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The Librarian Returns the Favor. (Chapter 2)

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The following morning when Mrs. Bennett picked me up, an hour earlier as planned, everything seemed the same, except for the big smile, and the gleam in her eyes. When I got in, instead of just saying good morning, she leaned over and gave me a hot, passionate, lingering kiss, sliding her tongue in my mouth and probing as if she were trying to swab my tonsils. My cock instantly rose in my jeans, to the point I thought they were going to rip at the seams. She reached over and grabbed it through my pants, stroking gently. Then she unzipped my pants, reached in, and pulled out my hard, throbbing, thick, 9 inch cock. "Oh my gosh! I never expected THAT!" she said. " That's not a cock, THAT's a WEAPON!", she replied in shock and amazement. "What do you mean?" I asked her. "I've never seen one that big!" she gasped. (Now, at that point in my life, never having really seen many other's to compare, except my best friends, who's was as long soft as mine was hard, I never really thought of myself as hung, before.)Then she looked at me with a lustful, longing look, and said, "You drive while I play". And she slid across the seat, straddling me. At that point, I discovered she wasn't wearing any panties today! And where yesterday, she had a nicely trimmed, but hairy bush(Hey, it was the early 70's. Lol..), today it was completely shaven smooth. I slid over, making a very conscious effort to control the urge to shove my hard throbbing cock into that beautiful pink, wet, dripping pussy with those thick, swollen labia. Her clit was so swollen it looked like it would burst any minute. I put the car in gear, and started driving. I no sooner pulled out onto the road, and she started trying to swallow as much cock as she could cram in her mouth. With each pump into that hot mouth it went a little deeper. She gagged a few times, then looked up at me, with her nose starting to run, and her eyes watering. She chuckled and smiled and told me she was determined to swallow the whole thing. I thought I was going to go nuts! I almost wrecked a couple of times as well. I'd had blow jobs from some of the girls in school before, but NEVER anything like this! (The girls in school would lick the head and shaft, and maybe suck the head and about an inch or two, saying it was too big.) And never while driving."Turn onto this side road up ahead, and into that dirt lane." she told me. As I did so, I saw it went into a big open field. I pulled up and parked, Slid the seat back and pulled my pants around my ankles, while she continued to suck and lick. I was really proud of myself for keeping my composure, and holding back, not wanting her to think I was some dumb, inexperienced kid. But then she squeezed my balls, and sucked her finger to get it wet, and started playing with my asshole. "OH SHIT!! I'M GONNA FUCKIN' EXPLODE!" I screamed out. She stopped for a second, laughed and said,"Not yet, you aren't." Then she licked down my shaft, sucked my balls into her mouth, then proceeded to lick and tongue fuck my ass. When it was good and wet, she slid her tongue back up my shaft and swallowed all 9 inches in one gulp. I started fucking her mouth with a vengeance! I couldn't take it anymore! Her head bobbed up and down, matching me stroke for stroke. Then she gently started squeezing my balls again, and just when I felt the come start to boil, and was ready to explode, she gave me the most unexpected and wonderful surprise of my life, when she buried her finger up my hot tight ass! "AAAAGGGGHHHH" was all I heard, never realizing it was me, screaming in pure exstacy. When I started to come, she buried the whole thing all the way to the balls down her throat. I felt her chin resting against my balls, in fact. I came so hard, I thought I would blow a hole in the back of her head. I heard her gag a few times, but she never let up. When my orgasm finally subsided, and she had sucked and licked me dry, she looked up. I had to laugh, when I saw her with her hair looking like she had been in a wind storm, and what looked like she had cold, with a runny nose. I came so hard and so much, that it was running out her nose, because she didn't want to miss a drop!

"Ok, time for school. We don't want to be late again!" she said. "But what about you, Mrs. Bennett?" I asked. She laughed and said, "Honey don't worry about me. This isn't the last time. In fact, it's just the beginning. I think this is going to be a great school year. Oh, and by the way Joe, please don't call me Mrs. Bennett. Except at the appropriate times, of course. Call me Roseanne."

Until next time, hope you enjoy!

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