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The Handsome Stranger Makes a Housecall

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The kids had been back in school for a couple of weeks and she was enjoying the serenity that now engulfed her home. After a summer filled with the echoes of neighbor children and incessant demands from her own children, she was glad to be back into the school year routine that included time to herself and a chance to reclaim her home.

She had her eyes fixed on the prize that awaited her in late October. Her training throughout the summer had been grueling in the heat and the cooler air that always came with autumn's approach was a welcome relief. The five and ten mile runs seemed so much easier in recent days and she was growing more confident each day about the upcoming marathon in DC. She'd put in the miles, the sweat, the sometimes grueling hours, and her body had adjusted to the rigorous demands of long distance running.

Spending hours and hours pounding the pavement had tested her mentally as well as physically. She often took solace in her music, letting it take her to a different place and time. Gauging her distances based on the number of songs remaining had become a favorite trick to keep her mind off the harsh reality of the challenge. She'd discovered another way to battle the tedious nature of endurance running. It involved displacing herself from the hard road ahead and the rhythmic beating of her feet and her heart and dropping herself into the middle of a saucy, sexual fantasy.

She would often let her mind drift to places only she knew. Places where her body was worshipped for all that it had become and pleasured to an extent that only she could imagine. Sometimes she was with multiple men, each of them touching her in a special way, treating her to a roaring, building wave of ectasy. Other times she was in a room clouded with a sexual haze and energy, beautiful women and rock hard men engaged in a full-blown orgy. Occasionally she'd be engrossed in her intense daydreams when she'd encounter someone walking their dog or getting the paper and she'd wonder if they could see any remnant of the naughtiness on her face as she ran by. Sometimes she wished they could.

She always enjoyed seeing other people exercising because it made her feel like she wasn't alone in her struggle to improve her health and fitness. Even when it was the still overweight speedwalker, she'd smile and give a knowing nod as she passed. Sometimes the person she'd encounter gave her an altogether different feeling. That had been the case as she'd rounded the dead end circle near the water that morning. Even as she sipped her coffee and enjoyed the post-run high, her mind went back to the tingling feeling she'd gotten when she'd seen his glistening body in front of her as she neared the turnaround.

Being behind him, she'd been able to let her eyes roam unashamed and take in the definition of his physique, high strong back, arms, and legs. She immediately began to work him into a favorite fantasy. Picturing the stranger between her legs, looking up at her as his tongue worked her into a breathtaking orgasm. Imagining him mounting her with her legs spread, welcoming his hard body against her own. Taking him for the first time inside her and watching his face change. These thoughts and more were going through her head as he approached the turnaround.

As he reversed course and saw her for the first time, he gave her a nice smile and waved as he passed. His sunglasses prevented her from seeing his eyes but she felt certain they had surveyed her body. He ran at a faster pace than she did but she enjoyed a few more minutes behind him after she made the turn. Her mind turned again to her fantasies and she was happy to have a new character to include.

As she completed her effort for the day and started to turn into her cul-de-sac, she saw him again, coming toward her and offering another wave as he approached. She waved back and offered a smile as she made her way to her driveway as he passed. Seeing him again was a fine finish to her workout and she looked forward to cooling down, showering, and then taking some personal time to play alone with her fantasies.

Jolted back to reality by the ringing phone, she put down her coffee and answered the phone. It was her mother calling to check on her and see how the kids were adjusting to being back in school. At times, she enjoyed talking to her mother and sharing her life. Other times, the conversation was very one-sided. Today was a good day. She finished her phone call and was just about to switch laundry when the doorbell rang. She wasn't expecting anyone and had dressed in shorts and a nice top after showering. She planned to run some errands later.

She peeked out the window and was surprised to see the good-looking runner from earlier in the morning. He looked different in dress pants, a collared shirt, and a tie. She opened the door, smiled, and said "Hi there, aren't you the guy who was running this morning?" He smiled back and answered, "Yes, sorry if I startled you, I'm Nicholas." He offered his hand and she took it in hers, shaking it softly. "Nice to meet you Nicholas," she said. "I'm Bridget. Would you like to come in?" He hesitated and then said, "Sure, I can come in briefly but I have a lunch meeting with a client at noon." She checked her watch and saw that it was only 10 o'clock and smiled.

He followed her into the living room where they sat on the couch. Her nervous energy showed on her face and he moved to ease her mind explaining, "I hope you don't think I'm stalking you but I saw you turn in here after your run. I thought I would introduce myself." "No, not at all," she answered secretly hoping he was thinking the same thing she was. They talked about running and she told him about her marathon ambitions. He explained that he was training for a triathlon in the fall. After about 15 minutes, she offered him some water and he joined her in the kitchen. She could feel his eyes on her from behind as she filled his glass. When she turned around, he was close, very close to her. Close enough that she could smell his cologne. Her eyes met his. It was at this point that she knew what was on his mind and it excited her beyond belief.

The mutual desire they'd managed to communicate with their eyes was now understood. She coyly asked him if he'd like to see the rest of the house. He didn't hesitate to follow her upstairs where she immediately veered into her bedroom. She felt proud that she'd made the bed and it was relatively tidy. Like before, when she turned around, he was there, closer than last time. His lips within easy reach of her own. His hands reached down and encircled her hips. Their lips met in kiss that was soft at first, then quickly became more intense. Their lips together, tasting the sweetness, then letting their tongues dance eagerly inside the other's mouth.

Her hands moved to his well-defined chest, tracing his tie from bottom to top, where she unfastened it from his neck and began to slowly undo the buttons on his neatly pressed shirt. As his chest was bared, she recalled how it had looked earlier, all shiny with his sweat. She let her fingers run across his nipples as she continued to kiss him on the mouth. His hands moved from her hips to her back, feeling the muscles there, then moving down to touch her backside. They squeezed her bottom as he kissed her neck.

Both of them breathed heavily now as fantasy became reality. He touched the bottom of her blouse as she lifted her arms to let him undress her. As her gorgeous breasts popped free, he remarked about her deliciously pierced nipples and wasted no time wrapping his perfect lips around one. She shivered as his mouth sucked on her breasts, first one, then the other. She put her fingers in his hair while he continued to kiss her chest. She'd also found his back with her nails and couldn't help but notice how muscular he was. He was pulling her against him now and his body was firm against her own. He made a point to show her his own excitement as he pushed his bulging stiffness against her belly.

She wanted to continue this adventure, but with fewer clothes. She finished taking his shirt off and knelt down on the floor, unbuttoning his pants and dropping them down to the floor. She gazed at his still-wrapped package, seeing the outline of his stiff member pressing against the fabric of his underwear. She let her fingers float under the waistband and then slowly slipped them down and over his erection. As he stepped out of his briefs, she immediately took the tip of his drooling tool into her mouth. Tasting the clear syrup on the end and then sucking the entirety of his throbbing head into her mouth. He threw his head back and moaned. She was good at this and he appreciated it very much. She took more of his shaft into her mouth and used her hands to touch him.

He reached down and helped her to her feet. Motivated by lust and driven by passion, he undid her short and slid her sexy panties down with the shorts. He kissed her again on the mouth, letting his hands wander across her stomach and down between her legs. Finding her smooth crotch with his fingers, he played them along her abdomen, running a finger along her moist slit. He was amazed at the moisture that had gathered there. He lubricated his fingers there and then laid her down on the bed. He poised one finger at her opening and slowly slid it inside of her, hearing her gasp as he penetrated her. His finger plunged deeper until it was buried inside. He massaged her with his expert fingers while she breathed and moaned.

A second finger joined the first, filling her even more. He had both fingers as deep as they could go and began to move them in a way that was making her crazy. Her response was just what he'd hoped for. Little screams, moans of pleasure, and the occasional, "right there, don't stop." He continued to finger her until she began to buck her hips. She bucked them up and down, allowing him even deeper access to her warm, wet flesh. He watched her face change and contort as he brought her to a climax. Her whole body shook and he watched her writhing helpless body succumb to the intense sensations that gripped her.

As she recovered her basic motor skills, she told him what she wanted. He smiled and maneuvered himself between her legs. The glistening tip of his penis now so close to her still throbbing opening that she could feel the heat. He reached down and positioned the head between her lips. The skin on skin contact was exquisite. She could feel him parting her, making the initial penetration, and slowly filling her. Inch by inch, he eased inside until they were fully connected. Her legs were spread wide and his hands were behind her knees. He began to drive his hips forward and back, delivering himself to her with each thrust. His full length and girth working in and out of her as she held onto him for the ride.

She wondered for a moment if this was real. Was this man, whom she'd only met this morning, really pumping her for all she was worth on her own bed? She couldn't believe how quickly it had happened. As his body collided with her own, she was forced to accept that it was very real and she was enjoying every second. She squeezed her interior muscles and watched his face change at the new sensation. She wanted to get him off and watch his expression as she milked him for everything he had to give. He was very close, she could tell. When his breath quickened and he gripped her legs harder, his pace quickened and his muscular body was slamming into hers. He cried out and she felt his throbbing hardness erupt inside her. Ribbon after ribbon of his hot white cream squirted inside her. Coating her walls and filling her inside. He let out one last moan and then collapsed on top of her.

He thanked her profusely and cleaned up before getting dressed and heading off for his meeting. She could tell from the way he kissed her before he left that she would be enjoying his company on a regular basis....

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