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The Meeting

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The Meeting

I walk in to the dimly lit bar where you were to be waiting for me.I look around and see you sitting in a booth in the corner.I walk over and slide in beside you and kiss you softly.You look so hot and smell so sweet.I look at you and smile,then ask?Did you dress as I asked you to???.You look back at me and slowly slide you short dress up your thighs.I see your black thigh high stockings and no panties as you spread your legs open for my view.You pull your skirt back down and lay your hand in my lap.

The waitress comes over and get our drink order.When she is gone I slide my had up your thigh and rub it up and down,feeling the silky feeling of your leg.You feel my cock getting hard under your hand,and begin to rub me through my jeans.I lean over and kiss you as I slide my hand farther up your skirt until I can feel your hot wet pussy.I slip my tongue in to your mouth at the same time I slide 2 fingers in your sweet pussy.

This causes you to suck on my tongue as I fuck you slowly.I can feel your pussy sucking on my fingers as they slide in and out.I look and see the waitress coming with our drinks.I stop moving my hand but leave my fingers in you as I thanks her for our drinks.I wonder if she could smell your juices as I can,since you are now so wet its running slowly down your thighs.I begin to fuck you slowly again and begin to lick up and down your neck,teasing you.You begin to breathe harder,wanting me to fuck you harder and not caring who may hear you.

You feel my cock,so hard under your hand.I whisper in your ear?follow me to the mens room?.I slip my fingers out of you and hold them up,I lick them clean,tasting your sweet juices. I get up and wait for you to get up also.Then I walk slowly towards the mens room,and finally into it.I look and see 3 stalls,I lead you to the one in the corner.I open the door and have you sit on the toilet.Then move in and close the door.

I unzip my pants and pull out my 9? cock in front of your face.I don?t need to tell you as you begin to suck it slowly in your mouth.You continue until you feel my balls hit your chin.I whisper to you?play with that hot pussy while I fuck your hot wet mouth?.You reach down and play with your hard clit as I grab you by the hair.I move your head back and forth by your hair,fucking your mouth slowly.I can really smell your sweet juices and hear your fingers now sliding in and out of you.I begin to fuck your mouth harder,feeling my balls bouncing off your chin as I do.

I feel the cum starting to boil in my balls.I want some of that hot pussy wrapped around my cock,I think to myself.I push your head back and my cock slips out of your mouth.You look at me wondering why I did that.You hear the others guys coming in and out,but don?t care.I tell you to stand and bend over the toilet.I lift your skirt up and over your ass,exposing your pussy and ass to my view.

I kneel down and run my tongue up and down your crack.From your ass to your clit licking up the juice that has ran out of you.Mmmmmmmm so sweet it tastes.I begin to suck on each of your pussy lips,sucking on then just like they were nipples.You begin to shake,wanting me to put my big cock deep inside of you.You look back at me and say?put that big fucking cock in me now?.I look up and smile.Then I stand and rub my cock head on your clit,teasing you.?Is this what you want??? I ask.Your response is to shake your ass at me.

I lower my cock to your pussy and slide just the head in.It feels so good,Ive waited along time for this.I grab you by the hips and slam all 9? deep inside of you.You scream from the pleasure.I begin to laugh as I fuck you slowly,wondering who had heard you.I don?t care either as I begin to fuck you harder,feeling my balls bouncing off your sweet ass.You reach back and I can feel you rubbing your clit as I fuck you long and deep.

I know that I will cum soon,wanting you for so long has taken any desire to be slow away.I hear you moaning and your body shaking on the verg of an orgasm yourself.I take my middle finger and lick it.Then I slowly slide it in your ass making you begin to cum.Feeling your juices on my cock causes me to bury my cock in you and begin to cum also.I fuck you slowly as my cum is shooting out of me and deep inside of you.My finger in your ass moves exactly the same as my cock,in and out.

Finally I am done cumming and your knees are shaking.I slide my finger and cock out of you and help you to sit back down.You look at my half limp cock and suck it back in your mouth.I feel your tongue rolling around it,cleaning it for me.When you are done,you tuck it back in my jeans and smile.I take your hand and help you up,open the door and lead you back out to our booth.

The waitress comes over and asks?is everything ok???. I reply?just fine? as I smile at her and wink at you.We finish our drinks slowly,not saying anything.Just enjoying the moment.I sit there wondering when will be the next time we can get a chance to get out and enjoy each other.

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