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The Mailroom Handler

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The Company Mailhandler

As I stepped into the elevator, I was completely oblivious to the mailroom handler standing there waiting to take the 28 story flight to the 1st floor with me. The doors slid effortlessly together as I glanced over at the man standing next to me. He paid me no mind, looking at the lit numbers 27 then 26 then 25.

My eyes roamed his body, taking in every inch of his muscular form. I gave myself a mental slap for being so naughty and thinking thoughts of a mere mailhandler. I put my posture in check, and smoothed the front of my skirt. This action gained the attention of the muscled man and I became slightly uncomfortable within such close proximity of one who exuded an over-abundant supply of testosterone.

Before I knew it, one muscled arm extended itself toward the "stop" button on the elevator panel, and before I could ask, the elevator came to a screeching halt. I blinked back my surprise and he quirked a smile at me before bringing himself to stand fully before me.

He looked at me with hungry, brown eyes and his stare was insistent that I would have no choice but feel compelled to reach for his waist and unbuckle his belt...which I did, slowly. As I slid the belt from the belt loops of his faded blue jeans, he grabbed my hand and halted my action.

He grinned at me before taking the belt from my grasp and placing it between his teeth in order to secure it while he placed my hands behind my back.

He leaned over and whispered to me, "leave them there for me." Then he took the belt and slipped it behind me. Surprisingly, he was able to effortlessly secure my hands gently, but tight enough for any resistence.

My heart gave a slight jolt when he started to unbutton his shirt and expose the muscled flesh beneath. I slowly licked my lips in anticipation of his touch, his hungry assault upon my own body.

As he slipped his shirt off over his shoulders, he made attempts to remove the cuffs while his own hands remained behind his back, fully exposing the tanned flesh of a nicely toned torso. I could resist no longer. I leaned over and placed my lips gently on his chest and whispered against the tautness of his muscled body, "God, touch me...please touch me!"

After having freed himself from his shirt, his arms came around front and as he slid his fingers through my soft, brown hair, his muscles rippled underneath smooth, tanned skin. He then lifted my face toward his by gently tugging on a handful of my hair. "You ever did this in an elevator before?" he asked.

I shook my head no, realizing that I was being deceitful by not confessing that I was actually a virgin...never having been touched before. I wanted him to touch me, to feel me. I don't know what he saw in my eyes, but the fire was lit and he looked at me with uncertainty just before I turned my own eyes away, as my cheeks burned with shame.

I thought he might untie me and push me away with disgust. But, he was surprisingly gentle. He slid his hands down the sides of my arms, gently rubbing up and down in a comforting fashion. He finally spoke again in what sounded like a strained voice, "You're a virgin." It was more a statement than a query.

My heart was beating so fast that I felt he could hear it above my own feeble answer, "Yes." I blinked back the tears that threatened to spill over. And just when I thought he might give a scathing remark, he slid his hands over my hips and under my skirt.

He then, very gently, slipped his large hands underneath my silk panties and cupped both cheeks of my buttocks, rubbing them gently as he looked deep into my eyes. I couldn't help but wonder what he was thinking. All I knew was that his motions were flawless and he moved around my body like it was his own, and I was on fire.

He looked at my hair and blew a few strands away from my face, his eyes wandering across my cheeks and then my lips, with the look of one who might be appraising his property. For the moment, that is what I had become...his property. He was caring for me as if I were his one and only possession in life. As he closed his eyes, I could feel the urgency in him when his lips finally came down on mine and he bit out in frustration, "Damn you...God, damn you!"

At that moment, I could tell that something was driving him, yet something was holding him back. I knew that whatever was holding him back, I wanted it to let go. I wanted him to unleash his full force upon me and take me at once. He finally looked up, eye smoldering with desire. "I can't do this to you, I'm sorry..I just can't. You don't know what you are getting yourself into, you really don't."

I looked down at my exposed breasts and only then realized just how intimate he had become with my body. With hands still tied behind my back, I felt vulnerable with the exposure and his eyes refused to move their gaze from my mounds of flesh. "All I know is that I want you to keep touching me," I pleaded softly between feeble attempts to gain some composure. He closed his eyes and I could sense the agony with his struggle to gain control over his own desires.

I arched my back while trying to relieve the pressure on my wrists and at that moment, his eyes darkened and his facial features turned stone-like. His gaze was fixated on the rise and fall of my breasts caused by the arching of my back. His struggle was finally broken and he groaned as he gently lowered his head to my bosom. There was no turning back now. I could sense this man was not one to be stopped when he finally decided to follow through.

Of the moments that followed, I recall the fury and passion exchanged over the ripping of my $40 pair of Victoria Secret panties! The moment was brief and quickly forgotten when he apologized profusely and slipped a folded hundred dollar bill between my teeth to shut me up. I spat the bill to the floor and the realization that this heated exchange was turning me on was just too much for me to handle.

I leaned over and began assaulting his lips with gentle bites, hoping that he would catch on to the fact that I was a materialistic bitch and his mauling of me was so pleasurable that it hurt. Yes, bondage, shame and power, these things I would grow to know as the ultimate combination in creating just the right fuck session for just the right man in a remote location in just the right elevator. Anger and lust. Greed and narcissistic malice toward such a strong and muscular but probably not so smart man was indeed turning my ass on bigger than shit.

I wanted him to know that my feelings over him being a mere mailhandler with no goals in life were despicable, but they existed none-the-less. I didn't care how good it was feeling, I knew that the only thing that this man could ever give me is a good fuck. I became very bold, and the words did finally escape me in a throaty whisper, "Fuck me, mailboy."

I had no reason to believe that my whispered command would drive this man insane with anger, but it did. He stopped what he was doing and looked deep into my eyes. Then, something changed. His grin was alarming, almost devilish. I started to feel like I had made a huge mistake. Was the fury and the shame not as big a turn on for him? Was I wrong in reading him?

"Mailboy?" he laughed as he started to unzip his blue jeans.

I finally stammered out, "Yes, that's what you do, right? You deliver mail in our building, right?"

As he dropped his blue jeans down to his ankles while feeling for the wetness between my legs, I gasped and tried to blink back the surprise at how his touch shook me up and made me want to cry out for more. "No," he stated.

He then looked into my eyes again and confessed as he slowly slipped himself inside me, "I've been stopping the mailboy everyday on his route to your office and offering to special deliver see, I've had a crush on you ever since you started working here and it's the only way I felt that I could have a look at you on a daily basis.

He was stirring very intense feelings deep within me while gently opening me up with his tool. Then he whispered into my ear as the intensity of the moment became more heated and I started to climax.

"Let me introduce myself. I'm Joseph, the CEO of this company."

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