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The Motel ~By Leeed

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I arrive first and pull into the empty parking lot; it is almost empty with the exception of a few vehicles that I assume belong to the retail workers who are preparing the for the days customers. It is not the first time I am with him, yet I am nervous. I am nervous because we are embarking on our budding Dom/Sub relationship. As I wait, I busy myself reading the ingredients on the back of the package of Orbit chewing gum that I purchased earlier in the morning. Artificial flavors, dyes, sorbitol etc. It’s a new fruity flavor called BerryMint. As I shove several pieces in my mouth I realize this new flavor is not going to keep my mouth feeling as fresh as I would like. Luckily I have my peppermint Altoids as well. I rummage through my purse and shove every mint in my mouth I find, just as a precaution.

Out of the corner of my eye, I see a metallic gray SUV pull up and dwarf my small compact Chevy. I glance over and give a quick wave and smile. I pretend to be busy gathering my belongings, although I’ve been ready and waiting for him for at least 10 minutes. I don’t want to appear overanxious so I take another look at my phone so I look like I was busy, before exiting my car.

I would have just assumed meet him at the motel, but he wants us to travel the short distance together. I climb into his Lexus and lean over to give him the obligatory hello kiss. As my lips near his, he puts his large hands behind my head, pulls me close, and kisses me hard, long and deep. His tongue explores my mouth, as my tongue tries to find its place in his. Perfect, hungry kisses, not too hard, but just hard enough. The hand not holding my head in place explores my breast. I couldn’t break away from his kisses if I wanted, which is a good thing, because I don’t. Delicious kisses, a mixture of cinnamon and fruit flavored gums.

When he sees fit, and only then, he releases me, and I am able to compose myself, delicately run my fingers under my lip in case my lipstick is smudged and pull my seat belt on. He puts his car in reverse and we begin our journey.

The ride is short, and he makes small talk, asking me about incidental things that I am quite certain he cares nothing about. I answer politely but my mind is preoccupied. I am focused on how surprisingly wonderful it feels to have his hand holding the back of my hair. As he pulled out of the parking lot he casually reached over and gently grabbed the back of my hair. A gesture he made as if it were the most natural thing in the world to do to a woman. No one has ever held my hair in such a casual manner. While he answered his cell phone to talk business, while he turned the corners and while he chatted about how nice the weather was he held my hair. I never imagined how much of a turn on something so simple could be. It made me feel warm and in and odd way cared for. If he wanted me closer to him, he just pulled a bit, and I followed his direction. Sometimes he would tighten his grip which felt like a gesture of endearment very much like when a loved one squeezed your hand to let you know they cared. Whatever the reason, I didn’t care; all I knew was that I liked it.

We arrived at the Motel. I waited in his car as he went in and paid for the room and got the key. He returned and drove around to the room we were assigned for the day.

As we entered, I had planned to head towards the bathroom to freshen up and fix my make-up, I never had the chance. He put his arms around me and kissed me hard again. Long, deep kissed, and again grabbing my hair and guiding my head to where he desired it to be, pushing me up against the wall as his other hand encircled my throat as he continued to ravenously kiss me. He then pulled my hair harder, just enough to direct me to turn around and face the wall, I obeyed, without protest. He took my hands in his and placed them palm up against the wall over my head, as if I was under arrest. His body was pushed up against mine, pushing me into the hard wall. I felt his hard cock up against me and felt his hands running up and down my body, every once in awhile feeling his fingers probing in between my spread legs through my pants.

“Turn around” he whispered in his deep confident voice right in my ear. I obeyed. He leaned in again close to my ear, “Now undress…slowly” Even though I hated to be naked due to a bad body image, I would not dare disobey him. I wanted to please him. I didn’t know why, but I did. When I was finally naked, I was instructed to undress him. I did. It felt awkward and clumsy for it was nothing like undressing a baby or child like I was more accustomed to doing.. I even got on my knees to pull off his socks. “Stay down there” he said as he went over to get something out of a large zippered bag. He comes over to me and places a blindfold over my eyes, making sure I could not see. I could not. I then felt a large leather collar buckled around my neck, followed by my wrists being bound together behind my back. I felt vulnerable, but I was not afraid. I wish I could see, but I can not. He then took two leather belts, and fastened one around my chest above my breasts, and one was fastened under my breasts. Hands bound behind my back, on my knees, blindfolded and wearing a collar I was made to suck his cock. I did, happily and hungrily and skillfully without the use of hands. He told me I was his “Good girl, and that I was his cocksucking little whore” He asked me if I liked being his cocksucking slut, and I moaned what I hoped sounded like an enthusiastic “Mmmm Hmmmm!”

He pulled his cock from my mouth and lifted me up by my arm, gently guiding me to my feet and towards the bed. He made me lie on the bed with my ass up, arms bound back and head down and tilted to the right. As I was in this position he ate my pussy and licked my ass. He toys with me, gently flicking his tongue back and forth over my clit. He fingers me, and fingers me fast and hard, and to my surprise I could feel myself squirting on the back of my legs and the soles of my bare feet, over and over like a faucet. My body shutters and shakes from deep orgasms, as he mounts me from behind. He fucks me hard, as I lay helpless in the bound position, a position that under normal circumstances would feel quite uncomfortable. He fucks me hard and deep and teases me by taking his cock out just long enough to surprise me when he rams it back in my soaking wet pussy.

After a while, he pulls me up by the back of my arms, I feel my pussy juice literally dripping down the insides of thighs, and as I am kneeling he instructs me to “suck my cock” I open my mouth and he gently hits my face with his hard cock. He takes my head and guides me to lick his balls, and run my tongue along his shaft. I hungrily take him in as far as I can, as he pets my head and tells me what a good girl I am. -Author Leeed (Mrs)

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