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The Night I Got Caught…

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Chapter 1 Too Much to Handle This adventure starts off a little fun. I had an opportunity to visit Las Vegas with my family and was determined to make it a good time. I made sure to get the number of a good friend there in hopes to getting the inside tour of Vegas. She was a very cute petite blond with a rock hard body and huge sex drive, but we had never been more than friends. After a short phone call, she agreed to give me a tour and even asked if I wanted to stay with her. Saving me money to gamble was a definite plus, so I quickly agreed.

What I didn?t know is that I was being followed by an undercover cop and that things would soon get out of hand.

The first night I arrived, I found out that Stephani had the house to herself. Her daughter and husband were out of town. This made me wonder soon, but I quickly but it out of my mind when she arrived in a casual pair of blue jeans and t-shirt. She still looked great and with a brief hug I found she smelled even better. My mind wondered some, but again I put it in context and moved toward getting out of the airport.

We chatted some on the way to her house, and after a short drive we arrived. Being it was late when I arrived I asked if I could take a quick shower. She pointed the way and asked if I needed someone to wash my back. I said sure as I am sure I blushed. She giggled as she passed me a towel and pointed the way to the guest shower.

After a few minutes of letting the warm water wash the wear of travel off of me, I heard a knock at the door. ?You ready for that back wash,? she teased as she cracked the door as if to enter.

?Sure! Come on in,? I half choked in surprise. Only to a shadow that escaped with a giggle as the door swung open. However, with the door open, I finished the shower constantly looking over my shoulder to see if she would return to pay up on her offer. The toweling off even left me with small butterflies wondering if she would sneak a peek, but to no avail as she seemed to be occupied elsewhere.

Finally, feeling refreshed and a little frisky I decided to find her and see about getting a drink and visiting a while before turning in. Locating her in her bedroom I attempted to talk to her from the hallway. ?Hey, you wanna? chill with a beer and catch up?? I exclaimed.

?What? I can?t hear you. Come on in,? she returned. Figuring all was good I entered the room searching for her and finally finding her in a long hallway leading to the master bath. What I didn?t expect was her with her back to me, facing a set of mirrors, as she pulled a long shear nightgown over her head wearing nothing but a pair of white cotton panties. The sight of that was like a shot of lightning to my stomach as I couldn?t turn away, but knew I should. ?Oh, hi. What did you say??

?Ummm... I was saying we should grab a peek? er I mean beer.?

As she giggled and I turned red, she let me off the hook and said, ?Sounds good.?

Leading me back to the hallway, my mind wondered back to see if I could recall the nakedness I might have missed as it brought a smile to my face.

?What?s that grin all about?? She asked with a smile and a wink.

?Nothing!? I return, as I feel my pants shift under some newly gained pressure. Turning away I crack open the beer and head for the couch, trying not to let on.

After some idle chat about nothing in particular, our attention switched to a rather provocative movie playing on the television. The ?R? rating barely covered the content and the nudity reminded me of the scene from earlier, causing a slight rise in elevation in my pants. Looking over before I adjust myself, I notice that she quickly looked away, indicating my adjustment was unnecessary and late. After some uncomfortable moments, I returned my focus to the television, hoping that the content would mask the silence. Unfortunately for me the content actually got more in depth as the characters on the show were now fully engrossed in a sexual episode. The plot was seemingly getting to both of us, but leaving us both just staring at the program, avoiding the tension that had filled the air.

To break the trance, I announced that I was tired and attempted to head for the guest room. As I turned to move that direction she stood to give a hug. Call me desperate but I was hoping that the sheer nightgown would allow me to feel her nipples against my chest as I prolonged the hug long enough to at least pretend I felt them.

After turning out the lights, like with most houses I had to get used to the noises and dim lighting that every new place has. Hearing the clock ticking in the living room and the distant barking of a neighbor?s dog my ears perked up to hear the water running as I could hear her prepare for bed. I quickly realized that the walls were thin and could hear anything going on in an adjacent room, to include the soft squeak of the bedsprings as she slipped into bed.

Unfortunately the time change had me staring at the ceiling trying to fall asleep. It seemed as if I wasn?t the only one as I could hear the bed softly squeak next door. It took a few minutes for me to realize that there was a rhythm to the sound and also the slight hum. Whether it was my imagination or not, I couldn?t help but hear a soft whimper that seemed to follow each squeak. As the speed increased and the bed got more distinct and the whimper changed to more of a slight scream as the springs seemed to stop talking all of the sudden with only the soft buzz resonating in the distance. This event combined with the display and video from earlier left me rock hard, wondering if I should give her an audio show of my own. However, too nervous to get caught in a visiting house, I let the thought fade and almost literally force myself to sleep.

The next morning I woke to a bright sunlit room, much earlier than I intended. Flashing back to the night before wondering how much of it had been my imagination and how much had really happen. The swelling in my pants left the same question to how much of it was a normal morning and how much of it was my mind on the possibilities of the night before. After stretching a bit and throwing on a pair of sweat pants, I ventured into the kitchen. I was immediately graced with the sweet smell of brewing coffee and a smiling face.

?Sleep well?? she inquired.

?Well once I got past the time zone change, I slept like a baby.?

?So you didn?t fall right to sleep?? she persisted.

?Nope, something kept me awake.? I responded before remembering what I thought was going on the night before. The sudden flash of red, however, removed any doubt I might have had. Attempting to let her off the hook I commented, ?I think it is just the jetlag and new bed.?

Still flushed she teased, ?Well that bed is not nearly as comfortable as mine.?

Deciding to push the issue some I retaliated by saying, ?Didn?t know I was invited.?

?Well, you never know until you ask.?

At this point the teasing had become too much and as my mind wondered my body reacted, leaving her no doubt in the loose pants that my interest was peaked. To avoid any more soft torture I turned my attention to the coffee. After stirring a cup of sugar with some coffee with my nerves frazzled I gave he further indication by dropping the spoon. Landing between us we both attempted reach for it. As we did our hands touched, leaving another bout of butterflies in my stomach that went crazy as we both looked up as our faces were only inches from each other. This in turn melted any resistance I might have had as I leaned in towards her lips. As if in a trance we both inched closer and closer until our lips met. The softness and moisture of her lips was overpowering. All I could think about was how incredible it was to feel her touch. Her eyes were closed and lips slightly parted as I pushed further as electricity coursed through my veins. I could actually hear my heartbeat and feel her gasp. Although the kiss remained no more than a meeting of moist lips and only for a moment before I pulled back in fear, my body ached for more. As I pulled back her eyes opened in a combination of enjoyment and slight confusion. As I stood and attempted to turn, she grabbed my arm and turned me to face her again.

?What?s wrong??

?Nothing!? I exclaimed, ?Well nothing wrong with you anyway.?

?Then why did you pull away? I was enjoying that moment. If you are worried about Todd, don?t be. We are separated.?

?What? When did that happen??

?Does it matter? I don?t want to talk about that, I want to try that kiss again.?

Trembling a little I reached up and caressed her face and moved her bangs as I slipped my hand behind her head and pulled her beautiful face towards mine. Throwing caution to the wind this time I allowed my mouth to open slightly and explore hers with a soft tongue. My insides seemed to explode as our tongues met only fueling the fire of the passion. It seemed like the minutes became hours as the kissing became more passionate, my hands dropping from her face pulling her taunt body closer to mine. Further exploring my new found courage, I slipped my hands to her round behind and pulled her scantly covered mound to feel the raging rigidity in my pants. A soft whimper escaped her lips as I kneaded her butt. We began to develop a rhythm as my kisses moved from her mouth to her cheek, ear and neck. I could feel her testing the waters too playing with my waistband and slipping her hands under the sweats, slowly easing them lower on my hips. Teasing she pulled away briefly, only for me to catch the light nightgown and pull her back towards me. As if it was rehearsed she bent over as the silken material slipped over her head, repeating my view from the night before with the advantage of a much closer view this time. A little stunned I just sat there for a moment, enjoying the view of her erect and toned body glistening in the sun.

?Well? You going to just sit there?? she questioned. Still stunned I couldn?t bring myself to say anything, instead I just dropped the gown staring at what could have been considered by some a perfect body. I could see the outline of time out in the sun on her chest with the soft tan lines reminding me of arrows of where I needed to pay attention to. Her breasts were still firm, erect from the attention and moved under her breath. Standing there with a gaped mouth, I could see her form a small smirk. As the idea seemed to build in her mind her smile grew and her hands slipped to the last shred of material covering her remaining secrets. Making a show of it and turning around while slowly removing them added more blood to an area that I didn?t think could handle any more. I could feel myself actually ache for her attention. Her attention to detail had left a soft blond trail to a cleanly shaven gap. Her soft lips seemed to be covered in silk and so beautiful I could almost feel them without touching them. Noticing that I had not moved still she decided to see if I would follow her, so she walked towards the sun porch. Still standing there as she opened the door and softly fingered for me to follow. I felt as if I was actually floating there. My body was so high on her beauty I was not sure I was even awake. Attempting to regain some sense I attempted to pull her head towards mine for more sensuous kissing. Picking up on my attempt she further teased me by dodging my advance by ducking and in the same motion dropping my sweats and releasing the engorgement pent up by their cotton prison. While I recovered to pull her back to me she actually giggled and dropped to her knees. The simple action of that is almost right out of a young teenager?s perfect dream almost had me sending her a gift as soon as her hand touched me. Her grip tightened enough for me to recover long enough to prevent the overreaction in my loin. However, it did not take long for her mouth to challenge any restraint I might have had. Within seconds she was gently mouthing my tip and slowly caressing my shaft with a free hand. As she slowly licked and sucked up and down ever so slightly going deeper and deeper, her tongue circling and her hands grip meant to steady were all building to the tension that was already at my extents. In order to regain my ground and not finish in the first 30 seconds of her embrace, I grabbed her under her arms and pulled her once again towards my face for a deep embrace. She did not seem to resist as I felt the skin of her stomach press against the tension, sending more shivers through my spine.

She allowed my kiss to last in order to let me recover slightly before she pulled away to finish what she started. As I started to warn her that if she returned, she softly looked up with her best puppy dog eyes and said, ?I give you 30 seconds before you owe me.? Without a chance to respond she dove down and engulfed me. The feeling was so intense, coupled with her words that I nearly lost control of my balance and had to reach for a chair to regain my balance. It took me a few seconds to realize that she had not withdrawn any and was effectively deep throating. I could feel her tongue working and her throat pulsing as my urge to releave the building tension grew. After what seems about 10 seconds that seemed like 10 minutes, she pulled out and stroked me hard with her hand, while using her mouth in conjunction to stroke my entire shaft. The feeling seemed to build from my toes as I knew I could not last much longer. In a plan that could have only been rehearsed by practice, she sensed the peak of my tension and proceeded to maximize my experience. She then simultaneously removed the hand that was stroking allowing her mouth to press deeper and her throat to create an intense pressure and pleasure to the tip of my penis. As the first contractions of my cum seemed to begin she threw me over the edge and took the hand that was stroking that was covered with saliva and pushed her finger towards my prostate causing me to literally collapse from sheer enjoyment. I could not be sure because I am sure I was semi-conscious, but I doubt I have ever cum that much or lost control that far. But she was not though and continued to use her hands and mouth to push me beyond any level I have ever experienced. It was not until I begged her to stop and promised that I owed her one that she let me rest.

?Tell me you owe me.?

?I owe you I owe you!?

?Promise that I can get what I want when I want it.?

?I promise! I promise! I can?t handle anymore.?

Smiling she released me from my prison of pleasure and went in to wash up and get ready for the day.

Chapter 2 Paybacks Can Be Fun I remained there for some time, still numb from what just happened. Recalling the events that had just unfolded and wondering if I was dreaming or if it really happened. The euphoria seemed to fade like it I had just jumped out of a pool and let the sun dry my skin. I could feel the raised bumps slowly fade and my senses return as I realized that I was actually awake. With my awakening I also realized that somewhere in the house was a naked woman and I intended to seek her out. It didn?t take me long to track her down as the sound of the shower quickly gave away her location. Feeling the urge to admire her trim body had me almost running to catch her in the shower.

More to come...

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