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The Hotel........I wrote this story with one person in my thoughts. This is what I thought and dreamed for him. To feel my pleasures.

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We do meet in a hotel and we only need one drink....

we head back to the room but i decide to aproach you in the walk way by very animal like as i kiss your neck to begin and slowly tease you moving my mouth across your cheeks licking yet not allowing you to taste my lips yet. Look hard into your eye, my hands slowly sratching down your inner thy, i make a soft yet lust moan letting you know that this is the time. Knowing we could be caught or seen even makes the moment more intense as iremove your shirt, nibbleing, sucking and licking your chest and nipples, you final reach for my chin so only to get an erotic kiss. after kissing me I look at you to let you know that I want you to watch how i touch you as i slown kneel before you..............useing my tongue ring I begin to lick you waist and un do your pants with my hands........mean while allowing you free roam. Lowering yours pants, I begin to lick your thigh allowing me to start a sucking and licking your balls. As I look up, i see you looking at me and i a gentle and slowly take your balls into my mouth, moveing my tongue ring back and forth across them as to make them move in my mouth, your gentle tug my hair back to only get a better veiw and knowing that by this time im wet and moaning knowing that your hard cock is only moments away from being in my you can see me, i slow remove your balls which are rock tight and while watching your face i begin .....................

I slowly remove your balls which are rock tight and shivering on my lips while I am watching your face i begin .....................licking up ward to your hips, kissing them as I slowly work my way to your back rubbing, kissing, licking, tasting your sweat from your heated moistened skin of your back, my hands wonder to the front, gentle nibbling on the back of your neck, I take you into my hand and begin to move them up and down as the other caresses your inner thigh. while still nibbling on your neck, I make a gasping moan to let you know that I am enjoying you in this manner.......let you feel me against your back , holding you as you watch me gently play with your man hood which I so much want to be inside lean your head back and to the side to kiss my wanting, lusting lips. To look me in the eyes to see how badly I want you.

With out words you take my hips slowly working your way around me still kneeling behind you, you work your way to trade places with me. sliding your hands up and down my legs spreading them slightly, you look at me, taking a small hand full of my hair and begin pushing down gently on my shoulder blades bringing me to all fours looking back at you. I take my hand on the side of you hip and pull you forward only to be teased as you only touch me with the tip of your throbbing cock. Taking your cock rubbing where you know it will drive me even deeper in pleasure making me clit hard and my pussy dripping and make you harder each time you hear me moan from being teased, I feel you throb faster . Then you hear me say,"........................

" Not here not like this, someone will catch us". Realeicing we are in a hall way, we gather oursleves and begin the walk to the room. Looking at eachother with smirks on our faces......We approach our door and I begin to unluck it when you come up from behind me and say," leave the lights off and go in". I look back at you with a confused smile on my face. The door unlucks and I move into the room as you fallow from behind. I hear the door shut but can see nothing. I can feel your warm breath through my shirt as you begin to nibble and kiss me places through my cloths. with one of your hands you gentle raise my hands above my head, holding them with gentle force....kissing and nibbling anything that touched your lips. Then I feel you hand slowly move across my outer thigh to my inner thigh. Caressing ever so slowly as to only begin to tease me again knowing how much I want you to rub my hard clit that is now throbbong. You can feel my breathing getting harder and faster with ever move you make. My legs are now shaking from the touch which I am longing for.......I begin to shiver as you begin to move your hands under my cothing , removing themm softly yet with some hast. you release your grip on my hands and i begin to feel my way down as i remove your pants. Wanting to see your eyes, I turn a small dim light on and smile when I see you.

Before I knew it, you have me pressed up against the wall with my forehead against the white paint , looking down to see what is about to enter me. Your rubbing my back and you hear a slight moan as I begin to rub my clit. With both hands on my hips, you strongly thrust my hips back into you........I turn my hand as to lean to see your face. .......I take my free hand and begin to caress your face as so I can remember this moment in time.....then you begin to kiss me , gently rubbing my face let me know that what I'm feeling it about to become real. you run your fingers through my hair to grab just enough to keep me facing you as you lick and suck my neck makeing me even wetter. You bein to move your hips ever so slightly and I begin pushing mine into you. Enjoy every pulse of throbbing from your cock. I fell your balls hitting up against my ass and I like it! Soon your hand drefts away from my hair and down to my wet hard throbbing clit, you begin to rub me and making me moving even fast back and forth from your hips. I ask you to give me that same finger and as you do i take it into my mouth sucking my juices of of your finger........would you like more?

part 4 the final touch

Soon your hand drifts away from my hair and down to my wet hard throbbing clit, you begin to rub me and making me moving even fast back and forth from your hips. I ask you to give me that same finger and as you do i take it into my mouth sucking my juices off of your finger........

You flip me over unto my back, taking my legs , laying them over your shoulders pushing them forward to my shoulders. Sliding your hard rock cock ever so deeply in my wet warm pussy, your hands move slowly down to my ass cheeks driving my legs higher and farther back into my chest. I began to squirm and make moans of pleasures. My body begins to loosen up right before my climax hits. During this time this only heightens the heat which you feel up against the flesh of your cock. Suddenly I ask you to look at me and i take my hands putting them on your face to only make sure you watch me, My whole body tighten around your enlarge cock which explodes with in me. I gasp with exhaustion as we lye there resting still joined.......bodies shaking from erotic pleasure which we share with each other........

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