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The High School Librarian had a secret!

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This is one of those stories that most young boys fantasize about, knowing that there is no way it could ever possibly become a reality. But in this case, it was very real, and also, the type of story that if you told someone about it, they would say you were lying anyway. So, as I learned at a very young age, it is better to keep your mouth shut and let everyone think you aren't getting any, but in reality, you are fucking your balls dry!

It all started when I was a junior in high school. My older brother had graduated the year before, and I had always rode to school with him, since he had a car. So, in my junior year, I would have to start riding the bus again. And since we lived in a rural community, our school was combined 7th through 12th grades. This meant I would have to ride the bus with all the "little kids", for the 45 minute ride to school,and that just wasn't cool at all. So I started thumbing a ride every morning. Since we lived off of a secondary road, there were plenty of cars going by, and towards the town where the school was. So getting a ride wasn't a problem.

The first day, I walked about a mile, and some kids picked me up that were going to school. The second day, the school librarian stopped and picked me up, just past our driveway. That's where the REAL story begins.

"Good Morning, Joe!" I heard as I looked in the car window to see who was stopping. It was Mrs. Bennett, the school librarian. "Good! A ride all the way to school!" I thought to myself. "Good morning" I said as I got in. Now, normally, no one would ever give Mrs. Bennett a second glance. Just as I wasn't, even then. She looked like your stereotypical high school librarian. 38 years old, married, about 5'3" tall, around 140 lbs., glasses, no make up, loose fitting, frumpy cotton dress. Not ugly, just not a head turner if you know what I mean.

"I saw you walking yesterday morning, and was going to stop, but didn't know if I should or not." she said. "Why? What do you mean?" I asked innocently. Then she immediately started to blush beet red, like a teenager, and started to stammer and wouldn't look at me. Then it suddenly dawned on me. She never answered, and I didn't push it, her being a teacher and all, and not wanting to get in trouble.

The next morning, guess who was there to pick me up? Except this time, she was dressed pretty much the same, in a cotton knee length sundress, since it was still warm out, but I noticed a slight hint of make up! Hmmm... Now, I'm no dummy, I figured this out REAL quick! But how to go about it? It didn't take too long to figure it out.

"Good morning" she said with a smile, as I got in. "Good morning", I said in return. That's all the words that were spoken on the way to school that morning. After I got in, I looked over, and her dress was unbuttoned to just above her breasts, showing lots of cleavage. I also noticed the bottom few buttons were undone as well. So as she drove, the wind showed me lots of tit, and her dress was blowing up to show me all the way to her white cotton panties. She looked out the corner of her eye, and saw me checking her out, and just smiled. That was my cue.

I slowly reached over, and placed my hand on her knee. When I got no resistance, I slid it all the way to her crotch.

Without even looking toward me, she spread her legs giving me full access. I slid her panties to the side, and put my finger between her pussy lips, and she was soaked! I reached up and lightly touched her clit, and she immediately had an orgasm. She let out a gasp as she gushed her fluids all over my hand, almost running off the road. She pulled onto a side road to get her composure, and when she stopped, I immediately buried my face in her hot wet sticky cunt. She turned sideways in the seat, wrapping her legs around my neck, and proceeded to come three more times while I sucked and licked her clit, with two fingers in her pussy on her G spot, and two fingers up her hot tight ass. She finally got her composure straightened her clothes and hair, and we went on to school. We were late, but she told them she had a flat and I helped her change her tire.

After we left the office for class, she told me to be out on the road an hour earlier the next day. It was a great junior and senior year for me, fucking the school librarian, and no one ever knew. Some secrets are worth keeping! If you find this interesting I can fill in the blanks with more details in future chapters.

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