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The Milkman CummethPart 3

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It was a terribly dreary morning. It was raining hard and there were flash flood warnings posted. I?m thinking, what am I doing here in this store? The farm hands are even off today. This is going to be eight hours of hell! I continued to wallow in my self-pity when a 70s model Lincoln continental creeps into the parking lot. It appeared to be driving itself. I couldn?t see a driver! The land barge pulls to a stop and out steps a tiny elderly lady. She marches into the store and stops to pat off the rain. She had on a baby blue wool suit with matching skirt, coat, and a little hat with a veil. She was adorned in pearls over an elegant white blouse. She was carrying a purse strapped across her arm that was as big as she was.

The old lady stopped at my register and she pointed her crooked little white gloved finger at me. She scowled; you have quite a reputation young lady. Stories of your escapades are rampant across the county. You are a whore young woman! Oh boy, I thought. My eyes fell to the floor and I mumbled, yes mamm. The old woman walked about halfway down the deli counter and stopped. She heaved her giant purse onto the counter and climbed up on the chair. I thought, Oh no, it?s an intervention! The old lady said, Coffee please. I poured her a cup and set her up with cream and sugar.

The old woman peeled off her gloves and reached out to me. I reluctantly took her hand. She spoke; I too, am a whore! I?m thinking, where, at the nursing home? She instructed me to sit down. I dragged my chair from the register and sat across the counter from her. She began to speak and having no other entertainment, I listened attentively.

I was born in 1921. Yes, I am almost 91. My family was well off and we managed ride out the storm of the depression with very little effect upon our quality of life. My father was a stern man. He always worried about reputations and perceptions.

When I was 15, I attended an extravagant debutant ball. Several of my friends were there. A few of the young socialites were whispering. I asked to be included in their conversation. Well, they were talking about sex. This was the most taboo of taboo subjects for young ladies. I knew very little about it, but I was most curious. I received an extensive sexual education during that ball. When I went home that night, I attempted to diddle myself with my ivory handled hair brush. It was not pleasant. As a matter of fact it was a bloody mess. I knew these girls could not be that excited about what I had just experienced. During the days that followed, I would sneak into my father?s library and look through his biology books. During my anatomy studies, I came across a magazine hidden behind the science books. It was of course a pornographic magazine. I tucked it under my dress and ran to my bedroom, locking myself in. I studied this periodical like it was the bible. The women in the pictures were either naked or dressed like hussies.

Now young lady, you must understand the times. I wasn?t allowed to leave my bedroom without being properly clothed. I was two years beyond puberty and when I spouted a womanly figure; my father became severely strict of my appearance. My dresses were ankle length, and my undergarments weighed 20 pounds. There were bloomers, corsets, slips, bras, among other painful things under my dress. My dress was buttoned to my neck and my hands were gloved in public. My hair was stretched to a bun on top of my head and the bun covered with a proper hat.

I wanted to experience a young man so badly. I decided to sneak away one day when my father was out of town on business. I still had to dress properly before my mother allowed me to leave the house. I told her I was going to stroll over to a friend?s house and would return before evening meal. When I crossed our gate, I ran as fast as I could to town. I stepped into a restaurant and went into the ladies? room. I removed my clothes and started over. I dressed in my bra and bloomers. I rolled up my skirt at the waist to reveal my knees. I buttoned up my blouse just above my bra to give a glimpse of my cleavage. I tucked the rest of my clothes in my handbag and walked out of the restaurant through the kitchen entrance. I knew where I was going. My father and I had passed the unsavory boys loitering downtown during afternoon drives. I ran until I could see the drug parlor signs and saloon signs. I was sweating and nervous, but I walked on. As I approached, there were several young me standing around. Most of them were wearing their undershirts as outer garments. They were the rebels of the day. I was almost in front of a saloon when the wolf whistles and cat calls began. I walked on. One handsome young man ran up to me and asked to walk with me. I accepted his offer and continued down the street. He asked, where you going? I answered, to the river park.

Father had taken me to the river park several times. It was beautiful there. My friends and I had found a little hobo shack tucked up in the forest, overlooking the park. It was nice for a tramp shack and I hoped it was still there. As we walked, the young man made small talk. When I caught him looking away, I would release another button on my blouse or roll the waist of my skirt another turn to raise my hemline. By the time we made it to the river park, my skirt was above my knees and my blouse was opened below my bosoms.

We arrived at the river park and the young man looked perplexed as I wandered off the path and up a forest trail. The shack was still there and was in great shape. I opened the door and went inside. My escort still followed with that curious look on his face. Still being young and somewhat immature, I proceeded to play house. I was the wife and he was my husband. I dusted and swept. He sat and watched. He was amused by me. There was a cot in the corner and I freshened it up and dusted the pillow. I stole glances at my beau. He was quite handsome. He had dark hair, nice smile. He was lean and muscular. He looked to be 17 or 18. I on the other hand, was physically mature for my age. I had large breasts, wide hips and my womanly hair was full under my bloomers. I had experience two years of my period. I had stolen a bottle of hooch from my father?s liquor cabinet and I dug it out of my purse and presented it to my young man. He immediately turned it up and gulped down three swallows.

Back in those days, women were considered to be the weaker sex. We needed afternoon naps and a lot of rest. So I did what was expected. I said to my beau, I am feeling a little faint; I must lie down for a while. I lay down upon the cot, facing him in his chair. I closed my eyes and peeked at him through little slits in my eyelids. I watched him look at me. As if I was a restless sleeper, I rolled onto my back and raised my knees. My skirt fell away revealing my bloomers. Once again, I watched him watch me. He couldn?t take his eyes off of my panties. I sat up on the cot and said, Ouch! These hooks are sticking me in the back, please help me. My man obliged and unhooked my bra. I lowered my bra straps down my arms and I dropped back down onto the cot facing him again. I let my bra fall away, revealing more cleavage. Once again, I complained I was hot and took off my blouse and laid back down. I pulled my bra straps back across my shoulders, revealing the underside of my breasts. That got him! He got up and paced the floor looking to get the best view. He took another drink and stepped outside to see if anyone was near. While he was gone, I removed my bloomers and hid them under my pillow. So there I was lying down with an unhooked bra and a rolled up skirt. I lay on my back when he entered again. My knees in the air, revealing all of my womanhood, and my bra pulled away, revealing a hint of my nipples.

My young man took another drink and sat back down. I saw his mouth fly open when he saw my breasts and my womanhood uncovered. He walked over to me and sat down on the cot. He touched my naval and let his hands lightly wander across my belly. I kept on with my false sleeping. He grew bolder and swept his fingers across my breasts. I moaned. It wasn?t long before he had both his hands on my breasts and was exploring every inch of them. I would let out an occasional sigh. He began to rub my legs and worked his way up my thighs. He played with my womanly hair. I reached out for him and drew him close to me. He kissed me and I tossed my bra off onto the floor. He jumped up and started removing his clothes. I shimmied out of my skirt. He said, I?ve never done this. I told him about my periodical and the stories I had read. I told him to kiss me between my legs. He said, Really? But he lowered himself between my legs and got better and better at it. I loved it when his tongue slid across my parts. I guided him through playing with my breasts. I laid him down on the cot and I showed him how good I had studied giving a blowjob as you call it now. We explored each other for hours. Then we did the big thing. He put his shaft inside me. We were shaky at first, but soon he was really doing me good. My books didn?t prepare me for all of the feelings. I knew I wanted to do this again and again.

I returned home just in time for dinner. I had reapplied all of my conservative clothes and I was in a delightful spirit. I ran away to my hobo shack every chance I got. I loved giving different boys a go at me. Unfortunately, my reputation caught up with me. My father found out somehow! I was put in solitary confinement until he could move me out of state to an all girl school. There I educated several of my classmates. I didn?t do without. There were several teachers and staff members that had their way with me. When I decided I wanted to have a man of my own, I had to move again and start over as a proper woman. Like you, marriage didn?t stop me. Nothing stops a whore! The old lady said, enjoy, I did. She opened her purse to pay and I waved her off. It?s on me mamm. She walked out the door and drove away.

There I was again; alone, an alone whore! The rain pounded the store front windows. What a dreary day! I had nearly nodded off when a delivery truck pulled up. A young black man in a hooded raincoat, carrying a clipboard ran in. Is this 12254 Old State Highway, he asked. I replied, yes it is. He said I have an order of luncheon meat and sliced cheese for you. With that he ducked out the door and returned with two cardboard boxes. I instructed him to set the boxes down near the meat and dairy door of the walk in cooler. He did and threw his raincoat off on the back of a chair. He asked for coffee. I set him up at the deli counter. I went over to the boxes he had delivered. I thought nothing about the short dress I was wearing as I bent over to open the boxes. Furthermore, I didn?t wear panties today because I have been lax at doing the laundry and I had no clean pair. I opened the cooler door and started loading the sliced meat shelf. I heard the delivery man say, Umm Humm! I looked back at him and realized that I was flashing him every time I bent over. I bent over again. That?s what I?m talkin? about! He said. I just smiled back at him and finished loading the shelves. Every time I bent over, he had to comment. It was really quite humorous.

When I finished, I returned to the deli counter. Need something to eat, I asked. He said, yeah, if you cook in that oven, pointing at my crotch. I bet, I said. I was amused. I decided to play his silly game. Ok, what am I going to cook in my little oven? I asked. He looked around, hmm let?s see. How about a corndog? I reach down into the freezer and grabbed a corndog. I put in the microwave for just a few second to knock the chill off of it. I climbed up on the counter with my legs hanging over the edge, in front of the delivery man. I hiked up my dress and inserted the cool corndog into my pussy. The delivery man went into shock! I can?t believe you did that, he said. I informed him that he had to remove it with his teeth. He hesitated then leaned in and clenched the corndog between his teeth and pulled it out. I said, eat it! He looked at me and then took a bite. I said, what else you want me to cook? He thought for a second and said, I know; a twinkie! I went over to the end cap and grabbed a twinkie. I sat back up on the counter and un-wrapped the twinkie. I shoved the twinkie into my hole. It disappeared inside me. I said to my deliveryman, eat it! He leaned over and started licking my labia. He nibbled my clit. I told him, you got to get deeper to eat that twinkie. His tongue dived inside me. I bore down with my pelvic muscles and little at a time; he ate all of the twinkie. I dropped my foot down on his crotch and rubbed his hard-on with my sandal. I dropped my sandal off my foot and continued to massage his cock with my toes. It was a long tool! He dived into my pussy again. I guess he was looking for crumbs! This day is getting better! I unbuttoned my dress and let it fall down below my shoulders. Meat man stood up and fell into my breasts. He sucked and nibbled. God, that felt good. I hopped off the counter and dropped down in front of the young black man. I unzipped his pants and reached in to release his ebony cock. I found the trap door of his boxers and I wrestled his ten inch tool out of his pants. I opened my mouth as wide as I could and leaned in. My what a giant cock! I struggled to get half of it inside my mouth and it gagged me, but I kept going. He moaned mm, mm, mm, mm, over and over. I backed off of him and leaned over the next chair. Meat man raised my dress and dropped it on my back. He took his cock in his hand and gave it a shove toward my pussy. I tried to relax as he wiggled the head of his cock into my hole. I felt like I was going to split in half! Inch by inch he pressed forward until I felt his curly pubic hair touch my bottom. Slowly thrusting in and retreating. My fluid began to flow and lubed up this monster that was invading me. Meat man full stroked his cock inside me and then quickened his pace. His thighs slapped my ass and all I could do was grunt! I felt the pleasure washing over me. I got warm. I held my breath and squeezed him with my pelvic muscles. Suddenly, I let loose! My juice sprayed in waves. I orgasmed from my head to my toenails. He was getting close too. I felt his contractions! I pulled away and spun around. I opened my mouth and I sucked his cock hard. He trembled and released a flood of thick cum down my throat. I sat down on the floor to recover as his put his power tool away. He lifted me up and kissed me. He said thanks for lunch and walked back out into the rain and drove away. He?ll be back. I have still got his raincoat!

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