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The Party Weekendpart one

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Daddy was impatient for the weekend?s fun to begin. He and his loving little slut Penny were taking a Labor Day weekend trip to visit their friends down in middle Tennessee, Roy and Laura. It was a warm fall day, and they had the windows down as they drove?and Daddy had Penny pull up her top so he could fondle her and play with her nipples as they drove?which Penny loved. It felt so good to have her Daddy play with her body; his touch was magical and it excited her almost to the point of orgasm frequently? It also gave the truckers a pleasant eye-full of her grand 32c titties?.

At a rest stop along the way, they used the restrooms, and bought sodas and snacks for the next leg of the trip. But before they left the parking area, Daddy said to Penny ?Follow me, my slut?? Penny dutifully got out of the car and walked with Daddy to one of the benches sitting in the shade ? it wasn?t right next to the walking path, but not totally remote, either. They could easily see other travelers coming and going from the building. Daddy sat on the bench, legs facing outwards, and facing the building. ?Ok, slut, I?m horny; suck me off?Now!? He ordered.

Penny looked around, puzzled; ?Here, right here where anyone can see??

?Yes, my slut?Yes, right here, right now. So, get on your knees, like a good girl, and give Daddy what he wants.? He replied and unzipped his shorts and pulled them down to give her access. Penny knelt down between his legs, and reached forward to take hold of Daddy?s cock. She loved it, almost as much as she loved Daddy itself; this was the cock that gave her so much pleasure when Daddy wanted a good hard fuck ? or anything else for that matter; Daddy could take her any way he wanted, whenever he wanted, and she loved giving him whatever he wanted. So today, he wanted a public blowjob. Ok, she thought to herself, I?ve sucked this cock many, many times?so why not?

She leaned forward and began to stroke his cock into erection, then began licking it lick a lollypop. Slowly, savoring it, from bottom to top? one hand caresses his ball sack as the other held his cock?then she began to French kiss it, up and down the shaft, licking, sucking a bit, even nibbling just a touch?but avoiding the cock head completely?Daddy leaned back, his arms behind him on the table top, head looking up, and began to moan softly.

?MMMMMM, yes, my sweet baby girl, such your Daddy?s cock. That feels wonderful, my little slut, mmmmm, yes, baby, suck my cock?

Inwardly, Penny smiled, as she loved to hear his voice encouraging her, pushing her on; he had such a low, sensual voice, and she loved to hear him speak, especially endearments. Back to her task with vigor, she now took the cock head into her mouth, and began swirling her tongue around it slowly, sucking very hard to draw all the blood up to the tip, where it would swell and redden the cock head and get it very sensitive. She moved her mouth up and down some, to take the whole head into her mouth, then let it slowly slip out until just the tip was between her lips. She repeated this several times, all the while Daddy moaned and encouraged her to suck his cock. She took a finger, and tapped his thigh, wanting him to look down?which he did. As soon as she saw his eyes focus on her, she opened her lips and slowly lowered her head, taking his cock inch by inch into her soft, wet, warm mouth and throat?not stopping until her nose was buried in his pubic hairs. Daddy?s eyes opened wider as he saw his fully erect cock disappear into her hungry mouth. Penny had always prided herself on giving good head, and she was giving Daddy one of her best!

Daddy looked up as he heard a footstep in the leaves; a middle aged man was approaching slowly, carefully, respectfully. Daddy made the sign to keep quiet, but motioned him forward; now they had an audience for Penny?s performance?.

End Part 1

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