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The Letters

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The Letters

Lance was always a hard working; never miss a day of work kind of man. He had always done what he could to provide for his family. He sacrificed a lot to give his wife and children what they needed and wanted. His children were grown and the last one had just left home. He knew in all his sacrifice his marriage had suffered. He and his wife had not known each other in bed as lovers in years. They were almost like strangers. But, he had always been faithful and never even thought of another.

Until, one Monday he checked the mail as always on his way home. In the middle of all the usual stuff was a small envelope sealed with red wax and had the sweetest smell Lance had ever smelled before. It was addressed to him. Unsure Lance carefully opened it. Inside was a light pink paper that read? ?In 5 days I will make your dreams come true?, with the same symbol on the bottom that was in the wax seal. Flustered Lance put it in his dash and blew it off as a corny joke. That is, until he checked the mail on Tuesday. There again the sweet smelling wax sealed envelope. A little more anxious Lance opened the letter.

It read? ?Only 4 more days until I make your dreams come true.? ?Here is your first clue 8488.? There again no signature just the symbol. That evening Lance thought about his letters all night. On Wednesday Lance couldn?t wait to get home. Finally at the mailbox he sat. It made him hot just thinking about what all this might mean. Again there it was wax sealed and the smell even more sweet. Excited Lance tore it open it read? ?Only 3 days until all your dreams will come true.? ?8488 was your first clue, here is your second, Hideaway lane.? Now he knew that was an address and he knew just where he was going, he and his wife had stayed in a cabin on Hideaway lane for an anniversary once. Really excited Lance took his letters and hid them away where they couldn?t be found. All night he thought about Friday and what was going to happen. Again on Thursday, Lance sat at the mailbox, his cock hard and throbbing with excitement. There it was wax seal, sweet smell and most important his letter. It read? ?Only 2 days until all your dreams come true.? ?So far you know 8488 Hideaway lane, be there 7pm don?t be late.? Lance could not wait for Friday night to come.

He lay in bed awake rubbing his hard throbbing cock anxiously waiting for his mystery woman to make all his dreams come true.

Finally Friday was here and it was almost time to go. He came home and checked the mail, but no letter. He knew what he had to do. His wife was out shopping, he called her and told her he had to work late. He knew it was a lie, but at this point it didn?t matter.

He mad his way down the road, there it was Hideaway lane. At the far end of the road, overlooking the lake was a cabin with the same symbol from the letters. He figured this is where he was supposed to be. On the door was a sweet smelling, wax sealed envelope. It read? ? Go in, have a drink, get undressed, get comfy, put on the blindfold and I will see you soon.? Inside he found drinks and the blindfold lying on an animal skin rug in front of a blazing fireplace. He did exactly as he was told.

Shortly after he had taken off his clothes and put on the blindfold, he heard footsteps softly walking on the wooden floor. Lance was about to burst with excitement.

His cock was harder than he had ever felt before and throbbing for this mystery woman. Lance suddenly felt lips touch the tip of his throbbing cock; they slowly side up and down his shaft. He quivered with excitement. That sweet smell made it even better. From his hard cock the lips moved down his thighs and back up to his cock again. Then up his stomach and to his chest and neck finally softly kissing his lips. Not able to see Lance started to feel. Her touched her soft lips with his fingertips, rubbed her face and then ran his fingers through her long hair. Then down her sides to the soft skin of her ass. He ran his hands back up her body to her breasts there he found erect nipples begging to be kissed. He started to suck, kiss and bite then with his hands he squeezed and pinched. The more he squeezed and pinched the more of his cock she took into her mouth. Lance couldn?t take it anymore. He grabbed her by her long soft hair and forced her to take all of him as he filled her mouth with his hot cum. Excited by the unknown his cock was still hard. Lance guided his sweet smelling mystery woman?s body on top of him.

Slowly moving her forward, he placed her so his cock was nestled between the lips of her hot wet pussy. Not saying a word he slid his cock inside her. Lance had never felt such paradise before. She slowly moved her hips front to back, side to side, up and down taking all of Lance inside her. No words were spoken only soft moans and the sound of pure pleasure. Lance wanted more of her. He took her by her hips and slid his cock out of the paradise of her sweet pussy and placed his cock between the cheeks of her ass. He could feel the opening of her tight ass with the head of his cock. With a hard thrust she took his cock inside her. Lance threw her onto her back so he could be on top. He forced his cock hard into her tight ass until they both climaxed. First her hot wet heat then his followed.

They lay together his cock still inside her, blindfold still on, holding each other as if they had known each other forever. Finally after hours of sweet hard lovemaking their first words were spoken. Lance asked, ?Can I at least see the woman that made all my dreams come true??

She covered his mouth with her fingertips, as he spoke. She sat him up and kissed his lips softly. Then she slowly lifted the blindfold from his eyes. Lance could not believe what he saw. There in the glow of the blazing fire was his wife.

From that night forward the shared endless night making love in ways that they only dreamed of. That is, before she gave him the letters.

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