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The Gym

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I?ve seen you at the gym, from time to time, in passing, always in a rush. I noticed you one day, you were talking to one at the girls at the desk, making small talk about work. I signed in, and said hello, and went to work out. Day after day I saw you, untill one day, you weren?t there. So I changed my workout schedule to the evening, thinking you might have done the same. I showed up around 8, didn?t see you so I changed and started my workout.

One by one , people left back to their busy lives, Around 9 o?clock I was on the bench press machine and saw you pass by the door, glancing in. You took another step, then back to the doorway, looking at me as I worked out, sweaty, tank top sticking to me?

You enter the room, as if your looking for something. ?hello? I reply , you take a seat on the bench in front of me, making small just finished your workout as well, hair pulled back, sports bra on, short shorts?as you look away, I look you up and down, muscles tight, still glistening from your run. Sweat runs down your neck into your cleavage?

You ask me what im going to do after I was done, I told you that I had to be somewhere around 10, but I was going to go to the sauna for awhile and relax?

You tell me that you just stopped by to say hi, and had things to do?with a smile, you got up and left..I watched your toned ass move as you walk to the stairs, disappearing around the corner..

I wipe down the machine , gather my stuff and head to the locker room.. I don?t see anyone on my way, but, its late, I?m probably the last one here?

I undress and go into the sauna, adding more water ? the steam feels so good, I sit and sweat for about ten minutes, knowing im alone..

Through the one way mirror, I see you enter the locker room?.bra still sticking to your breasts, nipples forcing their way through..

You stand outside the sauna room, biting your lip, then you say ? ahem?my plans changed?do you mind if I join you for a few minutes?

?that?s fine ? I reply ? there?s plenty of room.. You glance over and see my clothes on the floor?. You walk away, and return a couple minutes later, having changed into a towel?.

You enter the room, its filled with steam, hard to see?im in the corner, on the top bench..? hello there, dosent the steam feel good?? ? yes, I always sauna after a workout, in the other one of course? you reply with a small laugh..

You take your seat and put your feet up?. ?do you mind if I remove my towel? Kinda defeats the purpose of a towel, if its wet? ? I don?t mind? , you open the door, and set it on the bench just outside. You take a seat closer to me, on the bottom step, just below stretch out with an ?ahhhh? this feels great?

We make small talk, and cant help catching each other looking ?.

I can feel myself begin to grow? as you run your hands over your arms.. ? I cant stay to long, really? you say, placing your hand on my thigh?you sit up, putting your hands on my knees, parting them slightly, you look me in the eye, as you move your hand up my thigh. You find your way to my swollen cock, you smile . You wrap your hand around it, and run it up and down the length of it, rubbing your hand over the top, then back down to the bottom.. With a moan, you take the tip in your mouth, tasting it with your tongue? You open your mouth and take the head in, sucking on it? you move your other hand up, grasping my balls, massaging them slowly, as you suck me, you moan ?it feels so good, I lean my head back and enjoy your mouth ?.

You stroke me, faster ,,,,then slower , keeping me within range?.. You pull my cock out of your mouth, the suction echoing in the room?you stroke me a few times, kissing me deeply on the mouth?

You stand up, and turn around, easing your pussy to me, you reach down, and tease your clit with my swollen hear, rolling it around. Your clit is so hard, pussy so wet, it drips off you and runs down my shaft..

You line me up and take me inside you, your so tight, I fill you up, scraping the sides as you move down, taking me all in?.you moan ? yeeeeaaaahhh?

I hold your hips and hep you grind on me, you throw your head back tossing your hair?as you stroke me with your pussy, you lean back and kiss me. You mouth is hot and wet? I see your chest heave , your nipples tight?you break the kiss and move faster on me, I can feel your pussy contract and tighten, as you move?bringing you closer to rub your clit with your hand, just the way you like it?you slide up and down , working your clit, being selfish, taking the cock you knew you could?.you get louder as you reach orgasm. I can feel it run down my cock.. You dig your nails into my thighs, rocking on me, letting every drop of pussy juice release?

Your chest is heaving, your gasping for air? you turn around, pussy still throbbing and take me in your mouth, tasting yourself on it?.your knees get weak,,,you love how you taste on my cock.. You put your hands on my legs, and take the length of my cock into your mouth, wanting to taste me? faster and faster you suck me, you use one hand to stroke me as you spit on the head ? you want to cum in my mouth?? you say through gritted teeth? yeah, you want to cum in my mouth?!? you take me into your mouth and suck me like the cure is in the bottom of my nuts, my orgasm starts at me toes, and runs up my legs, making me quiver.. My orgasm explodes in your mouth, you keep sucking me hungrily, swallowing all you can?.you pull off and I shoot on your face.

You rub the head of my cock on it, smearing it, then run it back into your mouth, sucking all my juice out?

You lick me clean, and smile, you kiss your way up my chest, nibbling on my nipples, then to my mouth..

You kiss me deeply , we taste each other in our kiss, ? guess we need to ?work out? later more often huh?? you say?. And with that, you exit the room, leaving your towel on the bench?.walk back to the womens locker room and dress, leaving me there gasping in amazement??

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