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The Milkman Cummeth

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As a result of this sad economy, my husband and I decided that I should get a part time job. After a month long search, I acquired a position at a local service station convenience store. I opened up the store each morning, cleaning, stocking shelves, ordering merchandise, cooking in the deli, and checking out customers.

The delivery guys always trashed my walk-in cooler, so I would follow them in and give them the evil eye every time they cast an empty box or shrink wrap onto the floor. I endured the sight of beer bellied, butt crack displaying, unshaven delivery guys on a daily basis, with the exception of one. The milk man was beautiful! He was about 6?2?, 200 lbs. with sandy blonde hair. It was obvious that he spent his off the job time at the gym.

One morning, I was serving my regular crew of five migrant workers their morning snack at the deli counter, when the milk man came in. He was pushing a dolly load of milk and entered the walk-in cooler. I asked my customers if they needed anything and they said they were all good, so I proceeded to the walk-in cooler. When I opened the door, there he was, my milk man bent over with his back to me. I lost control of my professionalism and blurted out, ?My, doesn?t milk do a body good??! He looked back at me and smiled, then finished loading the shelf. When he had emptied his crate, he turned and gave me a head to toe scan, stopping obviously at my chest. He said, ?Nothing like ice cold milk? still staring at my chest. I looked down and felt my face blush over as I saw my nipples were responding to the chill of the cooler. They stuck out in plain sight through my white tee shirt.

Feeling a little excited at the attention, I gave the cooler door a gentle donkey kick. Every time the cooler door was opened and closed the glass doors would fog over, making it impossible to see in or out of the cooler. Looking at his shirt, I saw my milkman?s name tag, Dave it read. My action to create an isolation from view must have been a signal to Dave the milk man. He stepped forward, still staring at my chest, and reached for my right nipple. He gave it a playful flick with his finger through my cotton tee. This small action sent a wave of electricity through my entire body. I donkey kicked open the cooler door again. When the door returned to closed, Dave did it again, only this time he flicked my nipples with both hands, one on each of my nipples. Seeing that I was enjoying his playfulness, he got bolder. Dave took my breasts in his hands and massaged them through my tee shirt. The attention made me weak kneed, I nearly stumbled as he caressed my breasts. With my look of pleasure, Dave pulled my shirt tail out of my jeans and sent his cold hands inside my shirt. Up my across my naval with his finger tips, the coolness of his touch thrilled me. His hands reached my bare breasts and he began to massage my globes and gently pinch my nipples. I closed my eyes; there was nothing else in the world, just me and Dave.

Dave peeled my tee across my shoulders and head and tossed it on the floor. I instinctively heaved my chest toward him and he plunged into my breasts with his lips. He licked and nibbled my nipples and areolas, while still massaging my breasts with both hands. Dave gently pushed me backwards and I came to rest, sitting on a stack of case canned colas. Dave retreated from my breasts and looked me in the eyes. His lips fell into mine and we kissed. Our tongues entwined, my passion surrendered. I felt expert fingers releasing the button of my jeans and guiding my zipper southward. I felt my jeans slide across my hips and down to my knees. Dave?s foot stepped onto the crotch of my jeans and I raised my legs one foot at a time, freeing me completely from my pants. Dave?s hand slid between my thighs massaging my vagina through my cotton panties. I raised my hips and Dave peeled my panties across my hips, bottom, and down my legs. They dropped to the floor as my legs were dangling from the stack of colas. My milk man slid me forward on my perch and dropped his face into my crotch. His tongue danced across my labia and clitoris with an occasional journey inside my vagina. Fire rushed through my body! Through brief moments of clarity I caught myself moaning and sighing. I had held out long enough, I needed Dave inside me. God, I needed him! I pressed my hands against his temples and slowly coaxed him away from my vagina. Dave stood up and began to kiss me. I reached out and unbuttoned his shirt, revealing a chiseled chest and six pack abs. I explored his strength as we intensely kissed. My fingers found his belt buckle and released it. I unsnapped his pants and tugged his zipper down. His work pants dropped to his ankles. I tossed off my right sandal and let my toes clutch his boxers and guide them to the floor.

I slid off my seat and came face to face with the most wonderful penis I had ever seen. It was as broad as a cola can and as long as a long neck beer bottle. I couldn?t help myself, I devoured his manhood. It tasted as smooth musk and Dave took my head in his hands and glided my mouth back and forth across his erection. I gave him my all and it wasn?t long until I felt the flesh of his manhood contract and the pace of his thrusts increased. Warm sprays of Dave?s goo emptied into my mouth. It was delicious, so salty, warm, and smooth! I rose up from the floor and Dave began to kiss me again, tasting his own passion from my tongue. I sat back on my cans and it wasn?t long until I felt Dave?s erection bump against my thigh as we continued to lock up together in a long kiss.

My Milk man slid my hips forward to the edge of my make shift recliner and I felt this massive flesh press against my labia. With each proceeding inch of his insertion, I felt the intensity of my womanhood rise. As his pelvis met mine, I momentarily lost my sense of consciousness. When I returned to my senses, Dave was slowly thrusting his penis all the way inside me and then all the way out until the tip played with my labia. Once again I gasped and moaned. Dave was so attentive and I was in paradise! My insides shuttered as he quickened his thrusts, and for the first time in my life, my whole body tensed and I sprayed my juices all over Dave?s abdomen. Oh God I am going to stop breathing, I thought. My milkman closed his eyes and was now pumping me hard. His balls were slapping against my bottom and he began to thrust me with short jerking strokes. I was flooded from the inside with his warm liquid. I collapsed back on my cans in sweet exhaustion.

It was then that I noticed that the walk-in cooler glass was all transparent. The migrant worker customers had all turned their counter stools around to face the cooler. There were ten eyes all affixed on me! I grabbed up my clothes and swiftly dressed while Dave followed suit. Dave ran out the cooler door and out the front of the store with his empty dolly. I composed myself and walked out of the cooler as if nothing had happened. The farm hands broke out in applause! Embarrassed, I just surrendered and bowed like an actress following a great performance. I refused to make eye contact as I walked back to the checkout counter. After enduring several obviously colorful comments in Spanish, the farm workers left me to deal with my pleasurable memories and my embarrassment. The next day at break time, there were 25 migrant farm workers at my counter. The store owner came in and said, ?I don?t know what you are doing, but keep doing it?! I smiled and said,?I?ll think about it?!

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