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The Mother in Law

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When I was engaged to be married, I ended up living round my future in-laws for a few weeks that summer whilst we were waiting to move into our new house. They had money, in fact they were rich and it seemed to iritate the mother more than a little that I was a working class guy. Im sure she felt her daughter could do allot better. Anyway it was a hot couple of weeks and on one weekend I wanted to sit out in the garden and have a beer, but couldnt stand the disaproving eye from her mother, until my fiance mentioned that her mother would be away all day at some event, and since she was going into the city for some last minute shopping I would have the place to myself.

About mid-day I went to get into a pair of shorts and could find none in my luggage, so I just went out in my boxer shorts into the backgarden with a cooler with a few beers, put the radio on and lay back listening to the football. After an hour I heard footsteps down the garden and looked up to see her mother standing there. She had decided to come back early. I sat up forgetting I was sitting in my t-shirt material boxers, and instead of the usual look of disgust that I normally got, she kinda smiled and looked me up and down, lingering around my crotch for a while, muttering that now she could see what her daughter saw in me. I thought she must have been drinking or something when she then went onto to announce she would join me and asked me to move the other lounger around while she got changed.

A little while later she came and got into the lounger with a large glass of wine, wearing a pretty skimpy bathing suit. I was surprised, she had always seemed so uptight. Now its not that she was in anway unattractive, quite the contrary, she had looked after herself, especially after her husband had left her for some young thing as she put it. She lived pretty well on what he gave every month. Anyway it couldnt have escaped her notice that I gave her a lingering look and she seemed to revel in it. She had a another glass of wine, and lay face down on the lounger undoing her top from behind and asked me if I would put some cream on her. Which I tentatively started to do, before she told me that she wouldnt break and to rub the cream in. So I did her back and neck with her giving some cooing noises every so often telling me I had strong hands, another reason that her daughter must be interested in me. After a while of these ' blue collar worker' comments I got up and went into the house. I wanted to get away before I said something. I stood in the kitchen and got a beer out of the fridge and gulped it back when she walked in and asked why I had stopped. I told her that I didnt really care much for the comments. We started to argue a little and then some more with me eventually telling her I would move out till the wedding if my presence in the house was that uncomfortable. She called me something as I walked to go upstairs to get showered and I told her that she was an uptight bitch that needed a fuck to sort her head out.

There was silence as I went up to the bathroom and turned the shower on, and as I began to stuff my bags with the clothes I had hanging up in the closet, I started to think that maybe I would regret that last comment. I had kept it pretty reasonable up till then, but that was going to come back to me. Anyway I headed off to the shower and got in. After a few minutes I got out and reached for a towel, and standing there naked in the bathroom was her mother, hands on hips. We both looked at each other for what seemed like an hour but could have only been a second before she walked towards me. She took the towel out of my hand and dropped it on the floor, and out her face up against mine.

"Maybe your right, maybe I do need a good hard fuck" She walked toward the door and into her bedroom down the hall and beckoned me to follow. I watched her cute ass wiggle as she walked away and followed. My heart was beating thru my chest and I could feel my cock swelling. When I got to the bedroom she was sitting on the end of the bed, looking at my cock which seemed to get harder the more she looked at it. She reached her hands out and ran them over my erect shaft and balls, gripping the length and pulled me slighty toward her. She moved her head down and her mouth closed over the head of my cock, one of her hands expertly pulling back on the shaft, the other hand craddling and massaging my heavy balls. I could feel her tongue stroking the tip and she then smoved her head down trying to take in as much as she could. I watched stunned as she deep throated my entire length, then withdrawing her head then bobbing up and down on my cock. I had never had a blow job like it, my cock was achingly hard, and it felt so good. I knew I wasnt that far away from cumming and she seemed to sense it, and looked up at me, "not yet, you dont'

Laying back on the bed she slowly opened her long slender legs slowly, and with her two fingers she opened the lips on her shaven pussy. I could see how wet she was, and I got on my knees at the foot of the bed and buried my face in her pussy. running my tongue all the way up her wet slit, tasting her for the first time, then looking up to see her staring intently at me.

" fucking lick me, make me cum" She grabbed the back of my hair and pushed my head into her guiding me till my tongue was licking and sucking her clit, she loudly gave me instructions tell me to lick her harder and faster. She pulled my head in closer and I could feel her begining to tremble after only a couple of minutes, and she annouced she was cumming loudly. She let go of my hair and lay back panting on the bed, and I got up and laid on top of her positioned between her open legs. My hard cock was at the entrance of her wet hole. She kissed me hard forcing her tongue into my mouth tasting her own jiuces, and reached down gripping my ass and pulled me into her. I slid all the way in she was tight and very hot and wet. We hurridly kissed, and I started to pump into her harder and faster, her legs gripped my back, and she broke off the kiss, looking at me telling me to fuck her cunt hard. I never thought she even knew words like this, but they way she said it seemed to make it even sexier.. He nails were digging into my back as she came again, which just made her even wetter. As she came I pulled my cock out of her and rolled her over onto her front and told her to get on her knees. She obeyed, and taking my cock in hand I ran in along her ass hole hole down to her open wet slit and drove it into hard. Reaching over I grabbed her hair and firmly pulled her head back and I thrust into her again. She was now moaning loudly, shouting 'yes' and telling me 'harder'. With my free hand I gave her ass a playfull spank, which she seemed to repsond to telling me to spank her harder. I spanked both cheeks more firmly, till they were red as I continued to pound her hole. I was now seconds away from cumming and told her as I pulled my cock out of her. She turned around and took my cock in her mouth as the first jet of seamen came out hitting her cheek, the rest she took in her mouth and swallowed, licking the head and shaft till my cock started to go limp.

I have never had any more problems with her since then although there has never been a repeat performance since we got married, although sometimes I do get a sly smile from her.

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