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The Intruder 2

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Lying in her bed, April could hear the house begin to settle. Creaks and pops could be heard all around her. This was the normal sounds of the night that April was used to. April should have been ready to doze off to sleep but there was a noise that wasn’t supposed to be there. There was a groaning on the stairs coming towards her bedroom. April was wondering if she should get up and change into something that wasn’t so provocative since the lacy pink negligee she had on wouldn’t leave a lot to the imagination if someone were in the house.

She decided to stay as she was; more than likely her mind was just playing tricks on her. Being in this big house all by herself was definitely causing her to become jumpy. If only Jim would hurry home. He would hold her in his big strong arms, caress her back and kiss her, making her forget all of her worries. Only Jim wouldn’t be home for a few days. When he called her tonight, he told her he would be gone for a little while longer because he still had to finish up the contract with his customer. Sometimes she hated his job.

As she relaxed under the comforter, April began to imagine Jim’s hands on her, lightly running his fingers down her side and drifting over her stomach. She could almost feel his fingers teasing the inside of her thigh causing her to become hot and moist. April used her own fingers to lightly tap her clit and run her fingers all over the lips of her wet mound. Her breath was starting to speed up, her heart was pounding. She needed this release so bad, needed to have an orgasm that would have her juices gushing.

As she was fondling herself, the covers kept sliding down to the point that they had fallen at the foot of the bed. April paid no attention as her mind was on her own pleasure at this point. As she continued to rub herself, she began to moan, making soft mewls like a kitten. Her pleasure was building and a climax was definitely going to follow. She moved her hands up to her breasts, tweaking her nipples and pulling them tight. She realized that there was still something on her thigh. Her breath caught in her throat, her heart pounding like a jackhammer. April was scared to move, scared to glance down at what might be on her.

April barely opened her eyes; just enough to be able to see that there was someone standing next to the bed. The room was so dark it was hard to be able to see who was standing there. April opened her mouth to scream when the man put his hand over her lips, not giving her a chance to call for help. He continued working his other hand over her thigh, lightly grazing the edge of her cunt. When his fingers would rub the edge of her clit, April would have to bite back a groan. She knew that this wasn’t right, that she shouldn’t be getting feelings of excitement when there was a stranger touching her. Maybe it was because Jim had been away so long.

She felt him remove his hand from her mouth and considered screaming then but he whispered to her, “Don’t scream”. April remained silent, waiting on what would happen next. She felt the hand that was on her mouth move to her chest, glancing off the top of the negligee that she had put on that night. April was beginning to wonder why she had even bothered with such a frivolous thing when the nightie was ripped right off of her. April began to beg him not to do anything to her. The man just laughed a very soft laugh which scared her even more.

She saw him lean down towards her breast, her nipples already aching for his hot mouth and tongue. “Traitor” April thought to herself. Here she was at the mercy of some man and her body was going to betray her by responding to him. At that time, she felt his lips and teeth slights tugging on her nipple, shockwaves of pleasure began bounding throughout her body. As she was trying to get these feelings under control, she felt him slip his finger into her moist pussy. The moisture on the lips of her cunt was like the dew on the petals of a flower in the early morning. With his finger delving into the depths of her, he used his thumb to rub her clit causing her to get so close to cumming.

April realized that she was aching for this man, this stranger, to shove his cock into her. Even though this was wrong, she didn’t care at this point. All she wanted was for him to fuck her, right now is all that mattered to her. Then her wish began to come true. The man stood up, leaving April feeling cold and needing. She heard the zipper on his pants and then the rustle of the material as it slipped down his body. April reached out, she needed to feel this man, feel his cock with her hands. As she reached for him he anticipated her motives and stepped slightly out of her way. She couldn’t put her hands on him now.

The man climbed up on the bed, slowly inching his way up between her legs. As he got into place with the head of his cock at the entrance to April’s pussy he stopped. April held her breath and waited what seemed like an eternity until she finally told him, “just fuck me, please fuck me”. At that, the man glided his cock into her waiting cunt. He was big, stretching her lips around him. He had to be at least 9 inches and about 4 inches wide. Her tight pussy was milking his rod causing him to thrust harder and faster. April was cumming in no time. She felt like everything inside of her just exploded as wave after wave of pleasure consumed her. She could feel her juices dripping down her ass, running over the tight little hole. She was craving more at this point and didn’t want him to stop.

Just as he was about to cum, he pulled out of April and slid up to her face. April realized that he was about to cum in her mouth and she began to shake her head no. She couldn’t do that, not when she hardly ever let her own husband do that to her. The man grabbed her head and told her to open her mouth in a gravelly like voice. With that she put the tip of his cock against her lips and April opened her mouth and let him enter her mouth. She could feel him sliding his cock into her mouth, using her tongue she experimented with the texture of him, tasting him as she had never done another before.

April realized that she was enjoying this very much. She could feel him rocking his hips harder and his rod going further and further into her mouth. He went far enough in that she gagged on the size of him. As this happened, he stopped a minute to let her catch her breath and then proceeded to move slowly, letting his cock thrust in slow movements into her waiting mouth.

April began to suck him, milking his cock with her mouth just as she did with her pussy. She was beginning to love having this cock in her mouth and she began trying to swallow. She kept swallowing him, taking him further and further into her mouth. The gagging had pretty much stopped at this point. She swallowed until she felt his buzzed pubic hair on her chin. At this, April grabbed his hips to hold him still and began fucking him with her mouth. She moved her head back and forth, trying to take him deeper. She could feel that cock begin to swell, his balls were tightening up and she began to move her head off of him when he grabbed her. He pushed her head back down on the bed and moved his cock from her mouth.

The man then twisted April around on the bed so that her head was hanging off the side and then the man slid that monster back into her mouth and began fucking her mouth like he couldn’t get enough of it. Again April felt his cock begin to swell and tried scooting away from it. He fucked faster, with his balls hitting against her nose and that is when April felt the first of his cum hit the back of her throat. She tried to help him by sucking faster and harder and swallowing every drop of him.

When he finished, April thought he would just slip on his clothes and slide back out of the house the way that he had come in. Instead he scooted her back over on the bed and lay beside her. April rolled over onto her side away from him. This gave the man the opportunity to try and slip his finger into Aprils tight asshole. April jumped and asked him, “What do you think you’re doing?” The man smiled at her and gave his soft laugh. She told him, “I have never had anyone cum in my mouth before, you had no right”. The man, in his gravelly voice said, “I could tell and I thought you needed some help getting you past that”.

At that, April looked at the man and said, “Thank you Jim that was wonderful. Next time though, I get to be the house invader.” And with that she gave Jim a little wink and scooted over to the camcorder to make sure that it was still on, the night vision working perfectly. Taking out the tape, April opened the bedside table and placed the tape inside to sit next to 4 others that had already been taped. She couldn’t wait till the next time.

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