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The Pool Game

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My Pool Game By Drae

It started innocently enough. With a text message.

"Need to get a drink tonight. Interested.?" That is what I sent to Buster. This was two weeks after my visit to the "Shaggin Wagon," and my husband was still out of town. Work was hell, I was lonely, and Dan had been ragging on me for a week to at least go out with someone and have some human contact. "Digital Dan" on video chat was okay, but I longed for some human contact.

I was proud of myself for doing this, just a drink with a friend. Okay, a friend that I had slept with. After he accepted, I made sure he understood this was not a date for getting laid, just to blow off some steam. My favorite bar was closed, so we set up a meeting at a local hotel that had a cool bar, was very public and had a pool table. I had won a lot of drinks as a young girl in the bars around my hometown, all before I was ever close to 21. I still love to rack them up and knock 'em down!

I told Dan in a chat right after work that I had set up the date, and he was ecstatic and immediately gave the okay to do whatever I wanted. "There's not going to be any sex." I typed emphatically, but he still asked me to take the digital camera and some condoms. For "just in case." Dan is such a boy scout. I was planning on wearing a button-up sweater, jeans and flats...definitely not sex wear.

As I left for the hotel, I told myself that same thing, "no sex tonight" and drove off to make myself a liar.

For a Friday night, the bar was pretty dead and the music was marginal, but Buster was already there and we sat down to a couple of drinks. Everything started out pretty much as I expected. Talk about Dan's trip, the woman that Buster was courting, what I had been doing at work (running my ass off!) and then a little flirting, remembering the last time we had been together.

The pool table opened up so we ordered another round and chalked up for a game. I play better when I am a little buzzed, so a couple of glasses of wine later I started winning, and also started feeling more confident. "Eight ball. Side pocket." I called it, then sunk it. That put me up three games to two, and even though the bar was quiet, I was feeling better. It had been a long week, long lonely week and the repartee with Buster was refreshing. That won me another glass of wine, and I was ready for a break. "How about we go sit on the patio for a while?" I suggested.

"Whatever you want!" he replied, leading the way out to the pool area. To this point, we had been having a great time, and he had remained a perfect gentleman...well not perfect. Being short, I tend to lean and stretch a lot on the larger pool tables and he had started commenting on my breasts, and joking around by putting his cue between my legs to knock me off my game. It's the normal stuff that has happened at almost every game of pool I've every played with a man, so it was not having an effect on my game. But it was starting to have an effect on me. Those little strokes when he brushed by me to get to his shot, the light whistles when I was leaning over, especially after I loosened a button to give me more room to stretch. The softness, the comments, the buzz of the wine, the heat that was starting to build in me...was I asking to go outside to cool off, or to allow things to heat up?

I was still asking myself that question when Buster pulled us up a couple of chairs at a quiet, dark table. He swept his hand toward my chair to seat me, and as he pushed the chair back in he bent down and softly kissed the back of my neck. Damn! It was like an electric shock and my body trembled at the brush of his lips.

"Are you okay?" he asked softly. He must have seen the glass of wine quivering in my hand as I recovered.

"Yes," I whispered, my voice not fully in control yet, "it's just that I think I am more lonely...more needy...that I thought, or wanted to admit."

"Drae, I'm sorry. I was just being nice. I know you said this was a 'vanilla' date and I'm not expecting anything, I just want you to know that you look sexy, and great to sit and talk with, and just a lot of fun. In and out of bed," he added with a smile.

We sat a talked to a few minutes, our knees touching lightly under the table, and I started to feel more comfortable. Or maybe more drunk, because Buster had gone in to get another round for us. As the door closed behind him, I decided to loosen up a bit, have a little fun. Any woman worth her salt can remove her bra in 15 seconds and never remove her top, and before Buster returned with the drinks the lacy garment was tucked in my purse along with the phone, condoms and camera.

I didn't blame him for not noticing right away. it was getting dark, the sweater was not like a tight t-shirt, and even at my mid-40s my breasts are still in a good position. As we talked, we started touching hands, his hand would brush up and down my thigh, I was touching him...all while we were having a normal conversation. The non-verbals were HOT but if the FBI was listening in they wouldn't suspect a thing! It was when I asked what time it was that things heated up a bit.

"I don't have any idea." Buster said, reaching for the phone in his back pocket.

"No, don't worry" I said as I reached for my purse on the table. As my hand drew out the cell phone, my bra "happened" to fall from the purse. To me, it was like one of those slow motion scenes in a movie, as I casually checked the time and put the phone back in the purse, tucking the bra in with it. The glass of wine came to my lips, and I turned to Buster, whose eyes were just coming back from the table and met mine.

Still having in that "swimming in water" feeling, I placed the glass back on the table and swung my left leg over his lap and ended up straddling him. There were no words for a while as we looked into each others eyes, quietly kissed, and I ground silently into his crotch with my pelvis. Minutes, hours, seconds, I have no idea. His hands slowly pulled me to his face and the kiss turned out to be passionate and deep. I could feel his erection straining to get out of his jeans, but I was not in the mood for that. Yet.

Taking his head in my hands, I licked his lips lightly and then pushed my tongue into his mouth as his hands slid up under my sweater and cupped my breasts. A gasp escaped my lips as his fingers rolled my erect nipples. It was so natural, so erotic, and so satisfying.

I slowly came down from my high, knowing that going further than second base not going to happen on the patio. I kissed his forehead as I stood, gathered my purse and drink and headed in the door.

It must have taken Buster a few seconds to rearrange himself in his jeans, because by the time he came through the door I was already chalking my cue for another game. I just looked at him and smiled as his lower lip popped out and he gave me that "puppy dog" look.

Now the brushing against each other was a regular part of the same, and his cue was sliding all the way into my soaked crotch as I lined up shots. His hand brushed my breasts at every opportunity, and I was grinding against him when he got close behind me to help line up my shots. Even the bartender was now making it obvious that he liked what he saw. Except for a table of barely-21s nursing beers near the bar, we were the only game in town. The stakes had changed on our games too. If I won, Buster bought another round. If he won, another button on my sweater came loose.

We got to three games to three, and I was PG-13 when I stood up, and R-rated when I leaned over to take a shot. Another drink, or another button, and they would be calling the cops on us.

As Buster racked the next game I made the call. "This is winner take all."

"You mean that?" he said as the slid the rack back under the table.

"Never more certain." I replied, slamming the cue ball into the rack, sinking two low balls on the break. The flirting crescendoed as the balls bounced around the table and we both imagined what "winner take all" meant. After sinking those first two balls, I was on a cold streak and Buster quickly pulled ahead. Back and forth, rubbing, making obscene comments, mimicking the sounds of an orgasm as we lined up our shots, and finally we were down to the end. He had the ten ball right in front of the pocket I needed to put the eight into. If I missed, it was going to be a cake walk for him to get back in the game.

"Corner pocket." I called as I tapped the pocket on the opposite end of the table. I could see the smirk on Buster's face because this is a scratch shot half the time. BAM! The eight slammed off the rail and down the length of the table, right into pocket. Game. Set. Match.

I sauntered over to Buster, who was crestfallen that he had lost this chance. Leaning into his ear I whispered "I win! You settle up with the bar." I put my cue away, grabbed my purse and strutted toward the door.

About a minute later when Buster got over to the front door, I grabbed his hand, turned him and led him instead to the elevator. He hadn't seen me march straight to the front desk and get a room key. I guess the front desk clerk was watching our show too, and had the process half done when I got there.

The look on his face was priceless as we entered the elevator and I pushed the "five" button. As soon as the doors closed I pinned him against the wall and we kissed madly, our hands diving under each others clothes. By the time the doors opened again, his shirt was mostly off and his hard cock was outlined in his jeans with my hands rubbing it vigorously. I pulled my sweater down and took his hand again as I led him into the hallway.

I repeated the process at the room... pushing him firmly against door 513 and passionately kissing him while I unzipped his jeans and reached inside his boxers to stroke his cock with my hand. When I heard another "ding" of the elevator, I slipped the key card into the lock and pushed him into the room. Buster could barely walk because his jeans dropped around his ankles, and he stutter stepped as I pushed him against the wall.

He struggled to keep from moving as I kissed his chest and ran my fingernails across his firm stomach. I looked him straight in the eyes and slowly went to my knees. My fingers caught the waist band on his underwear and they soon joined his jeans on the floor. I didn't even tease, I was so ready for a big cock! I took his eight inches all the way down my throat on the first try and he gasped as my fingernails dug into his ass and pulled him toward me.

I purred to him as I cupped his balls in my hands and used my tongue to stroke the head of his cock. I kept alternating taking him deeply and licking the length of his penis like a piece of candy, until I felt his knees give a little and I thought he was going to fall over. Standing quickly, I pushed him over to the bed and he flopped onto it like fish on land.

His shoes slipped off quickly and I pulled the jeans, shorts and socks off in one tug. His shirt followed into the pile. Now naked, I allowed him to use his hands again as I lay on top of him and kissed again fiercely. I sat up quickly and removed the sweater in one pull, then guided his mouth to my breasts. He knew what to do and alternated sucking my nipples into his mouth and kneading my full breasts. A nip on the nipple every once in a while was all I needed to keep the feeling going and my eyes closed as the pleasure and pain melded together into a erotic high.

He whimpered as I pulled away, but I put a finger across his lips and gave him a slow wave of my other finger. I stood, kicked off my flats and slowly removed my jeans. As my panties slid down my legs, I watched his face as my shaved pussy came into view. He started toward me and I pushed him right back onto the bed. His eyes widened as I straddled him and went onto my knees right over his face. I grabbed the headboard and lowering my wet pussy right onto his mouth. He quickly latched onto my clit with his lips, sucking the sensitive nub into his mouth.

My whole body rocked back and forth as Buster's lips and tongue explored every nook and cranny of my super-wet pussy. At times his tongue penetrated into me like a little penis, finding those sensitive nerve endings. At other times he lapped up and down my slit, teasing my clit and softly stroking my labia. As the orgasm approached, I reached down and pushed his head back on the pillow and ground my pelvis onto his mouth, forcing his whole mouth against my pussy as the convulsions hit and I came over and over into his open, willing mouth. Spent, I collapsed against the headboard as Buster gently and softly licked and sucked my pussy.

In my distracted state, Buster escaped from under me and when I came out of my daze I realized he was behind me on the bed, his stiff cock pressing against my ass, his lips teasing the nape of my neck, his hands massaging my breasts. The combination of feelings was incredible, and I reached back and grabbed his hair, pulling his face to mine as I told him what I wanted next.

Without a second's hesitation, Buster grabbed my hips, spread my legs and with a single thrust pushed his massive pole into my willing pussy. The first thrust seemed to go all the way into my stomach as his cock was as hard as a rock. Each stroke pushed me against the headboard and I struggled to keep my face from being crushed against the dark polished wood. He was doing exactly what I wanted, the way I wanted it, and I quickly built to another orgasm and my pussy started convulsing around his cock.

"Harder....Faster...Fuck me!"

Bastard that he is, Buster did just as I asked and kept up his assault on me and kept pounding into me as I arched my back and pushed my hips back in rhythm with his cock.

I collapsed back onto him when my body couldn't hold itself up any longer, interrupting the marathon. Buster has staying power, and can keep rock hard for what seemed like hours! Catching my breath, I pushed him onto his back, taking control of the situation the best that I could. Straddling his throbbing cock, I slowly lowered my dripping pussy onto it, teasing him as I held his hips to the bed. When I bottomed out I grabbed his hands and began to slowly gyrate my hips, moving his cock around inside me, hitting all the pleasure spots. The new rhythm was smooth, hypnotic, and the feeling of moving in slow motion returned. Buster's hands were slowly caressing my body, my breasts, my legs as I concentrated on using every inch of him for my pleasure. It may have been minutes or hours, because the orgasm that stretched on and on and on suspended time for me.

I "woke" back up when I realized that Buster had softly turned me over on my back and was gently thrusting into me as I lay completely limp on the bed. Grabbing his head, I pulled him to me and deep, soft kisses joined our bodies on a new level. He probed my mouth with his tongue, his fingertips gently raked my body as his free hand found a new way to make me shiver in anticipation. He gradually turned my body so that my legs hung off the bed and he slid down to bring his mouth to my sopping wet pussy. He once again played my pussy like an instrument in an orchestra...soft passages, crescendoes, short rests...and as the big finale approached he inserted two fingers fully and stroked my g-spot as my body tensed, then released in a series of shudders and contractions.

I realized I was losing control when he immediately stood and went back to work on me with his cock. With me still impaled, Buster leaned over and held me to him and then raised me up so that my entire weight was on his cock. Kissing me deeply, he walked slowly as my ankles wrapped around his ass and I felt every inch of him shift within me as his hips moved. Finally I felt the coolness of the wall against my back and his hands moved under my ass, suspending me in mid-air as the slow grind of his pelvis. My hands were wrapped around his shoulders and our mouths joined in deep kisses as our bodies seemed to melt into one as he pressed me against the wall with his full weight. For ten minutes he kept me against the wall, unable to do anything but focus on the feeling that was building within me.

I was like a rag doll as he raised me off of his cock and led me to the sliding glass door that led to the small balcony. He ripped back the curtains, roughly grabbed my hair and turned me so that my breasts were crushed into the glass. With his left hand he pressed into my back, pinning me there for the world to see, while his right hand came down between my legs and stroked my pussy from behind. I could see people walking into the restaurants across the street and the headlights of cars passing on the street, but didn't care. I thrust my ass out and gave Buster better access to my pussy, aware that I was outlined by the bright lights of the room. His touch was silky on my pussy and he stroked gently from back to front, spreading the wetness over my ass.

His left hand increased its pressure, and I realized that he wasn't stroking my pussy, he was lubing my ass! As I stiffened, he inserted one finger to the knuckle and began to slowly stroke, in and out. I was powerless to stop at this point, although I typically don't like anal sex. The power of his hands, the cool glass against my breasts, the eyes of the people standing on the sidewalk. They all combined to cause my will to be lost, and I became his to use. The stroking became more vigorous and one finger became two as my tight hole loosened for him. The orgasm hit me fast and hard and both my holes went into spasms as the earthquake swept through my body. I became aware that my hands were pressed against the window in a spread eagle, and he wasn't holding me there any more. One hand was in my ass and the other in my pussy as his fingers kept up a relentless attack and the feeling became one huge orgasm, unlike any other that night...deeper, harder, dirtier.

I felt myself being pushed down to my knees, and his cock came to eye level. I immediately took it deep into my mouth. The next 10 minutes I knelt in front of the open window, sucking his cock, licking his balls and taking them into my mouth. I felt him stiffen, and I took his first load of cum into my mouth, then looked up at him as the rest spilled from my mouth and down my face and chest. He spurted seven or eight times onto my sweaty and willing body. He collapsed against the glass when he ended and I took his cock into my mouth and slowly cleaned the last of his juices from him. As I pulled myself up along his body, I took a finger and fed more of his load into my mouth, licking my lips like you see in a porn movie. When finally standing, I looked deep into his eyes, took both hands and rubbed his cum into my breasts. I then massaged more cum onto his chest as we pulled together in an embrace and our sticky bodies sought to find a way to be inside each other, not just next to. Our kisses turned softer and finally I led him away from the window and over to the shower, where we caressed, and soaped, and stroked in the warm water, washing the sweat and cum from our bodies.

That's the way it ended. The condoms were unused. The camera had been pulled out at some point and five pictures of my pussy and his cock inside it were there to send to my husband. We left the hotel, got a bite to eat, then kissed goodbye and went on our ways.

Even though I lost control at the end, I WAS the winner.

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