “What’s that for?” Lisa asked in a surprised voice. I said nothing, but quickly made a loop with my free hand and dropped it over her wrists. “Hmmm, I didn’t know you were into kink” she spoke through a wry smile. “I would have worn my leather!”

“Maybe next time” I quickly responded. “Right now, I am going to take care of this little problem.” I secured her wrists to the front tent pole, using a loose knot that would have been easily removed by her. She allowed this, freeing me to move down her body once again - this time using my tongue to trace down her torso, spending generous time at her nice breasts. Every once in a while I would take a little bite just to make her jump. She stopped talking and was slowly moaning more and more, gasping “stop” every once in a while, as if she was trying to continue the charade of a helpless damsel, but we both new better than that. She was just getting hotter and hotter as I played along this fantasy that we shared.

With both my hands free, I forced her legs down and began wrestling her pajama bottoms over her hips. The smell of her pussy and the dampness of her bottoms ensured me that she was really getting off on this experience. When the pants finally cleared her hips, exposing her pubic area, I momentarily stopped.

“Surprise” she squealed in response to my lapse in action. “bet you didn’t think about that, did you?” And I had not. Her pussy was shaved as bare as a baby’s ass. Her juices glistened on the swollen, outside lips of her vulva. “No, I had not thought about that, but I like it”. A bit of her fight seemed to have left and I easily removed the remaining garments from her now totally nude body.

“Well, what have we got here?” I feinted surprise. “A naked, helpless woman in my tent”. I continued speaking. “Looks like your little kitty needs some attention”. I spoke these words as I lowered my mouth down to within three inches of her shaved jewel. I breathed lightly onto the outer lips, then slowly pulled them aside with my fingers. Her bright pinkness was almost glowing in the moonlight, giving away just how hot this foreplay had made her. A quick breath directly on her clitoris was followed by a light lick with my tongue. The smell and taste of her dripping wet pussy was really getting me turned on.

“Time to just plunge in” I whispered as I really began some serious cunnilingus. I forced my tongue up into her vagina, slid it around the sides really good, all the while rubbing her love button with my finger. She was moaning and crying by this time, asking me to stop, please stop, but I knew that wasn’t what she really wanted.

When her hips began bucking furiously and I could almost feel the climax racing to her pussy, I stopped. “What are you doing” she cried, surely loud enough for the other couple to hear. “Don’t worry, honey, we’ve just got going good. There will be time for orgasms later.” Her reply was not very lady-like, using language that would make a sailor blush, and it reflected the frustration of being led to the brink then pulled back.

“That was some ugly talk” I replied. “Seems you need some discipline!”. With that, I pulled her legs up, exposing that nicely shaped rear end, and quickly delivered four or five blows to either cheek. “Ow, what are you doing” she complained. But I said nothing, just began rubbing the spots where I had spanked her moments before. I could imagine the small, red welts now forming on her bottom from the spank. I could almost feel the pre-cum slip from my cock. “Why did you do that?” she pouted.

“Because you deserved it” came my reply. “And you’ve been talking too much”. With that comment, I pulled down my boxer shorts and exposed my fully erect, seven inch cock to her for the first time. “This will quiet you down”. I straddled her face and directed my hard on into her waiting mouth. “Mmmmmmm Ooooooh” My pleasure could not be contained as she began a five minute blow job that was as good as any that I had ever received. Her tongue seemed to lick every inch of my hot cock while it was still inside her mouth.

Feeling a little sorry for her, I turned around and began snacking once again on her love box, leaving my tool between her lips. Sixty-nine heaven!! Our moaning and groaning was muffled by the sex organs in our mouths, but I’m sure that we were plenty loud enough to be heard again. I was quickly approaching orgasm, and debated whether I should pull out when Lisa’s moaning became a muted scream. She was coming, and that triggered my own response.

I did not think about her desire to swallow come, but that question was no longer an issue. I felt the warmth rolling from my groin out into my sex organ, then heard Lisa’s grunts, signaling that my semen had made its way to her mouth. She was still bucking from her own orgasm, so I continued lapping at her clitoris and placing a finger deep into her cunt, not wanting her to miss out on the strong finish of her own climax. Quiet gurgles emanated from her as she worked to contain the flood of cum I was delivering to her as her orgasm (and mine) finished their run. I rolled off of her and admired that she had not let a drop of my cum fall from her mouth.

“Ya trying to drown me?” she quizzed light heartedly. It was obvious that she had enjoyed the taste of my come as much as I liked the taste of her sex. We were now covered in sweat from the exertion, and if this was a typical love making session with my wife, it would be time to roll over and go to sleep. But not tonight, not with this sexy lady.

“I’ve got to pee” Lisa spoke after a moment. I was not going to let this opportunity pass. I knew that she could get out of her bindings if she really needed to, so I sensed that she wanted more teasing. “No” I stated firmly “You aren’t going anywhere”. I started playing with her pussy again, using my fingers to trace the outside of her lips. “NO, please stop” she pleaded fruitlessly. “Behave or I’ll have to tie up your legs, too”. The thought put new life into my almost limp organ, and I found another piece of rope and secured her feet to the back tent pole. She was now stretched across my tent, naked and sweaty, but still shivering from sexual energy.

I then began an assault on the fruit of Lisa’s crotch, using every conceivable weapon in my sexual arsenal (except for my cock) to excite her. I nibbled on her inside thigh while fingering her wet snatch, I shoved my tongue and fingers up her slit, I lapped at her entire cunt with my tongue, I moved it side to side across her pussy as quickly as I could, and I ran my tongue in circular motion in her dripping snatch while circling her anus with a finger, eventually moving the finger an inch or two into that orifice. No lubrication was needed for this, her wetness had covered both of her cracks with enough slippery juices that there was no further slickening required.

All the while she bucked and moved and moaned and cried and cursed me. I don’t know how many times she actually came, but it must have been more than she was used to. She finally begged me to stop, claiming that she was tired, but I pressed on, continuing my tittilation until she actually started to pee. “I can’t help it” she cried as the small trickle became a more generous stream. But I knew that she really liked it because she could have freed her hands at any time that she wanted.

The spray of urine was quickly followed by another huge orgasm, with her body convulsing wickedly for a full three minutes before she dropped to the floor of the tent. “Oh my” she breathed. Now covered in sweat, I had one more act to perform. All of this activity had given me another raging hard on, and I knew what I wanted to do with it. I loosened her leg ropes, gave her pussy one last kiss, then plunged my cock into that tremendously slippery pussy. It was surprisingly tight, and I felt the grip envelope my tool as it entered into her vagina.

She gasped as I slid it in - maybe I had pushed it in too fast for her, but she didn’t complain. I commented on its tightness, and she thanked me, saying it was probably due to the PC muscle exercises her husband made her perform (I silently thanked him for that). I felt the warm, tickling sensations engulf my cock and balls as I heard the squishing and slapping of a hard cock in a slick pussy. It seems that we fucked for an eternity when I felt her hands on my back (I knew she could get them free if she wanted). She adroitly pushed her right hip up and over, throwing me onto the tent floor. She straddled me, still impaled on my dick, and began humping me. She grabbed my hands and placed them on her breasts, and I went from watching those mounds bounce to feeling them and there erect nipples. A moment later, she moved my hands around to her ass, which I fondled with delight (while still watching her breasts bounce).

“You like the feel of my ass?” she queried. When I answered to the affirmative, she quickly pulled her torso up high enough that my cock fell out of her cunt. “Ow” I said, as it was almost painful going from that tight box to free fall. Without a word, she held my cock and began to sit again..... with the cock pointed directly at her asshole. I had fantasized about this, but my wife was against it. Anal sex was about to become a reality for me.

“Slowly” she cautioned. “I haven’t done this much”. She sat down on my cock and it was pure heaven. I had not ever held my cock this tight in my hand jerking off!!! I was going to lay back and enjoy this next orgasm, but she had other ideas. She moved my hands to her cunt, which was still extremely wet from other activities, and told me to make her come again. I gently rolled her clit between my thumb and forefinger and she immediately responded, gasping and saying “yes, yes”.

I knew that I would not last long, so I asked her how close she was.... “Close, yes, close” she spoke, in a voice that was barely audible. “That big dick up my ass feels sooo good, and you are making my cunt - feel - delightful - ooooh” she spoke haltingly, clearly not in full control of her senses. My balls were warming, too, ready to send another batch of cum to my cock.

“Oh, oh, oh” she stammered. “Yes, yes, yes” I groaned. In a last fit of passion, both of our bodies jerked and bobbed - I tried desperately to maintain contact with her clit as this was going on, apparently doing a well enough job to bring her to a final climax. I felt that my ejaculation would blow Lisa right off of me, but it didn’t. My slippery juices fell down my shaft to my crotch, joining hers in small pools at the base of my cock.

“Awesome” she said. My sentiments exactly.............

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