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The Massage Parlor

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A great institution is all but gone. One that has relieved the pain and pressure from many a young man. An institution that was my only reason for going to Nashville, other than Tootsies Orchid Lounge. The massage parlor. They survived many a disaster but I guess the hard times caught up with them. Politicians did them in, I assume. Any time there was a mayorial election, they had to lay low, but survived. But now they are gone. I guess that you could still get a massage in Nashville, but they are mostly mobile or on Craigs List. And expensive. And you have to pay extra for the "Happy ending." At one time the "Happy ending" was included. Any thing else was to be negotiated, but the hand job was a given.

My favorite was a place on 16th Av.N. down the street from the Country Music Hall of Fame. It had no sign and I am not sure how I found it. And I don't remember anyone else being there when I arrived other than the owner. I can't remember the ladies name for sure but "Sue" seems to stick in my mind. She was a slim, dark haired lady. She had very small breasts but some of the longest nipples I've seen. And I am a nipplemaniac. I am not sure that she would go further than the hand job as I never asked her. I am a lover of the hand job, so that was fine with me. One time she did do a little more but I'll get to that. I was in the Army at the time, stationed at Ft Campbell. I would head home for most weekends and would stop to see her twice a month (Pay day) on the way home. Some times more, if the money was there. It was perfect for me. That was soon after Vietnam and most women would have nothing to do with a soldier. Especially a Vietnam vet.

When I would arrive, Sue would greet me at the door. She was upstairs in an old house. We would talk for a few minutes and then go into the massage room. I'd give her $20.00 for a half an hour. She would tell me to get ready and she would be right back. I'd get undressed and lay on my stomach on the table. There would be a towel under me and when she came back in she would place a towel across by backside. She would strip to the waist and usually have on a pair of short, shorts. She would start the massage at my shoulders and move to my arms and neck. Now, one thing different about Sue was that she gave a damn good massage. She actually knew what she was doing. She would use oil or powder depending on your preference. I chose powder for the most part and oil for the ending. But I'd leave there feeling great as well as my pipes cleaned out. She would work her way downfrom the shoulders to my back. She would rub my backside underneath the towel and lightly run her fingers up and down the crack and spreading and kneading the cheeks. Now, just for record, I am straight. But I am not ashamed to say that I love a woman to play with my butt. As she moves to my upper thighs she works the inside of them, still rubbing my cheeks ever so often. When I lay down, I made sure that my legs were parted and my penis and testicles were between them and not underneath. I'd stay accessible.

Many times, as she would be working my butt and inside my upper thighs, she would "Accidentally" lightly rub her fingers across my pecker and balls. Already hard, I would sometimes shoot my load at that point. She would make some kind of comment such as,"Well, we are ready today, aren't we." She would get a warm, damp cloth, clean me off, remove the towel from underneath me and continue the massage. She would work her way down to my feet and even to my toes.

After the toes, it's time to turn over. She would remove the towel from my butt and let me turn and place the towel over my privates. If I hadn't shot my load earlier, the towel would not lay flat. Even if it did lay flat at first, soon it would not. She would pretty much do the same on the front as she had in back. But now I can see more. As she is working, she is "Accidentally" touching different parts with nipples. There is nothing like the feel of nipples on you pecker as she is working your upper legs. And at times,"Accidentally" touching your privates along the way. When through with the feet, she would work her way up to the upper and inner thighs again. Now I am, or again, harder than Superman's kneecap. She pulls the towel up to my stomach so I am exposed. She dips her fingers in a bowl of warm oil and rubs it on her hands. She lays her head on my upper thigh and gently starts to rub me. She takes her time and at the same time gently massaging my balls and the perineum. With her breathing on it and looking at it, it wouldn't be long that I would shoot. At the first squirt, she would hold it a little tighter and skin it back and hold it until I was finished shooting. At the same time she is gently squeeezing by balls. Then she slowly works it up and down a couple of times to get the last drops out. Then she would clean me off. We would talk some while getting dressed. I would tell her that I'd be back and be on my way feeling better than I had in two weeks.

Before I end this, I have to tell about my last visit. A couple of months earlier, I told her that I had orders for Germany. A few days before I had to leave, I went there and informed her that this would be my last visit for about three years. She seemed genuinly sad but every thing went as usual untill the last part. She didn't oil her hands and she put her head on my lower stomach. Then she said,"Tell me before you cum,OK." She had never said that in the two years that I had been seeing her. I said,OK." At that she took a hold of me and moved her face closer and put it in her mouth. She proceeded to give me a slow, gentle and toe curling blow job. I say slow as she was taking it slowly but I, on the other hand, had to give her the warning very soon. She took it out of her mouth and the rest was as usual. She said that it was a going away present.

The good old days, gone in Nashville. I swear that if I could find a woman who could give a massage like that again, I'd marry her. No questions asked.

Later folks.

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