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The Kitchen

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I could not help but notice her standing at the kitchen sink staring out of the window. She was looking very sexy in her somewhat short black shorts and snug fitting t-shirt. She was not aware that I was looking at her from a distance thinking how sexy she looked as she bent slightly over the sink to take a closer look out of the window. I could tell by the lines of her clothes she was not wearing any panties or bra. The house was very quite so I was trying to think what she must be thinking as she looked out of the window. Her eyes seem to gaze at the trees but her mind was elsewhere.

I thought to myself. Was she thinking about our conversation last night about being with another man. I was not about to approach her but rather admire her from a distance and try to figure out what she must be thinking or feeling. I could see her move her hips a bit back and forth against the edge of the kitchen sink. I was not sure if that was just a nervous movement or she was starting to fantasize about other things.

The thought of other man had never crossed my wife?s mind since we have been married, or at least I didn?t think so. It all started when I found this fun website called Hot or Not and posted my wife?s picture on it. It was a picture I took of my wife laying on the bed in a black loose fitting top that just exposed a hint of cleavage. On this site you can post a picture and people can vote and give ratings from 1 to 10. I already knew my wife was a 10 so it wasn?t really the rating I was going after, even though that is what I told her. I was looking to see if I could excite her by having her exited by another man.

My wife is not much for chatting with strange men on the computer but it seemed like it would be fun. I knew I would have to give her a push to start chatting, but as I found out later it didn?t take much. With the very sexy picture that I posted on Hot or Not it didn?t take long before guys were saying hello to her. My wife seem to love the attention she was getting from her new male friends. There were the few weirdo?s and guys with no class, but she soon found one that she really liked.

So last night as I watched TV my wife was chatting with the male friend that she seem to really like. Her fingers were going a mile a minute on the keyboard and the silly grin seem to cross her face more and more often. I could not see what was being typed but I could tell they were both enjoying themselves. My wife was using the laptop in our bedroom as she laid on her stomach to type to her male friend. I could see her wiggle her bottom a little every so often, like she was trying to rub her clit into the mattress. I continued to watch TV as she continued to chat for a very long time.

After she was done chatting and said good night to her friend I asked her if she had fun, she said ?yes?. I asked her if she liked him, again she answered ?yes?. I could tell by her answers that she was somewhat aroused by him and their conversation. We had talked about a MFM threesome in the past but I had not mentioned it for a while. I did ask her if she thinks she could have a lot of fun with him, she gave me her answer?.?yes?.

So I could not help but wonder as she gazed out of the kitchen window if she was thinking about her chat with her male friend or something more. I wanted to know her thoughts, I wanted to know her feelings, but I could not just go right over to her and ask her. So I watched, wondered and thought about my next move.

After a minute or two I decided to sneak up behind her. I slowly walked up behind her ever so quietly, she was so deep in thought that she didn?t even know I was there. I proceed to press my body against hers, for a split second she didn?t even move, almost like she was in a trance. After that split second she came out of her trance and seemed to be a bit startled but then she realized it was me. I did not speak a word, but ever so gently pushed her long flowing red hair away from the right side of her neck exposing her soft skin. I let my head drop to her neck but did not let my lips touch her neck, I could smell the scent of her sweet perfume but I did let her feel my warm breath against her soft skin. As she felt the warm breath from my lips she slowly tilted her head more to the left to give me better access to her neck.

After a moment or two of my warm breath I lightly kissed her neck just below her ear. I asked her is a soft voice, ?do you like that?? I already knew the answer just by her movements, but her answer was nice to hear??as she said ?yes?. I continued to explore her neck with my lips and tongue alternating between kisses and like licks. As I stared to hear her low moans I knew I was lighting a fire deep in her body. As I continued to kiss around the back of her neck she would move her head to give me better access to her neck. I would move her long beautiful red hair to expose the areas I wanted to touch, kiss and lick.

I wanted to know more of her thoughts but now was not the time to ask her, I knew when the right time would be. I was kissing and licking her neck as my hands were rubbing her shoulders. With each kiss and rub I could feel her push back against my body, I knew she was getting aroused. I was also sure she could tell I was getting aroused by her response and the smell of her wonderful perfume was not hurting the situation either. I knew she could feel my cock starting to grow with each kiss to her neck.

I thought to myself, I think it is time to ask her some of her thoughts. I whispered into her ear and asked her what she was thinking about when she was looking out of the window? She gave me the canned answer I thought she would and said, ?nothing, I was just looking?. For some reason I didn?t think she was telling the truth. So I kissed her again on her neck, rubbed her shoulders and moved my right hand to her slow moving ass. As soon as my hand touched her ass I felt her give move of a push against my body and hand. I decided to move my left hand off her shoulder and slide it around the front to just under her left breast. I know she wanted me to take her left breast into my hand but I just left it right below it.

I again asked her, what were you thinking about as you looked out the window? She said, ?nothing really?, just those words made me think there was more. I slowly moved my right hand around to the front of her waist and moved my left hand to the underside of her left breast. I felt her take a deep breath as a wave of passion came over her. I whispered in her ear, ?were you thinking about your chat with your male friend from last night?? There was a slight pause, as if to think of a different answer, but the answer she was thinking came out, she said ?yes?. I wanted to know more so I continued to push my ever growing hard cock into her bottom, kiss her neck, cup both breast in my hands and ask another question. ?Did he turn you on?, I asked. She again wanted to hold back her answer, but with my hands touching her breast and my cock on her ass, she answered, ?yes, he did turn me on?.

I asked her, ?were you thinking what his cock might feel like pressed against you like mine is?? ?Were you thinking what it might be like to kiss him and feel different lips against yours?? ?Were you thinking how he would hold you, kiss you, touch you and make love to you?? My wife was breathing much heavier now, took a deep breath and said, ?YES, I was thinking all of those thoughts?. I slowly turned her around, took her face in my hands and kissed her deeply on the lips, feeling this she realized it was a seal of approval. It almost felt like she was waiting for that. She asked me, ?does that turn you on?? I told her ?it did, very much?.

She told me, ?when I was chatting with him that he sent me a picture of his cock?. I asked her, ?what she thought of it?? She said, ?honestly?? I told her, ?I want to know how you feel and all your true feelings?. She said, ?it was big and that was VERY arousing to me, I never thought a big cock would turn me on like that, but it did?. I asked her, ?would you like to chat with him more and maybe be alone with him?? To my TOTAL amazement, she said, ?YES, I would like that very much?. I took her face into my hands and again kissed her on the lips but this time I slide my tongue into her wet mouth. After a short kiss she pulled her lips away and asked me, ?would you like see how I would suck on his cock if I was with him?? I almost came right then and there, as I stumbled to gain my composure, I said, ?yes?, but I said it almost like a child very soft and low.

As my wife slowly dropped to her knees I could feel my cock at full attention, wanting to feel how she would suck on her online lovers cock. Once my wife was on her knees I could feel her tug at the drawstring that was holding my loose fitting sweatpants on. She undid the string and slowly slide my pants down to my ankles exposing my rock hard cock, which was right at her face. She looked up at me and said, ?this is how I want to suck on his big cock?. With that comment she forced her wet mouth over my throbbing cock and I watched it disappear into her mouth. I almost feel backwards as my knees became weak. All I could hear from my wife was the moans of passion from sucking my cock. Until she slide her mouth off and said, ?do you think he would like that from me, my online lover that is?? I could hardly muster the words but said, ?YES, I?m sure he would?. ?Good? she said, ?cause that is what I want to do with him soon?!

As I continued to feel my cock go in and out of her mouth and feel her get more aroused with each suck I knew she was now thinking of her lovers BIG hard cock. But at this point I didn?t care, I just wanted her to suck on it. I could feel myself getting more and more aroused with every inch she took into her mouth. I felt a drop of pre-cum enter the tip of my cock., so did my beautiful wife. As she slide my cock out of her mouth and smiled she said, ?ummmm, I love the taste of you lover, I wish my husband tasted that good?! OH MY GOD, I was going to cum from just that comment alone!

I said to her, ?it was now my turn to show you what I want your online lover to do to you?. She smiled and said, ?I want to feel that too?. I grabbed my wife?s hand, helped her to her knees and told her to stand in front of me. I gave her a look of lust as I grabbed the bottom of her black shorts and slowly removed them. I could tell she was very wet from her thoughts of her lover and from sucking my cock. I told her to get up on the counter so I could taste her sweet juices. She hopped up onto the counter, I said to her, ?close your eyes and think of your lover doing this to you?. With that said, my wife closed her eyes and I could tell she was thinking some very naughty thoughts about what was going to happen and thinking about her lover.

I bent down and lightly licked the inside of her right thigh I could feel her jump a bit. I wanted her to get more aroused than she has ever been before and I knew we were off to a good start. I glanced up at my wife to see if she still had her eyes closed and she did. I asked, ?are you thinking about your online lover?? She said, ?yes? in a very soft voice. I continued to lick the inside of her thigh as I moved closer to her waiting pussy. I could feel her squirm as I lightly ran my tongue over her clit to get to the inside of her left thigh. I could tell she was getting very wet and wanted my mouth on her waiting clit, but I wanted to tease her.

I could smell the scent of my wife?s juices and could see them seeping out of her wet pussy. I slowly took the tip of my tongue and brushed it against her clit. With that light touch my hot, horney wife jumped about a foot off the counter. I heard her say in a very low moan, ?oh lover, just lick my clit?. I know with those words she was not thinking about me but her online lover. Her eyes remained closed and her hips stared moving forward to meet my tongue. I still would only touch just the tip of my tongue on her clit and inner pussy lips, but I knew She wanted much more. I placed my wife?s legs over my shoulders to have better access to her warm, wet pussy.

I was now licking and sucking more of my wife?s pussy and clit, I would alternate by first sucking her left pussy lip and then her right. She was moving so much I thought she might slip off the counter. I took the tip of my tongue and lightly flicked it many times on her clit. She began to moan louder and louder and I felt her get dripping wet as her juices started to pool on the counter top. I knew she wanted to cum, but I wanted to tease her and make her fantasize more. I knew it was now time to stop and get her into the bedroom where we could be more comfortable.

As I stared to remove my mouth from her pussy, I heard her sigh with a disappointment. I told her. Lets go into the bedroom. My wife hopped off the counter and when she did I could really see just how wet she really was. There was ever a bigger pool of her juices on the counter top, and I could see some of her juices dripping down her leg. I told her to take my hand but keep her eyes shut. As I lead her into the bedroom I said to her, ?think of your online lover doing this to you, would you like that? She said, ?yes?. As we approached the bedroom I lead her to my side of the bed and told her to lie on her back. My wife takes direction perfectly and did just as she was told. Never once did I see my wife?s eyes open, I knew she was deep into her fantasy and wanting to feel it for real.

I slowly came around to the other side of her and placed my lips onto hers. I felt her mouth part and our tongues meet. I then decided it was time to get back to her pussy but she had to say something to me. So I asked her, ?would you like me to continue licking your pussy?? She said, ?yes, please?. I told her to say, ?lover, I want to feel your lips and tongue on my pussy?. My wife did not hesitate, she said those words exactly and as quickly as she could, ?lover, I want to feel your lips and tongue on my pussy?. So I moved my head down to her pussy and started where I left off in the kitchen. My wife was still VERY wet so I licked up her juices and stared to suck her clit. Now that my wife had more room to squirm she was doing a lot of it. I would alternate from sucking her clit to sliding my tongue into her pussy. She was going crazy and I knew she was getting close to cumming. I took my mouth off her pussy for just a moment to ask her, ?are you glad you met me for drinks while you husband was out of town?? My wife went nuts with passion and said, ?OH MY GOD YES, I wanted to do this with you lover?.

I went back to sucking and licking her pussy and then slowly slide a finger into her wet waiting pussy. That drove her over the edge as I continued to flick at her clit and slide my finger in and out of her I felt her lift up her hips, as she was getting VERY close to coming. It was now time for me to take my face away from her pussy and remove my finger out of her soaked pussy. I slowly slide my finger out and told her to look as I licked it clean???..she tasted amazing.

I said to her, ?it?s time to stroke your lovers BIG hard cock?. She reached out and took hold of my cock and said, ?your cock feels so big, much bigger than my husband?s?. I asked her, ?do you like that, does that turn you on a lot?? She said, ?yes, I love how it feels in my hand?. I said, ?make it grown so I can slide it into your wet pussy?. That made my wife go nuts, she tightened her grip and stroked it even fast. My cock was semi hard but growing very quickly with every stroke of her hand. I said to her? Do you really wish your husband?s cock was this big?? She said, ?yes, but now I have yours to satisfy me?. My wife was extremely horney, more so then I ever have seen her before and that is what I was going for.

As I was reaching a full erection I said to her, ?do you like BIG cocks?? She said, ?well I REALLY like yours?. I knew my wife was thinking very much about her online lover, she still had her eyes closed as she spoke. I said, ?it?s now time for your lover to slide his big cock into your waiting pussy?. She was in heaven with those words and said, ?I WANT that, A LOT?. I removed her hand from my rock hard cock and slowly got between her legs. I felt her part her legs even more, as if to say, ?I can?t wait for you to put that big cock in me?. As I positioned myself between her legs I felt my cock hit the opening of her pussy. My wife pushed forward trying to get it in at that moment. But I wanted her to wait a bit and make her REALLY need and WANT it.

I took the shaft of my cock and slowly rubbed the head of my cock around her pussy. She said, ?you are teasing me lover and I need that cock now?! I did not stop what I was doing, I just continued to rub the head all around her very wet pussy. She was trying so hard to slide that big cock into her pussy, but I was in control and would know when it was time to fuck this other guy?s wife.

Then without warning I slowly pushed just the big purple head of my cock into her pussy. She started to cum just a bit and moan with a passion I have never heard before. I asked her, ? do you like feeling a new and different cock in you?, do you like the way the head feels in your pussy?? She said, ?HELL YES and HELL YES?. I pushed about half of my big hard cock into her pussy, I felt her cum as she was too hot and horney to last any longer. I then slide the entire shaft of my cock into her very deeply, she bucked and came immediately. I was enjoying making this woman cum like she has never cum before. I said, ?does you husband cock feel this big?? She said, ?NO, not all?. I said to her, ?do you want me to pull it out now?? My naughty wife said, ?NO, I need you to fuck me, PLEASE?!

So meeting this horney slut from online I decided to FINALLY give her what she wanted and what I wanted too. So I stared to slide my cock in and out of her, I would slide it all the way to just where the tip of my cock would slide out and then thrust it back into her. This woman was into this big cock and it felt like I was hitting places that she has never felt before. I said, ?do you like how BIG and deep it feels?? She could only mutter, ?yes? as the moans of passion were taking over her body. I said to her, ?does this feel better than your husband?s cock?? She said, ?OH MY GOD, YES, it feels fucking AMAZING?! I picked up the pace of my fucking this hot housewife and she knew that she was also turning me on and I was also building to a climax soon.

I could not take it anymore so I pounded my BIG, HRAD cock in and out of her at a very fast pace. This woman was going crazy and yelling at the top of her lungs, ?FUCK ME LOVER WITH THAT BIG COCK, THIS IS WHAT I WANTED?! I fucked her harder and harder and looked at her face as she came over and over again. She said, ?I LOVE that big cock, I never want it out of me?. My wife was going insane with passion and becoming obsessed with this guys BIG cock. This guy was getting very close to cumming and my wife wanted it that way. As he fucked her harder and harder he said, ?I?m getting ready to cum?. My wife said, ?I want to feel you cum in my pussy, give me all of it?. I knew this guys was very turned on by that comment and gave one last trust as he unloaded his hot cum deep into her pussy. ?She said, ?wow, I can feel you?re cum shooting inside of me, that is a HUGE load you have for me?!

He continued to slide his cock in and out of her and she came once again. He said, ?did you like that?? She said, ?VERY MUCH, I would do it with you again anytime?! He asked, ?was that better than how your husband feels?? She said, YES, you really turned me on and I have never cum like that?. I slowly pulled my semi limp cock out of her pussy and saw just how wet she was and just how much I came. I saw cum and pussy juiced mixed to together pouring out of her pussy! She said with a huge smile, ?that was HOT, can you stay the night with me lover, or do you want to go home and get me off again while online??

The End

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