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The Prince that found his true Princess

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Once upon a time there was a princess that was in a castle with her friend Idae. The princess name was Uaga. She felt so lonely and her friend was lonely too. One day she want to go find a person that would never play with her heart, soul, and feelings. Then she told her family that she going out to find some things in the forest for some herbs and some roots to make some kind of potions. Her family didn't know that she was a sourcer in her trade. She stood 5 foot inches and very beautiful princess. She want to be happy to find her true prince and she didn't know that about 10 to 15 miles away from her. He had a dragon name Haras. He was very protected over him and she would have to pass some kind of test to win his heart. The prince name was Dragan, and he had a cold heart and he knew that he would find his true princess.

One day Dragan, went on his quest to help his sword weaponry out. Then he was in the forest using is dragon sword that was very sharp and it would killed anything. His drinking from his moat and with any kind of danger in his sight. He was thinking that there would be danger and he would fly off if there was danger in the forest. Then in the forest he was listening to the noises, and he hear a scream and picked Dragan and grabbed his sword and they flew off into the sky to see what was going on. They swooped down to see what was going on. Dragan got off his dragon and he knew that in an eye sight he saw that drama was going on. He drew his sword out and started to cut through the rough things in his path.

Then he saw this princess in trouble and he knew that he would have to go through the brush of things and to get that ugly and badass person that was hurting this girl. She was wrapped up in the weeds and everytime he cut some of the weeds off they would grow back and squeeze tight on her. She threw something Dragan and told him to eat it cuz it would give him the strength that he need to defeated this bad and evil person that was trying to hurt her in the forest. It was some kind of strength potion and Dragan started to drink it. He was getting powerful every drink that was giving him that strength that was giving him the strength.

Now while his dragon was fighting the other dragon he was ready to killed him in one bite of his skull. The Dragan was beating the living day lights out of him. He was getting the evil mad person and he was weaking him. I know that he continues his strenght to him, and beating. The person that was going down was her former lover. He couldn't help by getting defeated and Dragan whipped out his sword and was ready to beheaded him. He told Dragan that he would leave them along. She was unwrapped from the weeds and she felt better. When she was free from the weeds she looked at him she was in love with him and his big weapons of swords.

It was just after midday and the sun was at its strongest, she could feel the heat on her body, Dragan hands rubbing the cool cream onto her body, making her tingle with excitement. Lying on her back his hands working along her long flat stomach,dipped into some savings and booked the 7 day holiday. Choosing the apartments, knowing that there wouldn't be any loud under 18's staying at the resort, and no maids to disturb any possible love making. His black hair had been shaved close to his head, showing off some of his scalp, his blue eyes staring back at him. He was a mechanic and lifting heavy parts had done good for his muscles. Looking down at her, Dragan couldn't believe how beautiful she looked, her long blonde hair sprayed over the lounger, her skin now sporting a golden glow, and her green eyes masked by her sun glasses. Regular horse riding had helped to keep her size 8 body slim, she was a beach goddess Later in their apartment they showered together, washing each other softly and teasing, she felt his cock rise into the small of her back, she rubbed her body against him, wrapping an arm around his neck as his hands slide over her breasts. Snaking his hand down to her shaven pussy, playing with her lips, making her rest her head back against his shoulders. Slipping a finger into her pussy, then another, U let out a moan. Her nipples felt sensitive against the running water, parting her legs slightly she felt him insert his cock into her. She cried out in pleasure, he only entered her a few times when she felt him cum. Disappointment stung her but she knew she would always have later.

They finished their shower, and got changed into their evening wear, they were heading to the resturant for dinner, leaving the apartment early they settled themselves in the bar while a table became available for them. Uaga couldn't help but notice the attention she was getting from a man sitting at the other end of the bar. Looking over she noticed a man in his booth. He seemed to be sitting with a brown spirit drink, possibily whiskey/scotch.

Then they back to his hugh castle that was armed outside and he controlled the castle and nobody would get into his castle unless he gave them promission to go into the castle. But the gaurds didn't know how that person got into the castle. The gaurd took him out and sliced his head off or we can put you in the jail and be a prisoneer that can help out in the jail.....


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