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The Park

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It being a nice spring day, temperatures in the 80's, sunny, little breeze, just a wonderful day. Add to that the smell of flowers blooming, grass growing and you've got yourself a recipe for a day filled with expectations.

It didn't hurt that coming off a cold winter and this being the first warm day of spring, the girls were all out in skirts! Women and skirts go together like mom and apple pie. And let me tell you, there were some babes out today!

One in particular caught my eye. She was using a swing set and was flying back and forth with such vigor! I felt invigorated myself just looking at her! Of course it helped that she was sexy as hell! She was dressed in a short black skirt with a white halter-top. Her long hair flying out behind her, catching the sunlight before wrapping around her face on the backswing. Her long red hair streamed out behind her, sunlight glinting off the highlights. She was about 5'5", average weight, with wonderful eyes, the kind you could get lost in while gazing into them. She had great perky breasts, about 36 I'd say with a athletic waist and a tight firm ass and thighs. In other words, she was a drop dead knockout!

She was laughing gaily as she swung just having a blast. So full of life and laughter and joyous abandon that I couldn't help but want to walk over and introduce myself. Which is what I did! I walked over and took hold of the chains for the seat next to her.

"Mind if I join you? It looks like you are having such a blast!" I asked, watching as she flew into the air, her skirt riding up her sexy long thighs as she did, her midriff bare under the halter.

She slowed her swinging for a moment to give me the once over before replying, "By all means! Swinging is such a lot of fun!"

"I've always enjoyed swinging myself," I said as I sat down and began to swing.

At first we were out of sync, she going forward, while I went back. Which offered some very interesting views let me tell you! But not as nice as the ones I enjoyed when I caught up to her and we were swinging side-by-side.

"My name is Richard by the way. Doesn't feel right to be swinging with you and not give you my name," I joked.

She laughed in turn, "And mine is Gail. Pleasure to meet you Richard."

"The pleasures all mine, I assure you!"

"Oh now, don't be so greedy. The pleasure isn't all yours, I assure you!"

We laughed together and her wit, charm and sense of humor captivated me. "You are correct Madame, I concede the point! Besides, everyone knows that shared pleasure is twice as nice as pleasure shared only by oneself!"

She laughed and glanced over at me again, you could see her mind shifting gears, "Does that mean that pleasure shared between three is three times as good?" she asked whimsically, with a wicked little smile.

I laughed, "And four is more!"

We chatted as we enjoyed the day, and each others company. I kept staring at her thighs and bare midriff, the way her firm breasts moved beneath the material of her halter, it was obvious she wasn't wearing a bra and her nipples were poking through, causing a not inconsiderable swelling in my own shorts. Add to that the flashes of her inner thighs that I caught each time she flew into the air, well, you get the picture, I was in a world of hurt!

We talked, I discovered that she was a college student, she discovered I was in the computer field as a field engineer. We discovered a mutual liking for ice-cream, sports, cooking and many other things. I discovered she was a terrible flirt too; seeming to intentionally tease me at every turn! We had by this time stopped swinging and were just sitting in the swings chatting. She would turn towards me and lean back slightly and her sexy thighs would fall open. Each time my eyes would flash down to peer into the dark recesses of her inner thighs, trying to glimpse her hidden treasures. Each time I failed, each time she caught me staring and would smile and laugh. Then she'd do it all over again, perhaps showing more, perhaps less. Once, I was fairly certain I had been able to see all the way up and catch a glimpse of her bare pussy but figured, nah, I'm having a good day, but not that good! Little did I know.

After we had chatted for a bit, I asked if she might not like to get a cone or something at the Baskin Robbins across the street.

"Ooooo that sounds like a wonderful idea! I would love to!" she said as she jumped up and grabbed my hand and began walking towards the store. I pulled her closer and took my hand from hers and placed it around her shoulders, she looked up at me and smiled then leaned into me and wrapped her arm around my waist. Wow! What a day! Walking through a beautiful park with a beautiful sexy woman on your arms on a beautiful spring day... wow, what a case of spring fever I had!

The feel of her next to me, the heady odor of her scent mixed with her alluring perfume was driving me wild! We walked and chatted and walked and I was acutely aware of the way she felt next to me, her warmth, her softness, the feel of her shoulder, and thighs and hips rubbing against mine. I couldn't help but let out a huge sigh.

"What's with the sigh buster?" she asked playfully.

I smiled in turn and replied, "I tell you later."

"Oh, so there's to be a later?" she smiled as she gave me a little pinch on my backside.

"Wellllll, I was thinking that if you've a mind to, and don't mind the company of an old fart like me, we might take in a movie after the ice-cream?"

"Are you trying to start something buster?"

"Moi? I'm as innocent as a newborn babe! Trust me!"

She burst into laughter and gave me a punch in the arm. "Yes you, you old leech!" but she hugged me to show she was joking.

We got the Baskin Robbins with no further difficulty and ordered. I got two scoops of mint chocolate chip on a sugar cone and she got some wild off the wall stuff. Whatever it was, she was something else to watch as she ate it! The way her pink tongue slid from her sensual lips to swipe at the cone, long slow look. Made worse by the fact she was staring into my eyes with her deep brown ones. Man, talk about a little slice of heaven on Earth! She continued to eat her cone and tease me and I continued to stare and get a massive erection. I tried my best to imitate her by slowly licking my cone while we stared into each other's eyes.

She broke out in laughter and I joined her. We must have looked funny standing there laughing like two hyenas but who cared! After we calmed down we started to walk back to the park. We finished our cones and threw the paper away. I noticed when we did that she had a drop of ice cream on her cheek so I reached out and rubbed it off with my fingers. When I did, she turned her head and sucked my finger into her mouth. I moaned aloud at the warm wet contact, unable to control myself.

After licking it clean she playfully retorted, "You can have your finger back now!"

"No, please, keep it by all means!"

Smiling she replied, "I'll take you up on that, later."

We then decided to cool off in the local movie theater. Since it was still afternoon, most of the kids were in school and we pretty much had the place to ourselves. We took a set in the back and chatted while waiting for the trailers to start. When they started we were both taken with the new Star Wars trailer! Wow! A young Anikan Skywalker and Obi Wan Kenobi, graphics out of this world! Had my mouth watering!

Other things were watering too, as I reached out and placed my arm around Gail's shoulders. She in turn moved closer and rested her head on my shoulders, and her hand on my knee. And then proceeded to lightly run the tips of her fingers around my thigh! Well, turn about is fair play so I in turn ran my fingers around her neck, behind her ears, along her collar bone. Softly, lightly, like a feather. Her skin was so smooth and soft.

She would move her hand up higher and higher and I would move mine lower and lower. Until finally, as if on cue, her hand touched the swollen bulge in my pants at the same time mine covered the firmness of her breasts. We both moaned, my hips arched and her chest arched. My cock was hard and so were her nipples. Nipples which I proceeded to caress and lightly pinch and roll around through her halter. She continued to run her hand up and down the length of my bulge.

Already I could feel the wetness leaking from the tip of my cock and rubbing on my belly. I let my other hand move down to her silky thigh and began running it up and down the firm muscular length. And then up and under the hem of her skirt. When I did, she let her thighs fall open. With that, I let my hand slide all the way up, until I could feel the silky wet matted hair and her slick inner thighs. She wasn't wearing panties! I nearly creamed my pants when I felt the bare wetness of her pussy rather than panties.

I let my fingers slide along her silky slickness, spreading her inner and outer lips, spreading her copious juices around. Her hips bucked and jerked as I did and a continuous stream of moans came from her parted lips. She was sooo wet and hot! I rubbed my fingers up and around the hard little nub of her clit and her hips bucked wildly as she let out a deep throaty moan and slide down further in the seat and spread her thighs even wider.

You could tell she was on fire! Whether from being a show off and getting turned on from doing it in the theater or because she had been aroused all afternoon I don't know, but she was ready to go off in a big way!

Her skirt was all the way up around her waist now, her pussy bare, glistening with wetness even in the dim light of the theater. Hips grinding into my hand, fucking her pussy onto my fingers and moaning each time my fingers swiped across her clit. She had my arm clutched tightly to her chest with her face buried in it, trying to muffle her wild moans of passion. I slide a finger inside, then another, twisting them around, finger fucking her. Soft little cries escaped her lips each time I thrust in, "oh oh ohh," she would cry until finally her passion began to peak.

I rubbed harder and faster on her clit, "oh yes, oh yes, yesssssssss" she hissed and nearly tore my arm off as her hips flexed, she tensed - and then in one strong release, she came. Her toes curled, her thighs locked tight on my hand, she pulled my arm tighter and moaned into the hollow. Slowly, so slowly, the wave receded and her body settled loosely into the theater seat.

But I didn't let it stop there, taking a quick look around the theater, I got out of my seat and knelt between her thighs and quickly leaned down and pressed my face into her wetness. I took her clit into my mouth and gently bit it, sucking it into the warm wetness of my mouth and letting my tongue play across the silky hard tip. She wrapped her hands around my head and pulled me tight, her hips rising and jerking and bucking as I licked and sucked her sweet pussy. Sliding a finger inside again, then another. Letting them curl and twist inside, reaching every secret inner spot. She quickly rose that long crest to orgasm again as I licked her cunt, the sound of the movie drowning out her moans of desire.

Again, her thighs tensed and she clamped them tight around my head, pulling me harder to her pussy as she came. I licked and sucked and fingered her as hard and fast as I could. "OoooOOooooo yess yes yes," she kept hissing through clenched teeth. Hips jerking and bucking, cumming... then cumming again! Wave after wave building and cresting in her slim sexy body.

Finally she had enough and she pushed my head away from her drenched slit. Her thighs and ass were covered with her wetness, as was my face. I moved to sit down again and she pulled me down for a hard, tongue filled kiss. "Thank you, ohhh I needed that!" she said with a weak laugh.

"No need to thank me, the pleasure was all mine."

"Ha! There you go again, trying to hog all the pleasure! Well, not this time buster!"

She quickly reached over and undid the snap on my pants and slid the zipper down, then pushed my boxers and pants down around my hips. Oooo what a relief that was! I had been cramped up for such a long time, freedom felt sooo good! She licked her lips and slid to her knees and didn't hesitate as she opened her lips and filled her mouth with my hardness. She was very good - the best I had ever had - licking and sucking and nibbling. Finally, she could tell when it was time, and proceeded to suck my cock with her hot, wet mouth.

Sliding her mouth up and down the hard shaft. My hips jerking upwards from the intense feelings emanating from the swollen tip. Her pink tongue would snake out and caress the red tip of my cock, her fingers running up the underside, pushing a big drop of my slippery juice out the tip, which she would then slowly clean off with her tongue.

The feeling she was causing were so tremendously wonderful, so indescribably erotic and intense. Warm and wetness mixing together to form something totally new. My hips rocks and jerked as her sensual lips slide up and down the length of my shaft, her fingers playing with my heavy balls. Rolling them around, caressing, squeezing gently.

She was so good at cocksucking, she had me to the point of orgasm in moments. But as she sensed the tension building, my balls lifting, she slowed down and let my cock slide from her mouth. Then she would softly kiss my belly, lick softly around my belly button and blow on the wetness. Then back to my balls, sucking, licking, and caressing. I kept running my hands through her luxuriant hair.

With the movie drawing to a close, she returned to my cock with renewed vigor. Sucking me back into her succulent mouth, her warm wetness bathing my cock as she slide up and down and up and down my throbbing shaft. I moaned as my hips jerked upwards, fucking my cock into her mouth. She stared up into my eyes, eyes filled with a lust to match my own, watching as I neared the point of no return, climbing higher, balls growing tighter, hotter.

'Unghhhh gods," I whispered, "sooo close, so close, suck me baby, suck my cock, I want to cum!"

Her tongue flicking across the sensitive tip, licking along the slit, sucking so hard she was pulling the hot cum from my balls.

'Unghhh unghhh," I moaned each time she slide down the length of my shaft. I could feel my balls churning until finally it was to much, the pleasure so intense I couldn't hold back and hot jets of cum shot from the tip. Gail's mouth stayed firmly attached to his dick as he began to pump squirt after squirt of his semen into her mouth. He didn't expect her to do that. But she did. "Holy shit," Richard sighed as his orgasm subsided and his body returned to its normal breathing. Gail cleaned off his cock and slid it out of her mouth, her smile lighting the theater. "So how'd you like that?" she asked sexily, running her hand up and down my thigh. "That was utterly wonderful.

Words can't describe how great that felt," Richard rambled. She sat up and sat down and we curled up close again, kissing each other. I pulled my pants back up and zipped and buttoned them. As we sat there and kissed softly, I whispered, "As the recipient of the best blow job I have ever had, I would very much like it if you would come to dinner with me?"

"I've already had something to eat," she quipped playfully.

"That was only an appetizer my dear," I replied, "the main course is yet to come!"

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