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The Half Dollar Sex- War Story

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Type: Funny Suspense Story

With my story, I want you to be aware that military personnel no matter where they go in the world, they are human beings, like you and me, doing things at times that might defy character, while still doing the mission.

Here is my story..

I was station in Germany and getting deployed to Bosnia by train, with my whole unit of 348 people. The general rule no. 1 was, NO alcohol consumption while deploy? that didn?t go far, I guess because everyone was bringing cases of beer and liquor into the train with the intention to drink it all up in 3 days before arrival. Yeap, as soon we departed, the drinking started and soldiers were having all the fun they could, before putting their boots on the battlefield grounds.. I don?t drink?so, I just got amuse on how they behave drunk. In every train cabin I went to, there was a party going on, drinking and joking---including strip poker games.. Yeap that was a sight of half naked soldiers, indeed LOL ..

I just decided to just stay in the hallway of the train, looking at the city lights as we were going further and further from Germany, just wondering what is next with this deployment. About 6 hours of heavy drinking passed when I was approach by this tall good looking white male, an infantry soldier that never spoke to me before. The man was so drunk that he has to hold himself from the walls of the train to keep balance. Knowing him as a hard core SGT, I thought he will act stupid---bossing me and giving orders, but what he said to me, really turned on the light bulb in my head..yeap, I just thought in possibilities. LOL

With blur speech and red shot eyes, he said to me ?You know, I?ve been watching you for a while, I really like you. I was wondering since we going to war, if you would be interested in being with me while deploy, starting tonight?.. That statement got me thinking, since I knew that what he was referring to was about being his battlefield wife, which alone raised eyebrows in me indeed. I kind of felt bad for the man being so drunk, but intrigue on the ?what if?. However, reality sunk quickly in me, while seeing that his drunken condition was very obvious. In turn I told him ?Sgt, that is fine and dandy of yours, but you being so drunk, you wouldn?t remember a jack shit of what you are saying to me and nevertheless, if I jump on your dick right now? with a sideways smile, he then said, ?I will remember, trust me?.. I laughed and tried to ignore him.. But he was very persistent in what he got in mind while trying to hold his balance. At that point, I thought ?why not?, he will not remember and I will have a good laugh, at least that is what I thought!

He grabbed me by the arm, saying ?walk with me?. We got into a dark side of the train near the bathrooms. I looked at him and ask ?Ok Sgt, you brought me here, now what??.. He smiled and pointed at one the bathroom. I didn?t know of whether he wanted to pee before or what, LOL.. But he dragged me into the bathroom alone with him.

It was kind of odd situation, since the bathroom was a little bigger than an airplane bathroom, so really there was not much run to play with. However, it got a nice touch to it, a huge wall mirror LOL. Once inside, he was still holding himself from the walls and I was getting second thoughts about taking advantage of him while being drunk. Slowly, I saw how he managed to unbutton his pants and then suddenly, he pulled his huge hard cock. Yeap, that alone made me considered to stay.. LOL

He looked at me with his sideways smile and in a swift move he raised me off the floor while pushing me against the wall. He then pulled up my t-shirt and bra and started to suck on my tits like searching for the last milk he ever have before going to war, OUCH!.. At that point, I have my doubts of my judgment about how drunk is drunk? because it?s obvious, this became the most coordinated drunk I ever met. LOL

He tried to undo my camouflage pants without success, so I helped out Once my pants were undone, he pushed them down further until one of my legs was free from it. He turns me around and raised my right leg while he was attempting to put his huge cock inside me. His swollen cock went inside me slowly allowing me to feel every inch of it, OMG! I have to bite my hand to avoid any sound coming from my mouth! He kept pushing himself into me and in slow motion to avoid making noises. Suddenly, someone tried to open the door of the bathroom. We both open our eyes wide while looking ourselves in the mirror. It was a moment of silent panic! Our minds were going fast thinking in what to do while the door handle kept going up and down. He got upset and yelled to whoever was outside ?Fuck off! I am going to be here for a while!?

As we heard the footsteps fading away of whomever was behind the door, we remained still close to each other for a couple of minutes while his cock was still inside me. In whispering voice I said to him ?We should stop, before someone else come over?. He whispered in my ear ?No, worries.. We are going finish what we started, now?. With that being said, he started to move inside out faster inside me, the motion was getting intense among us alone with the tension of being caught in the bathroom. I was about to scream while feeling the sensation of coming, he grabbed my camouflage hat and stick it in my mouth to silenced me. He continue on me non-stop, when I felt his cock getting more swollen inside me, I can see in his face that he was about to cum. He then grabbed his hat and put it inside his mouth while biting it hard, when I felt his hot cum inside me filling me up inside and then dripping between my tights.

We tried to calm down while taking deep breaths. We look at our faces in the mirror; we smiled at each other while he was taking his cock off me. We quickly clean up and done our uniforms as fasters as we can without making too much noise. He stick his ear to the door, to hear if there were people outside and in a quick move he put me out of the door, he shot the door right on time as a higher rank SGT was approaching. I exchanged some words with this guy and walked towards the hall close to my cabin.

I looked at my left when I see the SGT I was with in the bathroom. He pulled his wallet and took a one dollar bill from it. He ripped the bill in half? then he gave me one of the halves, saying ?Keep this, I will ask you for it later? it baffled me such action, and while seeing him living through the dark train hallway, I was wondering what that was about? But it turns worst when the thought of having sex for half dollar came to mind LOL.

The next day about 1300 hours or 1:00PM, everyone was getting up after partying hard all night, yeap there were soldiers with their head sticking out from the window vomiting their guts out. I might said that was quite a display as we were about to cross Repl. of Czechoslovakia. Thanks God there was no reporters around LOL

I was drinking coffee while looking at the country side when suddenly a half dollar was place in front of my view. I turned and there he was again! He was sober this time and with a smile he asked for the other half of the dollar that he gave me. He put it together; he looked at me and said ?I remember everything that happened last night between us? . I didn?t know what to think at that moment, I was expecting the worst for sure, but then he gave me the half dollar again and said ?I am hoping that when I show you my half of the dollar that we can get together again as we did last night?. I just cracked laughing on all this, what else to do? Obviously getting mad or sad was not an option! LOL

Nevertheless to say, that dollar got together a couple times while in Bosnia----but that is another story..

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