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The Older College Hottie to my Virginity

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Everything changed my junior year of High School; I mean EVERYTHING. I was 5’8 and about 150 lbs. A bit on the skinny side compared to most of the other guys at school. I had just gotten rid of those nerdy glasses and was sporting a new pair of contact lenses. I wasn’t what you would call a ladies’ man back then and was way behind most of my friends in the “action with the ladies” department.

That all changed the night I decided to head out to a party with some older college friends of mine. I sort of tagged along mostly to be the designated driver. But I dressed for the occasion making sure to take extra care in the way I looked that night. The party was going to be another one of those where everyone was there to drain the keg and hopefully score with a drunk chic.

Soon after arriving I found one of those red party cups and filled it with some soda. As I made my rounds giving handshakes to guys and hugs to some of the girls I knew, I ran into a cute blonde girl who nearly wrecked my nicely pressed shirt with her drink. After a quick check of my clothes I looked up to apologize for the awkward encounter only to find that not everyone had avoided disaster in the encounter. My new friends white blouse didn’t fair to well. But what caught my eye more was the visible outline of a pink lace bra and a huge pair of tits. To add to it the ice cold drink had created a pair of headlights that I thought were going to rip right through her shirt. I quickly introduced apologized and then fumbling for words tried to introduce myself. Sensing my lack of Don Juan charm she confidently hugged me and told me her name was Melissa and not to worry about the blouse. She must have been reading my mind as her next words echoed what I was thinking. “Hopefully I won’t need it later…” she said with a wry smile. My virgin cock nearly erupted on my clean pair of boxers. Melissa was a good looking blonde. She had an incredible body, tight and firm, with a chest I was hoping to get a look at a bit later. She didn’t appear to be drunk, but I was sure she had had a drink or two. I quickly did my best cool guy impression and told her that she would look better with the shirt off anyway. My quick response must have triggered something because she quickly reached out a pulled me towards where others had started dancing. I’m not much of a dancer but did my best to keep up with Melissa. I stepped up behind her and quickly put my hand on her waist. She immediately began moving with the rhythm of the music grinding her ass into my crouch. I knew at that point that I wasn’t going to be able to hide the enormous bulge in my pants any longer so I put both hands on her hips and pulled her even closer. I must have done something right because she quickly turned around and pressed herself against me. My huge hard on was now grinding on her crotch begging to be let loose for the first time.

My young hormones continued to take over me as I reached around her and put both hands on her ass guiding her moving hips across my imprisoned cock. At that exact moment I felt her hand on my neck as she drew her soft lips to mine her tongue sneaking out to meet mine. We stood there kissing and grinding away at each other until finally I don’t think she could hold back. She grabbed my hand and led me away. We quickly left the party and hopped into her car. I didn’t know where we were going but I knew I wanted to be along for the ride. I didn’t let her having to drive spoil my sudden boost of confidence or desire to finally stick my dick into a real pussy. I reached my hand across the car and quickly found what I had expected. Melissa was wearing a short skirt that night and as my hand found its way to her crotch I could feel how hot and moist her pussy had gotten. Not waiting for an okay I slowly began to rub my fingers up and down the front of her covered pussy making sure to do a little kissing each time we stopped at a red light. I didn’t know how much longer we were going to be driving but I could sense that Melissa was putting more pressure on the accelerator. Deciding that she probably would let me I slipped a finger around her g-string a pulled it aside allowing my hand to finally touch a bare pussy. I couldn’t believe how hot it was and how wet she was getting. As we stopped at what would be the last red light of our drive she reached down a guided my fingers into her wetness. The penetration sent spasms through her body causing her to arch her head back and moan out loud. Moments later I was greeted by confirmation that for the first time ever I had made a girl cum. Much to my surprise it was only the beginning to what was to come.

As the car parked in a driveway she quickly reached across and rubbed by now throbbing cock through my pants telling me that her parents were gone for the weekend and that she wanted to take full advantage of the opportunity to fuck my brains out without the worry of interruption. I might have been new to this but you didn’t have to tell me twice. I jumped from the car and followed her into the house. As soon as the door was closed and locked her shirt came off to expose her pick lace bra and a nice set of tits. Now over the years I have fancied myself as lover of breasts and I must say that my first pair started my down the right path.

Now that the nights plans had been established and clothing was being shed my lack of experience showed as I couldn’t figure out the clasps on her bra. Melissa must have grown tired of me not being able to get her bra off cause in a flash she had it off, on the floor, and was pulling my head down to meet her already hard left nipple. I took advantage of the invitation and began sucking on it slowly. I don’t remember much of the rest of the walk to her room but somewhere along the way we both ended up losing our clothes. As we reached her bed she sat down on the edge and reached out to stroke my already raging hard on, using her thumb to rub the vast amount of pre cum around the head of my dick. I didn’t waste any time locating those incredible breasts with my mouth and that hot wet pussy with my fingers. Working up a great lubrication of her already dripping hole, I pushed up against her forcing her onto her back. I took one long look at her engorged labia and thrust my whole cock deep into her pussy pausing to grind up against her swollen clit. Catching her breath Melissa took a moment to let me know she wanted me to fuck her brains out with the biggest cock she had taken up to that point in her life. I don’t think she finished her sentence before I began to slide my hard erect dick in and out of her tight wet pussy. With each inward thrust, Melissa let out a moan that caused my confidence to soar. No longer was I the boy virgin of a few hours ago, but was now the hung stud of the moment. I allowed that confidence to guide me onto the bed where Melissa wrapped her soft legs around me and began to meet my every thrust with a thrust of her own. I could feel her tightening her Cagle Muscle around my dick as I plowed ever deeper into her. She must have been really getting close to another orgasm because she reached behind be grabbing my ass and pulling me into a faster, deeper rhythm. The combination of her pussy squeezing my stiff cock, her hands pulling me deeper, and her seductive moans of “Fuck me… Fuck me… yeah give me that big dick of yours,” inched me closer and closer to the huge orgasm my 16 year old body had waited to release. As I drew closer my speed intensified and my own sounds of lust grew louder. Melissa must have sensed my climaxing arriving because she began to “ Fuck yeah… give me that hot load… fill my pussy with your cum juices.” I couldn’t hold back anymore my now un-virgin cock shot rope after rope of hot cum deep into her pussy. Feeling the sensations of my first orgasm I continued to thrust my cock into her until the feelings of fucking her slowly subsided and I half rolled off her onto the bed next to her and into a nice deep sleep. Little did I know that my experience that night was far from over? Melissa woke me 3 more times that night to help quench her pussy’s desire for more cock. And as any young 16 year old, I whole heartedly obliged by giving her at least 15 – 20 more pussy drenching orgasms that night.

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