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The Massage (MF Romantic)

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The massage (MF romantic)

It all started innocently enough. I was on a business trip to China, and was exhausted from

a grueling day of meetings, presentations, and networking with sales staff at the company I

was contracted to. In the cab on the way back to the hotel, I decided I would get a hot

meal, A massage, and follow that up with a hot shower.

Upon arriving to my suite, I called and ordered a nice meal of DimSum and some fried noodles

with lobster sauce. I followed that call with a call to the Hotel Salon, which offered

Massage services. Not being familiar with the Workings of the Chinese masseuse, I figured on

having to walk down to the Salon to have my massage, and I told the girl - Sophie, that i

would be down in a few minutes. She said in her broken no no....I come to

room! To which I readily agreed. She informed me that she would be there at 9:00 sharp. The

fee for 90 minutes massage was 300 RMB (about 36.00 US).

My meal came shortly after that, and as I was finishing the last bite, the doorbell to my

room rang. When I opened the door, I was very pleased to find a stunning young Chinese

woman, standing in the corridor with a basket of scented oils and candles. Sophie was young

- there was no way around it. When i asked her her age she told me 21. Now I am 43 and it

has been many years since I felt even remotelty attracted to a 21 year old girl. I let

sophie in, taking note of her figure, and the way she swayed into the room. Sophie was not

tall - maybe 5 foot or 5'2", and she exuded sexuality with her every move. She had the most

beautiful skin, with wide almond eyes. Looking at her body I took in her shape - very

womanly with a slight swell at the hips, and a nice round ass. Her breasts looked very firm

- maybe a B cup, but very proportioned to her size. Her face was very round, and her

features were absolutely beautiful! I thought to myself "This could be the best massage i've

had in a long time" While I was thinking at the moment strictly along the lines of having my

aches and pains removed, little did I realize what was to come.

She told me that I was to strip completely down and lie on the bed. She gave me a towel to

cover up with and went into the bathroom to wash her hands.She then proceeded to place the

candles around the room, lighting each as she went. The room was soon filled with relaxing

fragrances fron the candles. Out of the basket, she produced an oil warmer, plugging it in

and placing several bottles of oil in it. She then sat down on the bed next to me and began

by slowly scratching and dragging her nails across my back, and the backs of my legs -

Christ! I was already getting aroused! When the oil had warmed, she poured a liberal amount

on her hands and begin massaging my upper back and neck while sitting on my ass. This

proceeded for some time with her gradually moving down to my lower back. I was in Heaven! I

could feel all my tensions and aches fading away. I had actually started to doze a bit, when

I felt the towel being moved, and small warm hands kneading and massaging my buttocks, and

the insides of my thighs. It was very sensual, made even more so by the fact that, however

unintentional, she was occasionaly rubbing against my balls. I began to feel that old

familiar stirring in my groin, and was thinking to myself "She is really good!"

Sophie was now running her thumbs inside the crack of my ass, and around my hole, all the

while massaging my cheeks. Just as I was starting to get a hardon, she moved down and

started massaging my legs all the way down to my feet - giving me an excellent foot massage.

All of this time, I had been laying sideways on the bed. She got up and asked me to roll

over, covering me with the towel as I rolled. My half-hard cock was evident, but she didn't

appear to notice. She got up to the head of the bed and proceeded to give me the best face

and scalp massage I think I have ever had. and then she started....She began by telling me

(With her limited English) that I was "Beautiful" and how she loved massaging American men

because they were so appreciative. I assured her that I was as well, and that she was

fantastic. I lay with my head in her lap, looking at her beautiful face, and thinking - "Too

bad she's a masseuse, and probably unavailable"

At this point, she was massaging my upper chest, which was a little stiff from a previous

day's excessive workout. She began rubbing small and ever widening circles around my

nipples, and then pushing her hands down almost to my groin area, then stopping. I wonder if

she knew what she was doing to me? Sophie proceeded to move from the head of the bed to my

left side, massaging down my chest as she went. I was thinking "Great! I'm laying here with

a half hardon, and guess which way it lies?" You guessed it - to the left! As she began

massaging my quads, it was apparent to me that my cock was going to be in the way. Sophie

was massaging under the towel, and when her hand brushed against my semi hard cock, she

simply wrapped her gentle fingers around it, picked it up, and moved it. I felt a surge like

electricity course from my cock through my entire body! Then to my shock, she looked right

at me and quietly said "so big!") Not thinking I heard her right I said "Huh?" Sophie said,

Holding up her thumb and forefinger about 2 inches apart, " (

pause) WHEW...big!" Now I don't think I have anything to brag about - being completely hard,

my cock is about 7 1/2" but is fairly thick. After that, my cock was definately beginning to


Sopohie moved to the end of the bed, and pulled my legs apart, and began massaging from the

tops of my feet all the way up my legs and almost touching my balls. By this time i had a

genuine raging hardon. I was a little embarrassed to say the least, not knowing if she was

making conversation in her own way, or trying to come on to me. She moved up my legs, and

without hesitaion, began massaging the sensitive area between my balls and my ass. Moving up

from there she was gently (Oh so pleasantly) massaging my sac and my balls. She asked " You

like massage here too?" I managed to respond with a breathy "YES!" I was so turned on at

this point, I could have cum just from the feeling. My cock was now leaking precum and

obvioiusly wetting the towel. Sophie continued massaging my balls and the inside of my

thighs as well as the area around my cock - never actually touching it. My head was back,

and I was moaning very quietly, very much enjoying the feeling she was giving me. I

remembered a couple of guys telling me that the massage girls here would give an awesome

handjob for a tip (Which I'm sure the hotel never knew about) and not wanting to be

surprised, thinking this was where she was heading, I asked her if this would cost a tip, or

extra money (She didn't know that at this point i would have paid her almost anything just

to touch me). Sophie looked right at me with her beautiful face, and eyes sparkling and,

grabbing my now hard cock said "No extra" shaking my cock slightly she said "I

like" Smiling for the first time. With her hand still firmly on my engorged cock she asked

"You want massage here too?" Again, all I could get out was a breathy "YES!"

At that, Sophie began stroking my very hard cock, and saying "mmmmmm....mmmmmm" under her

breath. Looking down, I noticed that she had moved the towel off my and was looking right at

my cock, which was leaking profusely. Her hand did not even fit around it, it was so hard.

Her fingers were working magic on my cock, and i began to feel the need for release. I could

feel all the sensuality working on me and my balls began to twitch. She continued massaging

my swollen cock and humming softly to herself. I don't think i have ever had a handjob feel

this good. I had my eyes closed, and head back enjoying the feeling, knowing I was going to

cum soon. sophie knew it too and quickened the pace of her hand as I started to feel my

balls pulling up in readyness for what i knew was going to be a huge orgasm.

And suddenly, it came. My cock got impossibly hard and the first small squirt made its way

out, to Sophies glee. She gave me a sharp "Ohhh!" and then I felt it...her sexy small mouth

closing around the huge head of my cock, and that was the final straw...I exploded in her

mouth nearly as soon as it touched my cock. I was screaming in pleasure, and moaning, and

thrashing around the bed so that she had to take a firmer hold of my cock to keep it in her

mouth. All at the same time i could feel the cum racing out of me....feel her gulping and

swallowing....I could feel the pressure of her body against my legs. Everything was

amplified - electrified for that moment. as my ultra intense orgasm began to fade, Sophie

continued sucking, occasionally licking the underside of my super sensitive cockhead. She

licked up and down my cock, getting all of the come off of it, and proceeded to lick from my

stomach the remains of the first squirt that she had missed. Not missing a beat, she

continued massaging my quads, and down my legs as if nothing had happened.

The problem was, my cock was still hard, and still ready - I havent had that happen since i

was in my 20's! Working back up my legs, she noticed the presence of my still raging hardon.

She said something to me in Chinese - looking at my cock - And got up and went into the

bathroom. I didn't know what to expect now. I figured she was all done and getting ready to

go, so I sat up on the bed. I almost fell back when she came out of the bathroom, completely

nude, with her clothes neatly folded in her arms. She stated matter of factly, in almost

good english "I still have.....30 minute" (Her use of I instead of you was not lost on me

either) "I give more massage"

Sophie climbed up on top of me on the bed, and as I said earlier, her body was stunning! She

leaned down and wrapped her beautiful breasts around my throbbing cock, rubbing up and down

over and over, asking me if i liked the massage. I nearly came again! She sat back, moving

down my legs, and sooo slowly moved back up. up and down, each time bringing her neatly

shaved pussy a little closer to my throbbing cock. I reached up for the first time and felt

her smooth and firm. Her nipples were erect like little pebbles and i knew I

wouldn't last long this time either - I was already about to cum again. Sophie was so sultry

and sexy.

Finally, she moved her pussy up onto my cock. as soon as I felt the heat and the wetness of

it, I started to cum again. This time, she moved back, grabbed my cock, and pointed it up. I

sprayed those beautiful breasts with cum, getting some up onto her neck and face. Sophie was

moaning the entire time. After my second orgasm, she lay down on top of me, my slightly

wilting cock still firmly entrapped in the wet folds of her pussy. i threw the bedcover over

us to stay warm ( the A/C was on) sophie never stopped moving on me, and I started to get

hard yet again (Amazing for an old guy like me!). As my cock grew, her moans of pleasure

intensified. i knew my nearly hard cock was rubbing hard on her clit. To my surprise, she

started humping against me hard and fast, starting her own orgasm. The next thing I knew,

her ass was moving at great speed and she was cumming, screaming in Chinese, kissing my face

and mouth. i could see tears in the corners of her eyes. As she was coming down from her

orgasm, she just kept looking at me repeating over and over "Beautiful......Beautiful"

I was once again fully hard and ready to go...and i knew what I wanted. I moved my hips

back, and positioned my cock at the entrance to what I knew would feel like heaven. I pushed

and Sophie gasped and let out a long "Nooooooooo" followed by "Big....Big!" Her pussy was so

unbelievably small and tight, I wondered how i was ever going to get my hard cock in there.

She began gently rocking, pushing a bit more each time until I was several inches....

halfway....then fully inside of her. And it WAS heaven. I had never felt anything so hot,

tight and wet all at the same time. I began slowly moving in and out, filling her up each

time, and Sophie began to cum. I was kissing HER face and telling her how beautiful she is,

and how good this felt. We made love like that for a long time, feeling, looking at each

other, enjoying the moment until I felt the urge for release once again. I asked as the

moment appraoched, the best I could, if she wanted me out, indicating that I was about to

cum. Her response was to wrap her legs under me, and her arms around me in a hug,

effectively trapping me inside of her. I came in long passionate waves, filling her pussy

with cum until I could feel it running out of her.

We kissed and held each other for awhile until she told me that she would have to leave. She

looked at me with a gentle look in her eyes that I will never forget, and said "xie xie" (

meaning thank you" I signed the bill for my 4 hour massage, and left her a 500 RMB tip, sad

that I was leaving the next day. Why hadn't I gotten a massage sooner?


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