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The Hitch Hiker

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She walked across the street with a sway that reeked of sexuality. His eyes locked with hers as she passed his car, she winked and smiled at him. He smiled back, watching as her size two hips swayed back and forth when she passed. As he turned the corner, the girl stuck out her thumb for a ride, immediately he pulled over.

They again exchanged smiles as she climbed into the car beside him. She leaned over to fasten her seatbelt, and he caught a faint hint of lilac perfume. Her jeans were tight fit as if painted on, her zippered sweater unzipped enough for him to see her bare ?A? cup breasts as she leaned over for him to light her cigarette.

?Where are you going??, he asked as he snapped his lighter shut.

?Wherever you want to take me,? She replied with a smirk, ?Im just looking for some fun.?

He felt a small stir in his pants. Could this be for real or were the long hours on the road finally getting to him? As if reading his mind, she answered his mental question by reaching over and letting her fingers glide along the inside of his thigh. ?Would you like to have some fun with me??

?Yes I would, but you can?t be more than fifteen? he exclaimed.

?I?m twenty-two.?, She stated soberly while her hand brushed against his now hardening cock. That was good enough for him, he knew exactly where to take her.

He pulled over into an abandoned lot that he knew of. There were trees all around to shield them from the road, and a little, old, run down shack with a table and chair. He came across this place last winter when his car had been stuck in a ditch. If you didn?t know it was there, you would never see it.

They got out of the car and walked through the trees for a bit making sure no one else was around.

When all was clear, they went into the shack. He sat at the table and motioned her to sit on his lap. He caressed her back and let his fingers run from her chin slowly down her cleavage. She undid the zipper of her sweater to grant him full access to her very hard nipples.

He took one nipple between his finger and thumb and started lightly rolling it.

?Mmmmm, suck it for me baby.? She pleaded.

With that he leaned in and took her nipple between his teeth, sucking it and rolling his tongue around the end of her ?A-cup? titties.

She pressed her chest into him, ?Oh, that feels so good.?

He pulled her sweater off and started running soft kisses over her neck and chest. When his mouth reached her chin, she leaned down and kissed him long and slow on the lips. Their mouths slowly opened as their tongues danced with each other.

She undid his shirt and slid it off his body, kissing his chest and nibbling his nipples as he had done to hers.

His hand massaged her tiny breasts as the two lost themselves in their lustful endeavours.

His cock, now rock hard, throbbed under her tiny ass.

She was the first to break their embrace. She stood up and knelt in front of him, rubbing his cock through his pants. Then she unzipped his jeans and pulled his member out, she licked her lips as she looked into his eyes, then proceeded to take as much of his member as she could into her mouth. She worked his cock like a professional, taking it deeper into her throat with every stroke. He grabbed her hair and controlled her motions as she sucked his cock off. She slowly let his cock slide out of her mouth, licking its head like a lollipop, then licking down his shaft and sucking his shaved balls. He pulled her to her feet, drinking in the sight of this young lass. He reached out and undid her pants, caressing her naked ass and legs as he slid them down her body.

She stepped out of her jeans and stood before him naked and vulnerable. He smiled his approval of the beautiful young body that stood before his eyes eagerly awaiting his touch. He pressed close against her and spread her lips with his tongue as he kissed her deeply, letting his hands caress her naked body.

He laid his shirt on the table for her, and placed her on it, laying her down on her back so her head could hang over the edge. He again slid his cock into her hungry mouth. Reaching over her, he spread her legs and let his fingers rub along her pussy lips. He could feel her heat and smell her desire as her juices coated his fingers. He slid one finger inside her hot pussy, her vaginal muscles clamping around it like a vice. She was young and very tight. He was going to enjoy every moment with her.

He leaned down and started licking and sucking her drenched pussy causing his cock to throb in her mouth as he devoured this young girl. Soon they orgasmed together into each others mouth. She swallowed every drop, savouring the feel of his tongue between her legs as it brought her over the edge.

He pulled his cock from her mouth but kept her legs spread as he played with her pussy and ass while she caressed his cock and balls with her tongue and hands.

He pulled her legs up and hooked her knees behind his elbows, lifting her ass off the table slightly and opening her cheeks fully. He proceeded to finger her hot pussy, lubricating his finger with her juices. He trailed her juices across her asshole, slowly working his finger in. She jumped lightly at the invading finger, but soon relaxed and enjoyed the intrusion as his finger worked against her walls.

Wanting to feel the insides of this young woman, he turned her around, placed her ankles on his shoulders, and slowly worked his thick cock inside her bud. The moans that escaped her lips as he entered her cheered him on as he pressed deeper and deeper into her sexual cavern. Once his balls rested against her butt cheeks, her vaginal walls once again tightened around him like a vice, milking his cock for everything she could get.

He reached down and bit her nipple lightly. She sucked in her breath loudly, while he played her body like no one has ever done to her before.

Her body convulsed into multiple orgasms under his touch as he fucked, teased and sucked her total body. With his cock drenched from her juices, he pulled from her pussy and pressed just the head of his cock against the opening of her ass. Her breath caught in her throat as this huge cock slowly forced its way into her virginal ass.

Tears trickled down her face and whimpers escaped her lips as his cock head pressed through her sphincter muscles. She could not hold back the cry from the mixture of pain and pleasure as his cock sunk fully into her ass.

He gave her a moment to adjust to the fullness of his cock inside her ass, before slowly withdrawing then thrusting deep inside again. The feel of his cock rubbing against her anal walls sent new sensations through her body that sent her head spinning. She had never felt so full in her life as she did at this moment as this man thrusted in and out of her tight anus. Soon she was convulsing in orgasm again, this time squeezing his cock so tightly, that he too exploded and filled her ass with his thick, hot, milky cum.

He pulled his cock from her quickly, causing her to feel a sudden total emptiness. She knelt down in front of him sucking his cock back to hardness, her body aching to feel this man back inside of her again. Her mouth frantically worked his cock back to its hardness. ?Mmmmm, you got one hot mouth little girl,? he whispered as she hungrily fucked his cock with her mouth. She sucked his cock all the way into her throat then stuck her tongue out and licked his balls. ?Oh my fucking gawd!!!?, He exclaimed. He couldn?t believe the sensation this young girl was giving him. ?Lay down on the table. I want to taste your sweet pussy again.?

The young girl did as she was told, spreading her legs wide to allow his tongue full access to her wet flower.

The man lapped at her juices, tasting and savouring every last drop of her like it was his last drink. Her juices started flowing again, the man?s tongue reaching into her very soul and releasing orgasmic strengths that she never dreamed of reaching. The girl screamed while wave after wave of orgasm shuddered through her body.

He licked the juice running down her ass then pressed his cock to her tight lips. With one quick hard thrust he forced himself inside her to the hilt. An uncontrollable cry of pleasure rushed from her lips as the feeling of total fullness from his cock washed over her again. This time it wasn?t the slow rhythmic thrusting as before, but a deep, fast and hard pounding as if he was trying to force his cock to pop out of her mouth. The girl?s eyes rolled into the back of her head as the pounding continued. The man squeezed and pinched her tiny breasts, making her scream with ecstasy. She could feel his cock throbbing thicker inside of her. She knew it wouldn?t be much longer before his cum sprayed her insides. She reached down and frantically rubbed her clit needing one last orgasm with this man. His balls that were slapping against her ass tightened, his girth throbbed at full thickness, she could feel both their orgasms reaching the breaking point. She bit her lip to keep from screaming as their last loads flooded her every being.

The man slunk back into the chair watching the young girl?s heaving breasts while she slowly came down from her sexual high.

After they dressed and were walking back to the car, the man asked her, ?Do you have a place to stay??

?Not really.?, the girl replied ?You are welcome to spend the night with me at my motel room. We can wash up, get something to eat, and maybe even have some more fun. If you?re up to it??

With a mischievous grin the girl replied, ?I?m always up for it!?

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