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The Lift Experience by Lady Grey

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The Lift Experience by Lady Grey

The weather was hot and sticky. They had forecast it reaching 100 degrees today. It had been like this for a few days now; it was the sort of weather when you felt uncomfortable to be wearing clothes. It was because of this that Avril was glad that she herself was not wearing that much as she walked the short distance to the office, located just down the road from the tube station.

It had been murder coming in on the tube. It was as usual crowded with seemingly hot, unwashed bodies all around her. Even when she got off, the usually cooling breeze blowing up the elevators was warm. Now walking down the road, the heat seemed to reflect off the many glass fronted office buildings that lined the road.

She would be glad to get in her office, and wondered if Eric, the office manager, had made it before her and switched on the air conditioning.

The heat was not the only thing that was making her feel uncomfortable. She was also feeling hot and horny. Jimmy, her latest lover, was away on a business course, and she was missing him badly. They had met a month ago in a wine bar; it had been lust at first sight. On that first night, they had not even made it home. He had screwed her for the first time that night in a darkened shop doorway.

For the next four weeks, life seemed to have been one long, wonderful, incredible fuck. If it weren’t in her apartment, it was in his. They just seemed never to get enough of each other. Morning and night, five days a week, and on the weekends? Well, there seemed no point in getting dressed. But now she was missing him, and missing him badly. It had been two days, two days since she had felt his hands on her body, two days since she had felt the wonderful sensation as he entered her, two hard frustrating days since she was able to wrap her long shapely legs around him and pull him deep into her ever welcoming body.

Yes, she had tried to satisfy her own needs, thrusting her fingers deep into the warm wet confines of her pussy, urgently rubbing her constantly engorge clit. It had been of some help, but what she needed was to feel Jimmy inside her; Jimmy or some other more satisfying replacement.

She was almost level with her office when a large brown and gold UPS van pulled up at the curbside. She looked at the young, good looking driver in his smart brown uniform as he swung out of the cab. She saw him look for a moment in her direction. She smiled to herself. Had he noticed the sway of her unfettered breasts under the thin summer dress she was wearing?

The driver picked up a package from inside the sliding side door of the van and turned and watched Avril as she made her way through the front doors of Eastern Electronics. It was the same as the name on his delivery address. Nice little arse, he thought to himself as he watched the swish of her skirt as the glass doors closed behind her. Then he made his way to the goods entrance.

Avril stared with some annoyance at the printed notice on the lift doors: NOT WORKING MAINTENANCE CHECK. “Fuck,” she thought, “I’m not walking up six floors in this heat.”

Then an idea came to her. She could use the goods lift next door.

She turned and walked back out into the street and through the large black rubber doors of the next entrance. She smiled at the UPS driver, his finger poised on the lift call button. “The lift’s out next door, and I don’t fancy the walk.”

He grinned, flashing white teeth. “No problem, Miss, I’m going up to the sixth.”

Avril smiled back. “That’s lucky, so am I.”

When the lift arrived, he slid back the gates and stood aside for Avril to enter. He inhaled the heady fragrance of her perfume as she passed him. He slid the gates shut and pressed over the large brass lever, and with a lurch, the ancient lift slowly began its accent.

Avril looked at the handsome man standing opposite her. Her eyes drifted down his lean body and she ran the tip of her tongue slowly over her lips as she noticed the impressive swell of his lunch box. Could this, she wondered, be the answer to her prayers?

She saw him looking at her with a slight smile on his face, and she wondered what he was thinking. She guessed he could see the impression of her nipples, which had suddenly become erect, pressing against the thin material of her dress.

They had just passed the second floor when she made her move. She walked slowly towards him. He made no move. Now she was close. He could again smell her perfume. She reached out and placed her hand over his. It was the hand he had on the lift lever. She slowly pulled his hand away, and the lever sprang into the stop position. The old lift creaked to a halt, and through the gates there was now a wall of bricks with pealing green paint work.

Avril stood looking up at him for a moment. Then she lifted her face towards his and placed her lips on his. For a second there was nothing, and then she felt his tongue slide between her lips. The handbag she was carrying on her shoulder fell to the floor with a dull thud. Then her arms were around his neck, pulling him towards her. Apart from his tongue that was twisting and wrestling with hers, he had still made no move.

Suddenly she felt his arm around her, his hand resting for a moment on the exposed flesh above her sundress. Then it moved down to her waist, over her hips, and onto the firm but resilient flesh of her trim bottom. She felt the hand caressing and kneading. She pressed herself against the handsome stranger feeling the wonderful sensation of his already hardening manhood pressing into her stomach.

As they kissed hungrily, she felt him slowly drawing up her skirt. He was still working one handed, the package for delivery clutched in the other hand. Suddenly his hand was on her flesh, on the thin material of her briefs. She groaned as she felt his hand slide down inside her briefs.

She pulled back and looked at him. “I think you need two hands for this job,” she said in a soft trembling voice. He smiled as he released her and placed the package on the floor. As he came back up, he ran his hands up her legs under her skirt. He reached the narrow band of her briefs, and she felt them being eased down over her hips and then drop down her legs onto the floor around her feet.

One hand was now gently stroking her pussy, his finger slowly parting her already damp lips. Avril spread her legs apart allowing him the access he needed to slip first one finger, and then two, into the warm wetness of her pussy. His fingers began to move expertly, sliding in and out of her love tunnel. His thumb had located her clit and he began to stimulate the engorged nub.

Avril just stood there reveling in the wonderful sensation, but she knew she wanted more. She began to unbutton his uniform. With his shirt open, she pulled at his tee shirt, pulling it up above his well formed pecs. She stroked his naked chest and teased his nipples. She began to gasp as the first orgasm began to build in her body, thrusting herself onto those invading fingers. She felt her vaginal muscles begin to contract. “I’m cumming, oh God, I’m cumming,” and then she clung to him gasping as he felt her juices run over his fingers.

They clung together for a moment. She was breathing heavily. Then as she came around, she began pulling at his belt. With his assistance, she quickly got him out of his clothes. In moments she was looking at his firm well toned naked body and especially at the nine inches of hard veined flesh that stood proud from the nest of tight black curls at the base of his stomach. She reached out and gripped it in both hands; it felt hot under her touch.

As she ran her hands along its length, she felt her dress being eased off her shoulders. Reluctantly, she had to release him for a moment to allow the dress to be freed from her arms. Then it was being pushed down over her breasts and over her hips to join the rest of the discarded clothing scattered around their feet.

As she continued to stroke his hard length, rubbing the dripping bulbous purple head against her oozing pussy, she felt his hands on her breasts, lifting and caressing the firm flesh of her delightful mounds, teasing and pulling on the already extended nipples. Then he was lifting her as though she were a child. She knew what he wanted and opened her legs wide. His hard cock was now rubbing between her thighs, rubbing against the wet portals of her pussy. Then with a little assistance from her, it was opening her up and sliding inside.

Avril groaned as he impaled her slim young body on his solid nine inches. She wrapped her legs around him, pulling him into her. Her arms were wrapped tightly around his neck and her naked breasts crushed up against his hard chest. In his strong arms, her body jerked and twisted as he pistoned himself into her, his balls slapping against her bottom with every stroke.

The pleasure just seemed to go on and on. Avril cried out, thanking him and pleading with him not to stop, not that he had any intention of doing so. At last, with a rush and a strangled cry, she came, and like the gentleman he was, he joined her. She felt his juices pumping into her, gush after gush, mixing with her own, filling her to overflowing, and running in streams down between her thighs.

Slowly and gently he lowered her to the floor. She looked at him sheepishly. He grinned, caressing her breast tenderly. She shivered at his touch. He looked around, bent down, picked up his boxer shorts, and slipped back into them. Avril took a tissue from her bag and slowly wiped between her legs as she watched him pull his clothes back on.

At last she picked up her dress and slipped back into it. He picked up his package, pressed down on the lever, and the lift slowly began to ascend again. It pulled up with a groan at the sixth floor. He slid the gate back and let her out.

A man in a brown overall looked at her and smiled. “Morning, Avril, it’s a lovely day again.”

Avril smiled. “It’s a wonderful day,” she said.

He took the package from the UPS man and looked at the label. “Avril!” She turned as her name was called. “This is for you.” He passed the package back to the delivery man. “Just go with Avril,” he said. “She will sort you out.” The man smiled and followed Avril to her office. He placed the package on her desk and she signed the paperwork.

He smiled at the attractive young woman sitting behind the desk, the woman he had just so thoroughly fucked. “Might see you again if I come again tomorrow.” She grinned at the insinuation. He turned to leave and she pressed her hand down between her thighs feeling wetness again beginning to seep from her pussy.

On the way down in the lift, the UPS driver noticed the discarded briefs still crumpled in the corner of the lift. He stooped and picked them up. He held the soft damp cloth to his nose and breathed in the scent of her perfume and the musky scent of her sex. With a smile, he thrust them into his pocket.

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