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The Night My Soldier Came Home

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I can't believe that Jeff is finally getting to come home on leave. He has been fighting in the war for what seem like an eternity but in reality it's only been a year. He has managed to stay alive and I am so looking forward to showing him all the loving he has been missing.

We have tried to stay in touch with emails and chatting. I would get on cam on occasion to tease him a little and remind him what he has waiting on him when he gets home. I try to keep his spirits up because all that fighting has to be taking it's toll on him.

I just checked my emails and there is one from Jeff. He really knows the right things to say to me in his messages. I just have to make sure that I have one hell of special night planned for him. I want to make all worth it, so he will remember it for the rest of his life and have something to really brag about to his friends.

Its 10:00pm and I am waiting by the phone. Jeff said in his letter that he would try to call me one last time before they ship him back home. The anticipation is building as the time grows nearer. I decide to start without him. I run my hands over my boobs and my nipples stand erect. I stop to tease and pinch them some sending sensations all throughout my body. I can feel my juices starting to churn. I run my hands down my body until it reaches my aching clit. I start to rub it slowly at first. I let out a sigh. It feels so good but just as I am starting the phone rings. It's my soldier calling to tuck me in for the night.

"Hey baby", He says as I answer the phone. "I have missed you so much. I can't wait to feel those hands all over my body and that thick cock pound me", is how I greeted him on the phone. He just chuckled. He asked what I was up to and told him that I couldn't wait that I had started without him. I put the phone down to my pussy so he could hear how wet I was when I pumped my fingers in and out my tight hole. Dang baby, I can hardly wait until I am there to feel that for myself, I hear him say.

His voice is raspy and so sexy and it's helping me as much as my imagination is at turning me on even more. I turn to the nightstand and get out my vibrator so that he can listen to me get myself off while I listen to him tell me all the things he is going to do to me when he gets back.

I start to moan as the intense vibration is really getting to me. I work it all around my clit and occasionally pump it in and out of me. Jeff's telling me to imagine that it's his tongue that is flickering around my nipples as he slides his big cock inside my hot, wet pussy. He enters me slowly so that I feel every inch of his massive cock. Then he withdraws and slams it right back into me. I have needed this for so long. It only takes a few more strokes and the vibrator along with Jeff's voice to bring me to the release that I needed. I hear Jeff cum as I am finishing up. I tell him good night and he gets ready to start his day over there.

My mind was going so many directions that I didn't sleep as well as I thought I would have given the orgasm that I achieved with Jeff's help last night. I get up and go take a shower. The warm water cascading down my body felt really good. I needed this to help refresh me. I take the shower wand and direct it so that the stream was hitting my clit. I need to get off again so I can be alert and ready to get all I needed done for his welcome home celebration. That warm pulsating water was just what I needed. It didn't take long and I was leaning against the shower wall with my body convulsing in an intense orgasm. I rinse off and get out. I have wasted enough time playing in here.

I throw on a t-shirt and a pair of my favorite jeans. I head out to make sure that the limo has been reserved and all the other things handled for tonight. My best friend Angel meets me for lunch. She wanted to hear about all I have planned. I wish I had time to have fun with her. I haven't seen here since we were together after I shopping trip a few weeks ago. She introduced me to what it's like to be with a woman. I think while Jeff is home that we should have Angel and her husband over for some fun.

I get home just in time to get me ready to head to the airport. I just get the strap on my shoe up on my heal when I see the limo pull up. I check myself in the mirror one last time and spray some Spark Seduction perfume on. I must say I am looking pretty hot tonight. I have a low cut dress on that comes down to just above my knees. I decided to wear thigh highs and no panties. I head out the door and get into the limo. I am now on my way to see my soldier man.

It seems like forever waiting here for his plane to come in. I am searching the crowd for him. He is probably going to be the last one to exit of the plane just to torture me. I anxiously wait. I can feel my heart beating so fast. I think I see him. Yes, it's him and he is making a fast exit straight towards me. He places his arms around me and buries his face into the side of my neck. He has such a tight hold of me that I almost cant breath. He then takes my face into his hands and so deeply and passionately kisses me. Our lost souls are finally found in that kiss. It has erased all the time that has lapsed. He lets go and tell me to let's hurry and get his stuff and get home,that we have a lot of loving to do.

I can barely keep up with him. He is walking way faster than I can in the heels that I am wearing. I bet I am quite the sight with my huge boobs swaying with each step I am taking. He finally locates all his stuff and we get into the limo. I decide to sit across from him so he can watch me while I tease him. He sits back and loosens his pants. I lean back in the seat with my legs spread wide. He watches as my fingers start to play with my pussy lips. I then dip a couple of fingers in so I can spread my sweet nectar all around. My other hand is caressing my boobs and pinching my nipples. He is so hard just watching my display. He can't wait anymore. He drops down between my legs and replaces my fingers with his tongue. I gasp. I have wanted this for so long. I relax and let him have full access to my body.

He starts really working my pussy with his tongue and I grind it right back on his face. He has my juices smeared all over his face. He then takes a few of his fingers and starts pumping them in and out as he continues his assault on my clit. He has it in his mouth just sucking on it so hard. He can feel my body start to quiver which just fuels him to continue on. I start moaning and the faster he gets the louder I moan. I start bucking against him and with one last thrust of my hips my much needed release cums all over his tongue and face.

He cant wait until we get home so he moves up and enters me swiftly. I had no time to react before he was fully into me. He was pounding away. He was in a world of his own. I didn't mind. I wanted him to fuck me like nothing else matter. All that was needed was this man to be here loving me the way I have always wanted him to. He didn't last long but I wasn't disappointed. I knew the night was still young and that we would probably be fucking until the wee hours of the morning.

We could tell the limo was slowing down to turn into our driveway so we hurried and got ourselves presentable. I was just readjusting my dress when the driver opened the door, He had smirk on his face so I know he knew what had happened back here. Jeff had a big grin on his face and said it was sure nice to be back home as he exited the vehicle.

We get inside and apparently our folks decided to throw a surprise coming home party. We really was hoping that it would be just us but that was not to be. Jeff and I mingled among the guest and hoping that this party would be over soon. I see need Jeff to pound me long, deep and hard. I want to know that he has been there fucking me. I want to be so sore that it hurt to try to walk.

The party lasted another hour but now we are saying good bye to our last guest. I told our folks that I would clean up tomorrow that Jeff and I needed some alone time. They graciously left and we quickly raced to the bedroom. We couldn't strip out of those clothes fast enough.

I stood there for Jeff to admire the body he had been missing for all these months. He then snatched me into his arms and just devoured me. I had to push back to catch me breath. He sent shivers all through me. It had been so long since I had been with him like this. It was more than I had imagined it would be like. He swiftly turned me around and bent me over the bed. He smacked me hard on the ass and placed his hands on my hips and entered me with full force.

I love it when he takes control and slams that hard cock into my pussy. I push back against him. I want him to fill me up and pound my pussy so hard. I want him to pound it just as long as he can hold out. He reaches up and pulls on my nipples which just adds to my excitement. I had the sense to leave my vibrator out so I grabbed it and placed it on my clit. The sensation of getting pounded and the vibrator quickly brings me to my first orgasm. He speeds up his pace and I can feel his is getting close. I turn my head and seductively tell him in my sexy southern drawl to cum for me. That was all it took. He pumped his cock into me one last time and I could feel his seed flowing into me. I feel him spasm a few more times and our juices begin to drip out of me as he withdraws.

We both collapse on the bed and rest for a while. Jeff wakes up first. He is running his tongue all over me. He gently turns me over so he can admire my backside. He has always liked my round full ass. He parts my legs and runs his tongue up one leg and then the other. He then starts to massage my butt and then I feel him open me up and I feel his tongue probing my ass.

He hasn't ever done that before to me. It's a new sensation. I am not quite sure what to make of it. It is sorta turning me on. He reaches for the lube and he starts to ease a finger in my ass. I tense at first but he tells me to relax that he wont hurt me. I try to relax but my mind is going all over the place. I have never felt anything like this before and no sooner had I thought that, he is placing another finger in. He slowly moves those fingers in and out. He senses that I am ready so he replaces his fingers with the head of his cock.. I can feel him press it slightly against my opening. It resists at first but he is patient and finally starts to enter me. I feel a little uncomfortable but I trust him. He gets it all in and waits for me to get use to him being there.

He tells me to get the vibrator so I can stimulate my clit as he is pumping my ass with his cock. This helps me loosen up some and start to enjoy this new sensation. He start grunting with each trust as I start to moan. I have never felt sensations like this before. I am not sure I like it but I don't hate it either. He starts to pumping a little harder and a little faster. I start pushing back on him and the vibrator is bringing me close to another orgasm. I finally let go and have the biggest orgasm that I have ever had. It was enough that it sent Jeff over the edge as well. He pumped my ass so full of his cum that it starts dripping out and onto the bed. We both head to the shower and clean up. That was the most amazing sex we had ever had together.

He told me that he was so grateful that he had woman like me to come home to. I told him that I was the lucky one. With a kiss, we both got the bed sheets changed and we drifted off to dreamland quickly.

I will always cherish these moments I have with my soldier because I never know when it will be my last.

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