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The Paralegals

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The Paralegals

By Maximillian Excaliber

Chapter One – In Court

It was about 3:30, late in the afternoon on a Thursday in the last week of November. The weather outside was unseasonably cold.

I was sitting at our table in the courtroom waiting to see what Willard Sanders, the attorney for the plaintiff, Lilly Rossi, was going to do next.

My name is Marty Gordon. I’m forty-eight years old; weigh in at two-hundred pounds even, I am five feet nine inches tall. I have a ‘stocky’ build that is, except for my legs, not very muscular. Both my hair and goatee are brown, which I keep cut short and neatly trimmed at all times. Most of the time, I have brown eyes. I say most of the time because when I put in long hours at work, they are usually bloodshot. In my opinion, I’m not very handsome, but to be honest, I’m also not ugly either. What I’m trying to say is that in my I’m think I’m just plain average.

That particular day I was dressed in a navy blue classic, two-button business suit and a white shirt. My tie was dark blue with white stripes. On my feet I wore black socks and black, monk strap shoes.

There were four of us at our table. To my immediate right sat my partner, Rachael Wolf.

Rachel is the other paralegal on the team. She’s forty-two and, since I’ve never been good at guessing women’s weight, I won’t even try. However, considering she has a figure that would make a playboy bunny envious, it really doesn’t matter anyway. Her hair, which is black and wavy, flows down past her shoulders. She has pale, almost alabaster white skin, and brown eyes. If I had to compare her to anyone, I’d have to say that she reminds me of a full figured version of Monica Bellucci. She also is one of the most beautiful women I have ever seen.

Next to Rachael was our boss, Samantha Roberts, the firm’s head and only attorney. I’m not quite sure of our boss’s age but I think she’s about thirty-six. She’s a little skinny for my taste. Hell, I’ll bet she doesn’t weight an ounce over a hundred pounds.

Finally, at the far end of the table sat Vincent Rossi. “Vince”, as he liked to be called, was the defendant in the case and our client. Suffice it to say that he was obviously male and with a name like Rossi, you can bet he looked Italian.

Moving along, at the table to our left was Lilly Rossi and her legal team. Her team was comprised of Lilly Rossi, her lawyer and a paralegal.

Lilly, by the way, is herself, a successful (if not ethical) divorce attorney. Next to her at their table was her mouthpiece, Willard Sanders. And, next to Sanders was his paralegal, a quiet little man whose name I can’t remember.

Sequestered in the Witness room was Gloria Lemons, the self confessed adulteress of the affair and potentially the most damning witness they had.

Before this mess started, Samantha, Lilly, Rachael, Gloria, Vince and I used to be good friends. Now, as sometimes happens, we’ve divided into two camps. On one side was Samantha, Rachael and Vince and myself. On the other, the unlikely team of Lilly and Gloria.

It was the first day of trial and Lilly was about to take the stand.

Her attorney said to the judge, “I call to the stand the plaintiff, Mrs. Lilly Rossi, your honor.” I was somewhat surprised, I had just assumed that he’d present the video, it would be shown, and we’d all go home. Then I could start enjoying my long holiday weekend, Rachael could do whatever it is she does when not working herself to death, Samantha could sulk, and poor Mr. Rossi could cry himself to sleep while he tried to figure out how to pay our bill. Although something told me he wasn’t going to be able to pay it. Lilly had been smart enough to get him to sign a prenuptial agreement giving her everything in the event he committed adultery.

I expected this to be the first and last day of what had promised to be one of the shortest divorce trials in history. The evidence in the case was so strong it was sure to be a slam dunk win… for Lilly and her attorney!

But then she did have what, in my mind, was indisputable video evidence of the husband’s infidelity with his mistress, Gloria Lemons.

You might be interested to know that Gloria also just happened to be Lilly’s best friend… that is until Lilly caught them in bed together!

Unsurprisingly, things started exactly as I expected they would. Sanders went straight for the jugular!

“Mrs. Rossi”, he began, “In your complaint you said, and I quote, ‘I was sure that Vince was having an affair’; is that correct?”

There was an appearance of anger on Lilly Rossi’s face when she replied, “Yes.”

“Were your suspicions correct?” Sanders continued. His voice had changed from professional to soft and conciliatory.

Meekly, she replied, “Yes.”

“How do you know they were correct?”

With an almost a triumph look expression on her face, Lilly Rossi answered, “I have proof!”

“What kind of proof do you have?” Sanders asked. His tone showed no change of emotion.

She answered, “I recorded them together.”

“What do you mean you recorded them together? Was it an audio recording? Were you there when the alleged act of infidelity occurred?” Judge Judith Hastings asked, interrupting.

Sanders frowned. For, while it wasn’t common knowledge to the public, it was well known to those of us working in the court system that the judge had recently developed a dislike for his client.

I looked over at Samantha and then at Rachael, both were smiling. We all knew that Judge Hastings was hoping Lilly would admit to being present during the act. If that happened, then Samantha could claim that Lilly had, at the very least, given consent to the act and possibly even been a willing participant. Either way, the allegation of adultery would be effectively nullified. Unless, of course, Lilly said she was hiding at the time.

There was a faint smile on her face that couldn’t conceal the scorn hidden behind it as Lilly replied, “No; I mean, before I left the house I hid two cameras in our bedroom. They recorded the whole thing.”

Still looking at the judge, Lilly said, “I brought the cameras here with me today.”

“Why did you use two cameras?” inquired the judge curiously.

To which Lilly responded, “For a couple of reasons. First, one might always fail. And second, I didn’t know exactly where in the room they might be. If I had used one camera, it might not have captured the bitch’s face”

“You know better than that Mrs. Rossi.” The judge interrupted. “You will restrict your testimony to the facts and not embellish it in any way.” The judge warned sternly.

Sanders approached the bench. In his hand he held four evidence gags. Two about a foot in diameter and two were just large enough to hold a single compact disk each.

“At this time, your honor, I’d like to enter into evidence the videos and cameras Mrs. Rossi is talking about. I also request they be marked ‘Plaintiff’s Exhibits 26, 27, 28 and 29.’”

Vince Rossi turned to Samantha and asked angrily, “Why don’t you object or something? You said she only had one video, not two.”

“The truth is Vince that I just found out this morning. I knew about the first one, but not about the second one.

Sanders pulled a fast one on me. He sent the two videos over all right. But one video he labeled “Original” and the other he labeled “Backup Copy”.

I just assumed that the second video was a duplicate of the one labeled “Original’ so we never looked at it.

I tried to keep it out; but, the judge said that, while she was sympathetic, it was my responsibly to examine “ALL” the evidence. She’s right, it’s my fault. I let him get one over on me.” Samantha replied.

Vince looked at her, anger in his face. I guess he realized she’d been tricked because he calmed down and then asked, “How bad is it?”

“As bad as it gets!” She told him somberly.

In a voice too loud, he exclaimed, “FUCK!”

“WHO SAID THAT?” The judge yelled sternly and looked right at Vince. And then before he could answer, she looked around the room as if looking for somebody to blame. “Nobody did it? Well, the next time it happens ‘Somebody’ is going to be in contempt.” Then the judge turned to Lilly and said, “You may continue Mrs. Rossi.”

I looked over at Vince. He was red faced, teeth clinched and tight lipped. The judge had given him a break. I could tell he knew it wouldn’t happen again.

Smiling again, Lilly said, “I hide one camera on the television stand under the TV and the other I placed atop the large dresser on Vince’s side of the bed. ”

“Mrs. Rossi, I’m confused. If you placed the second camera on top of the dresser as you say you did, how did it go undetected by Mr. Rossi and Ms. Lemons?” asked the judge.

To which Mrs. Rossi responded, “I guess they were too busy screwing each other to notice it!”

Laughter ensued throughout the entire courtroom; and, a few bangs of the gavel later, the Judge Hastings ordered that cameras be produced.

The evidence bag containing the camera was opened. The camera was removed from the bag and held up for all to see.

For several seconds, silence filled the courtroom as all eyes stared at it. The camera, it turned out, was designed to look exactly like a vibrator. There were a few snickers from the audience.

“That’s a camera?” the judge asked. I could hear the disbelief in her voice.

Unashamed, Lilly replied, “Among other things.”

There was an outburst of hysterical laughter after which the judge, who had turned red faced, probably from embarrassment, was forced to order a recess.

As soon as we left the courtroom, the bailiff walked up to Samantha and handed her a note.

She read it and then said, “Don’t go anywhere. I’ll be back in a second.”

Samantha led Vince outside, presumably to calm his nerves.

Meanwhile, I said to Rachael, “Have you seen the second video?”

I hadn’t.

Down the hall, someone opened the door to the courthouse letting in a rush cold of wind. It must have blow right up her black dress because she shivered suddenly and I saw her teeth start chattering.

“No. Have you?” Rachael replied.

I took off my suit jacket and put it around her, then answered, “Nope. But I heard Samantha tell Vince that it’s worse than the other one.”

“Thanks.” Rachael said, and then she added, “Jesus Marty, how much worse can it be?”

Before I could answer, Samantha walked up. Vince wasn’t with her.

“Where’s our client?” Rachael asked.

A worried look upon her face, Samantha replied, “In the bar across the street getting a drink, he’ll be back in a few minutes.”

“What was that note about?” Rachael inquired.

Then she sprung it on us, “That was from Judge Hastings. She let me know that when court resumes, she intends to let Sanders show the second video. Then recess for the holiday weekend. If you had any plans this weekend, cancel them. We’re all working!”

“But we’ve already checked out of the hotel and what with the holidays, we’ll never get another reservation!” I told her as I thought to myself, ‘There goes my weekend!’

Going into ‘boss mode’, she instructed, “Don’t worry about that, it’s all taken care of. You’ll both be staying at Vince’s residence.

He’s going out of town for the weekend and has given us full run of the place. He told me the place has four bedrooms. One bedroom is being used for storage and he is sleeping in another one.

After what happened to him, he doesn’t want to go near the master bedroom and doesn’t mind if you use it.

You two can figure out who gets it when you get there.” Samantha paused as if waiting for us to say something. I think we were both in shock. When we said nothing, she continued. “Your first priority is to watch both of those videos. Since we haven’t had a chance to analyze that second video, look at every frame of it and see if you can find anything to help us. Then I want you to examine the bedroom as if it were a crime scene. If that doesn’t pan out, go over the entire file again. ”

“Are you going to be joining us?” Rachael asked.

“I can’t. Jimmy’s still sick and I’m not going to leave him with the babysitter that long.” Jimmy was the name of her three-year-old son.

“I’m going drive home when court ends today but I’ll keep in touch with you by phone. I’ll call you when later and see what, if anything, you’ve come up with.

While you’re working at it from this end, I’ll be going over both videos and the affidavits again.”

It was my turn to ask questions. “What if we can’t find anything? Then what will we do?”

“I know you two. You’ll find something. You always do.” At that point the bailiff opened the courtroom door and called everyone back in. Before she turned to walk to the door, Samantha handed me something and said, “Here’s the keys. Go on! Get moving you two and don’t let me down!”

Two hours later, after we realized that the GPS in Rachael’s car had gotten us lost for the third time, we found someone to give us directions and located the place. Five minutes after that, we were walking in the front door of Rossi’s house.

Chapter Two – Change Of Venue

The first thing that struck me when I walked in the door was that the place was filled from wall-to-wall with sports trophies.

The second that grabbed my attention was the 65” plasma TV to the left as soon as you walked in the front door.

No sooner had I sat first batch of our bags down than Rachael hurried past me. From the way she seemed to be moving about the room, I could tell she was searching for something.

Jokingly, I said, “Didn’t you go before we left?”

“I’m looking for a phone book, smart-ass. Do you want Italian or Chinese?”

I responded with, “Hookers or food?”

“Food,” She replied. “I wouldn’t know how to expense the hookers.”

I countered, “How about ‘Expert Witness?”

“And what am I to tell the auditors when they ask what area of expertise they had?” She asked playfully.

I answered, “Forensic Knot Expert.”

“You’re kidding right?”

I told her truthfully, “You could always try it. I read about this guy in Great Britain last year. He’s a member of the International Guild of Knot Tyers & Forensic Science Society.”

“Okay, I’ll bite, how does that make a hooker an expert witness?”

While taking off my jacket, I said, “Well, a couple years ago, before you joined the firm, I was on this case involving a man whose wife found out he had been seeing a prostitute. When I interviewed him, he told me the hooker he saw specialized in Bondage and Domination and that she knew more knots than a sailor did. I figured he knew what he was talking about because he was a retired rear-admiral in the navy.”

“Hookers as expert witnesses, huh? For both our sakes, I hope it doesn’t come to that; but if it does, you’ll be the first one I let know.”

I decided to change the subject, “I’ll finish unloading the car; and then, I think I’ll take a look around. It might be a good idea to know where everything is… particularly the bathroom!”

When Rachael didn’t respond, I looked at her to see why. She had found the phone book and was busy searching through it.

There was a phone in the living room. After she’d located what she’d been looking for, Rachael picked up the phone and started dialing.

I could hear it ringing on the other end. A second later, she was talking to someone. While she was busy on the phone, I went out to the car and retrieved the rest of our bags.

After I brought them inside, I started setting up our laptops on the coffee table. About five minutes later, Rachael hung up the phone.

During that time, she’d made two calls.

“Samantha’s said to tell you that things went about how we expected they would in court. Luckily, there were no more surprises. She’s about half way home. She said she’d call about midnight for an update; that is, if we don’t call her first.

Also, the food should be here in an hour. I hope you like Philly steak and cheese sandwiches, French fries and coleslaw.”

I smiled. Steak and cheese sandwiches are one of my favorites. “Great!”

Seemingly satisfied, she stood there deep in thought for a minute. Then said to me…

“I was just thinking. She said we could have free run of the place. Why don’t we figure out how to use that overpriced entertainment system of Vince’s and watch the videos on it? That way we won’t have to spend any more time staring at these tiny laptop screens than I have too.”

I’d gotten so caught up in what I was doing that I had completely forgotten about touring the place.

It was just about the time I deciphered the workings of the entertainment center that our dinner showed up. As you can imagine, all we talked about was the case.

We finished eating, cleaned up the trash; and then, began analyzing the videos.

I had intended to start with the video neither of us had seen. Within seconds, I knew that I must have put in the wrong one by mistake because the image on the screen showed a clear, unobstructed, wide angle view of the bed.

The video we were supposed to be watching had been taken from the television stand at the end of the bed.

“Sorry,” I said to Rachael embarrassingly when I discovered my mistake.

I was in the process of getting up so I could swap it out with the other one when I heard her say, “Let it play. Maybe we’ll see something we missed the first time.”

“Okay.” I said and sat back down.

As I resumed watching, it occurred to me that the images on the screen reminded me a great deal of the late night soft-core porn I occasionally watch on the satellite back home.

There was Vince, lying on his back atop the bed. He appeared to be nude.

Gloria walked in the room, bent down and placed her hands on either side of his head. Then she kissed Vince passionately on the mouth. The kiss lasted for over a minute.

After breaking the kiss, she stood upright and then began slowly undressing until she too was totally nude.

I guess she wasn’t in the mood for foreplay because Gloria wasted no time in climbing on the bed and into a kneeling position over him.

Once there, Gloria, who was facing him, lowered her weight until it looked as if she were sitting, on top of him.

The way I saw it, her legs were straddling his waist and their pelvises were touching.

Were the video from the camera on the dresser the only evidence, as unlikely as it seemed, there might have been a slim chance Samantha could have argued that the couple on the screen had not actually be having sex.

The placement of Gloria’s legs was such that there was really no way to tell if actual penetration was occurring. The logic being, if there was no penetration, then there was no infidelity.

To be quite candid, Samantha would have had a better shot of convincing a motorcycle cop that she just threw up beer vomit on that she hadn’t been drinking!

A half hour later, the video was over.

I looked over at Rachael. For some reason, she had a flushed look on her face.

“Learn anything?” I asked kiddingly.

Rachael giggled and replied, “Besides that fact that Gloria is a screamer? No, not really. You?”

“Yeah, he went to bed with his watch off.” I told her.

Puzzled, she inquired, “How is that relevant?”

“It tells me Rossi planned on sleeping when he got into bed that night. A lot of guys who are getting into bed for just a booty call don’t bother taking off their watches. A man will usually take his watch off just before he goes to sleep or prior to getting into the shower.”

She smiled.

I knew what she was thinking. “Don’t go getting your hopes up. That doesn’t really prove anything.”

And the truth was it didn’t. But it did seem to indicate that Rossi might have been telling the truth about why he got into bed in the first place.

I put in the second video and started the player again.

The screen filled with the image of a naked woman, straddling, what appeared to be a naked man.

Because she was leaning forward slightly, I could clearly see in vivid detail every inch of the woman’s wet pussy as she bounced her ample ass up and down on the engorged penis beneath her. Therefore, there was no mistaking which was a man and which was a woman.

Two things dawned on me then. The first was that the way the camera was positioned, the only thing I could see was the back of her head. The second was that her upper body, even though moving, was blocking the face of the man she was erotically coupling.

“This is useless!” I said to her. “I don’t see what Samantha is so worried about.”

It took her a few seconds to respond. When I looked over at her, I realized that her eyes were transfixed, almost hypnotically, on the screen.

Agreeing with me, Rachael said, “Neither do I; she’s blocking the man’s face entirely. In fact, how do we know who she is? This could be a video of anyone.” But then she stopped and exclaimed, “Oh fuck!”

I looked back at the screen and understood immediately why.

Almost as if on cue, the woman on the screen leaned far backwards towards the camera and placed the palms of her hands on the man’s legs just above his knees. In the same motion, Gloria arched her back upwards slightly. Then she tilted her chin high into the air.

In that moment, everything lined up perfectly… his face, her face, the camera. That’s when Rachael and I knew, beyond any doubt, who the two people on the bed were.

The couple on the screen was fucking was indeed Vince Rossi and Gloria Lemons.

I looked at it and exclaimed to Rachael, “Well, there goes the case! The camera doesn’t lie!”

Chapter Three – Ab Inito (From the Beginning)

For the next several hours we sat there watching the videos over and over again.

When that didn’t get us anywhere, I took the DVD player from one of the bedrooms and hooked it up to the television so we could watch the both side by side in split screen mode.

None of which helped us at all.

For example, one thing we learned was that both videos were definitely two recording of the same event but from two different angles. Another thing was that they were also of such good quality that they equaled any professionally made porn movies I’ve seen. I’d like to say that I am speaking strictly from a photograph point of view, but I can’t. The simple fact is I stayed with a massive hard-on the entire time I was watching them.

By twelve o’clock in the morning, I was tired of sitting there with a hard-on so I tried to convince Rachael that we were getting nowhere watching the videos.

For some unexplained reason, she seemed hesitant to stop. However, she relented so I wrote off as stubbornness. That’s when we began going over affidavits in the case file and butted heads like a couple of goats.

“I’m telling you, Vince is lying! There’s no way it could have happened the way he said it did.” I told her.

She looked shocked. “What makes you say that?”

Rachael opened her briefcase, took out a notebook and started writing in it.

“What are you doing?” I asked.

She looked at me expectantly, “I’m starting a list of your objections.”

That’s my Rachael, organized to a fault.

“We’ve been friends long enough for me to know what Vince is and is not capable of.” I told her candidly.

Rachael conceded, “Alright, I believe you. But, my intuition is telling me that was set up!”

“Even in the face of all that evidence?” I pointed to the coffee table containing the case files. “Sanders, has not one, but two videos. To top it off, he’s also got corroborating testimony from Gloria, who I might add, hasn’t changed her story a bit from day one.” Then a thought occurred to me and I asked, “Hey, you didn’t ask her about it did you”

She laughed, “No, she came to me.”

“Well, what did she say?”

Grimly, Rachael answered, “She denied it. Her whole story seemed rehearsed. I got the feeling that Gloria was trying too hard to convince me she’d slept with Vince. ”

“I thought you two are friends? Don’t you think she’d tell you the truth?” I pointed out.

Sourly, Rachael responded, “We were Marty. But, apparently, even friendship has its limits.”


Rachael explained, “Think about it, Marty. Gloria knows that Lilly is an attorney and as such, an officer of the court. If it ever came out that the two of them were in cahoots to defraud Vince out of half the marital estate, the best thing she could hope for is a stiff fine and disbarment. They’d both be facing a hefty prison term for perjury.”

Rachael was right, that was reason enough to keep anybody’s mouth shut.

“So what makes you think Vince is telling the truth?” I asked once more.

With a genuine tone of perplexity in her voice, Rachael replied, “I can’t put my finger on it but there’s something just not right with those videos. The whole thing looks setup, contrived even.”

“I didn’t see anybody holding Vince down. His hands didn’t look tied to me. Remember, the camera doesn’t lie, does it?” I reminded her.

Rachael suggested, “Just because we couldn’t see his hands doesn’t mean they weren’t tied.”

“Do you really think that Vince, a man, was overpowered Lilly, a woman, and tied to a bed?” I asked.

Then the obvious occurred to me.

“That would mean Lilly is an expert with ropes and knots.

Rachael added, “That plus be a lot stronger than she looks!”

“Hum, is she a dominatrix?”

Laughing, Rachael replied, “Not that I know of; but, it is possible.”

“Possible is not good enough. Tell me how she did it. Explain to me exactly how a woman her size overcame a man and tied him to a bed. After you do that, then you can tell me how Gloria, another woman, molested him.”

Rachael, hesitated a few seconds then said, “I can’t tell you how Lilly tied him up; I don’t know yet. As to how Gloria screwed him, that was the easy part!”

It was the most outrageous thing I’d ever heard. “Easy part? Are you serious?”

“Sure. The hard part was tying him to the bed; the rest was a piece of cake.”

Rachael was silent. I could tell she was thinking.

“The reason you don’t know is because it can’t be done.” I told her. But since I was supposed to be considering all possibilities I said, “But, just for the sake of argument, let’s assume that Lilly did manage to tie Vince up. You still have to explain the erection he had?”

She smiled, “Every heard of messaging the prostate?”

“Isn’t that a myth?”

Rachael laughed, “Nope, it’s a scientific fact.”

‘Where did you learn about that?’ I thought to myself; but, I decided not to ask.

“If Lilly or Gloria had done that to him, why didn’t Vince say anything about it in his affidavit? Better still, why didn’t we see one of them it on the video?”

Making eye contact with me, Rachael queried, “How many men do you know would want it to become public knowledge that a woman stuck her finger, or possibly even a foreign object, up their ass? Would you? And, as to why we didn’t see it on the video, it could have occurred before the video started.”

“I see your point. The problem is, in either case, he didn’t say it; we didn’t see it; and, therefore, we can’t prove it. So what’s left?”

Rachael responded, “I don’t know, maybe one of them slipped him a Viagra or something?”

“I didn’t see him swallow anything; did you?” But I knew she hadn’t so I continued, “Even if one of them did, once again, Vince didn’t mention anything about it in his affidavit. So we have no reason to assume otherwise.”

Rachael suggested, “There is another possibility. It might have been a purely a response to physical stimulation. Anyway, there are other ways for a man to get an erection, you know!”

“Like what?” I asked.

Almost seductively, Rachael suggested, “Maybe Vince just simply became aroused when Gloria got on top of him? Tell me; if an attractive, desirable, naked woman started rubbing herself on all over you wouldn’t you get aroused too?”

“No!” I lied.

She looked at me disbelievingly.

So what did I do? Did I confess and tell her the truth. Hell no! I told another lie.

“Take it from me; the only time a man will get aroused is if he wants a woman.”

Without hesitation, Rachael asked, “Is that a fact?”

“That’s right!”

She laughed and said, “Why don’t I believe you?”

Maybe it was because I was lying through my teeth!

But, I had to say something.

“Let’s assume, again for the sake of argument that you are right and, by some as yet undetermined means, either Lilly or Gloria did manage to “get it up” for him.”

She interrupted, “Or both!”

“Okay. That’s possible, kinky, but possible. I won’t quibble over that one. How do you explain the fact that Vince didn’t just buck her off of Gloria as soon as she climbed on top of him?”

It didn’t surprise me in the least when she said, “Because once she was up there she locked her ankles under his legs.”

“So? I’ve known women who’ve done the same thing. That doesn’t prove anything.” I replied. Then I thought about it and it occurred to me she might be right… at least on that point. Pride, however, kept me from telling her.

Inside, I really didn’t want to admit that Rachael could be right. It just offended my masculinity to think that a woman, any woman, could overpower a man and get that much control over him.

Hoping it would put an end to the debate, I summed it all up for her.

“Just admit it. Vince screwed Gloria; Lilly screwed Vince after she caught them on video. And, Samantha got screwed when she took the case!”

But Rachael wasn’t throwing in the towel, “You’re wrong Marty. There’s more to that video than either of us are seeing. The only explanation I can think of is that Vince is telling the truth!”

“Prove it then. If you can convince me, you can convince a jury.”

Rachael looked at me long and hard before speaking again. Something was going through her mind. Then she said to me, “You really mean that?”

There was an excited, almost devious, tone in her voice.


Then she asked, “I thought men liked to feel in control. If I prove I’m right, wouldn’t you feel as if I was threatening your masculinity? The last thing I want is something to affect our relationship.”

‘What?” I thought to myself, ‘is it me or is she taking this whole thing way too seriously?’ Then I came up with what I thought was a safe response…

“Rachael, don’t worry about it. I trust you. Do whatever it takes.”

Since she seemed happy, I wrote the whole thing off to the fact that she was probably just as tired as I was. ‘After all’, I thought to myself, ‘women can be so emotional at times.’

“Why don’t we figure out whose sleeping where?” I suggested.

She agreed and we began touring the bedrooms.

When we got to the master bedroom, I recognized it immediately from videos we had watched.

No sooner had I opened the door than Rachael said to me, “I’ll take the guest bedroom.”

We hadn’t even stepped into the room yet.

One look at the dresser on the far wall told me why. The entire dresser, including all the little cubbyhole slots built into the mirror, was covered in sex toys of various shapes and sizes. The toys weren’t on the videos because the camera wasn’t aimed in their direction. As you can imagine, it became clear to Rachael and I how Lilly could have hidden the camera in plain sight without it being noticed.

“They are kind of intimidating aren’t they?” I said, kidding her.

Undaunted, Rachael replied, “No, I just thought if you slept here you might develop a new perspective on things.”

I agreed. Then I told Rachael that I was going to take a shower and go to bed.

I brought my bags into the room and set them in the bottom of the closet out of the way. Then I closed the bedroom door and locked it, more out of habit than security. Fifteen minutes later, clean and dry I lay down on the bed. After I turned off the lamp on the nightstand, I tried to go to sleep.

According to the clock on the nightstand, it was 2:15 in the morning and even though I was tired, I couldn’t sleep.

Lying there in the dark, I had time to reflect on the day’s events and began wishing that I hadn’t been so stubbornly argumentative with Rachael. She was the last person in the world I wanted to hurt.

I knew that lately I had been becoming increasingly frustrated with myself for not having the courage to tell her how I felt about her. The reason was that I was afraid she might not feel the same way about me.

But now that it was beginning to affect our working relationship, I had to do something.

“Time to man up!” I said to myself and made my decision.

In the morning, I would apologize to her; and, no matter what the consequences were, tell her how I really felt.

It was like a weight being lifted from my mind and immediately I began to relax. Soon after that, I started drifting off to sleep; and, a hazy image began unfolding before me.

When it became clearer, I could see Gloria repeatedly taking Vince’s love muscle deep inside her moist womanhood. She was moaning wantonly like a banshee in heat. Vince, who was bound both hand and foot to the bed, was an unresisting prisoner of her desires.

As she continued ridding him, I drifted further and further into the realm of unconscious and my erotic dream.

Then, as if by magic, I was teleported onto the bed underneath her. When I gazed up at her, Gloria looked me straight in the eyes as if nothing had happened and proceeded feverishly riding my erect member. ‘My God’, I thought to myself, ‘this stranger is fucking me!’ and rather than succumb to my desires I tried to throw her off me. But I could not, my wrist were tied to the headboard.

Confused, in my mind, part of me wanted to resist and part of me didn’t.

Half halfheartedly, I attempted to roll over, hoping to tumble her off the bed but soon discovered I could not. My ankles were, as I said, were likewise bound to the foot-board.

It wasn’t so much the desire to escape as the frustration of failed attempt that caused me to try to buck Gloria off of me again. Desperately, I pushed my hips as hard I could high into the air.

That too failed when as soon as I raised my hips, Gloria simply moved her ankles beneath my legs and locked herself into position atop me.

When I realized that all my efforts to escape did was aid her in fucking me by driving my rigid member deeper inside her, I stopped moving completely.

The longer it went on, the more pleasurable it became. And, as the pleasure increased, so too did increase my confusion. Was I being assaulted, tormented, or ravished?

As I was trying to make up my mind, again as if by magic, Gloria disappeared to be replaced by another. It was Rachael!

When that happened, all doubt disappeared. I wanted this. I wanted her. Even if Rachael tied me to a bed and mercilessly fucked me like a mad woman; I wanted her!

But it was not to be; because, just when I was about to begin thrusting myself into her, like an unwelcome interloper, the dark void of dreamless sleep came to me.

What I had, at first, thought to be a nightmare had turned into the most erotic, if not disappointing, dream of my life!

And so I slept.

Sometime later, I was awakened out of a sound sleep when I felt my wrists being pulled to the bedposts at the head of the bed. Since I had been lying on my right side, I was forced to roll over onto my back as my right arm went towards the headboard.

‘Was this a dream or was it real?’ I asked myself.

Immediately I opened my eyes. The first thing I saw just before being pulled completely onto my back was the dim red glow of the digital clock on the nightstand. It was 6:30 in the morning and still pitched black outside.

What light there was in the room came from the LED from the alarm clock and the now cracked open doorway. There was a nightlight in the hallway just outside my room.

“WHAT THE FUCK?” I exclaimed and began thrashing about on the bed only to find that there was something wrapped around each of my ankles.

And again I asked myself, ‘Is this a dream?’

Then, for a split second, I caught sight of a figure moving in the darkness towards the foot of the bed. I felt something tugging at my ankles, pulling them in the direction of the foot-board and they too were bound unmovable. The whole process of tying me up couldn’t have taken more than five seconds. What’s more, the speed at which I had been tied up was fast that all I could do was I lay there in shock. Once the initial shock wore off, I began spouting obscene threats of violence at whoever was in the room with me.

When the light came on revealing my attacker, I could not have been more surprised. Half thinking it was all a dream, I was actually expecting to see Lilly Rossi or Gloria Lemons or both standing over me. The last person in the world I expected to see was Rachael!

And then something told me that it was all very real!

Chapter Four – Disjunctive Allegations

Have you ever heard the old adage that a picture is worth a thousand words? Well, if that’s true, then a demonstration has to be worth a million.

Marty had been a little too argumentative the night before and I decided it would take more than just argument to convince him who was right. So I thought to myself, ‘What better way than a live demonstration?’

If he wanted proof, I was going to give it to him.

Once his eyes now adjusted to the light, Marty could see me. You should have seen the look on his face. I don’t know what surprised him more, the fact that I was standing there, or the way I was dressed.

You see, while he had been sleeping, I had changed into a pair of red boy-shorts and matching sports bra. I keep them in my workout bag for those times when I’m on the road and want to exercise in my hotel room. I learned the hard way not to wear them in public.

They’re a wee bit risqué for that. Not that I care, but it’s kind of difficult to maintain a professional reputation when know professionally makes ‘Beaver Run’ jokes after seeing you jogging on the treadmill at the gym.

Perhaps I better explain. That particular little ensemble of sportswear shows every, and I do mean every, curve of my body in almost pornographic detail; but, they were the only things I had that were tight fitting enough to allow me to move around without making a sound.

All of which explains why when Marty saw dressed that way, he lay there silently for several seconds looking at me.

He turned red in the face when he realized I could see what he was doing and tried to cover up by asking, “Rachael, are you out of your ever loving mind? How did you get in here? I had the door locked.”

“I picked it with the filler from a ballpoint pen.” I answered, ignoring his question about my mental state. I wasn’t so sure about that myself!

Perplexed, he asked, “But how?”

“There’s a safety feature built into the locks installed in most houses. It’s a hole about a sixteenth of in inch located on the doorknob.”

I went to the door.

“See, on this side is the lock,” I opened the door, “On this side is the hole. It’s there in case you lock yourself out of an interior room. All you have to do is stick something rigid in there and push until you hear a click.” I demonstrated by pressing the button on the doorknob locking the door. Then I shoved the pen filler in the hole on the other side until I heard a clicking sound. Immediately the button popped out indicating that the door was unlocked. “See?”

Astonished, Marty exclaimed, “Well I’ll be damned! I never knew that.”

Anticipating what his next question would be. I explained…

“My little brother locked himself in his bedroom when I was babysitting him once. I had to call the fire department to get him out. A fireman showed me. So are you convinced yet?”

Either Marty didn’t understand the question of he was playing dumb because he asked, “Convinced of what?”

“That it is possible for a woman can overpower a man!” I replied triumphantly.

As Marty struggled with his bonds, he asked, “Couldn’t you have made your point some other way?”

“You’re the one who said prove it to you, remember? And no, I couldn’t. Anyway, you still haven’t answered my question.”

Marty said nothing. Instead, he began struggling with his bonds trying to free himself. But I had done a really good job of tying him up. Amused, I stood there and watched him. After about half a minute or so, he appeared to gave up.

“Finished yet?”

Frustrated he said to me, “Alright, you’ve made your point. It is possible for a woman to overpower a man. You can untie me now.

But that still doesn’t prove that Lilly had the knowledge or skills to do the same thing to Vince. Does it? While you’re untying me, you can tell me where did you learned to tie these damn knots anyway?”

“Don’t go anywhere.” I said, then laughed and headed out the door.

As I left the room, he called to me, “Hey, wait a minute; aren’t you going to untie me.”

“Not just yet. I’m not through with my demonstration.”

The sound of the bed shaking half way down the hall told me he was trying to get loose again. He stopped long enough to yell to me, “At least tell me where you are going?”

“Don’t worry; I’ll be back in a minute and answer all your questions!” I said reassuringly. The bed began squeaking again telling me he was trying again to get loose. “You might not want to struggle against those ropes too much. Those are slipknots. The more you pull on them, the tighter they become!”

I went to the bedroom, picked up, and emptied my suitcase on the bed. Then I took the suitcase into the living room and filled it with items I knew I’d need in order to continued the demonstration.

The spring in my step indicated that I was really was enjoying what I was doing.

When I reentered the room carrying my suitcase, Marty ceased his attempts to free himself and said, “What do you have there?”

I didn’t respond but rather sat it down on the bed and opened the suitcase.

“The list, remember? And I’ve got a few pieces of evidence.” I removed the list of his objections I had made from the suitcase and held it up for him to see.

He didn’t say anything.

“Let me start from the beginning,” I said and began showing Marty some of the certificates I’d discovered in the living room, “After you went to sleep, I went over the file again and then watched both videos a few more times. Well, just like before, I didn’t find anything useful. But then I got tired and decided to take a break. So I put on a pot of coffee; and, while I was waiting for the pot to finish, I decided to look at that shrine to outdoor life they call a living room.

That’s when I figured out who the great outdoors-man in the family really is.

I’ll bet when you walked in the door and saw all that junk on the walls you thought the same thing I did and that Vince, being the man, was the great white hunter. Am I right?”

He nodded.

“That’s what I thought too. Well, brace yourself. We were both wrong. Vince isn’t the one who loves the outdoors; Lilly is. Vince is just what he looks like, a city boy.”

His jaw dropped open. One by one, I began showing him the certificates I’d placed in my suitcase.

“It gets better. Not only is she an expert fisherman, hunter, marksman and mountaineer, but she’s also been a scoutmaster for the last twenty years. That means that is she skilled enough with knots to be qualified to teach them. Ergo, even if she’s not an expert, which the evidence indicates she is, Lilly most definitely has the skills and experience needed to tie somebody up quickly.”

Finished showing them to him, I placed the certificates carefully back in my suitcase. Next, I retrieved three books I removed from the bookshelf in the living room and held them up for him to see.

“Now to answer you second question as to where I learned to tie those knots holding you. They came out of these books.” I waved them back and forth dramatically. “They were on the bookshelf in the living room.” One was a book entitled ‘Outdoor Survival’; the second was the ‘The Scoutmaster’s Handbook’, and the last was a book dedicated entirely to the use of ropes and knots entitled ‘Knots and Ropes and Their Uses’. “And in case you’re wondering who they belong to, their Lilly’s. I know that because her name is stamped in the flyleaf of every one of them.”

“There are plenty of knots in these books that could have used. Once I found one that would do what I needed, it took me less than fifteen minutes to figure out how to tie it. I used the shoe laces from my running shoes for that. The next thing I had to do was determine exactly where to place the ropes and how to secure them. That’s when I decided to make a late night trip to Wal-mart to buy some rope and a few other things. We’ll expense that later. Anyway, after I got back from Wal-mart, I used the bed in my room to figure that out exactly where to tie the ropes. Since both beds are similar, it only took thirty minutes more of practice for me to feel confident enough to give it out on you.” I paused, and then said boastfully, “By the way, tying you up was a lot easier than I expected it would be.”

Marty just stared at me in disbelief.

“Need more convincing?” I asked.

He didn’t answer.

“I take it that is a yes then?” Again there was no answer. So, I looked at the list, then put the books back into my suitcase and began taking out items and laying them on the bed.

Curiously, Marty asked, “What are you going to do with those?”

He was referring to the two home video cameras I had just placed on the bed next to him. I had picked them up also during my late night shopping spree at Wal-mart.

“You said the camera doesn’t lie. Maybe it doesn’t; but I can prove that sometimes it doesn’t tell the whole truth. Want to find out if I’m right?”

If he had said no, I would have stopped there. Since I was having fun, I was thrilled when he replied, “You’ve got yourself a captive audience. Proceed.”

I laughed.

I laid my notepad and pen over on the dresser; and, then I closed my suitcase and placed it out of sight in the hall.

Returning to the bedroom, I picked up the cameras and checked the batteries in each to make sure they were fully charged.

Next, I turned the LCD viewfinders on each camera around so that images being recorded could be seen from the front of the camera. Then, I made my best guess as to where Lilly had placed her cameras and put mine in the same positions on the dresser and television.

I was luckily to find that the store still had in stock not only a video output cable for one the camera I put in the closet but also an extension cable. I used the cables to connect the camera’s outputs to the plasma television. Then I switched on the television and selected the input for the camera under the television.

It took a few adjustments but I finally got the field of view of each camera looking almost exactly the same as they were in Lilly’s videos. That accomplished, I carefully turned both camera’s viewfinders around so they were facing the bed.

Meanwhile, Marty, who seemed intrigued by my activity, waited quietly. I guess he wanted to see what I was going to do next.

As I headed towards my notepad, he broke his silence, “Now what?”

“Now we go down the list.” I replied.

“You said, ‘I didn’t see anybody holding Vince down. His hands didn’t look tied to me’.”

“Let’s see if you’re right.” I said as I approached the head of the bed.

Once there, I reached behind him with my left hand and pulled the pillow from behind his head.

“It would be easier for both of us if you raised your head. Vince might not have been given that choice; or, they could have just pulled him up by his hair. How do you want to do this, the easy way or the hard way?”

Deciding to take the easy way, Marty raised his head. When he did, I gently placed the pillow under his head and then stepped back so he could see the camera on the dresser. He looked at it and then at the television.

“Do you see any ropes?” I asked.

Stubbornly, her replied, “No, but that still doesn’t prove anything. They couldn’t be seen if they weren’t there either.”

“But I’ve made my point. While the camera might not lie, it also doesn’t necessarily tell the truth either. Does it?”

Begrudgingly, he conceded the point and I moved on.

“Now what was it you said next?” I looked at the notepad again. “Oh yes, here it is…

‘How, then, do you explain the erection Vince had?’ and I then said, ‘Have you ever heard of messaging the prostate?’ Look over at the dresser. I’ll bet I can find something over there that could get a rise out of you!” Then to prove my point, I walked over to it and picked up the biggest vibrator I could find. It was at least eighteen inches long and two and a half inches wide. “Do you feel adventurous enough to find out?”

Marty tensed up suddenly. “You wouldn’t dare!”

“No, I wouldn’t.” I confessed, “And seriously I doubt they did either.” I confessed, and then put the oversized phallic back on the dresser.

“But, no pun intended, that brings to the next item on the list.”

“When I suggested that one of them gave him something you said, ‘I didn’t see him swallow anything.’” I reached into my pocket and produced small plastic bottle half full of red syrupy liquid.

“Do you know what this is?” I held it up him to see it.

He examined it, laughed and then said mockingly, “Spanish Fly! You’re joking; right? That stuff doesn’t work.”

“One thing I can tell you is that somebody living in this house thinks that it does. I found this bottle in the kitchen cabinet. There were eight others just like it there. They were on the same shelf with the coffee, tea, and soda. Unless I miss my guess, somebody’s been mixing it with the soda to hide the taste.”

As I saw the pillow move, indicating to me that Marty was trying his ropes again; he said to me, “What makes you say that?”

“This particular brand of Spanish Fly just happens to come in three flavors: cola, cherry and, my personal favorite, strawberry. Want to take a guess what flavors of soda were in the cabinet next to it?”

Marty looked up as if in thought, then answered, “They wouldn’t they be cola, cherry and strawberry by any chance would they?”

“Good answer!” I said excitedly.

Being argumentative again, Marty insisted, “That still doesn’t prove anything. Maybe they just bought it and haven’t had a chance to use it yet?”

“Nope, somebody’s used it. Or, do you have a better explanation as to why this bottle was a quarter empty when I found it?”

Avoiding my question, Marty said, “Alright, I’ll concede that point. But let’s assume for a moment that you are right. If Gloria gave it to him, how did she do it without the camera seeing? For that matter, you also haven’t proved to me that it works.”

“I’m not sure it does. But, but there is a way we can find out. You can try some while I show you how she got him to drink it?” Of course, he could always say no! But something told me Marty wouldn’t.

Looking skeptical, he replied, “Go ahead. But don’t be surprised when it doesn’t have any effect on me.”

The instructions were printed in tiny find print on the bottle and it only took me a second or so to read them. I unscrewed the cap on the bottle and then said…

“You sure you want to do this? I don’t know what this stuff could do to you!”

Marty grinned and challenged me, “If it were dangerous, it wouldn’t be on the market. Besides, my guess is nothing at all. Just in case though, promise me you won’t start laughing if it does.”

“I think I can handle it.”

He laughed, “Very funny!”

“Okay, here we go!” I told him and then began lifting the bottle to my mouth.

Seeing what I was doing, Marty cried out, “Hey, I thought I was supposed to drink that. What gives?”

I paused.

“Just watch and learn!”

Then, I poured a quarter of the small bottle’s content into my mouth. I hadn’t intended to drink any myself; but, most of it went straight down my throat. It was bitter. Since there was still some left in my mouth, I bent down over Marty in the same manner that Gloria had over Vince in the video. Then, I placed my hands on each side of his face. Using my thumbs, I gently pressed on his nostrils until he was forced to open his mouth for air. When he did, I placed my mouth firmly upon his and opened my lips. The remaining liquid in my mouth went straight into his. I released my thumbs and instinctively, Marty swallowed as and took in several deep breaths through his nostrils.

When our mouths parted, there were a few drops running from the right side of Marty’s mouth. He must have felt them because he said to me, “Better not leave any on my lips; it’ll show up on camera.”

There was a sly grin on his face.

“You’re right. I hadn’t thought about that.”

I was about to reach up and wipe them off when he added, “I didn’t see her do that in the video.”

“Then how did she…” I started to say but the answer came to be before I finished. Meanwhile, I thought to myself, ‘Oh, so you want to play. Is that it Marty? Okay, I’ll play with you!’

“I’ll bet this is what she did.” I said and began using my tongue to lick the liquid from his lips.


Needless to say, it was definitely a turn on. I was about to stop, when out of nowhere, a wave of what I can only describe as burning desire swept over me. In less than two seconds I went from Luke warm to burning hot. My head was spinning; and, to top it off, I had suddenly developed an itch between my legs that was demanded to be scratched.

The first thing that I thought was, ‘Wow! Is it hot in here or is it me?’ because it seemed to be getting very hot in the room.

The second thing was, ‘Where did that itching come from?’

Yes, I knew where it was. But didn’t know at the time what had started it.

I was so surprised that I stopped immediately and to regain my composure so I could get back to my demonstration. I might have been successful had Marty not said as soon as I broke contact, “Sure you got it all? You wouldn’t want to leave any behind for the camera.”

‘Like that, did you?’ I asked mentally.

“Maybe I better try again?” I said and then kissed him squarely on the mouth.

‘I know what you’re doing Marty!’ I thought to myself as we kissed. ‘But do you know what a can of worms you are opening up by doing it?’

Yes, I knew what he was doing. Of that you can be sure. The big question is did I know what I was doing? The answer is yes. I did. I had some self-control left; though not much. I could have stopped. I didn’t want to. But I could have and almost did. Although for the life of me, I don’t know why.

But when his lips parted and our tongues began to intertwine as we kissed passionately, the thought fled from me and I became even more aroused. And, as my arousal increased, so did the itching between my legs.

My heart, which had been racing wildly, slowed a bit as I broke the kiss. When it did, again reality crept its ugly head back in. I took a few deep breaths and instantly, my head started to clear long enough for me to hear Marty’s voice saying, “Like I said, what are you going to do if the stuff doesn’t work?”

Desperately I tried to concentrate. ‘Think damn it! What were you going to do next? Oh yes, the list! Go down the list!’

And then an argument broke out in my head between what I can best describe as ‘Horny Me’ and ‘Professional Me’.

‘Fuck the list! I want to fuck Marty!’ Horny Me said.

Then Professional Me said, ‘You’re not supposed to be fucking Marty dumb-ass. You’re supposed to going down the list!’

‘Hey, maybe we can do both?’ Horny Me suggested.

But then Professional Me took charge and ordered, ‘Stop acting like a cougar. You know you can’t do both! Show a little self-control and just go down the damn list like you’re supposed to!’

‘But I don’t want to! Aren’t you even tempted just a little?’ Horny Me said defiantly.

Finally, Professional Me ended the argument when she said, ‘Of course I am. But I know how to control myself. Now stop arguing with me and do as you’re told!’

And so, for the time being, it looked as if Professional Me had won.

“Before I answer that, I have a few questions for you. Tell me, do you still think that having a desirable naked female rubbing on your pelvis wouldn’t arouse you?”

And somewhere in my brain I heard the words, ‘Say yes. Marty, say yes!’ It was Horny Me talking.

Marty grinned, “Never happen!”

‘That’s the same thing! Isn’t it?’ Horny Me asked to which Professional Me replied, ‘Yes! Now shut up I’m trying to think!’

“And do you still contend that the only way a man will get aroused is if he wants a woman?” I asked.

He smiled and said, “That’s right!”

Without saying a word, I peeled off my sports bar and stood there nude from the waist up. As I did, thought to myself, “Tell me Marty, do you think I’m desirable?” I baited him.

After which Professional Me demanded, ‘Hey, what are you doing?’

‘Just trying to find out how much; that’s all.’ said Horny Me slyly.

Marty stared in disbelief and Professional Me said to Horny Me, ‘You shouldn’t have done that. Look at him. What are you going to do if he doesn’t like what he sees?’

‘There’s only one way to find out.’ Horny Me informed.

Confused, Professional Me asked, ‘How’s that?’

‘We’ll just have to show him the whole package.’ Answered Horny Me.

And then, before Profession Me could protest, I took off my boy-shorts and I stood there now totally naked before him. There had been nothing underneath them.

Indignantly, Professional Me chastised, ‘Now you’ve done it! Look at him! He thinks were so ugly that he’s gone speechless!’

‘Bet you’re wrong!’ insisted Horny Me.

To which Professional Me retorted, ‘Bet I’m right!’

‘All right, let’s ask him.’ They said together

“Well, tell me Marty, do you think I’m desirable?”

Finding his voice, he replied, “Yes. Very desirable.”

Professional Me said doubtingly, ‘Maybe he’s just saying that because he doesn’t want to hurt our feelings?’

“How do I know you’re not just flattering me?” I asked.

Nervously, he replied, “Trust me, you are.”

Professional Me wasn’t satisfied.

“I don’t believe you. What proof do you have?” I said teasingly.

Embarrassed, he answered, “You know I can’t prove that!”

‘But I can. All I have to do is pull the sheet off of him so we can both see.’ Suggested Horny Me. But Professional Me was frightened, ‘Wait! Don’t do that! I don’t want to know.’

‘Trust me. I know what I’m doing.’ Horny Me responded.

“I don’t believe you. Maybe I better see for myself?” And then, before he could say anything, in one motion I pulled the sheet off him exposing his now semi-rigid member.

‘Do you believe me now? I told you he likes us!’ Asked Horny Me.

Unconvinced, Professional Me said, ‘That doesn’t prove anything. He’s not even completely hard.’ Even so, she couldn’t take her eyes off the thing.

If that wasn’t bad enough, to make matters worse, the itching between my legs had become so powerful that I really had to fight to take my eyes off of his penis.

Grinning, Marty demanded, “Satisfied?”

“Not even!” I blurted out without thinking and then tried to cover-up my blunder by looking back at the list. Then added, “But, for the sake of argument, I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt.”

In the mean time, the voices in my head were still talking.

‘Stop drooling! You act as if you never seen one before.’ It was Horny Me.

Like a kid with her hands in the cookie jaw, Professional Me replied, ‘I’m not drooling! Am I?’

‘No but you might as well be. Now stop distracting me. I’m trying to think here.’ Horny Me insisted.

“Where was I? Oh yes! I remember now. I’ll ask you again…” I said as I threw the clipboard onto the floor and climbed onto the bed next to him. But, I didn’t stop there; instead, I continued climbing until I was on top of him and my hips were straddling his. Then, I lowered my weight slowly downward until our sexes meet each other.

The contact was electric.

“Do you really think that having a naked woman rubbing herself on you isn’t enough to get you aroused?” I asked.

Stubbornly, he replied, “That’s right.”

‘Does he really think we’re that stupid?’ The two voices chorused.

“Really? Then I guess you won’t mind proving it to me. Will you?” I didn’t give him a chance to answer. Instead, I began moving my hips to and fro. And each time my sex rubbed the full length of his hardening penis my clit tingled.

Within seconds, as if coming to life, his manhood began growing harder beneath me.

‘Now are you convinced that he likes us? Do you still want to go down the list?’ demanded Horny Me.

‘What list? Who cares about the list? I want to play a little.’

I pushed myself up into a kneeling position and the itching became stronger.

“So, this isn’t doing anything for you huh?” I said as I continued massaging his manhood with my sex. And thought to myself, ‘Then why are you resisting so much?’

There was a look of utter disbelief on his face.

When he didn’t respond, I quickened the pace of my movements. I’m sure he didn’t know it at the time, but I probably would have no matter how he had responded.

My conscious mind I knew I was enjoying the friction his cock was creating way too much; but, my loins were on fire and I couldn’t seem to stop myself. With each movement I made, his love muscle became harder and harder. It wasn’t long before it was fully erect.

Confused, Professional me said, ‘I don’t know what to do now. I really didn’t think it would get this far. Do you have any ideas?’

‘Why don’t you just keep going down the list and see what happens?’ Horny Me suggested.

So that’s what I did.

“You said, ‘how do you explain the fact that he didn’t just buck her off of him as soon as she climbed on top of him?” I asked through quickening breaths. “We’ll I’m on top of you; go ahead, get me off!”

I looked down at him for his reaction. He just stared back up at me.

All the while I was rubbing myself against him I was getting closer and closer to orgasm.

‘You know we’re getting close to the point of no return, don’t you?’ Horny Me asked.

But Professional Me was silent. She was having too much fun.

“Well, what are you waiting for? What’s stopping you? Try to get me off!” I insisted and then added tauntingly, “Or can’t you do it?”

Grinning, Marty said proudly, “Oh, I can get you off alright! But be careful what you ask for; you might just get it!”

“Then do it! Get me off!”

Without saying another word, he started bucking his hips up and down forcefully. He had a lot of strength in his legs and several times I was thrown upwards so hard that I almost did get tossed off of both him and the bed. Several times during his attempts, I actually felt the head of his cock go past my inner labia and almost into the opening of my vagina.

‘Hey, that was close. If you want to stop, you better do it now while you can.’ Horny Me cautioned.

Marty paused giving me time to think as he asked, “Rachael, how much of that stuff did you drink. I’ve never seen you this way. Are you sure you know what you’re doing?”

‘We do; don’t we? Damn that stuff we swallowed is good! Just that little bit of rubbing on him has got us so worked up if the wind blew we’d have an orgasm. Yeah, that was really close too. He almost ended up inside of us. I wonder if he’s trying to tell us he wants to stop now? What if we end up doing something we both regret later? Still, we can’t take much more of this. Maybe we better slow down and think this over. Sure, we’ll play it safe.’ The voices in my head were now speaking as one.

So, in my sex drunk mind, I decided to lock my ankles under his legs for leverage before I totally lost control of the situation. The idea was to trap Marty’s manhood safely between us and ‘out of harm’s way.

He was still waiting for my answer.

“What?” I exclaimed. “Of course I know what I’m doing!”

I didn’t plan on what happened next!

At the very moment that I slid my ankles under his knees, Marty must have used all his strength to try and shove me off of him. The force of his action sent me quickly up and forward in the direction of the headboard. In desperation, I tighten my leg muscles as hard I could so I wouldn’t be thrown off of him. When I felt Marty’s pelvis retreat to the bed, pushing hard against the headboard with my arms, I threw my weight back onto him.

“Ahhh!” I screamed out when, in one swift motion, I impaled myself onto the fullness of his manhood. Well, I think I screamed. Maybe I just said roared! I can’t remember. But that’s probably because as soon as my kitty sat on his snake, I was sent right into the clutches of a powerful orgasm.

It was so strong that all I could do was sit there, gasp and writhe euphorically for several seconds while my vaginal walls contracted uncontrollably around his hard, hot, pulsating, pleasure pole.

‘You did that on purpose!” The voices inside my head said to each other accusingly.

Marty laughed, and then said, “Still want me to get you off?”

Wait a minute, that wasn’t the voices inside my head! I said that out loud!

I was still cumming.

Meanwhile, I was thinking, ‘My God, is his cock actually twitching inside of me? It is! And, it’s hitting my g-spot! How the hell is he doing that? Fuck that feels so good! As long as he keeps that up, my orgasm will never end.’

When it didn’t stop, I realized that it really was. Marty was making his cock twitch inside of me!

After what seemed like an eternity, but was probably more like thirty seconds, of his cock bobbing inside me I thought I was going to pass out.

Finally, when my body couldn’t take any more of it, I fell forward on top of him causing half of his man-meat to slip out of me. Luckily for me I caught myself with my arms.

The twitching stopped.

It was just the break I needed. My head cleared a little and I remembered then that he’d said something to me.

“What did you say?” I asked sheepishly.

Still grinning, he replied, “I said,” Marty began speaking and started twitching his cock again. “Do you still want me to get you off?”

Only this time, because of my new position, every time the head of his cock moved gravity caused it to land directly on my g-spot. I still couldn’t think straight.

What thoughts I did have went like this… ‘I can’t move! I’m stuck again and I can’t move. Wait, yes I can. I don’t want to, but I can! Did he just ask me a question?’

I didn’t know what to say or, for that matter, to do. One thing I did know, time was against me. The longer I allowed his manhood to throb inside me, the less likely I was to let it go. It felt so good when the head of his manhood had driven past my inner labia, entered my well lubricated womanhood and sent me instantly into an orgasm. And, I did want so badly to be fucked. But, I just didn’t know if the Spanish-fly was making me feel that way or whether it was what I really wanted. Was my body in control or my mind? No matter what it was that was driving me, it was finally time for me to make a decision.

As before, he was looking up at me expectantly and I knew that I had to say something.

When after a few moments I didn’t saying anything, his cock stopped pulsing. That’s when I decided.

Chapter Five – Interrogatories

Didn’t I tell you that Rachael is smarter than I am? She set up that ambush and executed it with military precision. And the way she mastered those knots in such a short time is nothing but genius.

Let me tell you, when the lights came on and I saw it was Rachael, I was impressed.

Okay, call me stupid; but, when she brought in the cameras I had no idea what she was doing. In my own defense, after the ease at which she’d managed to tie me to the bed I was still in shock.

After Rachael told me what she was up to, I began to wonder just how far she was willing to go. However, when she broke out the clipboard and started going through the checklist, I decided she was going to stop before things got intimate.

Since I was tied to the bed unable to go anywhere, there wasn’t much else I could do but play along with her. But I would have any way. And yes, I was pretending to be stubborn. Rachael had me convinced she was right about what happened to Vince from the moment I woke up tied to the bed. I just didn’t tell her that.

That Spanish-fly trick was a good one. However, Rachael was wrong about it. The stuff doesn’t really do much to a man… or at least to me. In fact, all it did was to make my heart race a little. On the other hand, from what I saw, it definitely did affect her. I’ve never seen a woman go from cold to burning hot so fast in my life!

She told me later that once the stuff kicked in, she just about couldn’t stop herself.

When Rachael went for my “better not leave any on my lips; it’ll show up on camera” line and ended up kissing me, I knew she was having as good a time as I was. So, while she played her little game, I played mine.

And another thing, it took every ounce of willpower I had to keep from getting a raging hard-on when I saw how she was dressed.

Boy shorts and a sports bra? Can you get any sexier? Hell, I could see everything delicious on her from camel toe to pert, pointy, nipples.

I thought of everything from names in the phone book, to, holidays on the calendar, trying to keep from growing wood. I might even have been successful had she not stripped naked and climbed on top of me. But it was over the second she started sliding the wet entrance of her pleasure portal along the length of my awakening shaft.

Score: Me Zero, Cock One and Rachael One. Game over! Rachael wins by a boner!

You know, when Rachael told me to ‘get her off’, as she so appropriately put it, and I almost succeeded throwing her off me. I began to think that she might have been wrong about Vince’s ability to keep Gloria from fucking him.

I changed my mind when Rachael locked her ankles under me and it resulted in her sitting on my dick.

I wish you could have seen the expression on her face when she started cumming. It was a mixture of both astonishment and ecstasy at the same time and one I will never forget.

When I saw her like that, any thoughts I had about what we were doing begin case related completely disappeared.

So, there we were. One minute Rachael was sitting on top of me with my manhood completely inside her; and, the next she was leaning forward writhing as my cock did the ‘love thump’ on her g-spot.

Up until that moment, it could all have been written off as a very unconventional demonstration. At best what we were doing was questionably professional, at worst pornographic!

But, she’d made her point. Now what was she going to do?

So I asked her, for the second time, “Do you still want me to get you off?”

I wanted to make sure that this time there would be no doubt about what I meant.

As I looked up at her expectantly, I still wasn’t absolutely sure what her answer would be. It could have been an accident her impaling herself on me. Like I believed that!

But, when she pushed herself backwards and sat up taking me all the way inside her again, I had my answer.

Now before I tell you what happened next, I want to make a few things clear.

Most people would think that once a person has been tied to a bed (or anything else for that matter) and their partner is on top of them. The person on the bottom is pretty much just a prop and all they can do is lie there and get fucked. Nothing, however, is further from the truth. In fact, if the person on the bottom knows what they are doing, they can pretty much control the whole situation, sexually that is. And yes, I know that logic dictates that they just can’t get up and walk away. But, before you make up your mind that what I am saying is outrageous, consider this… it’s all about using what you have to push the right physical and psychological buttons.

The reason I’m telling you this is so you will understand me when I say that, bound though I was, I was the one controlling what happened. And here is how I did it…

Every time Rachael started to lower her hips, the moment she was half way down my shaft, I raised my hips and pushed myself back up inside her. When I did, I made sure that the top of my joystick rubbed her g-spot. Every time I did that, it made her jerk erotically and gasp for air.

This went on for several minutes. All the while, I kept constantly massaging her g-spot with the head of my cock. At the same time, I never allowed more than half of me to leave her.

Don’t think it wasn’t having any effect on me. The friction her velvety insides were generating around my cock had it tingling from base to tip.

But the effect on her was much stronger and it wasn’t long before she was begging me to stop moving my hips. She said, “Please! It’s too intense, I need a break!”

So I pulled out all the way and drove the head of my cock right onto her clit.

Rachael jumped suddenly, leaning backwards as she did.

It wasn’t much of a break because, before she had a chance to recover, I plunged myself hilt deep inside her.

The difference was that this time when I entered her, the entire length of my manhood rode her g-spot like a rocket on a slid.

“OH FUCKKK!” Rachael cried out and closed her eyes in ecstasy.

Seeing her reaction turned me on even more; and, I quickened my pace of our love making even more.

A few stokes later her breathing became very rapid and I could tell Rachael was on the verge of orgasm. I started fucking her as fast as I could. Seconds later, she held her breath and froze completely. In response, I went even faster.

“EEEIAHHH!” Rachael screamed suddenly and started gyrating uncontrollably around my cock in another orgasm.

Wanting it to last as long as possible for her, I continued the pace of my fucking until she collapsed on top of me again. She was still quivering so I started giving her the ‘love thump’ again in hopes of prolonging her ecstasy.

“Stop jerking your cock like that for a second. I need to catch my breath.” She begged.

So I did as she’d asked and I stopped ‘thumping’ her g-spot.

She smiled when I did. But then I started moving inside her with slow, short and deliberate strokes and the smile was replaced with surprised.

“Want me to stop?” I said.

Rachael’s response was to begin rocking herself onto me.

I took it as a no.

When she tried to lift herself back up into a sitting position, I pulled out all the way and ‘tapped’ her clit again. It caught her by surprise; and, she jerked upwards and fell forward again.

I was back inside her and fucking before Rachael knew what had happened.

“Please.” She begged weakly.

Toying with her, I said, “Please what? Don’t do this?”

And then I pulled out just long enough to ‘tap’ her clit again. “Or this?”

I pushed my head towards her right breast and took her nipple into my mouth. When I did, her knees gave sending her hips went backward as they did. My cock was waiting there for her and I drove it back inside her before she could move.

“AHHH! It was like music to my ears.

I wanted to hear it again so I continued sucking and fucking her like that for several minutes more until I decided that her left nipple looked as delectable as the right one.

I moved my mouth to her left breast and took it into my mouth. Only this time, as I sucked her breast, I doubled the speed of my cock.

And with every stroke I made into her, got closer and closer to my own orgasm.

“FUCKKK!” Rachael said erotically when I withdrew again and drove every inch of my cock over her clit and then reentered her.

With a wanton look in her eyes, Rachael pulled her breast from me and kissed me passionately on the mouth. Her tongue danced with mine as our sexes devoured each other. It was getting closer now, my orgasm, for each new touch of our bodies became more sensual than the last.

I looked at her and could tell that, Rachael was as close to nirvana as I was. Hoping to feast my eyes on her rapture before I came, I fucked her wildly.

“UMMPH!” We screamed erotically into each other mouths as the first thunderous wave of mutual orgasmic bliss struck us. Rachael began thrusting herself onto me savagely as the volcano inside me erupted sending my seed inside her.

Slowly, ever so slowly, the tide receded from us leaving us to lie there in naked, fulfilled union together. And, as all good things must, so too did our love making come to an end.

But what a glorious ending it was, for when the climax was upon us, our bodies move in unison as we savored each fleeting but beautiful moment of our lovemaking.

When the last of it was gone, exhausted, Rachael collapsed on top of me and fell instantly asleep.

She still had my sex inside of her.

I had worn her out; but then, she had done as much for because I followed her into the peaceful land of Nod not long afterwards.

Chapter Six – Oral Arguments

About two hours later, I wakened when I felt something cool and wet rubbing around my manhood. It was Rachael. She was sitting on the edge of the bed next to my chest. In her left hand Rachael held a washcloth. She was using it to clean my manhood. Her other hand she was running gently through the hairs on my chest.

She hadn’t untied me yet and I wondered why.

“Good morning.” Rachael said seductively.

I responded, “Good morning to you. So what’s next?”

“More case work.” Replied Rachael as she threw the washcloth in her hand on top of a laundry hamper in the corner of the room.

Confused, I asked, “You’ve already convinced me, what’s left?”

She reached behind her and produced a large squeeze tube of some green looking jelly like substance. I looked at it. The label read: ‘Green Apple Lover’s Jelly.’ She opened the bottle and squeezed a generous portion all over my manhood as she said to me…

I asked her, “Where did you get that?”

“It was in bath room there.” She said pointing to the adjoining master bath. Then she added, “Now that we finished ‘Interrogatories’, it’s time we move onto ‘Oral Arguments’.”

Confused, I said, “Huh?”

“You’ll see!” Rachael replied as she rolled over on top of me. She ended up lying on her stomach facing away from me. Carefully, she moved backwards until she felt her pussy touch my chin. Then she said to me…

“Let’s see who the better orator is.”

We were in the classic sixty-nine position.

The only reason she won that one was because my hand were tied at the time. If they hadn’t been, she’d never have been able to get pull herself from me every time I had her close to orgasm.

When she untied me, I made up for it by tying her ankles to the headboard and her wrists to the bed rails. Oh, Rachael was still on top of me just like she had been the first time. The difference was that bound as she was and with my hands around her waist, she wasn’t getting away from me.

I kept her screaming in orgasms for almost an hour before I let her go. Payback can be so much fun!

That afternoon, fucked out and me with a new perspective on the case, we went back to work.

Chapter Seven - Discovery

“There it is! See it?” I said to Marty as I pointed at the bottle on the nightstand in the video.

We’d already put the camera’s back in their boxes and cleaned up the bedroom. Then, while the sheets were in the wash, I’d burned the video we made onto a DVD so we could use it for comparison. When the DVD was finished, Marty and I returned to the living room so we could watch the two videos side-by-side on the wide screen television. Only this time, one of the videos we watched was Lilly’s, the other was the one Marty and I had made.

He got up from his position on the couch and walked over to the screen so he could get a better look. “I think so. Can you zoom in it?”

I did.

Astonished, Marty exclaimed, “Damn! You’re right; it is a bottle of Spanish-fly. And, it’s in the exact same place on the nightstand that you set the one you used! How the hell did we miss it?”

“Because neither of us was looking for it then; we were both too busy watching Vince and Gloria doing the nasty.” I told him.

He sat back down and said thoughtfully, “I wonder what else we missed?”

“Let’s watch it again and find out.”

Inspiration must have struck him because he said, “Hey, can you it any slower?”

“Sure, I could… if we hooked up the laptop to the television. But I can’t do that.” I told him.

Marty responded, “Why’s that?”

“I don’t have the cable for it.” Then it occurred to me that we’d worked through lunch and I was hungry. If I was hungry, then I was sure that Marty was too. What better excuse could I find to get out of the house? “Let’s go get something to eat. While we’re at it, we might as well go shopping for the cable I need.”

So we did.

Two hours later, our stomachs were filled and the cable in place, we started watching video at one thirty-second speed.

That’s we found the first editing error in the video.

Marty saw it first. “Did you see that?”

“No. I didn’t.”

Excitedly, he said, “Run it back a few frames and play it again. This time, watch the digital clock on the other nightstand.”

I did, restarted the video and then saw it.

The time on the clock jumped suddenly from 5:33 to 5:35.

“I see it!”

So we ran the video back until the clock on the nightstand said 5:32 and began watching it frame by frame. We were looking for any anomalies we could find.

Six frames into to it, we found the first one. There were three frames of video in which the pillow behind Vince’s head had somehow moved to the right just enough to reveal his left wrist to the camera.

“There it is!” I pointed out. The ‘it’ was referring to was the rope tied around Vince’s wrists.

Marty conceded, “I’ll be damned! You were right.”

“Do you think it’s enough?”

He turned to me and said, “Probably. Our burden of proof is ‘by a preponderance of the evidence’ not ‘reasonable doubt’. Still, I think we should see just how many of these little editing errors Lilly left behind.”

“Hey, let’s put the other video back in and play them side by side again.”

Perplexed, Marty asked, “Why? We already did that once.”

“Because I’m willing to be that we’re going to find, because of the editing done, the two videos will become out of sync every where they were edited.”

And that’s exactly what we did.

It didn’t take long after that to find the rest of the anomalies.

After the first one, I started keeping a log of them. In it, I recorded the video name, frame number it started, and time stamp as it appeared on the video.

There were at least thirty-seven of them. In total, they represented a time gap of eighteen minutes and twenty seconds. Funny, that’s the same amount of time missing from the Nixon White House tapes!

Anyway, the longest single deletion was five minutes and two seconds in length. It was also at the end. That’s odd isn’t it? The action was already over. Why did they delete something from the end of a video? Odder still was the fact that they left one frame left behind as evidence. Marty and I studied that frame for two hours trying to figure out what was missing. But we couldn’t see anything. In fact, the only thing we did see was a cell-phone on the nightstand that wasn’t in the rest of the video.

But, since we had more than enough evidence to prove our case, we gave up and decided it would remain one of those mysteries we’d never know the answer to.

When our work was done, I called Samantha and told her what we had found.

She told me that we’d done a good job and for us to take the rest of the weekend off.

We were to meet her at the courthouse an hour before court Monday morning.

When I hung up the phone, Marty told me he’d put the sheets in the dryer and asked me what Samantha had said.

I told him.

He looked thoughtful for a moment and then said, “Why don’t we run through the video a few more times and see if we find anything else?”

“Why? We’ve got more than enough evidence as it is. Besides, she told us we could take the weekend off?” I asked.

Casually, he replied, “Oh, no particular reason. I just thought, after the sheets were dried, that we could put it on in the bedroom and see what else we missed.”

“And what do you suggest we do in the meantime?”

Slyly, Marty grinned, “Oh, I don’t know. Hey, why don’t you teach me that little rope trick you used on me this morning?”

“And why do you want to know that?” As if I didn’t already know the answer!

With a straight face, he replied, “Well, I used granny knots to tie you up earlier. Besides, I can try real knots during cross examination later!”

An hour later, the sheets were dried. Marty had me tied to the bed and he started ‘cross examining’ me. He had me cinched up so well I could hardly move. Each of my wrists was bound to a post on the headboard; and, after he had me bend my knees, he tied each ankle to the center of the bed-rail closest to it.

When he was done, he had unrestricted access to whatever part of me he wanted. Then, after teasing me for several minutes by sucking and licking my nipples, Marty climbed between my legs. Once there, he rubbed his manhood against my sex while his tongue teased my nipples some more.

Every so often, just to taunt me, he’d let his cock prod at the entrance of my womanhood.

“THAT’S EVIL!” I said in frustration.

He laughed and said, “That’s not evil. This is evil!”

And then he slid the head of his love muscle an inch inside.

Of course, I struggled to get more of it in me; but, every time I did, he’d simply pull away so it wouldn’t go deeper.

After doing that a few times, he said to me, “If you think that was evil. Wait until you see what I do next!”

Then he thrust half way in me and before I could respond, pulled himself completely out of me.

“FUCK!” I cried out in frustration.

But then, two seconds later his head was between my legs.

Expertly, Marty licked my clit as he used the index finger of his right hand to massage my g-spot. He was so good at it that he soon had my toes curling. He continued his oral attentions and a few minutes later my whole body began to quiver as I felt my first orgasm starting.

Just when I was about to cum he stopped abruptly.

“SHIT!” I yelled and then begged, “DON’T STOP!”

Instead, Marty ignored my pleas and waited for my body to stop quivering.

When it did, he began rolling his tongue over my clit in a one second rhythm. Every time it touched my love button a tiny jolt of electricity ran through my entire body.

Slowly he began increasing the speed of his tongue until once again I felt the quivering of an impending orgasm upon me.

“PLEASE!” I begged. Taking pity on me, Marty slithered his finger inside me and began stroking my g-spot while, at the same time, sucking on my clit.

I screamed! My body tensed up suddenly; and then, I began writhing out of control as wave after orgasmic wave ran through me like lightening in a thunderstorm.

Endlessly his mouth pleasured my hypersensitive clit as he massaged my g-spot.

Finally, when Marty didn’t think I could take any more, beginning with my thighs, he began kissing my lower body.

I was still shuttering a little when he raised his head and crawled back up onto me. And, without saying a word, he rammed the head of his manhood directly onto my sensitive clit. I involuntarily arched my pelvis upwards in response. Then, like a thief, he snuck his entire rod inside of me and immediately began thrusting as fast as he could. Every thrust of his manhood into me ground against my g-spot causing me to wail like a banshee. And then he slowed down and he reached over in the direction of the nightstand with his left hand.

He picked up the bottle of Spanish-fly; and, with one hand, he unscrewed the top. After letting it fall to the floor, Marty took a generous portion of the red liquid into his mouth and then proceeded to kiss me passionately.

Our tongues mingled as the sour liquid began running down my throat. The whole time this was going on, he was moving slowly inside me.

We continued kissing passionately and a minute later, I felt the aphrodisiac beginning to take effect on me. When it did, I moaned and kissed him harder. In response, Marty began quickening his pace; and, the more he fucked me, the faster he went.

“EEEIAHHH!” I screamed when Marty and I both exploded in synchronous orgasms. But no sound ever came out for we were both cumming so hard, so completely enraptured and consumed in the moment that neither of us could make a sound.

When it was over, he rolled over and untied me.

He didn’t get much rest though. It was my turn; and, with the Spanish-fly was s

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