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The Gym

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I just finished my last set of weighted crunches. My body is weak as this completes my workout. The sound of the fans buzzes in my ears; the straps are still over my shoulders. I am sitting upright on the machine, my arms overhead and wrapped around the machine behind me in an attempt to stretch out my abs. My eyes are closed, my breath is quick. The fans do little to cool me down as sweat covers my body. I can sense the presence of someone else in the room, the smell of tanning oil is being pushed around by the fans… it is intoxicating.

The silence is broken by your voice, telling me to keep my eyes closed, I comply. I feel your breath against my cheek as reach over me and grab my workout towel. I fell the terrycloth drag over my bare shoulder and feel it drop between my feet on to the cold metal platform. Knowing you and what you are spontaneously capable of doing I am starting to get excited. My cock growing in my workout shorts. Be attentive as you are you notice what you are doing to me. You tell me to lift myself off of the workout bench so that can release my now throbbing cock. I again comply and again I feel your breath against my cheek as you remove my shorts. I feel your breath against my neck, and now your lips gently brush my ear lobe, a moan escapes my lips and I exhale heavily. You back away quickly and the body heat that was once so close to me dissipates. The fans push cold air over my sweaty body and a chill goes down my spine. I know you are still there, I can smell you, not the tanning oil, yes, I can still smell that, but I smell you.

I sit on the bench naked, quietly anticipating what you have in store for me next. My cock now release for the short jumps around in the air, throbbing, aching for attention. You tell me to open my eyes, again I comply. You are standing there in front of me with just your bikini on. You tell me not to move as you reach around behind yourself and undo the straps to your top letting it fall to the floor. I see that you have been working on your tan a lot. You reach up your stomach, rubbing your hands across your abdomen, pushing tanning oil from your abs on to your breast. You roll your nipples between your index and forefinger making them very hard. I want so very desperately to reach out and caress your body and you give me a knowing look of disapproval and I maintain my position on the bench. You now have a devilish grin of power on your face and your hand move from you nipples to my knees as you lower yourself between my legs and take me deep in your mouth. My back arches and I let out another, deeper moan.

After what seems like eternity of you sucking on my cock, you work your way down my shaft and take my smooth balls in your mouth, first one and then the other. Your hand still slowly strokes the full length of my shaft. I can no longer stand to keep my hands off of you and release my grasp of the bench and work my way out of the straps. My breathing is deep and sweat now drips down my body. You release me from your mouth and look up at me knowing that you have worked me in to a fever pitch of wanting your body.

You lay back on the gym floor matting, your glistening body shimmering from the tanning oil. Your hand again runs down your abs and across your bikini bottoms. Your middle finger works along the outside of your suit, lifting the edge away from your groin. It brushes across your lips and I can see that you too are freshly shaved. Your back arches as your as you run your finger across your now engorged lips.

I reach down and grab both sides of your bikini bottoms. Your lift your hips off of the floor to accommodate the removal of your bikini. Oh you look so delicious, glistening from the tanning oil. Your hands now spread your lips, inviting me to taste which I eagerly do. You lift your legs off of the floor and allow me to lay between your legs and they fall on to my back as I slowly run my tongue from the bottom to the top of your very wet pussy. I take my fingers and spread your lips so that my tongue can easily reach your inner folds. Your hands reaching behind my head pulling me deeper in to you as your hips start rhythmically start grinding in to my face. I start to flicker my tongue across your clit, you moan loader with every brush of my tongue. It pushes harder in to your clit, and slip two fingers in to your soaking wet vagina and push upward on your g-spot. Your hips are bucking wildly against my tongue you feel your climax nearing. I then surprise you sliding a figure just inside your ass sending you over the edge. I keep working your clit and your g-spot until I feel your organism subside. But you are not spent, your are just now getting started and you push me off of you and on to my back.

You spins around, throwing your legs over my head you lower you pussy on to my still drenched face, you grab my cock in one hand taking all seven inches again deep in to your mouth. You know how I love this position, especially with you on top. Reacting to each others probes and oral onslaughts of each other groins. It is my intention to see if I can make your legs weak, it is your intention to see how close you can make me come and still save all of me for later. Again we find our selfs feverishly working on each other. Your sweet pussy grinding in my face while you engulf me. We hit a sync with each other matching each other's strokes. Again, I part you lips and dart my tongue deep inside you. Then replace it with my fingers that quickly start circling your g-spot again. I can feel your weight upon my body, and I know you are getting close again. You are slowing on your work on my cock as you get closer. Finally you can not stand it any longer and let my cock slip out of your mouth and thrust yourself down on my fingers and tongue while your deep moans drown the sounds of the fans. Your body collapses on top of mine.

But you are not finished, you still want more and see what you want. You quickly stand up and mount the work out bench. Your hands grabbing the same bar I was wrapped around when you came in the room. Your knees are in the seat and your ass juts beckoning outward. You don't have to say it, but you do... “I want you deep inside me now.” I stand up behind you, my cock resting against the crack of your ass. I lean in to you and pull our hair off of your sweaty body so that I can kiss your neck. Your hair is still wrapped in my figures, I forcefully pull your hair back exposing all of you neck. I slowly work my way up from the nape of your neck with light butterfly kisses and nibbles. I again pull your hair, this time you gasp, your mouth open, I lean down and lightly bite your lower lips. A whimper escapes your lips. Our mouths meet and we kiss passionately. You moan with approval, and your ass pushes back in to me. Your way of saying, “stop playing with me, and fuck me now.” I back off so that I can slide my cock down to your waiting pussy. As soon as you feel the head part your lips, you push backward. When you have me all the way inside you, you stop, to give yourself a second to adjust to its size, and to savor its hardness. My cock responds by instinctively throbbing, asking for you not tease me any longer. You slowly start to ride my cock, grinding yourself against my groin every time our bodies meet. I respond by placing my hands over yours on the work out bench. Pinning your hand there, keeping your body exposed for my other hand to caress. As our bodies undulate in sync I reach around and wrap my free hand over your shoulder as to increase my thrusts deeper in to you. With my cock buried deep inside you my hand leaves your shoulder and finds its way to your breast. You moan with approval as I kneed first the right one, then the left. Taking my clue from your play earlier, I roll your nipple between my index finger and thumb. You let out a whimper as to say not to much and I back off only to let my hand wonder its way down your stomach and again find your clit. I leave it alone though, and continue down running my fingers on either side of my cock and across your lips. This time your moan is replaced by a very deep “yes” as I spread your lips so I still enter you deeper. You start to ride my cock faster, pushing hard against my body and I respond by moving my fingers up to either side of your clit, careful not to put to much pressure on it as I can sense you are very close to coming again and I want you to wait a little longer but you don't want to wait any longer and pull one of your hands from under mine. You grab my fingers and place them firmly on your clit and continue to grind your body both down on to my hand and my cock. The sensation of your pussy tightening around my cock is unbelievable. Every time my figures circle your clit it seems your pussy is trying to milk me dry. I can no long hold back and leave your finger to take care of yourself. I firmly place my hands on your shoulders and drive myself deeper in to you. Our bodies sweating, our breath labored, moaning, grunting in unison. Verbally working each other to the point of no return. You take your free hand and bight on your index finger in a vain attempt the quite the sounds of passion. We come together and fall on to each other. Sweat dripping from each of our bodies on to each other and mixing on the floor. You turn around and look at me and say, “Don't make me wait so long next time”.

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