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The Inspection

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I was beat; absolutely worn out! It wasn?t as much the physical fatigue that you experienced after you finish exercising nor was it the kind you feel as a result of a lack of sleep. No it was more mental fatigue. I guess it was understandable since I had logged over one hundred and twenty hours in two weeks on the Davidson project exclusively. I should have known that it was a major set up when David called me into his office and promoted me to senior consultant of the company . You see, Davidson and Inc. had walked into our Alpharetta office three weeks before they needed their initial presentation for the company?s quarterly board meeting and asked us to make their project apriority. They had this last minute idea to launch a regional ad campaign and approached Dave, our office manager, with the emergency project. Normally our policy is that we must be given a minimum of six weeks notice. Yeah right! Davidson was a heavy weight in the financial planning community and they were shelling out major bucks. Dave was a cool guy to work with and the marketing firm was great. But when it comes to the type of money Davidson was dishing out, it?s no different than any other business?bull shit went out the door and you did what was necessary to satisfy major accounts?policy or not! That?s right: guess who got the lead assignment on the project. Me! It was two weeks of pure unadulterated hell! But it was finally finished and the folks over at Davidson were giggling when they left our meeting tonight at about 10:15 PM. I had to admit that pitch was probably my best ever.

As I drove north on I-75/85 with both windows down on my brand new 2006 pearl white MR2 Toyota Spider and blasting my new Mary J. Blige album I started to do the math in my head ?hmmm?. one hundred twenty hours times my hourly wage of forty five dollars plus a twenty-five percent bonus to the company for finishing on time in which I receive a third of the bonus personally?yep sista gurl got paid!? My next paycheck was going to be big and I knew exactly what I had to do! I had to do something extra special for my boo Terrance! Terrance is my husband of eight years! Let me just tell you straight up, when God made Terrance he destroyed the mold. He was my hero! Terrance was a brother that dropped out of high school at 16. He eventually went back and got his GED and used his jack of all trade skills to support himself and a dying grandmother. By age 23, Terrance had himself, his GED, his tool belt and a two bedroom house that his Grandmother left him after her lost battle with cancer! Terrance wasn?t flashy and he was a simple brother, and I mean that in a good way. He wasn?t hard to please at all, he wasn?t demanding and he took care of me! When we got married I was thirty two and Terrance was thirty-eight. Now at forty-six, Terrance spoke with the wisdom of a seventy year old man. When he would put on his comfortable Levi?s jeans, colored t-shirt and his tool belt, watch out! Last year Terrance made over fifty thousand dollars putting carpet in bonus rooms, cabinets in remodeled kitchens and by fixing dog houses, mail boxes, fences, and damn near anything that could possibly be broken. Terrance once joked that the devil called him personally and ask him to take a look at his furnace! As a matter of fact, the last fight Terrance and I had was because he didn?t want to charge people enough money to do the jobs he was doing. Our neighbors, friends, church members and my co-workers would all get upset with Terrance because he wouldn?t accept proper payment for top-notch work. We were like an odd couple, because here I was, a marketing executive with a master?s degree making over one hundred thousand dollars a year with a taste for the finer things in life. He was a handy man that enjoyed hard labor and tattered comfortable clothes. I drive a sports car and he drives a beat up Ford F-150! He shops at Wal-mart and I like Cole?s and Nordstrom! Terrance probably could have lived off of a forth of what he made every year and I needed ninety-nine percent of my income! If there was ever a tight for us financially, Terrance always had money to make up the difference, although he made half my salary. My sister calls Terrance third world T : she teases me that she once heard him talking about not needing to spend money on paper towels for the kitchen we could just use towels. But, as cheap as he is I wouldn?t trade my six foot four inch 245 pound chocolate Mandingo for anything in this world.

The truth was: I had been neglecting my baby for the past three weeks. On the way out that morning I noticed that he looked a little sad so I asked him ?baby what?s the matter?you look a little down.? Terrance gave me that sad puppy dog look and said ?I miss you that?s all?I just can?t wait until you have a little down time!? Now as simple as his statement may have sounded, it tore me right to the core! Terrance never ever complained about anything, not even when I demanded that he did. So I knew it must have really been bothering him. I couldn?t wait to get home and pamper my gentle Teddy Bear. I was riding along rocking so hard to Mary and the cool March air was feeling so good pouring into my car that I didn?t realize I was driving eighty-five. I had actually traveled further than I thought. I was nearing home. My exit, the Barrett Parkway was next. It was now ten till midnight. I picked up my cell phone a punched in Terrance?s number. I know what you are thinking and no Terrance did not purchase a cell phone?.I did it for him. He does carry it with him though because he likes being able to communicate with me at any place and anytime! His phone started to ring but there was no answer, third ring?fourth ring then finally a groggy ?hello?. ?Hey me! I?m almost home?I?m getting off on Barrett right now!? Still groggy Terrance replied ?Oh good baby I?m glad you are coming home.? I said ?me too T, and baby?don?t get up I?ll be joining you in bed after I take a quick shower.? In the most seductive voice I could muster I asked ? Do you think I could get you to wake up for me daddy?? Terrance was a little more alive now, not much more , just a little ?I?m sure you could baby?you always do don?t you?? I said ? yes ?that?s because I got skills man and I?m going to show you a few in just a minute.? Terrance laughed and said ?Bye clown.? I said ?we are going see who the clown is, nukka?! ?For a smart ass woman?you sho is ghetto!? ?Bye!? ?Bye baby!? I couldn?t contain myself, I was laughing and I was horny as hell to boot.

I drove into my sub-division less than five minutes after hanging up with Terrance. I made my right onto Keel Drive and drove to the back of the sub-division. I turned onto Derry Court and slowly drove pass all the houses on our street that were under construction. Terrance and I had bought a spec home in the cul de sac and it was the only one ready for occupancy. Right now we lived on Derry Court all by ourselves, although several of the new homes were already under contract and would be occupied in a matter of weeks. I headed for my driveway and hit my remote control garage door opener as I neared my house. As the door crept up, I could see that Terrance had backed his truck into the garage. I pulled into my spot, rolled my windows up and turned my stereo off. I turned the ignition off and grabbed my briefcase and suit jacket off the passenger seat. I opened my door and stepped out of my car. As I closed my door, Terrance who had been sitting silently and out of sight on the side of his truck next to the garage wall stood up. ?Oh shit Terrance, baby you scarred me!? I said as I jumped. With a wicked looking half smile half frown on his face Terrance took a swig of his beer and asked ?What you scarred of baby?? At this point I could only see Terrance from the waist up. He wasn?t wearing a shirt and his large dark muscular torso and massive arms were on display. He didn?t move except to sit his beer in the bed of the truck and to lean over the side resting his elbows on the truck. He had a look about him that I wasn?t familiar with. I can?t explain it but after you live with someone as long as I had lived with Terrance you are familiar with body language, facial expressions and overall demeanors. This one was new and I couldn?t decide if I liked it or not! I stood frozen in place trying to figure out what was going on. With very little emotions and without any direct eye contact, Terrance said ?come here.? It was a cold non-negotiable type demand but it wasn?t exactly threatening either. I moved slowly around to the tailgate of his truck watching him closely all the while. He took another swig of his beer and replaced the bottle into the back of his truck bed. He stood up and walked around the truck to meet me! He now had more of a smile on his face than a frown. As he made his way around the truck I could see he had on a pair of his Joe Boxer pajama bottoms that I bought him for Christmas and his worn out suede brown house slippers. We met about halfway of his truck?s tailgate which was up. We embraced in a hug and I melted into his massive hard black chest. I was still holding my jacket and briefcase so I could really only embrace him with one arm. His body seem to relax a bit and his demeanor soften. Just as I was about to dismiss my previous concern over his mysterious behavior as my mind playing tricks on me he leaned down so his lips were directly on my ear and whispered ?where the hell have you been?? It was a harsh tone, it was scary no make that terrifying. I don?t think it was so much the tone but rather how out of character that was for my husband that scarred me. I tried to step back out of our embrace but there was no use. My 135 pounds was no match for his 240 plus! He took his massive hands and grabbed my shoulders tight. It didn?t hurt, but I was totally prisoner to his physical will. This time just a little louder he said ?where have you been?? Now I got a ghetto side in me that wanted to jump bad?but my mama didn?t raise no damn fools. Until I could figure out what I was going to do, a sister wasn?t trying to pull no Rambo moves against this big black grizzly bear of a man. I stuttered slightly as I said ?baby what?s wrong with you?ya ya you know I?ve been at work!? ? No Baby I don?t know shit?as a matter fact for all I know you been out with another man.? ?What!!? I screamed. ?Terrance what the hell is wrong with you!? ?Nothing? he said matter of factly. ?Terrance please don?t say nothing is wrong with you and you are sitting in the damn garage in wait like a fucking animal on the hunt?then getting all up in my face talking about me being with another man!? I continued as he stood there looking crazy as hell, shit I was waiting on his damn head to start spinning and green shit to fly out of his mouth. I was almost pleading now ? What?s going on baby? What are you doing?? Terrance looked at me now with a broad smile and said ?Well since you asked I?ll tell you what I?m doing. I?m about to run a pussy inspection up in here baby.? ?What the hell? slipped out of my mouth before I knew what I had said. But Terrance finished my statement before I could ?is a pussy inspection?? I didn?t respond nor did he give me time to. ?Well it?s when a man checks his wife?s pussy upon her arriving home late, to make sure she hadn?t been out giving it away.? I laughed hoping it would loosen him up enough to let me in on the joke?.nothing, he was looking as serious as I?ve ever seen him. Terrance was still holding onto my shoulders. My coat and brief case had fallen out of my hands at the announcement of a pussy inspection. He slid his right hand down around my waist and pulled me into his body. He looked at me with that crazy ass smile again and asked ? would you like for me to close the garage door or would you rather be inspected with it up?? Yep? now I was certain, this motherfucker had flipped his natural born black wig. I put my hands on his chest and attempted to bench press my way from him. Nothing?not even and inch! His death grip was locked! He asked again, now more serious than before ?door closed or door up?? Before I could answer he made my decision for me ?on second thought, it might get a little loud in hear so I?m gonna close the door.? He said this as if he was proud of his consideration. He walked me over to the back wall and pushed the close button. As the heavy garage door slowly and loudly closed he turned me around to face the wall holding onto me around the waist with his right hand while using his left one to let down the tailgate of his truck. He saw me looking at the tailgate that was now down. ?Examining table? he explained. He turned me around to face the tailgate. Before I could protest he used his thighs and crotch area against my backside to pin my waist between him and the edge of the open tailgate. Terrance grabbed me by the back of the neck with his left hand and bent me forcefully over the gate. I imagine I looked a lot like a fugitive from justice that had been captured by an abusive cop. I felt his right hand pulling the bottom of my skirt upward, eventually causing it to rest around my waist exposing my black thong and ass. He put his knee in between my stance and pried my legs apart. Although everything he was doing was strong and forceful but nothing was abusive or painful.


Now at this point I should have been furious and I guess you could say I was shocked and there was no way he would get away with this without some serious repercussion in the end. But at that moment, I couldn?t think straight! Nope, my pussy was dripping wet! You would have thought I had peed on myself. I know, I?m just as deranged as his crazy ass! But none of that was helping my serious case of the dripping pussy at that moment! Because of my wet disposition, my situation only got worse.

While still pinning me to the tailgate of his truck, Terrance without warning shot his free hand between my thighs and grabbed a handful of wet pussy through the silky material that was covering it! We stood frozen. Me bent over a tailgate and him with a handful of my soaking pussy. He leaned down close to my head and through what sounded like clinched teeth Terrance said ? Damn?[pause] ?you HAVE given my pussy away!? ?No!? I cried ?no I haven?t baby!? ?So you mean to tell me that your fat pussy is leaking and your panties are soaking wet with cum and you haven?t been fucking?? Terrance took a deep breath and continued ?or do you want me to believe that this inspection is turning you on and you are wet with that what you want me to believe?? I was disoriented and confused. I tried to explain ?Yes!? ?No!? ?You know what I mean Terrance that?s not cum?I haven?t been with anyone else, not tonight not any night !? Terrance, while still closed in on my ear and speaking in a loud whisper while still detaining me. said ?Here?s what I?m going to do?.I?m going to smell your panties?If they smell like cum?I?m going to pull my dick out and I?m going to try to bust your whorish ass pussy because you?ve been giving my shit away!? I interrupted and asked in desperation ?and if they don?t? Terrance continued as if I never said anything ? If they don?t smell like cum?.well then I?m going to pull my dick out and try and bust your freaky ass pussy because that means you are clearly turned on by all of this and that makes you kinda freaky doesn?t it?? Terrance let out a startling laugh then asked me ?You know what that means don?t you?? He never waited for my response before he answered his own question ?you are about to get this sweet juicy little pussy busted either way!?


You remember earlier in my recollection of this story I referred to my husband , Terrance, as a Mandingo? Well Terrance?s dick, although I know hard to believe , was even blacker than the rest of his body. It was about nine inches long and just over five inches around. I know because I measured it my damn self one night while I was attempting to give him head. Attempting being the operative word hear. You should have seen a sista the first night we ever had sex and he pulled that damn anaconda out on me for the first time. I decided that night that there?s no way in the hell I?m ever having a baby naturally. I walked around all day the day after my first experience with him thinking something important got pushed too far!

Oops! Oh my damn! The first trickle ran down my inner thigh. I know Terrance felt it because he let out a hmmmnn sound that would make you believe someone just sat a big plate of something good to eat. Without any warning I felt a strong swift tug around my waist and heard a loud rip. My pussy was now totally exposed as my thong was ripped from my body. I heard him give an over-exaggerated sniffing sound!. Terrance then tossed my panties in the bed of the truck on the side where my face was laying. He did that to make sure I could see the shredded material. He did it as proof of his power to physically manhandle me and his ability to set me on fire sexually. Terrance announced in a manufactured proud voice ?You were telling the truth about not fucking someone else I see?.no cum smell?.no new soap smell brought it home to daddy untouched ..[pause].. Thank you boo!? I was a total wreck. He had me on fire. Terrance put on a great performance, I knew he had the ability to turn me out but never had he taken me to these heights before. He was leaving no doubt that he was in charge totally. Terrance stood me up slipped my skirt down so I could step out of it and placed a blanket that he had folded over a shelf in the garage on the bed of the truck. He pointed at the blanket and said ?get up there for me?. on your hands and knees.? I did as I was instructed and assumed the doggy style position. My feet were hanging off the tail gate. Terrance no longer felt the need to restrain me he knew as well as I did that a thousand wild horses couldn?t have moved me from that spot. He used his right thumb to slide in my pussy and his other four fingers were reaching underneath me messaging my pubic hair area! Terrance had big hands so his thumb had the ability to really stimulate me. He went right for my G-spot with his thumb. He didn?t slide it in and out, he didn?t move it much at all, he found my spot with his thumb and lightly messaged it. In less than a minute I was cumming?.HARD! The kind where your vision shuts down and you momentarily spasm! I was cumin so hard when I heard Terrance say ?Ohhh shit boo!? Then he laughed! Breathing like I had just run a one hundred meter dash, I asked frantically what?s the matter! There was sheer delight and amusement in Terrance?s voice when he said ?you just ejaculated all over my arm?.baby I just witnessed my first gusher!? I wanted to respond I really did?.but my fourth and fifth orgasm wouldn?t allow me to talk anymore. Terrance withdrew his hand. I heard him as he untied his pajama bottoms and pulled them down. Seconds later the head of his oversized dick was at the entry of my woman hood. I felt the penetration?shallow at first then deeper. I could hear his labored breathing as he started to catch a rhythm. Deeper and deeper he went. I felt it in my stomach. I felt the burning sensation on my pussy lips as they were being overstretched. His tempo quickened. Shortly he was pounding my pussy. The sound of our bodies slapping were amplified in that garage. My moans escaped freely. His grunts were animalistic. I was suspended somewhere between euphoria and agony. Terrance was quiet with the exceptions of the occasional grunts. My moans turned into breathless pants. I was getting dizzy. The orgasms kept coming. Terrance pace never slowed. I was hot, sweat was running down my back! The garage started to spin. My pussy lips went numb. I was light headed. Then a firecracker sound and a sharp pain on my right ass cheek. Terrance massive right hand drew back again and pimped slapped my ass a second time. He never broke his fucking rhythm. He took both hands and wrapped them around my waist. He pulled me back on his dick to meet his powerful thrust. I heard a roar. Terrance grip got tighter around my waist his pace slowed to a snails pace and I could feel his big dick pulsating in my stomach. Then I felt a piping hot injection. The ejaculation continued for what seemed like minutes. The amount of cum Terrance released along with his big dick far exceeded my pussy?s capacity. Cum, mine and his, was running out in every direction. Some was on my inner thighs. Some was on Terrance?s stomach which meant it got smeared all over my ass. We were soaked from a combination of sweat and cum. Terrance?s last few strokes sounded like someone stomping their feet in a sloppy mud puddle. We both fell forward into the bed of the truck exhausted. There we slept. Cuddled together in a sticky pool of cum!

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