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The Interview - 3 First Day

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Lydia stood there waiting at the edge of the hot tub holding the 3 glasses in one hand and the open bottle of wine in the other smiling at Patty and I after asking her question of us.

"Oh Lydia don't be so paranoid you're the best boss anyone could ask for," Patty Laughed. I stood up and took the glasses from Lydia's hand and placed them carefully on the edge of the hot tub, then reached over to Lydia's hand and helped her step into the warm water. "Oh Nice and toasty in here," Lydia replied. "Yes very nice Lydia and even better with good company," I relied while taking the bottle of wine from her and turning to the side to pour it. I suddenly felt a light touch of a hand sliding up and down the inside of my thigh as I bent over to tip the bottle, "Yes very nice company indeed," Patty teasingly said while at a snail's pace stoking the inside of my leg. Oh my god I thought to myself these ladies are insatiable, "How am I suppose to pour the wine while your doing that?" Patty and Lydia both laughed and I felt Lydia's hands begin stroking the other leg. My hands were trembling, and I was having a hard time concentrating on tying to get the wine into the glasses. "Don't worry Larry we will let you pour, relax, your in good hands," Patty said. I felt one of their hands make it's way to my hanging testacles and cautious roll them around in the palm of their hand making my manhood twitch slightly upward. "Oh I think he likes that," Lydia chuckled. I managed to fill the glasses as they teased me but I think I spilled a quarter of the bottle in the process.

I handed each of them a glass and we all sat back down in the sea of bubbles. "Here's to our newest employee Larry," Patty offered as a toast and we all tapped our glasses together and took a sip.

We all relaxed for about and hour in the tub and I felt great as I got out, toweled off and got dressed, I could hardly believe the day I had. Lydia and Patty each gave me a kiss as I headed out the door. "See you tomorrow," I said to them and got in the car and drove home.

When I got home I took out a nice Rib Eye Steak, foil wrapped a nice big Potato and stuck it in the oven to bake, while I began preparing some Green Beans and a Chefs Salad for dinner. The Baked Potato was going to take a while so I decided to take a shower before I started the steak.

After dinner I sat in front of the TV for a while and watched a few programs before going to bed. I was out of work for a while so I had no schedule but now I had to get up to go to work, it felt kind of nice to be going back, and I set the alarm clock then drifted off to sleep.

The alarm woke me at 6:00am and I rolled off the bed to a sitting position for a minute then headed for the kitchen. I had the coffeemaker set to start automatically so my coffee was ready and I poured myself a cup. I packed myself a lunch while finishing the coffee and headed out the door.

Patty was at the front desk talking to the receptionist and paused to introduce me. "Shelia this is Larry he is going to be heading up the custom furniture department". Shelia extended her hand to me and I shook it firmly, "Nice to meet you Shelia." "Are you ready to meet the rest of your crew?" "Ready as I will ever be." "Okay lets go," and Patty headed down the long hallway towards her office pointing out a break, and office supply rooms along the way. Making our way into the plant there are a lot of people working on various stages of the furniture some making wooden frames, sewing fabrics, upholstering, and still others wrapping finished goods for shipping. Most of the employees I'm guessing ranged in age from 18 to 50 or so and all seemed to be working along at a good pace. "A little different than the other day isn't it?" Patty asked. "Yes, more people than I thought would be here," I said. Patty winked at me devilishly "You sure that is all?" I began to blush and Patty said "Come on I want you to meet Joe the shop foreman."

We caught up with Joe in his small office out in the middle of the shop floor, he was a medium sized man, around 40 years old I would guess, and very handsome with his dark completion and sexy but rugged look about him. "Joe, this is Larry he is going to run the custom department" Joe extended his hand and we shook firmly. "Welcome aboard Larry I am so happy your hear running back and forth to the custom department was beginning to take a toll on me, and we really need someone to take over there because the orders here are increasing daily, but if I can be of any help please come find me." "Thank you Joe nice to meet you," and off we went towards the custom department. "Joe has been here forever it seems he is a great guy and if you do need anything I'm sure he will be more than willing to help," "He seems very nice" I said.

Entering the custom department I notice that the massage table Patty, Lydia and I so graciously broke in was being wrapped in stretch film for shipment buy a young man. Patty nudged me, "Damm we'll have to wait for another order now so we can test it out," then winked at me. "Could you all come over here for a minute," Patty said over the shop noise. Everyone stopped working and walked over in front of us. "This is Larry he is going to be in charge of the custom department, please introduce yourselves to him." The first to step forward was the young man that was stretch wrapping the massage table, "Hi, I'm Ted, I do a little of everything from construction to shipping." "Hello Ted, nice to be working with you" I responded. Next was Alicia who was stapling some cushions when we walked in. "Hello, I'm Alisha, I usually do the padding but sometimes sew as well." "Hello Alisha, nice to meet you." That continued until all of the 6 employees introduced themselves and returned back to work. "They are a good crew all of them have been here for 5 years or more and good workers," Patty said.

"Okay lets get you set up in your office." Patty walked over to a small room way in the corner of the department, inside was a desk with a computer, on the opposite end of the desk was a pile of drawings and paperwork and hanging on the wall a bunch of specialty tools, it had one small window that looked out onto the shop floor, and a nicely padded chair behind the desk. "Home sweet home, it's not much but it's yours." "Thank you so much Patty you don't even know how much I appreciate this job and I won't let you down." I said. Patty closed the door to the office and positioned me behind it out of sight of the rest of the department, "You're going to do just fine, give me a kiss for luck." Patty and I leaned into each other and kissed deeply for a few moments, then as she backed away firmly squeezed my butt. "Behave yourself," Patty said while opening the door. "If you need me I'm at extension 4," she said and walked off.

I sat down at the desk and picked up a bunch of the papers, not knowing really what else to do, some were drawings for making the furniture, some purchase orders, and others procurements. I sorted them out by type and date with the oldest on top but had no clue what to do next. I looked out the window and saw Ted was just about finished wrapping up the table so I walked over to him since he seemed the most eager in the introductions. "Hello again Ted," "Hi Larry," "I have a couple questions maybe you can help me with here when you get a minute." "Sure I'm almost done I'll come find you when I'm finished." "Thanks," I said and walked back to the office. Ted returned a few minutes later and knocked on the door, "Come on in," and Ted walked in. "What do you need?" "Well I figured out these papers I think and I guess I just want to make sure I'm following the companies protocol." Ted laughed, "one thing about this place is we are very laid back and a progressive company, people take breaks when they want on the honor system, we are very relaxed but do the purchase orders in the order they are received and the most important thing is shipping the finished goods out on time, other than that very laid back." "That's great and the way I like it too as far as breaks go, okay then this Ottoman is the next piece to do?" "Yes, in fact Samantha is pulling the stock right now." "Great, maybe I should follow a piece through from start to finish so I can see what goes on?" I said. "Yeah that is a good idea, come on lets go find Sam."

Walking even deeper into the factory we passed bolts of cloth, a whole room full of foam padding, a small supply room, and then ended up in a room full of lumber. "Hey Sam," Ted yelled out to her, "Larry is going to take a piece from start to finish show him what your doing" he explained as she got closer. "You don't mind do you Samantha?" "Call me Sam, and no not at all, come on I'll show you." She said. Ted started walking back to the shop area, "Thanks Ted" Sam was a medium build woman I would guess to be in her late 30's to early 40's, with short brown hair, and was wearing a pair of very tight fitting jean shorts that really accentuated her nicely shaped ass, and had a shirt tied up under her full chest that showed off her cleavage nicely. "This is the material list you hold it and I'll pull the stuff and put it on the cart" pointing to a wheeled dolly over to the side. " I took the list and Sam walked over to a pile of lumber. "We buy all this lumber from a custom sawmill but you still have to check it out, this Ottoman is small so if the wood has any wind or warp to it we can still use it we save the straightest pieces for the longer stuff." Sam bent over and reached into the pile pulling out a piece and sighting down the length of it, "See, like this one has a slight twist but will be fine to cut up in short pieces" I nodded my head. "I see what you mean" and took the piece from her and put it on the cart. "Okay we need 2 more like that" Sam said. Sam stepped back and let me dig through the pile, it took a few tries but I managed to find two more pieces and placed them on the cart. Next we picked out some plywood and added that to the cart as well.

"Okay follow me," Sam motioned. I pulled the cart behind her noticing her shapely legs and sexy walk as she proceeded into the foam room. "What's it say for foam?" I looked at the sheet again "18 X 25 X 6" I said. "Figures, that is way up the top over there," Sam points to a loft with a ladder leading up to it. "Hold the ladder I will get the foam down" Sam says and starts up the ladder with me footing it at the bottom. I can smell Sam's perfume on her neck as I move in behind her and she stops with her shapely butt right about even with my face and turns, "Glad you were here I don't like climbing up here by myself." Sam reaches the top and digs through the foam to find the right piece, "This ones good, we'll have to trim it a bit but it will work." Sam throws it down and it bounces off my head. I laugh because I know she didn't mean to do that and it didn't hurt one bit anyway. "Oh my God, I'm so sorry," She says while speedily climbing back down the ladder. "Trying to take out the boss the first day", I teasingly reply. Sam laughs too now and places the foam on the cart.

Next was the fabric, the bolts were very heavy and we had to move a few around to get the one we needed after we found it. Sam took one end and I the other and we carried it over to a large table for cutting. "You do this by yourself?" "Oh hell no I get one of the others when I get to fabric, it's too heavy to carry by yourself, what does it say for fabric size? " She asks. "Bolt by 1-1/2 yards, it says, what does that mean?" "That means full with of the cloth but 1-1/2 yards length," Sam explains. "Oh, I get it now" I nod.

"Billy has the finished wood already that comes over from Joe's side so we are all set." Sam says to me and we start back to the shop. Billy is unpacking the claw foot legs for the piece when I roll the cart into the shop. "Hi Billy here's your materials, Larry is going to follow through the building process with us so he is all yours," Sam tells him. "Thank you Sam", I said and she walked back off to the supply area with the next jobs list of materials. Billy was a bit on the husky side but tall and Blonde haired with dark Blue eyes and a deep voice. "Okay Larry this is what we do next." Billy picks up the drawing and puts it on his clipboard. "I'm just going to build this simple frame so you can go get a coffee if you want it will only take me a half hour or so." "Are you sure?" "Yeah this is an easy one, we make a ton of them it's just an odd size is why it is custom, grab a coffee and go see Brenda over there she is making the cover." "Okay I'll be back soon," I said walking towards the main part of the building.

When I got to the break room Lydia was there, "Hi Larry how is it going so far?" "Very good they are all really nice I think I will like it here," I responded. I have to meet a client soon but if you need something I have an open door policy," Lydia said and walked out the door. I got my coffee and walked back to the department but got stopped by Joe, "Hey how's it going?" "Very good they are all great to work with so far anyway." And I kept on walking back to my department.

When I walked in Brenda was not there, so I walked back toward the fabric department figuring she was missing something. When I got closer I saw Sam looking through some of the bolts that were standing up. "Sam" I said. "Shhhhhh" Sam held her finger to her lips signaling me to be quiet then motioned me to come closer. Through the space between the bolts I saw Brenda and Ted half undressed, embracing and pulling each other's clothing off as they kissed. Sam whispered to me, "These two do this once in a while and it's usually a good show, you're not going to tell anyone will you?" I nodded my head no and watched with Sam.

Brenda had very large breasts and when ted unhooked her bra they fell free like two softballs and he immediately began to flick his tongue on her areola every so often nibbling one of the nipples between his lips and making Brenda tilt her head back and moan softy as he did. "Damm look at those firm boobs she has there I wish mine were that big", Sam whispered again. I just nodded and continued to watch. Ted undid Brenda's shorts and eased them over her hips as she wiggled a bit to help him but once they passed her shapely hips they fell quickly to the floor and she stepped out of them and pulled Ted back against her for another wet passionate kiss. Brenda backed off a little and grabbed teds shirt right at his waistband and I one quick motion lifted it up and off exposing his manly hairless chest and a nice six pack abdomen. "Wow, Ted must hit the gym a lot I guess," I whispered in Sam's ear. "Yes but you haven't seen anything yet keep watching," Sam replied. Brenda had on a Black thong that was nothing but a string up her butt and bent over in our direction to unfasten her sandals. Ted walked over behind her slid the tiny patch of cloth down her legs to the floor, and gave her a slap on the ass. "Easy big guy, your going to get it soon'" Brenda said to Ted as she stepped out of the other sandal and stood up. They kissed again this time Teds hands roamed all over Brenda's back and ass cheeks pulling her in close and grinding the front of his thigh against her groin as they embraced. Brenda wasn't objecting in fact she seemed to be pressing harder against his thigh the longer they kissed, gyrating her hips side to side and reaching for Ted's waistband.

"See what I mean these two are making me hot too," Sam whispered, "Kiss me," she said, and before I could answer had her lips firmly against mine, slipping her moist tongue into my mouth. Sam backed away, and looked me in the eyes, Patty was right about you, your a good kisser, lets see if she was right about everything?" I was stunned, "You mean Patty told." "Shhhhhh, Sam cut me off, we don't keep maybe secrets from each other she is my sister," Sam untied her shirt and unbuttoned the remaining butts allowing it to fall loose by her sides, her breasts were half the size of Brenda's but still lovely and firm. Sam turned back to watch again and I took the silky material of her shirt in each of my hands and gently rubbed it over her breasts ever so lightly as her eyes never left the small gap we were looking through. Looking over the top of Sam's head I could see Brenda and Ted still kissing and each exploring each other's bodies with their hands.

Sam's nipples were getting firmer from the rubbing so I gently pinched each of them with the fabric between my fingers and her skin. Sam let out a low moan but kept it quiet so we wouldn't get caught peeking. Brenda was down on her knees now unfastening Ted's pants and pulling them down and off of him. I could see by the impression in his fitted boxer briefs that Ted had quiet a large package in there and I wasn't wrong when Brenda pulled them down out sprang a huge cock and it wasn't even all the way hard yet! "See what I mean he's fucking huge Larry what did I tell you." Sam said turning to face me again. Sam removed her shirt, unfastened my pants, and ripped them to the floor before I knew what was happening she had my cock in her hand and was stroking it to match what Brenda was doing to Ted at the same time. It felt really good and Brenda and ted were getting both of us excited watching them. Brenda slapped Teds cock on her chin a few times then stuck out her tongue and traced it up and down it's length making it grow longer and harder each time before sticking it between her moist lips and bobbing her head forward and back. Sam seeing that decided to do the same and soon I could feel her warm mouth surrounding my swollen manhood.

Ted placed his hands on the sides of Brenda's head and pulled her off his cock, guided her to standing up, and kissed her again with his cock standing at full attention pressed firmly against Brenda's stomach, god it has the biggest I have ever seen. Ted and Brenda then placed some large sheets of foam on the floor and covered it with some fabric making a makeshift bed. Ted got down on the bed on his back and Brenda climbed up on top of him consuming what she could of his huge tool while Ted's head tongue feverishly licked and prodded at Brenda's vaginal area. Sam stood up and lifted my shirt off them removed her shorts as fast as she could then streaked through the warehouse returning with a piece of foam for us too. "Lay down Larry," Sam whispered while practically pushing me to the foam. I couldn't see what was happening anymore in the position I was in, my only view was Sam's swollen pussy lips right in front of my face, I felt Sam's mouth sliding down over my cock sucking it in so deeply I think I felt her lips touch my balls. Gently ate first I began licking Sam's outer lips felling them swelling up with each touch of my tongue. My cock felt so warm and wet in Sam's mouth it was hard to concentrate as I parted her lips tenderly with my fingers and licked deeper inside her moistness felling a hard nub forming as I ran my tongue over her thin sheath of her clitoris but never fully contacting it. Sam never missed a beat sucking deeply and methodically on my cock making my balls tighten in my scrotum. Faster I flicked the very tip of my tongue against her clit making Sam lose her rhythm and even stop sucking, I felt her thighs tighten against the side of my head and she tried moving closer to get more pressure but I kept backing off till she finally rolled off me panting. "You fucking tease, your going to pay for that, I think I came about 3 times just then." We hear loud moaning and Sam and I looked back through the opening again and Brenda was on her knees and Ted was thrusting that big stick deep inside Brenda pussy doggy style, her tits were swinging back and forth and her nipples were brushing on the fabric below, he had his hands firmly grasping Brenda's hips and was moving faster and faster. Sam not wanting to be outdone smiled at me and got on her hands and knees, "Woof, woof, come here doggie," I wanted to laugh but was way too excited and brought the head of my erection to her damp opening pressing forward just a bit to penetrate her. Sam pushed back hard and took my entire shaft deep inside her then began rocking back and forth on her elbows and knees, "Fuck me you bastard, fuck me hard and fill me up with your cum," Sam seemed so sweet and innocent when I first met here earlier in the day I was surprised to hear her talk that way.

With both of facing the opening we could easily see Brenda and Ted still unaware we were watching them. Ted stopped thrusting, laid down and Brenda climbed on top of him impaling herself on his tool, while Sam decided she should do the same to me. Ted and I were having a hard time holding back because the girls were bouncing up and down faster and faster I held onto Sam's hips to slow her down a little but it was of no use. "I told you I would get you back for teasing me you bastard," and faster and faster she moved until she felt me starting to cum and climbed off. Leaving my cock twitching and I so much that I wanted to grab it and jerk myself off but didn't dare, because she looked possessed now. Sam laid down on the foam and I entered her again missionary style, I wanted to cum so badly I pumped as fast as I could in and out of her soaking wet pussy, "That's it big guy fuck that sweet pussy and fill it up with your white cum." Panting now I could feel my whole body start to tremble, Sam had taken her hand and was rubbing her clit, making her vaginal muscles tighten around my shaft, as I continued like an animal in heat. "I'm going to cum," Sam's mouth opens and head tilts back as a wave of energy flowed though her body, I feel my cum spew deeply inside her and the warmth of my seed surrounding my manhood, one final push deeply into her and she squeezed tight on my shaft milking the last drop from me.

We both sat up and looked to see what Ted and Brenda were doing. Brenda was climaxing and squeezing her large boobs in her hands while Ted pulled his massive cock out of her and began pumping squirt after squirt of cum all over her breasts and stomach, then lying down beside her to kiss her again. Ted looked at his watch and said, "Shit, Brenda we better get back they will be looking for us."

They both got up and started to get dressed so as to not get caught we picked up our clothes and ran down to the lumber-room to finish getting dressed. Sam kissed me again and said; "Now that is our little secret, I have watched them do that before and it is always hot, but it was way better having a partner myself." "So you're not going to tell Patty?" I asked. Sam Laughed, "some things we keep private and I think this have to be one of them."

We waited a while before going back so I could meet Brenda for her to show me how she did her job, and Sam could go back to picking stock, but I think I already knew about Brenda.

I like this job so far I'll keep you informed as to future goings on.

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