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The Handy Man

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Handy Man

I’m an Electrician by trade, but throughout the years, I’ve always done work on the side. You know, mowing yards, fixing gutters, hanging doors and such. Mostly for older couples, widows and the like. Well this story happened on one of those lazy afternoons that seemed like any other…

I got the call on my answering machine, late one evening. It was like any other call, I have a door that’s sticking, could you stop by and see if you can fix it. I didn’t think much of it, other than the address was in the finer part of town. A woman’s voice, but that’s not unusual either, usually the wife will call when she is tired of asking the husband to make a repair, or she is alone and cant figure out how to do the task at hand. So I penciled her in, took down the address and phone number, making a mental note to throw in the sander and planer for the door adjustment, as that’s not my usual type of work.

It was around noon on Friday when I finally got around to the door adjustment, probably because I really didn’t want to tackle the task and had put it off as long as I could. When I rolled in to the driveway, dogs started barking as soon as I shut off the engine in my van. I waited for a while then honked when a lovely lady in her early forties leaned out the back door and motioned at the dogs. They stopped instantly and retreated to the side of the house and sat there obediently watching me leave my truck and retrieve my tools from the back of the van and head for the house. I introduced myself as did she and she turned and entered the house with me close behind following her as my eyes surveyed this lovely creature all the while wondering why I had put this job off as long as I had.

It was mid August and I had already done four different jobs that day. I was already hot and sweaty, and several beers into the day. Part of my routine is to hit myself with cologne before meeting a new client and after meeting this one; another shot would have been appropriate. She was stunning. The light sundress she had on was extremely thin, almost transparent, and with the high humidity, her perspiration had it clinging to her skin. Her breasts were large, almost heavy looking, but she didn’t seem to be wearing a bra as I could see her nipples plainly. As I followed her down the hall, her ass was jiggling freely and I’m sure she wasn’t wearing any panties. My cock was beginning to rise at the thought of her being nude under this light dress that wasn’t much more than a mans shirt. She took me directly to the bedroom and just as she had described, the door wouldn’t close due to the settling of her house.

I sat down my tools and surveyed the situation. I had two options for this repair. I could remove the door and do the work outside, with the dogs… or fix it in place, with this beautiful nymph. I opted for the later. She had taken a seat in the bedroom to observe me at work, which was not unusual, as normally I don’t know the customer and I could be ransacking the place for all they knew. I told her that I had decided to repair it in place if that was OK with her and she had no problem, even though I pointed out that there would be wood chips and sawdust due to the amount of wood to be removed.

While I was explaining all of the details to her, I thoroughly surveyed her. Her hair was long and black, parted down the middle; her face showed just a hint of makeup, lipstick was dark red, with matching color on her fingernails. Her breasts were larger than I had thought at first and I’m sure now that another button was undone than when we met earlier. I tried to cancel the thoughts that were running thru my mind, of having her naked spread out on the bed, with my hard cock slipping inside her warm body, thrusting inside her until I filled her full of my steaming hot load…sucking those huge tits, rolling her nipples between my thumb and forefinger, pinching them hard, making her squirm…

I turned away and tackled the job at hand, I’m a professional damn it. This is someone’s wife for Pete’s sake. I grabbed the hand plane and went to work. Shavings and sawdust filled the air and filtered down on my sweating skin and getting in my hair. My tank top started sticking to my sweaty back, the fine dust coating my muscles with a thin layer that was turning my tanned skin to an unusual off white color. I could feel the sweat running down the crack of my ass and down my belly to my balls. The air felt cool coming up my shorts and hitting my wet balls, as I didn’t have on any other clothing. My cock began to lengthen and engorge as I thought of the almost nude babe sitting on the bed watching me work. Apparently she felt sorry for me and asked if I would like something to drink and before I could look back into her eyes to answer, she was gone. Another button was undone. I could now see deep into her cleavage and it was obvious this time. Three buttons were undone and I had counted and she had given me time to count and I’m sure she wanted me to see.

By the time she returned, the door was getting close to fitting. She entered the room with two glasses held close to her bosom. Of course my eyes followed her hands, which stayed at breast level; one, two three, four! Damn what a view of such a magnificent cleavage. My brain registered the ice clinking in the glass, the coldness as my fingers grasped it, and the size of her nipples as her dress opened up between the most beautiful set of tits I had ever almost seen in my life. I could feel the rough texture of my shorts on the head of my cock as it stood up to try and see out of my shorts. When the cold liquid hit my taste buds, I could taste the alcohol and feel the affect as I drained the glass in one full gulp. As I sat the glass down on her dresser, I looked in her mirror and caught her slyly unfastening another button. Five. Now it was open to below cleavage line. My hardon grew. She drained her glass and sat down on a work out bench, a leg on either side, leaning back on the incline, her full attention on me.

Once again I attacked the door, ready to get it finished as soon as possible, wanting to be able to feast my gaze on this gorgeous creature which was slowly undressing in front of me. I was back in my zone when I heard her asking something about the house settling and if it was going to affect other parts of the house or something to that affect, when I turned around to try and comprehend what she was saying, she was unbuttoned down to the waist, an ice cube in each hand, rubbing the darkest, largest nipples and areolas that I had ever seen. She was looking down at these magnificent tits while teasing her nipples when she looked up and I was staring, plane in one hand, sandpaper in the other and the front of my shorts tented out like a bottle of Corona was stuck in there, pointing straight at her. The room fell silent. I tapped the door shut with my foot and it closed with a click. I floated over to her side of the bed and as I got there, I saw that her legs were spread wide and only one button held her wrap together as she had undone the remainder of the buttons from the bottom up. The final button was just below her belly button and I could smell her the closer I got. Her face was flushed, her lips were puffy and I could tell that this hot little vixen was in heat and needed my assistance, more than her door did.

My cock was hurting it was so hard, and even though I knew it was wrong, all I could do was reach out and unfasten that last button. As if it were in slow motion, when the button released the fabric of her garment, it slowly fell apart, revealing her soft, fine skin, glistening with sweat, her thighs fell open tracking the dress as it fell to her sides. All I could do was sit down between her legs on that bench and as if in a trance leaned forward and took a nipple in my mouth and sucked as my arms circled around behind her and she cradled my head in her hands. I could feel her body heat rise as her nipple engorged in my mouth and my hard dick released the first of many strings of pre-cum that stained my work shorts.

She pulled my dusty shirt off over my head, those beautiful tits jiggling, brushing the hair on my chest. I could smell the aroma of her aroused pussy as she lifted off the bench, a squishy sound as she sat back down, at the same time reaching for my belt. The top button loose, zipper down, the cool air washing my throbbing manhood, he staring straight ahead towards his goal of entering and filling her quivering chasm. But she had other thoughts…dropping forwards, those huge tits slipping to either side of the bench, as the coolness disappeared from my superheated cock, replaced by the hot, wetness of her mouth. I slowly dissolved into the back of her throat, her lips teasing my hot ball sack. Head up, tongue out, lathering my entire penis with her saliva, and almost as soon as it started, it was over and my balls were emptying down her throat. She never missed a drop. She lay back on the inclined bench, swallowing my load, pulling me with her, and feeling her nudity and her heat.

The cool air hit my pulsing cock for a moment, her softness taking over my senses as I entered her hot wetness. She pulled me all the way in, her muscles milking me, neither one of us moving, her hot vagina had taken over my entire being. I started thrusting slowly, pulling almost entirely out then back in, balls hitting her ass. Each time I pulled out my cock was getting wetter, glistening with her warm pussy juice. It was covering both of us, with milky fluid, the musky smell was intoxicating, our tongues entwined, sucking, drinking… She spasamed, gripping me tightly, I felt a hot rush of liquid on my balls, tightness, sucking my tongue, yelling out loudly, I flooded her insides, rope after rope, the heat was intense. We collapsed together….

I woke up with her licking my hard on, cleaning our mingled juices off. It was getting late, one more job to do before the day was done. She made an appointment to get more work done. I packed up my tools; next job was a leaking sink drain for a young divorcee with a nice round ass…

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