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The Meeting in the Park

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The Meeting in the Park

James and Lisa have been romantically involved for over 2 years now. Their love for each other has grown in leaps and bounds and continues to do so. If you read either of our 2 other stories, they met at a swing club, developed a friendship right away that culminated in some incredible sex that night. That lit a fire in both of them that they have continued to explore and expand on. In time, they will be together forever. Neither has experienced the kind of love that has developed between them and to see them walking together, one has to get the feeling that they have the kind of love for the ages.

Like I mentioned earlier, we have done some off the wall things that has made sex between us wild and erotic. One day last year, we met at a state park. All we planned on doing was taking some hot pictures of Lisa near the water and maybe in the woods. She is so photogenic with a body to die for. They walked along the beach, noticing how empty it was for a warm September day. They came across an area with some dead trees lying on the beach and this is where the fun began. James got the camera out and took a picture of Lisa standing next to one of the trees. Lisa is no prude by any stretch of the imagination. Each picture she became more adventurous, baring her tits, pinching her nipples, sliding her hands down into her shorts and eventually dropping her shorts and standing on the beach totally naked. James captured every image and at the same time was getting sexually turned on at how sexually free Lisa was being. He continued taking pictures of her as he walked towards her. Finally, he was right in front of her taking a picture of her face that was contorted with and orgasm she was bringing on with her fingers. Talk about an erotic woman! James? cock was throbbing in his shorts. He gently leaned in and kissed Lisa. She responded as only she knows how. Her arms went around his neck and she shoved her tongue into his mouth and halfway down his throat. His hands cupped her tight ass and pulled her closer to him. She could feel the hardness of his cock and immediately reached down and grabbed it through his shorts. She stepped back and looking at him in her seductive state said, ?fuck me now?.

Without hesitation, James undid his belt and shorts and let them drop to the ground. Lisa took his cock in her hands and slowly caressed it until the first signs of pre-cum oozed out. The she turned around, and using the tree to balance herself, pushed her ass out to James. He stepped up behind her as she reached through her legs and took his cock, placing it up against the opening of her hot wet pussy. He put his hands on her hips and slowly began to feed his cock to her. Slowly moving inside of her, feeling the walls of her cock starved pussy opening up to him. He pulled out slightly and again pushed himself back inside her, going deeper, then repeated the movement until he was completely inside her.

The sounds of people on the beach and the breeze blowing through the trees made the moment even more exciting as the 2 lovers continued fucking. He would push his cock inside her as she would push back to meet each thrust. She came quickly as his large cock continued its assault on her. Her body trembling with each successive orgasm, making him fuck her harder with her encouragement of ?fuck me, fuck me harder?! Within another minute he felt his balls tightening and she could feel him getting larger inside of her. She knew what that meant and pleaded with him to fill her up. He exploded inside of her, filling her with his cum as his hip slammed into her ass. She stood up with him still inside of her, reaching her arm back and around his neck she turned her head to kiss him. They remained in that position for a few minutes while they gathered their wits. They eventually cleaned themselves up and walked back to the main area which was completely empty. Another couple of hundred yards down the beach was a large group of people enjoying the water. Lisa and James were enjoying each other. Walking with their arms around each other, not talking much, just enjoying the afterglow of what they had just done. They walked up a hill and found a small picnic area and a path from their which lead to a cliff overlooking the water. Lisa was standing there taking in the view and James got the camera out again, snapping off pictures of this hot sexy woman. Again she began to remove her clothes and was posing for the camera in a very sexy way. Undressed down to just her thong, becoming more seductive with each picture, smiling for the camera at times, and then seductively looking into the lens and then hearing voices causing her to grab her clothes and slip back into them. The two of them shared a laugh and walked back to the picnic area and looked around. ?Guess we?re hearing things, huh?? he said to her as she turned to face him. She put her arms around him again and they began kissing, more passionately than before. The kissing continued which eventually led to more touching and exploring with their hands. James slowly pushed her up against a picnic table where she leaned back and he pushed himself into her so she could feel his hard cock again pushed against her. She looked into his eyes and said, ?God I love when you?re hard and horny?. His reply was, ?you?re such a slut, you know you want me to fuck you right here?.

His hands were on her hips as she smiled at his comment. He knew he was right and so did she. In one swift move, he pushed her skirt and thong down her legs. Reaching out to their bag, he took out a sweatshirt he had brought along and laid it out on the table. Lisa needed no invitation and lay down on the table. James stepped up between her legs which quickly were wrapped around his waist. Again, she reached down and took his swollen cock in her hands and put it against the opening of pussy and held it their. She looked up at him and in such an erotic voice said, ?yes I?m a slut?.I?m YOUR slut?.now fuck me my male whore!?

He drove his stiff shaft right inside her. She was so wet that he bottomed out inside her right away. Both of them fucked each other hard and furiously. Lisa is one of those women who just doesn?t lay there and let the man do all the work. She loves to push her hips back on each thrust which just drives James wild. They were both giving it to each other as hard as they could. Out of no where, two voices were heard. James stopped for a moment to survey the situation and noticed another couple walking down the path next to the picnic area but just below them. He watched as the other couple continued their walk and when they were a bit further down the path he again began to push his cock into Lisa. She was so turned on by the fact that they could have been caught that she came hard right away, followed by another intense orgasm. She could feel yet another orgasm beginning and begged James to cum with her. He quickened his pace and could feel himself getting ready to blow his load inside her. ?Fuck your slut?.oh god?fuck me?.yes?yessss??oh my fucking goddddddd? and with that his cock quivered and he erupted inside of her, filling her up completely with his cum.

Again, they remained in that position for a few moments and then he grabbed for the camera and began taking pictures of her lying on the table. She had that ?just fucked? look on her face. His cock had deflated and fell out of her pussy and he began to take pictures of her pussy as their mixed cum began to drip out of well fucked hole. Being the exhibitionist that she is, she put her fingers down to her pussy and spread it open so he could take shots of the inside.

After a few more pictures, they again cleaned up and got dressed and walked back to their cars. During the walk the topic of the other couple came up.

?What if they walked up to us? she asked.

?Hmm?.well if you liked his looks and wanted another cock you know I?d let you? he replied.

?And what about her, what if I wanted her? she shot back.

?You know you?re free to do what you want with whom you want? was his response.

She smiled and then kissed him.

?God I love you James. I feel so free and loved with you and I?m glad that you allow me to be who I want to be? she whispered in his ear.

He smiled, knowing that she allowed him that same freedom and how much he loved her.

They got to their cars and stood there just holding each other tightly, kissing, knowing they had to go their separate ways, back to places they didn?t want to be. After saying their good byes they drove out, her following him back to the road where they went in opposite directions, knowing their love had grown more, knowing that another secret rendezvous would happen soon, another romantic moment to live out.

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