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The Hotel Maid

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I had been working at one of our remote locations for several weeks and had been driving back and forth the two hour drive home. This was wearing me down so I decided to get a hotel room near the job site so I could get a good night?s rest. I had been chatting with a lady I had met online and during the course of the conversation mentioned my plans for the evening. She said nothing more on the subject and we chatted online off and on until she got off work. I continued with my job and finished up around 8:30. I grabbed a bite to eat at a drive thru on the way to the hotel and figured I would take a shower and hit the sack.

When I got into the room I discovered that the maid had not left any clean towels so I call the front desk and asked if they could deliver some. They said it would be a few minutes. I told them that I would be in the shower and to have the maid just leave them on the bed near the door. I hung up the phone and quickly stripped out of my clothes. I turned on the hot water and stepped into the shower leaving open the bathroom door so I could hear when the maid came in.

I had just lathered up my hair with shampoo when I heard a knock and the door open. A voice called out saying she was the maid and had my towels. I told her to leave them on the bed and she asked if I needed one in the bathroom. Not wanting to take advantage I told her that I would just get one when I got out of the shower. She said ok and I thought she then left. I had my eyes closed and my head leaned back as I was rinsing my hair when I heard the shower curtain being pulled aside. I tried to open my eyes but got soap in them and had to quickly close them and try to wash the soap from my face.

By the time I had cleared the soap from my eyes I could feel her pressing up against me. He hand had my now growing member and was massaging it along with my balls. I could feel her nipples press against my chest. I slowly opened my eyes to find standing before me my online friend. I had never seen her face completely before but I knew her body from the pictures she had sent. I was pleased and astounded. How had she managed to find me, I wondered. Before I could speak she pressed a finger against my lips. I could smell her fragrance and knew that she had been fingering herself just before getting in with me. I licked her finger and my tongue was rewarded with a taste of her sweet womanly nectar. I sucked her finger into my mouth. She responded by kissing me, her lips gently caressing mine as she removed her finger from my mouth. I opened my mouth and found her tongue seeking mine. Our tongues met and she teased and tantalized me with her kisses. My male member responded by getting even harder. I could feel it twitching in her hand.

She was slowly stroking me as we kissed. The water cascaded over our bodies glistening in the shine coming from the overhead light. I slid my hands down her back and pulled her close her 38DDD?s pressing against my chest. I leaned over and buried my face in between them inhaling the sweet smell of the perfume she had on. I pushed her back slightly and took her breast in my hands and began to lick and suck them. Her somewhat erect nipples stood up even more showing me that she was pleased with my attention. As I sucked on her breast she leaned her head back and moaned with delight. She put her hands on the back of my head and pulled me tight. I took as much of her silky smooth breast into my mouth as I could while squeezing the other one with my hand. How delightful to have such a treat!

After several moments of sucking her breast I could feel her shiver. I suspected that she was on the verge of an orgasm but needed a little more to get her there. I ran my hand down between her legs and felt the slickness flowing from her slit. I slid my finger back and forth across her slit getting it completely soaked. I pulled my hand back up to my face and saw the sticky fluid stretched between my fingers. I gave a quick lick and then knelt down in front of her. She placed one foot on the side of the shower to give me better access. What I saw before me was one of the most beautiful sights I could imagine. I had seen her previously in pictures but they were nothing compared to the beauty before me. I could tell that she either shaved or waxed because she was completely smooth. He pink lips stuck out slightly like they were trying to kiss me. I decided that they needed to be kissed back and moved my face closer to her. I drank in her fragrance and as my lips met hers tasted her for the first time. I was not disappointed. I began to eat the tasty treat before me like a starving man eats a meal. I hungrily devoured her and was thrilled when she began to fill my mouth with her delectable liquid. I grabbed her ass and held her close while I tried to fulfill my insatiable appetite for her sex. She was holding onto the wall to keep from falling when she began to tense up and flooding my face with her fluids let out a huge moan and began to experience her first orgasm with me. Gush after gush of her sweet nectar drenched me more than the water from the shower. I drank down as much as I could but the onslaught was too much for me and I found my face covered in her slickness.

After she finished cumming I looked up at her and smiled. She said hello and told me that she thought I might need a little company. I told her that this type of company was something I could use all the time. She looked down and saw that I was still hard and said that we needed to do something about it so she got down on her knees and took me into her mouth. She pushed my legs apart as she reached her hand up to play with my balls. I could not believe the blowjob she was giving me. She was incredible. Her tongue twisted and twirled and flicked all over my twitching cock. She leaned between my legs and took my balls into her mouth gently sucking on them while she held my throbbing dick in her hand. As she continued to tease me with her mouth, I felt her finger sliding up the crack of my ass. I knew that she liked ass play so I spread my legs a little more to give her access to my brown hole. She slid her finger across my anal opening giving a slight press in the middle. This continued for several moments before she began to press even more. I relaxed and let her continue. I felt her finger slide past the ring of muscles. It was such an erotic feeling as she began to slide her finger in and out of my ass while continuing to suck on my dick. I could not manage to hold it very long before I blasted my load into her mouth. She did her best to drink it down while she continued to finger fuck my ass. I thought I would never stop as squirt after squirt erupted from my engorged penis.

After I was spent she continued to suck me until nothing more was released. I looked into her eyes and saw that she was just getting started. She kissed me as the water flowed across her back cleaning up the mess we had made. She rubbed her hands across my chest, pausing to tease my nipples. After she had made them hard like little erasers, she lifted one of her tits and began to suck on it. This was such a turn on that I took her other one in my hands and began to kiss, lick and suck it. When I began to nibble on her nipple she let out a loud moan and flung her head back. I continued my attention to her breasts making sure that I paid the same amount of attention to each one. I could tell she was enjoying my ministrations.

She pushed me back and climbed on top of me. My dick was back at full staff and she positioned herself above it. As she moved back and forth to get me lined up I could feel her slickness on the engorged head of my cock. After a brief second she found herself in the right spot and plunged down on my male flag pole. The feeling was incredible. She gripped my dick within her pussy squeezing it so tight that she felt like a virgin. She began to ride me like a posse goes after the horse thief. Hard and fast. Every time she slammed down she buried my shaft completely inside of her. Her pelvis met mine with near blunt force trauma. She was a wild woman and I loved it!

Since I had cum so much and so hard earlier I was able to last for a long time. She was going up and down and back and forth on my cock riding it like there was no tomorrow. The water was flowing thru her hair and across her breasts and splashing all over my face. After several minutes of her hard fucking she started cumming again. She cried out in ecstasy and wave after wave of orgasmic pleasure flowed through her body.

When she collapsed on top of me, I raised up and turned off the water. I picked her up and carried her to the bed. As I laid her down my dick rubbed up against her. She rolled over and stuck her ass up in the air for me to take her from behind. The view was perfect and I couldn?t resist. I slid her over to the side of the bed and placed the tip of my cock onto her pussy lips. She tried to push back but I pulled away making her wait for me this time. I once again got my dick lined up with her waiting hole and with one hard stroke buried myself deep inside of her cunt. Fucking her from behind was so much different. The way she gripped my dick gave me new sensations and I felt myself grow even harder.

I began to pump her slowly with long steady strokes, enjoying the warm tight grip of her well lubricated pussy. She was soaking wet again and every time I pulled out more of the silky white fluid came rolling out and down her leg. I began moving faster and faster until I was pounding her sweet little pussy like a jack hammer. She moaned again and soon I felt her muscles squeeze my cock and another gush of liquid came rushing from deep within her.

I still hadn?t cum for the second time and she was ready for me to try something new and told me that she wanted me to fuck her in the ass. Using some of the slickness oozing from between her legs I lubricated around her ass. I tested her brown flower with my finger and saw that it slid in easily. As I placed the head of my cock at her anal opening she pressed back popping my mushroom into her rectum. She moaned in delight and told me to fuck her ass. I pressed deeper as she relaxed her sphincter muscles to all me to go all the way in. I pulled out and added some more of her fluids to my dick and then began to slid in and out of her. This was something I had done only once or twice before and I was thoroughly enjoying the new sensations. She begged me to pound her anal pussy so I began to slam deeper and deeper inside of her. The tightness of her ass and the fact that I had already been fucking her pussy without cumming brought me to that point of no return and I exploded for the second time. I felt stream after stream of my manly fluids fill her anal cavity to overflowing.

I collapsed on the bed beside of her both of us satisfied for the moment. As we laid there I told her that I had never had a maid like this before. She laughed and said that she thought it might be fun to be the maid and to service me like we had talked about online so many times. She said it took a little convincing but that the maid had let her in the room with the towels and that I had better give that maid a good tip. I laughed and told my Kitty that I was glad that she had come and had then cum with me. She smiled and kissed me and told me that it had been her pleasure. After a quick cleanup we laid down with me holding her in my arms. I whispered into her ear that she was a great lover and I was glad she came. She snuggled up against me as we dozed off. We continued the fun when we woke up but that is another story.

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